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Could 2017 be the year of the key forward?Proven goal kicking superstar. Is this the year of the key forward?

by Jimmy Dowland

Jack Riewoldt started 2016 off like a bull at the gate. Then he hit a rough patch at three quarter time of the season.

He has been a relatively consistent scorer for many years, averaging 87.6 over his last 5 years. With a potential closer-to-goal role but still floating up the ground getting touches, I expect this year to be one of his best.

His last 8 matches of the season were pretty ordinary which deflated his price. He ended the 2016 the season with a laughable $369k price tag (seriously laughable). He should be a sweeter and less expensive addition to our forward lines come march community.

I expect Richmond to win more games this year which will only help Jack’s scoring capacity.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

2017 Price: $467,400
2017 Position: FWD
Games last season: 22
Average in 2016: 86
100+ games last season: 5 (with 5 in the 90s)
Sub 80 games last season: 8
Price range in 2016: $369K – $516K
Missed games last season: Nil
Significant history:
  • Has knocked out 22 games in each of the last 3 seasons
  • Capable of going large. His 2016 season high was 161 v Brisbane where he kicked 4.3
  • His price historically will vary greatly during the season.. watch for the right time to grab some value


The key forward factor. Consistency is always a worry. Some would argue that his scoring ceiling is a risk. His highest season average of 92.3 was back in 2010 where he averaged 3.5 goals a game.


As we know, picking key forwards is risky business. But I see this year as the change of guard.

Last year, Josh Kennedy averaged close to 100 but the important thing was that he hit close to 10 tons including a 180, 140, 137, 146, 141 proving that along with a couple of poor scores, they go big.

This year I see Jack doing similar things. His goal kicking numbers are set to improve, along with the number of times he gets his hands on the pill.

If you’re picking Jack in your starting side you’re likely in it for the long haul. Some might also consider offloading him after a good run of big scores given he’s shown his price can fluctuate quite a bit from week to week.


  • He’s endured years of putrid delivery. We all know Dusty is a bloody gun, but he chops it up. Cotchin isn’t penetrating coming into forward 50. That could change this year with the addition of Prestia and Caddy to help carry the midfield load.
  • Point of difference.
  • Durable as buggery. Have a look back at his record – he’s missed one game in six seasons.
  • He gathered more disposals in 2016 than in any other season, averaging almost 15 possessions. Good signs.


  • You’ll ride the highs, but you’ll need to endure the lows. While I reckon things will change in 2017 you have to go in with your eyes wide open
  • While $450K is a pretty good price, he has shown that he can get caught in a slump and bottom out around $370K


It’s a yes from me. I’m a loyal man with a reasonable set of spuds. I’ll be once again picking him in my Supercoach side for season 2017. Don’t be afraid to follow my lead. Yep. You’ll endure a few low scores. But I’m dead set big on him next year. Just strap yourselves in for the ride and there will plenty of boner inducing scores coming your way ladies and gentleman.


Who’s coming with me??

Jimmy Dowland

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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James Dowland

Fair shout mate, just see potential upside and i'm a bloody passionate tiger and riewoldt lover.


Cracking write up Jimmy. I love/hate Jack being a Tigers man. I was actually a bit surprised when I saw his durability, he has only missed one game since 2010. There's just too many lows in his rollercoaster scoring for me to consider. He just doesn't take the game by scruff on the neck like your Buddy's and JJK's

I took a punt on Tom J Lynch after the byes spat me out completely out of contention last year. For a KPF he gave me no reason not to give him another look this year. Should be around 500k


Great write up JD. The thing is, I disagree and think the Tigers will win less games. No for me. Tigers 14th on ladder in 2017


Sorry JD No tiger player will get a gig in my side next year..


Unless its for Bruyn manoeuvre I say its a no. Key forwards tend to be inconsistent with the exception of Buddy who gets up the ground and does everything.


Hopefully we don't lose too many fwd/mid players otherwise we may have to trust a key forward like Jack Riewoldt

I N Pieman

Nice write up JD. Cant see enough value & im sure he'd do my head in & id have to trade him. Same as what Rich did to me this season

James Dowland

fair shout pieman

James Dowland

Thanks mate much appreciated


As much as I love jack and I see some method to your madness, he's too inconsistent. Only two key forwards I'm considering next year: Buddy and big Tom Lynch.


Thanks Jim but this is the wrong riewoldt. The ideal F7 if you can get him for less than 350k otherwise tie a bag of concrete to him and he'll make a reasonable anchor


Hi Jimmy I reckon you must be a tigers fan to be considering Jack for 2017 his best was 5-6 years ago. He had an ankle reco and a finger fused at seasons end. He's a bit of a sook who grabs the first excuse to put in a half effort so expect to see heaps of limping and finger grabbing over the first 10 rounds.
On the upside he seems to have recovered from the sulkiness he used to display when teammates got more media attention than him. Tigers may as well trade Jack for a signed photo of Nick and put Hampson at FF


No. closer to goal the more he'll struggle


Onya Jimmy D. Nice read. But I couldn't possibly pick a Richmond KP FWD in my life time. Scarred by Richo.
Dusty my only tiger lock ATM.


Doesn't matter if he plays all 22 games each year. By the time SC finals roll around he should be on your bench anyway. Will cost $450k and is worth $450k.


Better idea.


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