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PODCAST: GWS & Hawthorn Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Podcast 2017Two massively Supercoach significant teams this week folks.

GWS head into 2017 with a head full of steam, and stuffed full of Supercoach significance. Hawthorn on the other hand are looking at a brave new world next season. Out go Sam Mitchell & Jordan Lewis – but in come two incredibly interesting prospects – Tom Mitchell & Jaeger O’Meara.

This is one you can’t miss folks!

As discussed in the podcast – make sure you LOCK in a copy of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine while you can. I’ll even send you out a Christmas card. An essential tool for the elite Supercoach!


Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

Also as discussed we’re having a crack at Supercoach BBL this year. Join us in the JOCK REYNOLDS BBL Group:

First Register, then click the link below. It should automatically add you to the Group: 

Enjoy the show!

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Jack Blucher

Love the work boys. Just ordered my copy of the magazine and I am extremely keen to see when it comes.
Keep up the work Boys


JOM is a no starter for me boys, prob pick Swallow over him.
Was a bit disappointed that I hadn't received my Xmas card yet but I found it under the missus pillow….hmm.


I agree mate.. No JOM for me either…. Beams @ $430k the better and safer option… simply if he plays round 1 he is in…


Loving the pod guys, nursing me through this Vegas hangover nicely


Love your work Jock. Just ordered the magazine but everytime I listen to the podcast I long for the old intro. Like pavlov's dog's I guess I am conditioned to that american twang and miss it mate.

Butcher of the ball

Neg, let the yankie dog lie

Butcher of the ball

Perhaps something more yobo and entertaining?


You blokes never stop delivering the points of interest, No doubt that Super-Coach will deliver so many curve balls again this year but I don't think JOM is one of them. Injury problems are too concerning for me at least.

Tom Mitchell, We will continue to agree to disagree maybe but for me he butchers the ball too much and I will have to wait and see until the NAB at least to see how he fits in. He is by no means top 8 midfield ATM and quite likely won't be this year entering a new club.
Guns and Rookies and TM is in between.

I N Pieman

Agreed. The old intro should replace the national anthem


This is spooky Jock, Hawks get rid of Mitchell & Lewis, then draft a Mitchell Lewis..

I N Pieman

Was also number 53 for his former team. 5 & 3 were Lewis & Mitchell


Oh my Zac Williams secret is out. Damn you Higgo!

Stellar review and a wholly enjoyable and hilarious 30 minutes with you three lovely gents. Thank you!


What's not to like about Toby?
He had 2×80's and 2×90's in his first 5 games of AFL, in the final 8 games of his 1st season he scored 6 tons with a low score of 88 and a top of 165 and a SC ave of 95! In his worst game he had 10kick and 9hballs for for a 52 due to 5FA and an errant elbow.
He had bad 2nd year blues but many do
3rd year he had some personal issues and onfield role insecurity but still ave 83 with 4 tons and a top of 137
Last year he started with 4 tons in his 1st 6 games and 11 for the season with a 90 ave
This year he'll be 24, sure to be more mature and not have those 5FA games and tantrums.


Started 2016 in rnd 2 with a 78 tagging Danger, Danger scored 77 his only sub 80 for the year.
Coniglio ave 115.5 for his next 8 games (3-10) with a low of 95 and a high of 135 v Bulldogs head to head v Bont who scored 112. Round 11 cats worked him over to keep him off danger and he had his 2nd sub 80.
Then he ave 112 over his next seven games that included a 75 against Pies/Treloar(86)
He stunk it up for final 4 rounds with only 1 ton and a season low 66 (10k,6hb,6tkl, 0FA in rnd 23 v the hoppers but had a 116 in the qf


GWS midfield batting wayyy to deep for mine


From a SC perspective Coniglio and Ward are the only contenders. Shiel, Scully, Griffen, Kelly, Hopper etal are just the support crew that all teams have for their 2-guns.


I love your logic Traitor Tommy Mitchell Jock, I'd wiped him but have him in the rolling final 20 mids


Let's all show our support for the ugly bugga in his fight against the evilest of cancers and start him for round 1 even if he's not selected. The poor bloke was dealt a bad hand right from the start, his name is amusingly indicative and he's a Ranga born in Australia, despite this he put his heart and soul into being the best footballer he could be (and he is very very very good) and continually exposed himself the the radiation that could end his life before his career should end.
I love ya big fella but mate, wear a long sleeve jumper a balaclava and some Lalor levi's next time you go outside.


SC you should get on board and give us a free trade to facilitate this.


SC could let us buy a Roughy v. Melanoma trade with a $10 donation to melanome research


Roughy is a gun, simple as that.

Titch is 100% locked for mine. By no means would I say he is a top 10 midfielder of the comp. But I will say he s a top 10 fantasy midfielder of the comp. Contested gun, workhorse, loves a cuddle big time. I don't think his disposal is that bad! and besides hawks seem to always have an easy target to hit up, so I actually believe his DE will go slightly up, combined with a consistent role this guy and go nuts. Hello 110 average, any extra gravy would be nice on top of that too