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Jack Steele SupercoachThe Steele of the trade period

by Danners

That’s right. The Saints only parted with a second round pick for this beast! Incredible.

Former Giant Jack Steele has now moved on down to Seaford to get more opportunities at AFL level after terrorising the opposition at the NEAFL level.

Turning just 21 in December, Steele is still very young and a breakout season could be just around the corner.

Drafted in 2014 as a second round pick from the GWS Academy, Steele was often compared to Robbie Gray in his draft year. This was due to his ability to be a damaging midfielder able to make an impact on the scoreboard as well.

He may have only averaged 63.8 in Supercoach last year, but there is no doubt that he was starved for opportunity swimming in the vast GWS talent pool.

2017 Supercoach Price: $347,100
2017 Position: MID/FWD
Games in 2016: 10 (9 in the NEAFL)
Average in 2016: 63.8
100+ games in 2016: 0
Sub 80 games in 2016: 7
Price range in 2016: $300K-$356K
Missed games last season:
  • Couldn’t get a game in rounds 2-3, 9 & 12-15
  • Round 18-23 was out with a hand injury/omitted
Significant history:
  • 17 games over the past two seasons.
  • Missed finals due to foot surgery
  • Pick 24 in 2014 National Draft


The stats don’t show it yet, but Jack Steele is bound to be an AFL Beast. Its just a matter of when. He averaged 36 disposals and 8 tackles at NEAFL level. To go along with it, he also kicked 15 goals in 10 games played for some big Supercoach numbers. Remember he was only 20 last season. Still, Steele couldn’t crack a regular spot at a powerful GWS.

Steele has played less than a full season in both of his two years at AFL level. In most cases he simply missed because he was pushed out of the 22 by players deemed to be more valuable to the team on matchday. Only his foot surgery around the Giants finals campaign has been his major injury so far.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


As mentioned, Steele is still relatively young. There is an article called “Identifying the Next Supercoach Beast” from Jock’s Supercoach magazine from the 2015 pre season.

It shows that most of the premium Supercoach players broke out either in their 3rd or 4th season. It maybe Steele’s 3rd season but that doesn’t mean he will have a breakout year.

Also, foot surgery or any kind of surgery is not a good thing for a young player like Steele to go through. This could affect him for the rest of his career and the amount of games he plays.


Well you wouldn’t be picking a Steele as MID (if he gets DPP), only as a forward. If he averages about 80, there wouldn’t be too much cash to be made if he starts at $345k – probably $100k at the most which is not enough. To be a reasonable selection by the end of the season he would probably need to average over 85.


  • New club, new opportunity
  • Proven pill collector and goalkicker
  • Could be a good POD with so many midpricers


  • Is he going to breakout?
  • Only averaged 63.8 last year
  • Foot surgery is not a good sign for a youngster
  • There are many midpricers for Supercoach in 2017


Look, Steele is definitely a talented player as he has shown at NEAFL level the past two seasons. Can that translate into AFL level? I reckon it will sometime but not sure when. Even if we didn’t pick him and he breaks out, we can still trade him in a relatively good price.

With the nightmares of some of last season’s midpriced fails still on our minds, Steele would have to a strong pre season to earn a spot in my team.


Can Steele breakout in 2017?


Chew the fat with Danners in the comments below, or over on twitter: @Danners16


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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General Soreness

Jack Steele was an absolute steal at the draft. Foot issue is a concern but if he gets DPP may just warrant a larger consideration given likely dearth of Fwd options. As a mid or fwd only I agree wholeheartedly with the NO!

I N Pieman

He's a great addition to the Saints. They smashed trade period out of the park & Steele was a blue chip addition. Only in consideration if he's DPP. That price is sooooo awkward. You'd really have to hope he turns into a keeper. I'd say he's very unlikely to make my side. But he's a star of the future. Reminds me of Ward. Love ya work Danners


Thanks, for someone that averages 36 touches a game in the NEAFL for a second round pick is a still. Similar numbers to Brad Crouch when he played in the SANFL


Thanks Jock, that is kind of a worry with the talent in the Saints midfield


With the talent in the draft pool this year mid-price players are a big risk this year for mine.
The other question is what role will jack play ?
With Steven , Ross , armitage , dunstan, weller and Stevens where does he fit in the Richardson puzzle ?
Good mark over head but also a great ball winner, and knows where the goals are . Toby Greene like role perfect for him in my opinion.
Not relevant …. Yet

I N Pieman

It's a ripping draft coming up Bont. 40-50 quality mids entering the system. Let's hope plenty of them have DPP. It's not a draft for key position players. Which is fine with me. We don't like them anyway

I N Pieman

It is the tried & tested method old mate. 2017 will be a rookie haven for mine


True that. can't wait to see some of these kids at afl level


That's why SOS went KPP in 2015.

Knew it was a midfielder Draft this year. Already stated as much and that is what they will target.


Great pick to write about!
Disregarding NEAFL form – but like what I've seen in the afl, still a big question mark hanging over his head – couldn't possibly select him for rd1 – even if he years it up in the nab.
Watchlisted for me.


Skip for me, but the talent is definitely there with this kid. Always hard to read too much into NEAFL form, I reckon you could go down to the amateurs in SA/WA/VIC and find players who would probably stroll into sides in eastern leagues. Hell, the Mallee Park Woodpeckers would probably give a few of those NEAFL sides a run for their money.

At the very worse he's another player to add to the Saints Jack and Jade parade.


Great piece, Danners. Will skip on him too but will enjoy watching him on the telly. If you picked him and he has a breakout then well done, his stats over the past two seasons aren't an indicator that he will


Can steele do a titch and transfer his NEAFL form to forge out an AFL career?
If he does he will be a fantastic cow but if not puts him in that burn category.

Will go alright for the sainters but he is at that ugly price and for all the reasons u mentioned probably put him in the no pile.

will probably start a young gun in the fwd line if the cupboard is cleaned out but will be more like a heeney or bennell rather than steele.

Excellent pick up by the sainters second round pick nice work, nice write up too.


Well done, my fellow GWS barracker. Like the kid but even without the injury believe he falls into someone to watch this season for 2018. As you pointed out, a beast in the making but too many question marks to put him in this season. 4th year could be the one. Think he's with the right squad for his game…although not super pleased what GWS got in return. Sure a GWS trip to the GF will remedy that.