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Ollie Wines - is he fair dinkum?Raging Bull, or Port dressed up as fine Wines?

by Jimmy Luke

The player I’m going to take a look at for the 2017 season is a bloke who may have been a thorn in the side of those Supercoach & AFL Fantasy coaches who had him early on in the 2016 season.

He’s a guy who defies physics to even move at the pace he does around the ground given he has tree trunks for legs. That’s right, it’s The Bull. Ollie Wines. QUADZILLA!!!

This is a guy who had the footy world salivating a while back at the prospect of the greatness he may one day achieve but sadly, at least as far as fantasy relevance is concerned, he’s been below expectations for the last couple of years. Make no mistake about it, the kid is quality. He’s a skilled player and a young leader in a side that promises so much, yet similarly to his supercoach output, doesn’t quite deliver the goods.

Could this be the year The Bull charges into the 100 plus average?

2017 Supercoach Price: $533,700
2017 Est. Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average in 2016: 98.1
100+ games last season: 10
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range in 2016: $442K – $525K
Missed games last season: zero
Significant history:
  • Played 52 out of 52 possible games to start his career, then…
  • Season Ending Shoulder Injury in late 2015 Season
  • Also missed Games Earlier in 2015 due to Wrist Injury


If you were one of the ones who stuck fat with Ollie for the remainder of the 2016 season after some very uninspiring scores of 71 and 62 in rounds 9 and 10 respectively, he turned a corner in the second half of the season. Sure, he had two scores in the 80’s which is not what we’re looking for from someone we forked out $525K for at the start of the year, but if you snapped him up at his lowest price mid-season, you’d have been pleased to have him as a POD in the run home, where he notched up seven of his ten 100 + scores for the year, topping out at 128.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


Ollie makes for inspiring viewing as a contested ball mid-fielder, and we know this is an area where supercoach scores can start heading north. However, if he can’t get his efficiency by foot in check his supercoach scores aren’t going anywhere amazing anytime soon.

Ollie will come into the 2017 season at around the same price he started off 2016, meaning his scores went down, then came full circle by the end of the year. We don’t want that as supercoaches – we want a steady trajectory onward and upward towards the $600k and beyond.

Port has been craphouse since their explosive 2014 season, let’s be honest. Losing teams don’t often produce large individual supercoach scores, save for the likes of your super-elites like GAJ and Rockliff – Wines is not in such company yet.

Injury concerns? Nah, he’s had a couple but he’s a tough nut. Played the whole 2016 season. I’d back him to stay fit and firing.


If you pick Ollie in season 2017 you will be hoping that this is his break out year. You will be hoping for an elevation in his average score, an improvement in his kicking efficiency and some explosive supercoach scores. You’ll be hoping, strike that, you’ll be having a punt. In 2017, like last year, and the year before, Ollie will be a POD selection. You’re punting on low % of ownership amongst your competitors and a high supercoach output.


  • In the 2016 AFL Prospectus player ratings, @FantasyFreako stated that Ollie’s numbers thus far stacked up alongside a young Joel Selwood, Fyfe, and Chris Judd. The kid is young, and he will improve, that is certain. The question is when, and by how much?
  • With Robbie Gray spending a little more time forward of centre, Ollie has become the main man in the middle for Port, and this means more opportunity to rack up those juicy centre stats for supercoach points.
  • The guy played 52 games on the trot from debut until injury forced him to have a spell. He played 22 games in 2016, no issues. Did I mention his tree trunk legs? Strong as Oak.


  • The best indicator of future output is past output and on that simple analysis, Ollie doesn’t stack up. He hovers around the 100 sc mark, with too many sub 100’s to justify the $$$.
  • As a MID only option, there are at least 8 other MID only players you would want to have in your team come supercoach finals time (Danger, Selwood, Pendlebury, Bont, Fyfe, Neale, Rockliff, Gray…) and that’s the aim of the game – how to squeeze the best in to a limited selection.
  • Port are on a downward trajectory, and this can have a negative impact on players output.


Wines will not be getting a starting spot in my team in 2017. As far as I’m concerned he’s only going to be worth a look if his price goes down and you’ve got stacks of cash, and maybe you want to try something tricky around the bye period. At the moment Ollies supercoach output is a lot like Ports on field performance – stagnant.


Jimmy Luke

Cracking write up Jimmy Luke. Chat with him below or on Twitter: @ArchersArmy

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Agree with your assessment, Jimmy

I love Ollie as much as I can possibly love a Port Adelaide player, i'd love to have someone of his size and with his contested skills in the middle for the Crows, but good lord does he butcher the ball by foot. He was 2nd in the AFL for clangers, which by itself doesn't completely rule out a guy for Supercoach, Dustin Martin led the league in clangers and still did well, Dangerfield, Gray, Parker and Cripps were all top 15, the difference is they had other skills to make up for that. Outside of his clearance/contested numbers Wines doesn't have that (yet). Cripps managed to do better because he was top 2 in both clearances and contested possessions, whereas Wines is 9th/7th in those areas, while Cripps also ranked top 10 in tackles.

I've started with him in 2015 and 2016, but I just can't pick him for a 3rd year in a row for 2017.


G'day Barron

Of course you love our boy, everyone does. Martin's a good case in point really for how we would've liked to see Ollie turn the corner for us in 2016. I've kept clear of Martin until this season because of his yo-yo scoring output but I think maybe he has now fully arrived. Maybe Ollie will come into his prime mid twenties, hopefully it's still with us.

Those stats you've rattled off are exactly why you stand in esteemed supercoach company mate. Very pleased you're the first to comment on my first article.

Trouser-stretching day


Was just looking at the same stats, BvC and I couldn't agree more. Has the tools to be a supercoach great, he came home with a 107 average post bye so when he gets it together he gets rewarded. He needs to do more of it or start hitting the scoreboard if his disposal efficiency and clanger count remain in the toilet.

I love him but I don't think I have the plums to start with him.

Great read, Jimmy!

Jimmy L

Cheers Kev


Glad you enjoyed the read Jock. Bacon and eggs? Stuff me I can't even get an appetite up I'm that excited about my first write up.I'll be doing blockies around Adelaide in the Magna directly with the speakerphone, telling every prick to get on the site and check it out.

Yeah, it's a perplexing one as to why this kid isn't quite hitting it. You could be right, trim down and quicken a little? I also think Port aren't quite gelling as far as their mid-fwd, def-mid coaching strategies go. You can give a Voss a Bull, but you can't make it…Ah, you know what I'm saying.

I had Ollie in 2016, I think I chose to write him up to finally flush him out of my selection considerations, but geez I love watching him when he's in form.


There is going to somewhere in the low 500's who ups their game into the premium status and it could well be Ollie. But if it's not you're stuck with a M8 scoring 10 points per week too less. Not worth the risk for me, at least not in the midfield.
Great write up Jimmy, I'll look forward to your next one.


Cheers Jack.

Yep, I think if we play our cards right, and with a little help from the supercoach Gods, there's no reason why we can't make it to the arse end of the season with 110-115 average midfield across the board. Maybe a little optimistic, but why not aim for the skies aye.


great player but not supercoach irrelevant

I N Pieman

Port did nothing in the trade period to improve the list. They have handed to many long term expensive contacts to spuds. Can't see them improving too much to look at many of their players. Can't see enough value in wines & can't see him in the top 20 mids by seasons end. Great work Jimmy

Jimmy L

Agreed, agreed and agreed Pieman. As a Port supporter it’s been a confusing couple of years, and they really haven’t done anything with trades as you say. I guess they get Ryder and Monfries back, but they’re out of the game for a yr and plenty have stood in for Monfries role. Ollie will have to surprise us all if he’s to climb into the top 20. Maybe? But probably not.
Thanks for the kind words

I N Pieman

I'm sure they regret not cashing in Lobbe for first round picks. Now he's worth half a mouldy sandwich. Paid overs for Dixon & couldn't get rid of Hartlett due to his ridiculous contract. Given they have the early bye I think it's best to have a look at them first before picking any Port players up. Perhaps Gray & Pittard exceptions


Good point re the byes

The Stiv

I agree with your verdict 100%. Those mid spots are so precious. We can't base these decisions on thigh girth alone.


Had him this year. Never again. Doesn't have a lot of speed with those tree trunk quads. They tried playing him more outside and he didn't have the pace. So they played him inside and tacklers would just hang off him. Couldn't bring the chunky bastard down — hell, even his head is massive — but made it bloody tough for him to get a clean possession away. Most of them dribble 30 metres forward and those Power forwards don't much like playing in front. Turnover machine. Still has glistening thighs though.


Ha ha, you're right – the noggin's a bit of a block-head type really. Coaches don't put enough emphasis on playing a bit of twister in your spare time these days. That'd help him a mile in how to wriggle out of a few writhing arms with some grace n poise


Did you end up upgrading him in the end this year, Steeeve? Appreciated the Wines-owner sympathy :thumbsup:


Nice write up Jimmy.

Had the quads in 2015 but just when he was looking at ripping the guts out of the AFL went and did himself a mischief twice.

Passed in 2016 went with robbie gray instead. Be nice if he regained his DPP. With so many forwards tipped to be mid only next year be nice to get one back the other way.

Might shot of Jock an email and do a piece on the lad.

I N Pieman

The last time I saw the review list Trigger no one had picked Robbie Gray as yet. Get in there & smack a piece together. I hope he does get his DPP back. Dusty & Zerrett almost certain to lose DPP & question marks hover over Zorko & Dahlhaus. Montagna will be a defender. If they all go it doesn't leave much.


Yeah would be fantastic if Robbie gained DPP. Haven't looked at his heat map stats, but he certainly spends more time forward of centre than a Wines or a Boak. Get into him, mate. Plenty of people would be keen to read up on him


Killer stuff, Jimmy.
As a fellow Wharfie I love the guy to bits.
Might even get out in my boat and cover the coastal waters for ya with my Speakerphone thingy.

Telling stat from Baron on Quadzilla the Butcher.
Take a breath Oliver.

I'm on the fence at this price as I think he needs to build his ceiling to be relevant.
A watch and correct for me.


Never again. Butchers the ball