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Patrick Cripps by Bolton's BluesIS this kid the next Greg “Diesel” Williams?

by Bolton’s Blues

EDIT: This article was written before Patrick Cripps injured his back in November. Reportedly he will miss 12 weeks of the preseason. Jock. 

When you are talking footballing greats, “Diesel” was a household name during his career and the stats speak for themselves.

This is who Patrick Cripps has drawn comparisons to by another superstar and former team mate in Chris Judd. All you have to do is read the facts.

This kid here is just shy of his 22nd birthday, 193cm tall – that is key position forward/backman height.

Cripps has gone from strength to strength in the space of 12 months.. is he ready for a big 2017? With Carlton only projected to get better from here on out, this kid has to be the centre of attention for opposition coaches and more importantly, the Supercoach community.

2017 Supercoach Price: $585,500
2017 Position: MID
Games last season: 21
Average in 2016: 107.6
100+ games last season: 13
Sub 80 games last season: 1
Price range in 2016: $448K (rd17) – $572K (rd23)
Missed games last season: 1
Significant history:
  • After 3 games in his first season (2014) he won the B&F at in 2015 at the ripe age of 20
  • #1 Clearance player in the league (AFL Regular Season only)
  • #4 Contested Possessions (behind Kennedy, Dangerfield and Neale)
  • Average from round 16 – 23 – 124.37


Imagine being just under 22 years old and spending 2 years in the same team as a player who will go down as one of the greats of the game – Chris Judd. After breaking into the Carlton team, Cripps has missed only 2 games. With his massive frame he can become (or is becoming) one of the elite midfield bulls of the AFL.

He had just the 8 games where he went below 100 points, and 4 of those were in the 90s, with 1 poor score of 69.

Marc Murphy went down with a season ending injury and Cripps stepped up to the plate and took control of the midfield. Bryce Gibbs in the offseason wanted out, so is his head and heart all there for Carlton in 2017? How will all this impact on Patrick’s stats for 2017?

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


Half way during the season Cripps was carrying an injury, how bad it was hampering him we will never know, but it did affect his scoring output. He had four scores of 90 before the bye, then he came back and had a 69 and 84, he played at least 6 rounds injury affected but after that he picked up momentum in a team that won 1 game in its last 11.

His body is still young in comparison to other “premium” midfielders, but he has shown that these little niggles won’t stop him from playing games.

You are paying around 580k for a 22 year old kid who is still a couple years away from his prime age – but he is playing like a 10 year veteran. Can you afford a 580k potential flop?



Set forget and don’t trade – simple, you select him, and you ride the potential rollercoaster.

He will get a full preseason again over the summer, adding size to his already big frame – he will become the general for Carlton this year – if he wasn’t already.


  • If he begins 2017 like he ended 2016, his ceiling is as high as any
  • Murphy being back should take some attention away from him, but not much.
  • Loves a contested ball along with his elite skill getting a clearance – A SuperCoachers dream combination
  • Only finished 2016 with 11% ownership – pretty low for a player with his numbers.


  • Because he has had such a good 2016 – will teams target him a lot more?
  • Will Murphy coming back impact his scoring output?
  • Handballs a lot more then he kicks – not ideal for Coaches wanting to select him at 600k+
  • When you see what you can buy in his price range, will he out preform the likes of DePendlebury, Fyfe, Neale, Parker and Sloane?


EDIT: This article was written before Patrick Cripps injured his back in November. Reportedly he will miss 12 weeks of the preseason and must now be considered a highly risky selection. Jock. 

YES *see note above

Lock him in Eddie – 2nd picked for me this year, only behind his Carlton team mate Sam Docherty.

I personally started him last year as a POD and finishing with only 11% ownership last year, makes me want to select him first.  He can only get better for mine. He was targeted by the other teams even prior to Marc Murphy going down, from rounds 16-23, his numbers were out of this world and I expect that across the season.

Bolton’s Blues

Scroll the old page down a touch & chew the fat with Bolto about Crippsy in the comments below.

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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I N Pieman

Compelling BB. Hard to put up an argument against his selection. If he has a full preseason he's a big chance to end up in my starting side. I'm keen to go in with at least 2 of Bont Cripps & Neale. The landscape of our Midfields is changing & Cripps will be a tasty option for many years to come

I N Pieman

There are so many viable mid pigs for 2017 it's ridiculous. I could probably reel off 25 blokes I'd be happy to have. But there's only 8 spots. Makes the ones we pick first up crucial. I'm putting durability ahead of price this time


Great job BB , the word untaggable comes to mind from crippsy , big body, great hands . Definite starter for me . Loved his second half of the year , and word is he's feeling great and got rid of those niggles. Lock


My first upgrade target. Forget the soft draw, rarely means much. Kid has started slowly and then gone BANG midway through the past two seasons. I'll take him for sub-$500k during the byes with a bit of luck, thank you kindly.


Great read, BB.

Contested beast and I love him. Was more than happy to part with 520k for him in 2016. With his higher price in 2017 he gets compared to a completely different bracket of players. Of the names you mentioned I'd probably slot him in 4th or 5th on a players I'd rather have list

Interesting one. There's only so many starting spots, he may just get squeezed out.


Good one bolts.

# 1 clearance player in the comp at 21!
Got me stuffed how he didn't make the top 40 all Australian squad?
Motto for AA. If you're not in the 8 shut the gate. Don't get a look in. Neale another didn't get a look in despite having the most disposals in the AFL and #3 for clearances.

Things looking up for the blues. Two big boys in cripps and brodie in the centre square next year. Still need to kick it to someone up fwd but.

The extractor. Be right up at the pointy end. Like most the good conundrum to have.
How do we fit them all in?


As for bring the next diesel Williams well at the end of his career he may just be better.

In years to come we may be writing will player A be the next Patrick Cripps?

Luskin Star

Can remember hearing David Parkin gush about him before his debut. Your final sentence is spot on.


Due to his tendency to handball far greater than kick it's a negative but if he is able to increase his kick to handball ratio he should easily average 110. With 7 night games up from 5 last year he'll have to improve his scoring under lights as he averaged 93 at night and 95.66 in 3 twilight games. But a positive is his 116 average in 13 afternoon games in 2016 as well as averaging 105.73 on all Saturday games and 110.11 on Sunday games. Also averaged 109 against the bottom 9 in 2016 compared to 106 against top 9. Also Carlton have 2 more games at the MCG in 2017 where Cripps averaged 117.38 in 2016. Will heavily consider starting Cripps alongside Dangerfield, Kennedy, Pendlebury, Fyfe and Selwood but I would rather go the safer option with Hannebery or Sloane.


Agree with mid choices Your 6 are what I would try to start with Adam but surely Cripps is next at a lesser price. His handball ratio to kicks on the occasions I saw him was ok nothing startling but not a Deisel either. I think he will get to 110 even with his present kick to handball ratio gets the pill a lot .Interesting will be to see if he's dearer than Tich I think he could be in that 7th mid starter too


Great work BB! Cripps looks to be a beast in the years to come. So many other good players around the same price though


Good one Bolts. Kick to HB ratio isn't an issue with this bloke. his SC score improvement wont come about by averaging 3 more kicks and 3 less handballs p/game. Cripps' score increase will come from a vastly improved disposal efficiency, Remember that a dropped handball receive counts against the handball givers D.E. and the blues had a lot of spuds last year who can only get better.
Better quality teammates supporting him and the return of Smurph would see Cripps ave 115+ without getting any more pill than last year.


Each year I battle with the delemma of go full midfield "potential elites" or tried and true. Or a mix. But what ratio? Then who's my captain???

Anyway Cripps is very much in my calculations. But he might be a corrective trade opposed to a starter.

Boltons Blues

Thank you all for the kinds words, im not poet but i tried my best 😀

Like i said, im picking him no the price tag, there is so much upside and im strapping myself in for the potential roller coaster