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Chris YarranHas Yaz done his final dash?

EDIT: Sadly, it appears as if Chris has played his final game. He has been released from his contract at Richmond to deal with personal issues. We wish him all the very best. Jock. 

by The Stiv 

Many players reach a crossroads in their career where they either elevate themselves to greatness or slip into a bottomless chasm of unfulfilled potential and regret.

Chris Yarran is staring into the abyss, his career wavering in the balance. Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in this otherwise beautiful country of ours and we’ve witnessed a once bright spark become dimmed by the scrutiny pervading from all angles.

Mentally weak, injury prone, lacking in discipline, overweight, no heart, no courage –  Yarran has copped it all, often justifiably so.

As a player, Chris Yarran can be brilliant to watch. His foot skills, elusiveness and speed allow him to cut through opposition lines yet his lack of tackling, contested ability, and overall defensive skills can render him a liability in defence. This looms as a make or break season for Christopher.

Yarran missed the entire 2016 season so we will focus on his 2015 stats.

2017 Est. Supercoach Price: SCRATCHED – has left the game.
2017 Est. Position: DEF
Games in 2015: 14
Average in 2015: 74.1
100+ games in 2015: 3
Sub 80 games in 2015: 6
Price range in 2015: $364,800 – $444,600
Missed games last season:
  • 2015: 8 in total. 3 suspended. 4 dropped to the VFL. 1 hamstring.
  • 2016: Whole season.
Significant history:
  • Pick #6 in the 2008 draft
  • Missed the entire 2016 season through injury and personal leave
  • Played 109 games of a possible 132 during seasons 2010-2015


Yarran started his career as a small forward but his natural attributes have turned him into quite the weapon when deployed across half back. This move did wonders for his Supercoach scoring as shown in 2011 when his average rose 25.5 points to 87.3 SC points per game. Since then Yarran has shown the capability to reach “Premo” defender status but he’s never really come close. It is not ability that Yarran seems to lack, rather, the discipline and durability to succeed at the highest level. He has been lost in SC no man’s land for some time but this upcoming season could change that.

The mental and physical setbacks that have plagued Yarran’s AFL career could actually be the saviour of his Supercoach career. Missing the entirety of the 2016 season will see Yarran’s value drop significantly. This is the only thing keeping him within fantasy football conversations.


Selecting Yarran carries significant risk, the least of which is his durability. His explosive nature can cause his body to break down especially his hamstrings.

He is also prone to spewing up some absolutely shithouse scores. Yarran scored 4 scores below 43 in 2015. There’s nothing quite like a score of 34 to ruin cash generation and your weekend.

We don’t even know if this guy will make it through the pre-season. Yet again he has turned up to Punt Road overweight and in need of physical conditioning. There are talks that Richmond could cut him loose and terminate his contract early. Even if he somehow makes it to round 1, how much footy will he realistically play?


Expel from your mind any delusions of Chris Yarran becoming a premium defender. His selection would depend on a heavily discounted starting price as well as a solid preseason. His price will likely see him utilised as an expensive cash cow or cheap mid pricer with the aim of upgrading him to a premo come bye rounds. In his best year Yarran averaged 87.3 SC points per game and played 21 games. If he could reach this again he could be a valuable player.

With a projected price of $240K he’s comparable to Daniel Wells of 2016. It would be folly to expect the same output as Wells but we are talking backline here folks and this is an entirely different beast. Rookie defenders are risky and reliable premo’s are scarce. Consider how many teams in 2016 started with Jacob Weitering, an 18 yr old key position defender with zero games experience and a price tag of 221K? This shows there are situations where desperation calls for any warm body guaranteed a game to plug a hole in a starting line. If Yarran is fit and healthy, he will play.


  • Discounted starting price
  • Possesses rare talent
  • Would be used heavily in a team craving run from the back half
  • A year off and a new club could reinvigorate his career
  • Has averaged 87.3 (2011) and 82.7 (2014) which are solid for cash cows


  • Injury prone
  • Inconsistent SC scorer
  • Is currently in poor physical shape
  • Has disciplinary and mental health issues
  • Question marks as to if he’ll ever play again


To even consider starting Chris Yarran in 2017 he must have completed a strong preseason, be healthy in mind and body, and be selected for round 1. These are non-negotiable. Due to his starting price and propensity to dish out woeful scores, he’s unlikely to significantly appreciate in value quickly enough to be a worthwhile cash cow. The main question you will need to ask yourself is: how weak is your defence? A shortage of capable rookies could see Yarran’s stock rise. For me, the risk is just too great for the reward and only sheer desperation will see Yarran in my starting squad.

NO – but monitor throughout the preseason. Edit – do not select. He has been released from his contract at Richmond.

Will you be selecting Yarran in 2017?

The Stiv.


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Oh Yarran, could I actually rely on you? Will tempt many. Might just be a player who shapes your SC fortunes for the year. With that in mind. NOOOOOO!

Enjoyed the read Stiv. Brave choice to write about without turning it into a comedy roast.

The Stiv

A good old fashioned Sunday roast.


I very much get the feeling a guy like this could be a make or break pick for your team, especially for those who like to go cheap down back (and may consider Yarran as a D3 option). If it works out then you're laughing cause you picked a premo guy for half the price, but if he bombs then you're losing ground points wise and have to scrounge up cash or trades or both to fix the issue.

So I guess in the end you have to weigh up the probabilities on him. Dud/Average/Premo where he'd average under 60/60-80/85+ and I'd probably say 40/50/10, so I probably wouldn't pick him, though I'm sure there will be plenty who'll take the risk.

Great read, Stiv

The Stiv

Thanks mate. Agreed. Plenty will take the punt if he's ready by round 1. I don't think it's worth the gamble personally.

Nick Wealands

Such an awkward price range for mine, however, with 30 trades If he's shit a corrective trade can be used to downgrade him to a rookie and have a bit in the war chest. Preseason as you said is the key though to whether he gets the nod

The Stiv

That's a good point. At his price you'll be able to trade him to any defensive rookie available.

I N Pieman

Cracking piece Stiv. Lots to ponder on this one. Value for sure. But so many what ifs. I can't rule him out. Can't pick him if he still looks like he's eaten a small child. I could really only see him as a stepping stone. If you do pick him you must do so with knowing he will need to be traded. You can't have too many of those blokes. Tempting for his ability & price

The Stiv

So many things need to go right for him. Best case scenario he will be a good pick not a brilliant one. I'm not sure it's worth the risk.

I N Pieman

I'd need to be convinced he can appreciate 150-200k to make it worthwhile. Think Scharenberg would be a better option & cheaper if he can get through preseason

The Stiv

Exactly. Anything below $150K appreciation doesn't cut it as a cash cow for me.


Yep, lots picked Weitering. Lots regretted it as well, he never made the cash to justify his original price tag, despite a couple of big scores. He wasn't overweight with a history of injuries, inconsistency and discipline issues.
Tartan is coming nowhere near my side.

The Stiv

I think a lot of teams will get burnt by him next year.




Great piece and I do agree it's a no….However, if he comes out and smashes it in 3 NAB games (like he did in 2011) he will be in everyone's side including mine.


I will be considering Yaz here. Obviously needs to get fit before I jump on board. Could be a great D4 option.
Could be a pivotal POD.

The Stiv

If he has a good preseason I don't think he'll remain a pod. He will polarise coaches though.


Reckon he could be at around the same price as Tom Langdon. For a bit more KK and a bit less Jackson Thurlow. I would have all those options ahead of Yarran at this point. With so many of these options we might see a few considering a mid price Defence this year. I have already penned KK, Langdon, Thurlow and Scharenburg as D3 to D6. We shall see what rookies emerge. In any case I think many mid priced options ahead of Yarran. A no from me


Mid-price defence?? Uggghhhh. I just had visions of Sheridan and Lonergan stinking up by backline with 60's. Then again, it's a new dawn.

I N Pieman

All depends on the rookies Keen. Couple of lads you mentioned there I'm keen to look at for selection


I hear you. I should have learned from last year. Also had Lonergan last year.


If ever a player was going to "slip into a bottomless chasm of unfulfilled potential and regret", Richmond is a fantastic place for it. We could turn Dangerfield into an average midfielder if given the chance. Not going near him.

Enjoyed the read, Stiv

The Stiv

I wrote that from personal experience, being a Richmond supporter and all.

I N Pieman

I share your pain. Buckely was given the keys to a Ferrari & turned it into a Datsun 180b


At datsun mate?

Was thing more like a moped or skateboard.


Another great trade by SOS. Got a first round pick for a guy who didn't play in 2016, has injury concerns, doesn't tackle, and has come back to training plump.

Boy he would have to light up pre season to be even provoke some thoughts of consideration.

Granted he will be cheap but unless there is nothing else available in the rookie pile really puts him in no mans land as would be lucky to generate enough cash or cash quickly enough to be a cow.

i wanna save what little hair i have left and don't want to be tearing it out in clumps when Yaz goes bang and pumps out a 35!

The Stiv

I agree Trigger. The risk doesn't seem to be worth the potential reward.


Ahh ya never know he may (doubtful) surprise us all

Nice write up by the way a comical no.

The Stiv

Thanks mate I appreciate it.


Working on a piece on danger at the moment so going my article will be a comical yes.


Absolute no for me for Yarran unless he is as round 150 to 180k and smashes it in the preseason.


Solid piece, Stiv. Thought this was a locked "no." Conditioning, age, inconsistencies and the SC rollercoaster that is being on the Tigers. But think you've convinced me that he's worth being on the preseason watch list. Not high on it mind you. Gonna have to shine fairly bright during NAB to be considered for the starting 22.

I N Pieman

If he's on your preseason watch list you can't miss him in current condition


Good move having too high up, TF. He'll crush anyone beneath him


It is a weighty decision.


Word is he has dropped some weight and going well on the track. I don't believe I'm saying it, but I think I'm going to start with him and take a punt if he starts round 1. Good price and maybe he wants to prove a few wrong.

The Stiv

At least if things go pear shaped at his price you could pretty much trade him to any defensive rookie.


Thanks General, might give him a miss now I reckon. Fair dinkum I need to re-assess the way I go about it!

General Soreness

Just released from his Richmond contract, effective immediately!

Don't Blush Baby

How will that effect their Salary Cap ? How much would he have been on ? 500k ?


Case closed.

All the best Chris hope you get the help u need.

Nick Wealands

Well that's made the decision a whole lot more decisive
Hope he gets better but


Apparently he saw that he was a likely non starter in supercoach this year and it was too much to bead. We must all remember the power we wield over these men's lives.

The Stiv

Shit. My bad.