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PODCAST: BIG NEWS + Geelong & GCS Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

2017 Supercoach Magazine

This is a highly significant podcast for many reasons community

Supercoach positions have been revealed. Supercoach prices have been revealed. We kick off the show with an overview of these critical revelations and what they mean for your Supercoach 2017 starting structure.

We go on to run the brush over the Gold Coast Suns & Geelong Football Club, identifying the most relevant Supercoach prospects as we go.

It’s also an extremely important day for our proud community for another very important reason. Today sales of the exclusive Jock Reynolds 2017 Supercoach magazine are OPEN. As discussed make sure you lock one in ASAP, we have a limited print run.


Also as discussed we’re having a crack at Supercoach BBL this year. Join us in the JOCK REYNOLDS BBL Group:

First Register, then click the link below. It should automatically add you to the Group: 

Enjoy the show!

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Supercoach Bible ordered…..very excited Jock, Higgo and Crouching One. You are absolute legends!!


Yeah the old prick is just about to have a listen.
Good to see you blokes again so to speak.


The hits keep on coming, great stuff lads.
The legends are alive and well keep it coming, nothing but the best as usual.
Merry Christmas to the community and families, have a great year in 2017. That goes for the SuperCoach players too.

(Your gunna need some luck ha ha)

Cheers ALL.


I'm in too! Higgo – it will be hard to top the first one. It was SIGNIFICANT. thanks lads.


No mention of Thurlow as an option? Cheap and should get a lot of the ball coming out of the Geelong backline.


I scrolled to the comments to type just that…


anyone know how much hes worth? been on my radar all summer


$267,600 buzz, very much on the radar depending on nab form.


What'll he average, 75? If so makes you only 120k. Much rather start some rookie who looks like getting some games, spend the savings on an extra premo.

I N Pieman

If Menegola was 267 I'd be keen. But not Thurlow


Yeah already punted him for a cheapie.


Zac Dawson is $259k


Significantly firm in the pants after hearing your dulcet tones once more, lads – Bring on 2017!!!


I won my league in 2015. All due to the SC bible. Will be ordering for sure


Last mag released helped me boost from a 10,000 rank player to a 1,000 rank player. Some amazing insights and can't wait to get it.

Get on it lads, brilliant for the serious Supercoach player and a fantastic read for all round footy fans.


The Stiv

You're not serious about Supercoach if you don't get this magazine. Simple.


this is very exciting. get to play around with my team structure.

My mistakes last year was starting with too much depth in defence and a dodgy R2.

Thinking D3, M5, R2, F3 (13 keepers – although this includes Beams and Ryder).

made my first team of many, very exciting

I N Pieman

D4 M7 R2 F4


i am tempted by D4 with players under $500k and calling them premium…. last year i was worried about Defence rookies, will depend on the rookies avaliable in defence this year

I N Pieman

There as no shortage of defence rookies last year. I think there will be some nice ones this season as well. And some mature age cheap ones for round 1


Bob Murphy at $392… not a bad D4.

I N Pieman

Sure is Derek. In consideration. Loads of decent looking defenders for a change. The forward line resembles The Walking Dead


My current setup looks like

Guaranteed keepers: D1, M2, R1, F1
Pretty sure keepers: D3, M3, R1, F2
Risky keepers 50-50: D4, M5, R2, F4


Down to D4 (bob)
Down to M6 (beams/murph)
Down to r2 (sandi)
Down to F3/F4 (going light here maybe Ryder F3?)
Dahl & heeney lock at this stage unless injured rest of fwd line open for consideration but no buddy. No buddy way.

Canny the Manny

I like the Marc Murphy consideration, I'm trying to figure out if I can fit him and Beams in the same midfield but I don't think it will work.
I think you gotta go a bit lighter in the MIDS and heavier in the FWDs. By selecting the likes of O'meara, Dave Swallow and even David Myers at the prices they're at, you can go light in the guts without sacrificing a heap of scoring potential. This also allows you to select a more stable forward line which will minimise the season-lasting headaches caused due to poor FWD selections.
Sure looks like an interesting year!


Anyone got the starting price on tom lynch (GC)? I reckon he could explode this year if the suns win more games


$507k is alot to pay


Wow i ddnt expect that! Buddy probably the better go at 10K more


Heeney at $433 i like the look of

I N Pieman

I think Heeney looks like some value playing as a mid

Paulie Walnuts

I.Heeney currently listed as a FWD @ 444k


Tom Lynch write up on the way, MOC. Stayed tuned


Cheers Kev I've got a keen eye on him


Anyone looking at barass as a breakout looked a gun in the making at the end of last year has put on bulk apparently 380k ave 70


Not this year, Sean. Some good signs, his sc average was 20 points higher than his dt average. But low disposal numbers and the fact that he's a key position player turns me off him. Hopefully he can get a full season under his belt


Thoughts on S Selwood at 281,800. With Caddy gone it could lead to more midfield minutes and if he avoids injuries which has plagued his career he could be a great pick. He has the ability to average over 100 as he averaged 104 in 2012 and 103.8 in 2013 but has only played 27 of the past 66 games.

Liam Watson

I've had a look at him too but he'll be doing the tagging so despite the cheap price it's a no


I will be keeping a watch on his role in nab, potentially as much value as a rookie. Spots are tight onfield in mids in my team though. Could punt Myers to the bench.


My starting squad is full of risks. It's enough to cause shrieks from the ghosts of 'supercoach past'. I'm strongly considering starting with Brayden Fiorini and Jack Billings. Early days though.


mine is pretty scary as well. i know it won't look anything like this by round 1. Just having some fun thinking about the options


Hi community seems like the off seasons are getting shorter and shorter!
Have had my first crack at V1 and based on the actual price breakdown on the Higginator I am D3, M4, R2, F2.
So 11 premos to start – going for GNR strategy, not mucking around.
Have just the 4 midpricers atm – Tom Boyd, Caddy, Heeney, and welcome back Travis!
Love this time of year mucking about with 1000 different options!

poloko48 V1

DEF: Heater, Adams (MID), Vince (MID), rookies
MID: Danger, JPK, Wolfman, Pendles, rookies
RUC: Gawn, Goldy, TBoyd (FWD)
FWD: Dahl (MID), Buddy, Caddy (MID), Heens, Clokey, rookies

Tom v

How do I get my hand on one of these bibles for SuperCoachers you speak of I want to order one for my brother also


Mag ordered and cannot wait.
How do we divide and conquer GC's 4 top 10 picks- bowes, schrimshaw, broadie and Ainsworth, do we go all four across the lines or pick a couple?