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brodie grundy supercoach

Brodie “The Slider”  Grundy

by Pieman

On draft day of 2008 Collingwood list manager Derek Hine had his eyes on what he thought would be 2 gun midfielders.

Armed with pick 11 he thought one of them was a chance to slide through to that selection. Pick 11 rolled around & to his shock they were both still there. He agonised over the selection & finally picked the bloke that kicked 10 goals in the TAC Cup Grand Final weeks earlier (I watched that game) & couldn’t believe he was still there at pick 11 either. That was Steele Sidebottom.

As Derek’s next selection at pick 29 rolled around he couldn’t believe his luck. The other bloke was still there & he couldn’t spit his name out fast enough, Dane Beams. The slider. But there were others. Dan Hannebery was the next selection at pick 30 by the Swans, & at pick 44 the Crows nailed a ripper in Rory Sloane.

Fast forward to Draft day in 2012 & lightning for Derek struck again. All year Brodie Grundy’s name had been mooted as a top 3-5 selection, & absolutely no chance of not being selected in the top 10. This was the first year of Nathan Buckley being in charge.

Having made the Grand Final in 2011 the Pies were knocked out in the 2012 Prelim. Buckley said enough was enough. Young  premiership players were an unnecessary commodity & it was best to get rid of them. First to go was Sharrod Wellingham, a promising midfielder. The price was pick 18 from West Coast.

Derek was extremely keen on Brodie Grundy, but thought at his first selection of 18 he would be long gone. But it wasn’t the case. Derek was a fumbling stunned mullet trying to spit Brodie Grundy out when he slid to 18. And today there can be no doubt he should have been right at the top of the draft.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

2017 Supercoach Price: $520,500
2017 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 21
Average in 2016: 95.7
100+ games last season: 11
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range in 2016: $414K – $503K
Missed games last season: Missed just the 1 game in round 1
Significant history:
  • 2014 average 63
  • 2015 average 91
  • 2016 average 95

In round 1 Witts was selected in favour of Grundy, an experiment that lasted only 1 game. 6 months later Grundy dropped Witts off at the airport & waved him farewell to the GC Suns. Witts had no chance of toppling the ever improving Grundy.

Grundy’s rise for a ruckman is premature. Still at only age 22 he’s a puppy. His 2014 Supercoach average of 62.9 rose in 2015 by a staggering 27.7 points per game. Fair to say that was a reasonable breakout. He managed to add another 5.1 points per game in 2016.

Grundy’s first half of the season was just so-so at best. Just the 3 tonnes from his first 11 matches. What followed post bye has caught the eye of any astute SC researcher. In his final 10 games of the season he registered 8 tones & a low score of 91. For a 22 year old Ruckman that’s astonishing.



There is only 1. A set & forget Ruckman that you hope can improve even further & push his average over the 105 points per game mark.


He hasn’t played 22 games in a season yet. And that’s what you need from your set & forget ruckman. Having said that he played 21 last season & only missed the round 1 game. His highest score last season was 127, & he hasn’t shown the capability that Gawn & Goldy have to blow the roof off the joint for 160+ games. From my viewpoint he’s not overly good below his knees yet & gives away plenty of frees.


  • His Supercoach average is heading in the right direction
  • Has a good midfield to tap it to
  • He’s a competitor & he’s driven


  • His coach
  • Clumsy giving frees away
  • At ground level he’s ordinary
  • Not overly effectively resting forward (10 goals for the season)


I think everyone is pretty much done experimenting outside the set & forget combo. Think TBC & Lobbe. So picking 2 from the Tripple G Banger combo of Gawn Goldy & Grundy will be popular. My problem is not with Grundy here. It’s about what I think 2017 holds for the Pies.

The idea of the trade period is to improve your list. Offering a 32 year old Daniel Wells a 3 year deal has a 99.5% chance of failure.  Chris Mayne a 4 year deal has a 103.7% chance of failure. And let’s not start on Lynden Dung Beetle.

What left the building was a lot better than what walked in. Does the list have scope for significant improvement to take it further & boost Grundy’s stocks past Gawn & Goldy. The answer to that is an emphatic No for mine. Mark my words 2017 will be turmoil at the biggest club in the land. Buckley’s reign of shitness will finally come to an end, & Paul Roos will have the largest cheque in footy history on his desk. I’d be extremely hesitant on picking any Pies players in 2017, at least to start with. Buckley has stated he’s playing Pendles as a key Fwd in 2017. What a spastic he is. Add this up with Goldy being much cheaper in 2017 & not picking Gawn Supercoach suicide, I think the answer is simple.



A great of the community – join us in the comments below

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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General Soreness

Great write up Pieman!!! No Gawn = Suicide spot on!

All the comments re Buckley and Pies = GOLD!!

I N Pieman

Thanks General. I know my footy & what's about to happen. The quick visit by Gubby says it all. And they lost Neale Balme. Absolute train wreck & Buckley's head is on the train track

General Soreness

Been a little while Jock old mate. Usually following you Twitter wisdoms, then pop in for a look. Thought I better give the young Pieman a bit of kudos :), trying to get in here a little more often.

I N Pieman

Whilst the Pies have an impressive list of Midfielders the bookends is crap. The lack of KPF & KPD will have them exposed considerably. They can't solve that by pulling some kids from the draft. The end for Buckley will be savage & I can't wait for it. Thanks for your kind words old mate.



not sure what the pies were trying to achieve in the Draft period? Brought in wells for more run which may work IF his body holds up.
Mayne? Surely Elliott has that spot covered.
Hoskin-elliott should go OK.

To me traded a couple of kings and got back jacks.

I N Pieman

Elliott is a far better player than Mayne. I think they got Mayne as insurance (expensive too). Agree Hoskin Elliott should be a reasonable addition. They really needed to move heaven & earth for key position talent & failed. The only hope they have is Mason Cox to become a superstar. Asking a lot. Defensively they are stuffed


I am picking him as my R2 next year.

Hopefully you don't give me a "I told you so!" next year Pieman! Great read.

I N Pieman

I wouldn't condemn anyone for picking him BVC. He's heading in the right direction. I think 2018 onwards he will be ripe. And he might even have a half decent Senior coach. Word of the Skin Flute coming in as Ruck coach won't see him bending over any time soon. Don't expect him to any better below his knees

General Soreness

Gawn and Grundy? Then if he doesn't perform – its Grundy Gawn? 🙂

I N Pieman

It's Grundy Gawn for Goldy!


But then you'll be saying "I should have Gawn with Goldy."



Nick Wealands

Love it Pieman, good to see we are eye to eye on Gawn as my report on coming out on Friday states the exact same thing.
I think Grundy will average over 100 but don't know whether its enough to contend with a Goldstein or Stef Martin
Good verdict

I N Pieman

Thanks Nick. Look forward to you Gawn piece. Barring some sort of disaster I think he's first picked. Agree the 100 AV is on the cards. But I think Goldy is still a 10-15 point per game better option. But probably not for long


Well done, INP. Grundy is pretty well locked in as an R2. Unless Goldie comes out during NAB looking like a rabid dog, rather roll the dice with the Grundster. As you say, he's on the upward climb. Buckley is shit with strategy but Pies mids are still deep so he'll have plenty to knock the ball to. 80% locked at this point. Gawn has already gotten his 2017 Team Throttle guernsey.

I N Pieman

First general & now throts. Return of the heavyweights. 80% geez. Good to see you back my man


Thanks Pieman. Will try to do better this season. Got sidetrack by a lot of loose talk on FB.

I N Pieman

You had your breakout season my man. Next year top 1000


I'll be back in the community more so I can knock a zero off that bad boy.


INP i think triple G will be popular.

Not sure who is going to be my R2 at this stage. A lad on an upward trend always worth monitoring. Another one to put on the watch and see list.
Kudos for shining a light on him.

I N Pieman

The loss of Nic Nat narrows options. I hope he misses 2017 & gets a 40% reduction. Sauce & Stef seem too inconsistent. So it comes down to GGG. Grundy is worth considering & probably won't be a bad pick. It's the ceiling of Goldy that has him ahead for mine


Cheaper option.

Nankervis #1 ruck at the tiges?

I N Pieman

Worth a thought that's for sure. Tapping it to Brownlow Medallist Trent Cotchin. That just doesn't sounds right. Could be some value with that pick. But you'd want him to go 95+. Not sold that he's capable


Solid work there Pie.
Takes a bold man to run the microscope over one of his own and then have the honesty to put a line through him.
Telling assessment of the woods overall, leadership and stability starts at the top and the top has snapped off.
Not ruling out Mr Grundy just yet as I think (as many surmise) that the cupboard is pretty lean.

Good to see the General and Throtts poppin their scruffy heads in.

I N Pieman

Thanks Losty. I'm not completely putting a line through him just yet. If one of Goldy or Gawn has a mishap then he appears to be the next man up. Sure was nice to see Throts & General back


He's a decent player no doubt, I think in 3-4 years he'll be a gun ruck, back in oven for me.

Also, Buckley is a goose. Sack him and move on.
Destroyed the club and still gets more chances.

Mind boggling

I N Pieman

100% agree Gaveday. Took over a GF & premiership winning team & destroyed it. Unforgivable! It's gone on for far too long. The sooner he's sacked the better. But that should have been years ago. Eddie can't admit he was wrong


It took an INP article get some JR community royalty amongst us. You're well respected mate.

Mostly agree with the comments. Will be going Goldy and Gawn again, Grundy next cab off the rank. Hickey an interesting one, though I learnt the hard way not to stuff around in the rucks!

I N Pieman

Thanks Kev. Myself general & throts have a private discussion group that has run for about 2 years. And since then results have been spectacular. Throts had his best season by an unbelievable distance in the season just passed. Now he's talking top 100. I learned 4 years ago that set & forget rucks is the only option if your going for rank & league titles. It's a non negotiable for me. Gawn Goldy is safety but smart. Risk other lines

Luskin Star

Looking at top 5 avg from last year Grundy finished year better than all except Gawn. Top ruck each year always drops significantly in prize following year. I'm strating Grundy at R1

I N Pieman

Significant point about Gawn Luskin. No on has backed it up in last 5 years. But I'm sure it will be broken soon. Grundy R1 wow. Who's your R2?

Hot Shame

Do feel that their is plenty of quality mids there to help him sc wise. Treloar, Pendles, Adams, Sidebottom, Crisp, throw in a Wells for 15 games and that is a midfield even Will Minson would score well in. Did ave 18 touches and 26 hitouts a game last yr (more possessions then both Goldy and Gawn, but 10 less hitouts then Goldy and about 16 less then Gawn). Is still young and has a great platform with those numbers. Write up could have done with some more stats etc

I N Pieman

Hot Shame. Sounds like my last Tinder date. No doubt he has great platform to work with but I just don't feel 2017 is the year. But we all have opinions & different teams & that's what makes it great. I'll try to give ya some more stats next time. If I was trying to sell him as a pick I would have. I do agree the pies have plenty of mids but not a lot to kick to

Hot Shame

For me personally, i have him @ R2 atm. Barring injuries or interupted pre season. Honestly not sure how Goldy will go. Will either be carrying a sub par team, which will be starting to wear him down imo, or we will give Daw a real crack at it an have Goldy spending more time up fwd with Benny boy.

I N Pieman

Personally if they were going to clean out, they should have cashed Goldy in at top dollar. As you say & I agree Daw should get a run at it. He has some serious talent. And I like brown to. But he needs to be involed in the game. I would have thought they would be a better ruck combo than Roughead & Boyd. Honest makeshift rucks. But they are committed to Goldy now & need to use his powers to gain an edge

Hot Shame

Agree on trading him. I was all for it.

I N Pieman

The problem was no one in the premiership Window had the salary cap or currency to pay north or Goldy appropriately


not a lot to kick to is that because cloke's gone

I N Pieman

Aside Darcy Moore who could be anything there isn't anything else KPF wise. Unless you consider Jesse White one. I don't


Grundy should be able to average over 100 due to the plethora of quality Collingwood midfielders in 2017 as well as natural progression but due to Goldy and Gawn's ceilings and consistency Grundy is a no for 2017. Also Sandilands is an intriguing prospect if he is priced between 250,000 and 350,000. Last year after the scoring system change awarding 5 points for hitouts to advantage approximately around the bye rounds Sandi's lowest score was 86 with 9 out of 12 over 100 including 4 games over 140. This year his scores were heavily affected by injury and is severely underpriced for 2017. Sandi could join Gawn at R2 but it's looking likely that I might start with the dynamic trio of Gawn, Goldy and Sandi as their bye rounds do not coincide as well as Sandilands providing premium cover year long if Goldy or Gawn get injured.


Thanks Pieman. The Sandi strategy revolves around going very cheap in the forward line consisting of H Bennell (approx 300,000), Elliot (200,00-250,000), S Reid (150,000-200,000), C McCarthy (140,000-200,000), M White, J Pickett, J Stewart, K Turner or other rookies. Due to the funds saved in the forward line this allows the midfield to consist of Dangerfield, Fyfe, Kennedy, Selwood, Pendlebury, one of Gray/Hannebery/Bontempelli, O'Meara, Myers with Taranto at M9. Also it will allow Docherty, Shaw, Simpson, one of Laird, Johannisen or R Murphy, J Thurlow, T McKenzie, N Newman, M Scharenberg.

I N Pieman

i really like the way your thinking Adam. You've done your homework. BUT! And I've learned this the hard way that bringing injury effected players into your team usually results in trading them. So not to many. But I am not adverse to idea of trading tour entire Fwd line. Seriously impressed. N Newman is an excellent spot this far out. Well played


Thanks Pieman. The injury concerns are at the forefront due to it continually being a problem each year and causing a tendency to be left without trades with a month or less to go. Last year I traded Ablett, Rocklif, Fyfe, Wells, Barlow and Nic Nat due to injury who were all in the initial squad as well as brining in Deledio before his season ending injury, and keeping Hall all year which caused my ranking to slide from the top 500 down to the top 3500. I'm confident that the majority of premiums I listed in my previous comment should play 22 games as most of them are very durable. Due to my previous experiences I'm trying not to select injured premiums but instead midpricers or rookie priced that have a history of averaging 70+. Also the strategy revolving the forward line is that the last 2 defensive and midfield spots I'm hoping to fill before the RD9- Port,GC bye. Then due to every line being full bar the forward line the aim throughout the bye rounds will be to fully upgrade the forward line therefore resulting in a fully upgraded team.


I've got Bennell at about 440k, based on discount that Crowley got. Don't count the chickens yet =)


But Bennell was injured all year so he would get the injury discount of around 40% whereas Crowley was discounted due to the ASADA ban.


Nice idea for a pod but I reckon you'd be off your chops not to go with Goldy (cheap cheap) and Gawn.

I N Pieman

Agree with ya mate


set and forget gawny and goldy next year

I N Pieman

Consider trying to find cover if & when they miss short term


He would be my third option but unfortunately there's only 2 spots. This year I went with Goldstein at R1 and Gawn (after a great insight from the one and only J R Brumby) at R2 and if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Only line that's locked and loaded, Gawn, Goldie and…..Eagles!

I N Pieman

Agree Jack. He looks like options number 3. But still quite a bit behind options 1-2


Great write up INP, can't wait til we get rid of Bucks. The strategy getting in all these underwhelming older players seems clear, he wants to make finals to save the bacon. No hope of flag and shit for our long term prospects.

Where did you hear about Pendles as a kpf?? I saw an article on that in mid 2015 but that's it.

As for SC, Sandi is an auto lock in the ruck (I expect he will be a stepping stone) due to ridiculous value. For the other slot I'd be very tempted by Goldie at his price.

Grundy is a serious consideration tho, he racks up cheap possies and if started kicking more would be huge. I would not worry about the team being shit, NTH and MEL are woeful after all and the rucks still shine. It's tempting to start with Grundy, Pendles and sex machine Treloar but I should be careful to curb the black n white blinkers.

Anyway as you can see I am looking at NO GAWN to start with. He is priced at 125, and can only be used as VC for mine due to his erratic scoring. Fyfe should be a good VC, hoping he doesn't break the leg until after Gawn's price drop =p

I N Pieman

I have heard from a few inside sources that Bucks wants to play Pendles as a Fwd. There is no shortage of Midfielders running around. None of the others could play as a KPP I wouldn't have thought. I've never seen Pendles as particularly good overhead so I think it's stupid. I see your logic on Sandi. He will ne in consideration that's for sure. And so will Fyfe & Bennell. I'd like some more durable premos next season & Sandi Fyfe & Bennell are not. I'd be expecting to trade them. So I can't take them all, despite the value

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