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The 2017 NRL draw should be released this week and I look forward to sharing my detailed analysis with the community in my next article.

It’s probably the second biggest day for any NRL SuperCoach, the biggest of course being Team List Tuesday. Once the schedule has been released we can determine which teams have a favourable opening draw, thus providing a short list of suitable candidates for our starting team. It’ll also allow us to consider ‘Shark Moves’ and Point of Differences to give us the edge we so desperately need to succeed.

This week however I want to focus on the players whose starting price will be much lower than their scoring potential. I’m not talking about cheapies or rookies, but the players that had an unforeseen 2016 season that may cause their price to be discounted. There are quite a few players I’d like to talk about so let’s just get into it!

2017 SuperCoach Options – Discounted Players

The prices below are estimates based on the player’s 2016 SuperCoach average. I’m being very generous with my estimates so don’t expect to pay any more than the price mentioned.

  • Shaun Fensom (2RF, $315k) surprised us all when he was dropped to NSW Cup. It was actually quite sad to watch the tackling machine playing a little over 50 minutes per game after being such a SuperCoach Gun in previous seasons. It seems that Fensom will be leaving the Raiders to find another home in 2017 so keep your eyes and ears peeled as he could return to a starting position to pump out those huge scores once again. He’s always hungry for involvement; he’ll keep those base points ticking over and all for price tag around the $300k mark.
  • George Burgess (FRF, $235k) had a shocking 2016 season while trying to work through a number of injuries. He was eventually moved to the bench and finished the season with a 36 PPG average. He’s definitely in the ‘wait and see’ category and will be a great pick-up if he can return to his usual 60 PPG average, but we’ll have to see back to back games in a starting role before we decide to bring him into our side. If you’re ballsy enough to select him in your starting team, be wary that you may be faced with a tough time finding a replacement at such a cheap price. Hopefully he’ll be back up to speed in time for Origin as he isn’t eligible for selection and will be a great choice in ensuring your bye numbers are high.
  • Will Chambers (CTW, $304k) usually averages around 55 to 60 points per game but struggled to perform late in the season due to a foot injury. He’s likely to play Origin though and I’m assuming he’ll have POD status for the run home. Depending on how the makeup of your starting team is, you could choose him as one of your CTWs then give him the flick for a bye coverage player once his price has peaked. Alternatively you could make a decision once he strings two decent games together; you might be able to get him cheaper than his starting price. I’ll be basing my decision from the Storm’s opening draw.
  • Akuila Uate (CTW, $167k) may not have been an impressive candidate in 2016 but he’s going to start with an extremely cheap price tag. He’s moved clubs from the Knights to the Sea Eagles and he’ll likely fill one of the three positons left in the centre/wing positions. I know what you’re all thinking, “The bloke averaged 25 PPG before getting dropped from the team!” Yeah, good point, although he averaged around 50 PPG in the seasons prior and he’s hardly considered a risk with such a low price tag. Throw him into your starting 25.
  • Sione Mata-utia (CTW/2RF, $300k) will provide us with another Tohu Harris-like CTW option in 2017. Sione originally played in the centres but was moved to the second row for the back half of the season. He should be priced between $275k and $300k for your starting side but was performing at a much higher level when moved to the forwards. Don’t second guess yourself! If he’s part of the Knights’ starting pack then you should give serious consideration to having him as one of your starting CTWs. He’ll give you the base stats of an 80 minute forward for the price of an average performing centre.
  • Robbie Farah (HOK, $335k) has made the switch to the Bunnies and could be an absolute bargain if named at starting hooker. He used to be one of the best hookers in SuperCoach land but suffered dearly at the hands of Jason Taylor. There’s every chance that Farah will return to epic form although it’s unlikely that he’ll play 80 minutes like he did in the days of Tim Sheens. I’m expecting a number of coaches to jump on him for their starting side although I’m going to put him in the ‘wait and see’ category. It’s too risky to choose him before seeing him in action.
  • Roger Tuivasa Sheck (FB, $350k) should be in your starting side if named for round 1. We’ve all seen what an attacking machine this guy is and he’ll have the right players in key positions to help him. 15% of coaches picked him for their starting side in 2016 and I’m expecting at least double that figure for 2017 with his starting price being over $100k cheaper. The Warriors’ fullback played just seven games in 2016 before suffering a season ending injury but we can’t expect any further discounts on his price. They seem to make sure the high performing players stay around a certain figure to ensure they’re not picked by every man and his dog. $350k is a very reasonable price for RTS and I’ll be picking him as one of my fullbacks.


Recent SuperCoach relevant signings

  • Elijah Taylor will remain at the West Tigers for a further two seasons
  • Cory Denniss has extended his stay at the Newcastle Knights for another two seasons
  • Dan Sarginson (UK) will be joining the Titans for the 2017 season

Will any of these guys be in your starting side?


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Another belter here Cow – plenty of value around the joint heading into 2017.


Cheers mate. I reckon some of these will make my starting side for sure


Of those listed Uate looks the best bargain if he can get a gig! Backs always increase in price quicker than fringe 'slow burn' forwards. George Burgess is very tempting if you squeeze him in! Great article cowboy!


May as well throw him in your team at that price hey Casper. Gurgess' appeal just sky rocketed with the Bunnies bye coverage too! Cheers Casper! Always great seeing your input mate

Don't Blush Baby

Definitely looking at Uate,Farrah, Gurgess, RTS & Fensom, good work Cowboy similar to my fallen & mid pricer opportunities


Cheers Baby! Looks like our teams are slowly coming together. RTS is gold with that proce tag and opening draw

Don't Blush Baby

Agree but most will have him, trying to find those diamonds in the rough is the skill.


I don't see any mention of Jamal Idris. What is your opinion of his comeback?


I'm a little unsure about Idris mate. I'd like to see where he'll fit in first (either 2nd row or centre) and his price could be absolutely anything! What are your thoughts Puddles? Can't wait to see him in action through the preseason


I'd be a little bit scared off putting RTS in straight away.. Might be a little gun shy to start with considering his coming back from a busted knee.. Jarryd Hayne used to be a SuperCoach gun and is also tipped to start in the 200k range.. That's juicey..


Let's hope the pre season shows us more of RTS's current form Rodzilla. We could always wait for round three if he jumps in price although we risk missing out on potentially heaps of points when he plays the Knights in round 1.
Haha Hayne will be super juicy. He should make my starting side.

Who would you consider besides RTS at FB mate?


I'd like to see how a few fullbacks go over pre-season with guys like Val Holmes if he gets the nod for the Sharks could become a gun.. Obviously Jarryd Hayne as I've mentioned. RTS comes back in trials and kills it then it's a no brainer but for mine, with how he plays being he steps a lot and relies on being explosive. I think he may take a while to get confident enough to be at his best. Also see where Melbourne play Jahrome Hughes.. If he starts in halves with Cronk and keeps his DPP for fullback. I'd be swayed to go with Hayne and Hughes as my 2 fullbacks to start