PODCAST: Essendon & Fremantle Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds PodcastTwo extremely Supercoach 2017 significant teams.

The Essendon Football Club. They have 10 head of cattle coming back from a spell in the Dank wilderness which opens up a wide range of implications for us. How will these blokes be priced? Will they have trouble adjusting back to the pace of the game? What are the opportunities?

Then we have the Fremantle Football Club. Rubbish in 2016. Out goes Barlow, Mayne and The Pav, in comes The Great McCarthy, another Hill, Hamling and Kersten. What does Ross have in store for us in 2017?

Enjoy the show folks.




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Been following the off season pods and brilliant player analysis by the community, hilarious and insightful as usual big thumbs up boys.
Thanks for the heads up on sc gold team picker Jock can't get in too early.
(On a side note anyone having a crack at the BBL sc game? Could be some interesting pod rants lads, better than watching the aussies 😉

I N Pieman

I registered for it today Hedski. Just got my 2 young boys into cricket. Both playing every Saturday. Both loving it. I'll be using the BBL as a pathway into SC glory for my boys


Played a game as a fill in 3 or 4 weeks ago INP, first real exercise in 2 years. Bowled 8 straight and now have a massive black big toenail that'll drop off by Xmas, best to leave it to the kids (mine are a coupla years off).
Got a league for bblsc (605867) jump in for a bit of fun I think there's only 8 spots in league ? So would be sweet to have a few JR legends in.


Jumping in too, Hedski! Keen to give it a shot, despite my life being an absolute mess of work!


The Jolly Stodgers have just joined your league Hedski.

Looking forward to showing your team the full face of the bat!

After a litttle research it seems the key startegy is trading around teams who have two games/byes each round. While this may distract me from my SC2017 campaign, I am looking forward to the challenge.

Kind regards,
Peter J. Higginbotham


Cheers Higgo looking forward to the challenge.
Haven't had a good look at the draw or rules but I see what you mean by the 2 game/2 bye structure, will make it interesting.


I want to hear more wise words about one Zachariah Merrett. I have been watching highlight reels of potential players and the level of trouser stretching elicited by this young gentleman is tremendous, despite his high price tag. Hopefully #1 fan Patch is on the case!

I N Pieman

I have a sneaky eye on him as well. Each year he has torn his previous average to shreds. Next stop is Uber Elite


Love it boys, I'm a few days behind but ripping stuff. Essendon of immense interest to me next year, and a Zerrett writeup is on the way – but seem to agree the price will be too much.

Watson intrigues me, as does Walla off a half back flank, but feel Walla will be moved around a bit, from forward to back to stints in the middle which I think may hurt scores. GAVEDAY brought Stewart up on Twitter today, but not sure on his JS.

Ripping stuff gents


I absolutely love this community!!! Keep it up boys and may the supercoach gods be a bunch of calm peanuts this year for crying out loud!