PODCAST: Adelaide & Brisbane Supercoach 2017

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Jock Reynolds PodcastThe real stuff begins today my friends.

Most of you have started your Supercoach 2017 journey already and I commend you for that.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my 67 year fantasy footy career it is this: EVERY second spent on research at this time of the year will bear fruit in the months to come.

Today we start a journey together my friends.

Over the coming few months we will explore the Supercoach significance of each and every club in the competition. We will reveal opportunities. We will expose traps. We will hold up mirrors.

We will march towards season 2017 equipped with the biggest arsenal of knowledge our proud community has known.

Let’s begin.



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Higgo – In terms of the Crows consistency and price SC wise. Would that have anything to do with them using a league low 29 players? They've already lost 3 players from that in VB, Hendo and Lyons, so I just can't see them being able to trot out 28-30 players again next year.

For anyone wondering why the Crows traded Jarryd Lyons, Riley Knight is the reason. They rate that kid highly down at West Lakes. I do worry if he'll get enough of the pill to put up huge scores though. I'm not banking on CEY playing a ton of football next year, maybe 8-10 games, Campo ain't a fan of him is the word around the office and they still love Thommo. Both Crouch boys you'd think would have big expectations on them though.

Menzel did get rotated from the forward line and through the midfield at SANFL level, part of the reason he spent the entire year at SANFL level is because he came to Adelaide with about as much stamina as a fat man climbing a flight of stairs. Can't play midfield if you haven't got a tank, which he didn't have. Now, with that being said, he only averaged 14 possessions in the SANFL, and had a high of 21 against Norwood and against Centrals in the 1st final. He's not an accumulator, he's quality over quantity, so his SC output still probably won't be massively high. Gore is a vanilla slice of a midfielder I think, he looks OK at everything, but just don't see any big attribute to his game that makes you go "WOW!" when you watch him play. Wigg on the other hand, he can thread the ball through the eye of a needle from 60 metres out. He can kick, which is exactly the sort of attribute Pyke wants, especially with how they move the ball through the corridor.

I actually agree with Jock on Brisbane. I think they have some very solid pillars in place. Hipwood/Schache/Zorko up forward, Martin in the ruck, Beams/Rocky/Robinson/Christensen and the younger kids in Mathieson/Keays/Jansen winning the ball in the middle and a very good developing tall defender in Harris Andrews down back. If Carlton can win 7 games this year I don't see why Brisbane couldn't win 5-6 games. Fagan is going to fix up those defensive issues that Leppa didn't give a shit about, so I don't know if we'll see teams giving them 100 point beltings next year.

Great previews guys, can't wait to hear the rest of the teams over the coming weeks.


Would be HUGE to get him at that price, Jock. He averaged 12.4 possessions in his 11 games 2015, so I'd like to see him get that to around the 16-18 range and then he could be a really good pick.

And I suppose the difference very well could be the type of team we had in 2015 and what we'll have in 2017.

Under Phil Walsh/Campo where we played with the forward press to lock the ball inside the 50 the Crows averaged 359.6 possessions per game, which was 13th best in the AFL.Under Pyke and his quick, corridor ball movement that has gone up to 391.5, which was 4th best in the AFL. So there very well could be more opportunity for touches for him available under Pyke than there was under Walsh/Campo.

Add to that he's a clever little guy around goals too, but I think we'll definitely need to take a look and see in the pre-season if he's being put in as a forward/midfielder role, or if he's replacing someone like Charlie Cameron (who is poised for a midfield move) up in the forward line.


Lads, for calculating Beam's price I believe the boys at Champion Data will do the following: (based on looking at past discounts)

1. Can't use this year's average, too few games. Find last season with enough games = 2015 @ 113.4
2. Apply standard x5.4 multiplier = $612.4k
3. Apply discount based on number of games in most recent season. Discount for <5 games in 2016 = 40%
4. Final price is $612.4k x 0.6 = $367.4k

…unless they pull funny buggers with him like they did with GAJ last season, we will be getting him at a lock and throw away the key price.

For an example where they did this recently, you can repeat the above calculation for Libba (only difference is he played 0 games in 2015, but I haven't seen them give bigger discounts for that). 110.4 * 5.4 * 0.6 = $357.7k, and he started at $357.3k so pretty much spot on.

I N Pieman

367 for Beams would be way too hard to pass up. Hope it happens. But like you say they do play funny buggers every now & then.


Thanks Mo.
very interesting
Be nice if that one comes true.

What is your take on the missing bombers?

Heppell at a hefty discount be mighty tempting.


Well it gets a bit more complicated… Crowley got a 30% discount for drugs, but I've noticed they tend to discount the lower scorers by a bonus 10%.

So my best bet for the better dopers eg Heppell, Watson is they will get a 20% discount. That puts them at about the 450k and 400k mark respectively. Too much value for me to pass up on.

Same in the other positions with guys like Ryder, Hibberd and Hurley.

When you couple all this with the massive value injured blokes returning like Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Swallow and Marc Murphy…. I am starting to hope a lot of these guys don't have a good pre season, just to see some variety in our teams!

Luskin Star

Interesting. You could start the season with a full midfield of quality players and not spend 500k on any of them. Next year will be very interesting.


Went commando before listening because knew full well the undies were going to be taken to the thrasher after hearing your takes on these two intriguing teams. Well done…although trousers are still a little worst for wear.

Sloane will have to be looked at but won't do it from the start. May belong in that bucket of premiums you wait until their $ goes south of $550K to snap up.

Love Beams. Think if he's healthy, he'll do a lot of damage. More so than Rocky, who I'm giving the year off. Boy has swallowed too many trades these last few years. Time for a beat. Will take the beating on the chin for the 2-3 rounds he goes berserk over saving trades for the final run. Unless he gets around $400K won't be looking in his direction.

Could go on but there's a mess on the floor that needs tended to before the Misses comes home. Well done, gents!