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Is Daniel Hannebery a good Supercoach option in 2017?Is this the year that Dan truly becomes The Man?

by Nicki Boy

Coming off Grand Final heartbreak but nonetheless a stellar year, the light-haired ginger they call ‘Hanners’ could be ready to join the big league in 2017.

The big league is the space of fantasy football that in recent years been occupied by the brethren of Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett and Goldstein. A league in which big and consistent scores are a must to go along with the fancy price-tag they carry.

Hannebery, being only 25 years of age is primed and ready to make the jump. He’s ready to challenge the cream of the crop. Much like a young boy on the verge of puberty, Hannebery is primed and ready to fully develop into The Man he was destined to become.

The Man that will rise from the ashes of his 2016 heartbreak and evolve in to the next Scott DePendlebury.


2017 Supercoach Price: $616,800
2017 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average in 2016: 113.4
100+ games last season: 17
Sub 80 games last season: 2
Price range in 2016: $486K – $629K
Missed games last season: Nil
Significant history:
  • 2010 NAB Rising Star winner
  • Already a three time All Australian
  • Rank 1 for total disposals in 2016

What’s not to like about this bloke. Seriously? He’s consistent as buggery and rarely takes a game off. In 2016 he had in total only 5 scores that were below 100 points playing in a midfield that consisted of Luke Parker, Josh P. Kennedy and Tom Mitchell. It took him till round 12 to score below 100 points in a contest and finished the year averaging 30.5 disposals and nearly 5 tackles.

Beast is the operative word that comes to mind when describing Hannebery.

With the cradle snatchers (Hawthorn) stealing a young and fresh Tommy Mitchell (23 years of age) in their version of the renaissance, a handsome 28 disposals and 6 tackles are up for grabs each and every game in the Sydney midfield.

So why wouldn’t we select Hannebery?


In the Grand Final, Hannebery sustained a knee injury that will require him to miss part of the preseason or maybe even its entirety depending on how well it recovers.

It’s reported that he sustained serious medial ligament damage and will have to wear a knee-brace over the summer which does not sound promising at all.

At an asking price of +$600k, Hannebery has to be at peak fitness and performance to warrant any consideration of starting squad selection.

The other doubt is if there are enough Supercoach & AFL Fantasy points for Hannebery in that Sydney squad. They have a whole lot of big time possession getters that will steal points off of each other.  Despite Mitchell’s absence Heeney will most likely play more in the middle which could ultimately hinder Hannebery’s performance and ability to gather the quality possessions that will improve his scoring output.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


The question isn’t whether to select Hannebery in Supercoach and AFL Fantasy in 2017 – but when.

Do you believe in the great man to raise his game to a new level. Do you start with him in the hope of gaining an early advantage over the competition?

Or, do you wait till that knee is cherry ripe and pick him up at a discount to complement your midfield at a reduced cost? Only the best of coaches will know when the time is right.


  • He’s played all 22 games in both the 2015 and 2016 seasons. When he gets healthy he generally stays healthy for reasonably long periods of time, plus he’s only 25!!!
  • No Tom Mitchell screams more points for Hannebery in terms of disposals and tackles. Two necessities in order to be an ultra-premium midfielder.
  • Only 10.7% of coaches started with the superb midfielder last season. Will be a starting squad point of difference for sure considering the output he has delivered the last two seasons (113.4 in 2016 and 114.5 in 2015)


  • Will be coming off a pretty serious knee injury that may in fact hinder his early season form. That leg may also fall out from under him at any stage in 2017 if it doesn’t recover properly.
  • Plays in a side of Supercoach scoring machines that may steal points off one another all year long. May reduce Hannebery’s ability to score in excess of 125+.


If he has a preseason that’s sound and that leg of his near enough to right, I’m picking him.

Last year’s winner had Hannebery in his starting side for that ultra-consistency and was rewarded handsomely. Hanners could improve that output even more this year and be one of the best in the competition.

He’s one of the most complete midfielders in the competition, and being at 25 years of age, he’s ripe to deliver.


What’s your call on Hanners in 2017, starter or not?

Nicki Boy

Have a chat with Nicki Boy on Twitter: @Nick_Wealands

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Before the opening minutes of the final term of this year's Grand Final, a definite starter. Afterward, no, which is a shame. I reckon he's worth considering post-bye.

The Stiv

I agree 100%. I regret not starting him this year but there will be a definite question mark until we see him play in pre-season. But at only 25yrs there is so much upside.


Love it Nicki Boy! I jumped on the Hannerbery train last year slightly too late, and so would love to jump on at the start next year. That said, with a big price tag and a bung knee, I'd need a lot of assurance that he's 100%, and with so many to choose from – Aside from Pendles, JPK, Danger and Fyfe at the lock end of town, we have Bont, the GWS mids, Jaeger (knee pending), Titch, Prestia…. it may be tough to slot him in


Patch do you think it is possible to afford the big 4? Danger, Fyfe, Pendles, JPK? All warrant selection no doubt but I'm not sure how much they will cost next season and whether it will be possible to select all 4 without sacrificing too much on other lines.

The Stiv

It all depends on what is available on your other lines and the quality of the rookies. I am a big fan of guns and rookies strategy and love starting with a glut of Uber premium mids.

Starting with those 4 is a relatively low risk POD in my opinion. Although I'm not 100% sold on Fyfe YET.

Nick Wealands

Yeah he's a tough conundrum, the preseason and NAB challenge will be where we make our decision. If he gets through both unscathed and looks even 80% right he makes my team. He has a history of starting the season hard and could be just a select and forget mid in 2017


Good reading, mate!

At that price and on a restricted pre-season would be a "No" as a starter and make him an upgrade target for me.

He went from $617K starting price last year and was at $562K at the Swans bye round last year and bottomed out at $485K in round 20. All it took was a couple of games in the 80-90 range to go from $620K to $560K in a month.

No guarantees that happens again, but that's the sort of thing I'll be looking for next year. And of course, I'll probably flip flop on him a million times between now and the start of the season

Nick Wealands

Yeah can understand where you are coming from Barron, for me if he has a decent preseason and looks good in the NAB challenge, he's in.
I rate his output and ability to move up in to the 118+ average next season whilst being a POD at the start

However, if he isn't quite right I simply won't start with him either and use him as an upgrade down the track

I think Hannebery could play a big role this year in being an almost iconic mid-fielder in that at some stage of the season whether it be start middle or end you have to have him


Definate watch for me not a starter with the knee issue. Lovin the write ups lads. You may have left out a bloke by the name of Paddy Danger there if I'm correct? Great work Nicki Boy et al


Perfect upgrade target for mine. Sydney have the round 11 bye so he'll be high on the watchlist that's for sure.


Nick made a good point, with his first comment about him being a fast starter. Haven't done any analysis to backup, but I do recall him averaging 120 in the 1st half of 2015 & 2016. If so, it means (by my rough estimates) he averages about 107 in the 2nd half. You guys sure he's an upgrade target?

Nick Wealands

On the money here Jack, he should average more in the second half this year as I'm near certain his scoring output will jump right up with Tommy Mitchell departing.
He's a fast starter and if it weren't for that leg i'd have him locked in my team no questions asked (probably still will anyway)

I N Pieman

Hanners is such a good runner & so fit that if anyone could miss a preseason & still dominate then he'd be a leading candidate. Will be a POD. Certainly not ruling him out. Nice work Nikki

Nick Wealands

Cheers Pieman he definitely should not be ruled out. He's a bloddy gun and the midfielder that I feel will benefit the most from the Tommy Mitchell departure


Upgrade target


Hanners will be a head vs heart selection for me. Had him the last two years and loved him. If he goes into the season underdone I'd probably have a gamble at 550k, but at 610k I'm looking for season long keepers that will get me through the awkward start of the season when you're relying on rookies.

Will be in my team at some point. As a starter…? Leaning towards no

Nick Wealands

We won't know much about Hanners till the preseason and NAB challenge are through, would be keen to see him have a big NAB challenge and truly throw a proper conundrum to all coaches this year


When do Supercoach prices drop for next season?


The Supercoach Gold team picker should be up mid December, so we'll know not only prices but positions by then

Nick Wealands

Spot on Neil, Treloar looks a treat coming in to 2017, be interesting to see how the inclusion of Wells will affect him sure he'll be averaging up near 110 though no matter the situation


not a starter for mine without a full pre-season. Going to be a non negotiable rule for my team and players over 550k