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tom boyd supercoach 2017Tom “Bulldogs Legend” Boyd

by Pieman

In June 2016 a fight broke out in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, which is scarcely believable. But it would prove to be the most significant brawl in the Western Suburbs that didn’t result in a life sentence.

Tom Body accidently cleaned up Zaine Cordy during a VFL game. And later that evening, with a few jars under the belt Zaine Cordy got a bit lippy over Tom Boyd’s contract. The result was both players being suspended.

But it was a turning point!

4 Months later A Legend was born……

With the match in the balance:

Morris mows down Buddy & the ball spills free:

“Tom Boyd’s got it………..Tom Boyd goes long………… will it bounce………..the stadium holds its breath…….it’s a GOAL, & the Western Suburbs ERUPT”

And just like that, no one will ever give a shit about Tom Boyd’s contract AGAIN.

It wasn’t just his stunning Grand Final that caught my attention. Tom Boyd’s whole finals series was very good. He started growing in confidence game by game. When Roughead copped the Falcon of the century & almost lost an eyeball , Boyd was faced with the arduous task of taking on Mummy for the rest of the game.

And he did an excellent job in helping the Bulldogs reach the Grand Final. The following week he was epic & stunned everyone, kicking crucial goals & plenty of colossal grabs. The fairytale completed with his epic goal from inside the centre square that ended a cracking contest & delivered the Bulldogs the most unlikely & incredible flag.

Oh how sweet it was. Ironically, it was the man the Doggies risked the farm on that delivered it.

2017 Price: $290,300
2017 Position: RUCK/FWD
Games in 2016: 11
Average in 2016: 53.3
100+ games in 2016: 0
Sub 80 games in 2016: Shitloads 9/11
Price range in 2016: $264K – $284K
Missed games last season:
  • 11 regular season games
Significant history:
  • Once touted as one of the biggest wastes of money in AFL History
  • No longer touted as one of the biggest wastes of money in AFL History


It was shades of Tom Hawkins who was considered up until the 2011 GF, a spud. But Hawkins like Boyd picked the greatest of all occasions to break out & reap havoc. And since then Hawkins has become one of the premier big men in the comp. In 2011 Hawkins had an Av of 69.6, & boy did he grow in confidence with the monkey off his back. In 2012 he went on to Av 95.1.

What I find most interesting about this potential selection is the likely hood that Boyd will be a DPP Ruck/FWD. But he also spent time in defence. How about a Ruck/FWD/DEF. The other thing to take into consideration is Boyd’s SC finals average was 82 compared to the regular season of 53.

And now that the monkey is off his back forever, I smell some value.


Boyd has had a post season shoulder reconstruction, which makes his late season heroics even more impressive. How much of the preseason will he miss? Will he be slow out of the blocks next season as a result? He may even have a role change & stay at home more.


I think given the partnership he formed with Roughead during the season will result in the addition of DPP. Having someone that can cover your ruck line is very important. It can prevent a donut or perhaps a few. Finding a rookie priced R3 is remarkably difficult at the best of times. I would see the selection of Boyd really as one of 2 reasons. He’s too expensive at be your R3, so he would need to be a Fwd line selection to either cover your Ruck line or generate some cash. I think an AV of 80 is not out of reach next season for Boyd. With the inclusion of Cloke it’s unlikely he will demand the biggest gorilla. That is until Cloke is dropped to the VFL.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


  • Can kick goals
  • Great contested mark
  • Will get points from the Ruck
  • The pressure of his contract is gone


  • Shoulder Reconstruction (That stuffed Gary)
  • Can go missing
  • Key position player
  • Has only played 34/66 home & away games thus far


290K is an awkward price. It’s somewhere in-between & expensive rookie & a mid pricer. But it’s a risk reward business. If you were to pick Boyd it’s with the view to move him to the F7 position with an R3 Ruck/Fwd to swing cover, or make some coin on & upgrade him. I also like the look of the Dogs early season draw.

I’m not expecting Boyd to come out & average 95 like Hawkins did. But I think an Av of 80 like he did in the finals is a distinct possibility. With the monkey off his back, who knows what he capable of.  I seriously believe there is a lot more improvement left in Tom Boyd. Don’t forget in his draft year he was the standout number one pick by the length of Flemington. Will he reach his full potential in 2017 is the question.

One of the great lessons of 2016 for me was the importance of covering the Ruck line. And for that reason Tom Boyd is:



A great of the community – join us in the comments below

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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I N Pieman

Thank you sir. He's in the "will consider" category for me too. I really want some Ruck cover. So if he does pick up the DPP i'll be having a close look

Timmy Tek

What about Tippet as R2 swing him into the FWD line when the second choice ruckman behind Gawn emerges from the pack?

I N Pieman

I see Tippett in my SC side as he does for the swans. When you need him to stand up he's gives you nothing

General Soreness

DPP and priced under his finals output means he must be worthy of consideration, especially in what appears to be shallow forward stocks in 2017. Not a lock by any means but definitely not ruled out. Ripping work Pieman.

I N Pieman

Thanks General. A lot will need to go right to find a spot for him. But there could be some value


Strong "no". Poster boy for "flash in the pan." Very compelling points masterfully presented as always, INP. He may be gold for the Doggies, but he won't be for SC. "Can go missing" = Will go missing. And missing from my team he will be as well.

I N Pieman

There's still a bit of a bee on your bonnet over that trade. But at least you got Griffen!!!! HAHA. Now he my friend is the poster boy for going missing!


I don't know WHY you think that? I was happy they ditched Boyd and still glad they did. Don't fall in love too quickly, INP. I know that heart of you can't take any more heartbreak.

I N Pieman

HAHA. Never fear we have Buckley! Truth to be told with the forward line your boys have he's surplus. Lobb has really come on. You couldn't have Cameron, Patton, Lobb & Boyd on the park at the same time


We shall see where they go. Excellent article, my friend. You did the impossible…polished a turd 'til it had a spec of gold.

I N Pieman

Thanks sir. You can polish a turd!


There is strong tactical merit in getting boyd at the start IF Fit. I'll have to look at the bullies draw to see how suited he is to loopholing and byes but he could easily be the difference that gets you $1,000 one weekend. He could end up being my first ever planned f7 keeper from start to finish. Are you eligible for prizes? Has an alien ever won something in SC? Legit q


He's a gut no, my friend. Again, flash in pan. More headache in the grand scheme of things.

No. Herald has made that abundantly clear in their rules that prizes are only for those in Oz.


It was a pretty solid flash mate, lasted a few weeks I think.
As a giants fan you should be glad for him instead of wanting to lock him in the neafl vault with all those other fwds you don't need. He might just be a Big Game Player like the Dominator, virtually unsighted for 80% of games but wins 3 or 4 off his own boot and redefines the role of a leader in finals. It's those 3 or 4 big games that can be the difference in winning a weekend or the whole year. He's a hail mary on the bench and when he scores all his low scores he'll stay on the bench but when he pumps out a game changer I'll loophole him and take a 170 from my sub F6.
You do know that in central Victoria a flash in the pan still usually turns out to be a bit of gold


"wanting to lock him in NEALF?" Where was that ever said?

And the rest of that was equally head scratching.

Might be time to hit the power button and call it a night, Wombats. A good nights sleep does the mind some good.


Lock him in the vault means that he wasn't getting the opportunities at giants due to a plethora of tall fwds but they still bitched and whinged when he tried to make a career for himself, it was a general term to describe a situation I wasn't suggesting that you'd said it. The Dominator was Wayne Johnston and he was regularly maligned by Carlton supporters in the late 70's and early 80's for going missing when the team had easy wins or unexpected losses but, when it came to big crowd games he owned the midfield.

Toms junior career and recent finals form suggests that he could be more of a Dominator than a spud. Back off on the steroids mate they're making you defensive and cranky


Ha! Hilarious rant. Empty calories in relevance again but a pure joy to catch a light wrath from the almighty Wombats.


Agree Throtts. Strikes me as the type whose best will be great, but he won't be able to consistently perform at that level for an entire year.


The allure is there, especially if he becomes a DPP. But the inconsistency makes him an expensive bench player. Unless he copies form from Finals during NAB, he's a firm no.


You have to speculate to accumulate Barron. Instead of starting with a 300k Kitty and a couple of risky rookies at F7,8 start with a 100k kitty and a NOW PROVEN big game FWD game changer at F7 and only 1 risky rookie.
This strategy is only relevant if Tom recovers from his shoulder surgery but remember that unlike others with shoulder injuries Tom played his best footy with the injury at its worst. If he gets the same surgeon as Gaz he could win the brownlow and the coleman.


Proven big game Fwd after a couple good games doesn't weigh in balance the other games when he went missing. Shall see if there's any carry over but calling Boyd proven is a bit of a stretch. Let's pump the breaks and see what he does pre-season.


INP wouldn't even have given Boyd a cursory look but you peaked my interest with three little letters DPP.

That Immediately puts him onto the please consider list.
Ruck cover is gold so will now take a keener interest in the fitness and performance of young Tom in the pre season.

Luv ya work.

I N Pieman

Thanks Trigger. If it turns out he misses most of the preseason then toss him to the curb. If not he's worth a thought. In SC terms for your side he would be a "role player"

The Bont

The sign of a good article Is to get one thinking .. And im thinking , well done .
You probably didn't know at the time of writing this but what about Tim English ?
Will he slip right in to the line up ?
We all know beveridge hates rucks so knowing he's still picked him means he rates him pretty highly , apparently the bloke is very very good athletically and below his knees . Take away toms role in the ruck and I'm wondering what he could be..
The dpp Is interesting but the price tag is a bit too much to take the punt .

I N Pieman

Bevo's philosophy is simple. If your only good to me as a tap ruckman your no good to me. Tim English is much more that that. He is a super athlete. But he's an 18 year old bean pole. The Dogs have picked him up & put him in the bank, & the gym. He's unlikely to get a game next season in a premiership side. Will need some injuries. The Roughhead/Boyd combo did fine in 2016. Couldn't have delivered a better result. Thanks for your kind words Bont


You must be in a pretty good position when you let the best mobile Ruckman (some say shades of Dean Cox) slide to u at 19 and then put him on ice for 12-18 months to ply his trade in the vfl and put on some size.

Falling into place beautifully for the dogs.

I N Pieman

Agree Trigger. Dogs got some value there. English was in the top 10 all season. But these days you need to be a pretty special ruck to get picked up in the draft. Most come from the rookie list. Expect English to give us some joy in future years

The Bont

Yeah I may just be looking for an excuse not to pick him . Sandis the other one at that price who could be good if he survives a few games .

I N Pieman

Sandi will be worth a look. But it would be an expected trade. Or at least require decent cover

The Bont

Nankervis, Sinclair , Naismith , Martin also worth a thought

I N Pieman

Assuming Nankervis has the ruck duties to himself he's definitely worth consideration. Hoping someone puts a piece together on him. After 2016 it would take some sizable spuds to pick Stef Martin

The Bont

Re Martin it depends on role , definitely a one man band.
Just about to whip one up on dahl but might be able to throw one up on nankervis after that , could be gold if he gets first dibs on ruck at Richmond ..

I N Pieman

Sole Ruck & Stef is good. Slight sniff of another one in the team & he's rubbish. I look forward to the Dahl piece Bont. I wonder if he retains his DPP. Did play lots of Mid time


Bloody hate Hampson but he kept Ivan out of the side. He'll get first crack as long as he's fit


I reckon he could just as easily get fwd/back – he's an absolute gun tho. The press on him early was rubbish. KP players take longer to develop- it's the impatience that annoys me. This kid is like a Tom Brady – you can build a team around him. But with the Bont,stringer,Libs,maccrae hanging about – he's got more than just support.
Dogs primed for top 4 finishes in each of the next
5 years. And Boyd? Likely starter for me.

I N Pieman

The Key position boys do take some time to develop. Then the good ones explode. Just like Tom Hawkins. Really does make me wonder if the same thing may happen to Mr Boyd. The support staff you've mentioned are pretty handy


Stellar write up, INP. You had me nodding in agreement a few times but he's not the type of player I usually go after.

Unless Gawn or Goldy lose an arm Tom Boyd won't be in my team. Too expensive as bench cover. No way I want a KPP on field to start my season.

I N Pieman

Fair enough Kev. He's not coming in super cheap. Just an option worth keeping in mind. Apart from Buddy most KPP players do your head in

Luskin Star

Good read pieman. I would normally skip an article about him but i value your views so did read it. You make some compelling arguments but it is a no from me. If he starts at 290k and averages 80 he will only make about 80k by the time the byes roll around. Not prepared to carry him just to save a trade if a ruck goes down.


I'm not usually one for having ruck cover at the start of the season. Boyd might be an option post byes if he has dpp and doing okay

I N Pieman

Cheers Luskin. There will be a lot of convincing needed. Just throwing him out there for the time being. I've got my eyes on Harry McKay as well. Will be cheap & the Blues will want to get some games into him. Should be DPP as well


Would be more like 120k made… all depends on how much you value a trade

I N Pieman

If I picked him Moustachio it would more likely be of the view of keeping him & looping him. Dogs play more early games than ever before. And rightly so


Thanks for the 'heads up' pieman. Now that you've mentioned it I recall noticing him during the finals and thinking he might be a good starting f5 who progresses to f8. dpp ruck would be a huge bonus. I hope your club gives kyle Kirby some media opportunities he's a clever bloke.

I N Pieman

Putting him in front of the media was an attempt to get Kyle away from the fridge. We have a new Relton Roberts! Boyd was quality during the finals. Can't dismiss him just yet


Bit Harsh on a Victorian rookie mate you'll be dishonourably discharged from the pie army. Kyle has a few more tricks than Relton and he's slimmer than Swanny was at any time in his career.


But he's no Tom Boyd. The more I think about Tom as DPP ruck for less than 300k the more he looks like a must have even if it is just for loopholing.

Nick Wealands

He'a caught my eye now, if he's a DPP he'll come very very close to a selection
The monkey is well and truly off his back and footy will become fun for the young man once again
His stock is rising

Butcher of the ball

Wouldn't touch him with a ''how long is this pole again?" i can't see the end of it…


OK, so after Monday's release of the Supercoach team picker, Tom Boyd does get DPP status and is priced at $290k.

I am considering him as a F4/5 starter with loophole options, who then becomes the F7 ruck cover.

He wouldn't be in my team for $ generation. Seeing as Hugh McLuggage BRL's 1st round draft selection is priced at $202k for instance, you can argue that the $88k is an investment on not having to burn a trade to replace a Ruck

It all depends on his fitness post-op and through the preseason and also depends on whether some of these rookies will start and proper early, in which case Boyd might not make my team…


I've ended up here after a late night pre-season session.

Definitely strongly considering Boyd as F4… I'm not 100% sold on Ryder unless he is the sole ruck at Port and even so, hasn't played in over 18 months.. Who knows how these Essendon blokes will go? At 57% ownership already, it is almost a point of difference NOT picking him. Sandi as R2, you need ruck cover and Boyd is the perfect solution for an F4 that becomes an F7 as ruck cover.
Will need to see some NAB cup form with no monkey on his back and that the key will be thrown.