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Michael Hurley Fantasy Footy 2017Despite the beard, a good looking option down back.

by Gaveday

The Essendon peptide saga is finally over. As dull as it was for us all, it did deliver SuperCoach Gold last season and next year is no different, if not better. This time, rather than the cash cows, we welcome back the prime stud, all of which are due for a nice discount….. and they just might feel they have a point to prove too.

There’s no doubt Michael Hurley’s beard is a disgrace, but the boy can play and more importantly, have SuperCoach impact. The former pick 5 did stuff all up forward in his formative years, but once he was swung back, he stitched up key forwards and started to clock up the points. He should definitely be a bomber on your radar.

2017 Supercoach Price: $464,200
2017 Position DEF
Games last season: 19
Average in 2015: 95
100+ games last season: 9
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range in 2015: $440K – $490K
Missed games last season: Missed the whole season on suspension
Significant history:
  • In 2015 he was ranked number two in the comp for rebound 50’s
  • In 2015 he broke the 120+ points barrier 3 times.
  • Awarded All Australian 2015.
  • He more recently had a marvellous time in Europe with some mates.

In 2014 Hurley’s goal scoring output dropped dramatically as a direct result of playing 150 metres from the sticks, quite obviously he was now a key position back. The switch rejuvenated his career. His disposal count doubled. He took more marks and rebound 50’s were added to his threat. In season 2015 he was averaging 21.3 disposals with 6.9 marks per game and at an average of just under 95sc points per game.

His disposal efficiency was decent enough at 76%, but he did churn out 43 clangers while preferring uncontested possessions at a rate of about 2.5 to 1. This however was offset by 107 rebound 50’s with 17 inside 50’s to boot. And that my friends is where we hit the payload.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


A year out of the game could mean he comes back lethargic and takes time to warm up, time that we as supercoaches don’t have. Taking into account his injury history raises our biggest concern. He hasn’t once played a full season! In 2015 he managed 19 games, further back it was 20 games in 2014 and more worryingly just 16 a piece in 2012/13. It also remains to be seen how John Worsfold will utilise him in 2017.


With his predicted starting price of 410k (now confirmed at $464,200) he should be in your backline. From there the only way is up for someone of his scoring ability. Selecting him will save you coin for your round 1 side and those who choose him will be backing him to push on to be a top 6 defender come season’s end. If he’s a DPP, and it’s a stretch he regains it, then he becomes lock worthy.


  • Cheaper than he should be.
  • High ceiling, highest score is a 170.
  • A rebound king.
  • He’s 26, his best footy is yet to come.


  • A year out of the game is a long time. Can he regain his 2015 form?
  • He’s injury prone – He’s only managed 20+ games once in a season.
  • Will Worsfold maintain the status quo?


The SuperCoach gods are throwing us a bone here community. Price is the key factor. He’s unders for mine and with big scoring potential he’s too good to pass up in your backline. I’m still hopeful he’ll regain his fwd/def eligibility – but either way, with or without DPP – he’s a YES for me.



Chew the fat with the Gave-man on Twitter. A great character: @gaveday

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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Ben Madden

Very good stuff. Not sure I'm as sold on Hurley, but I hope for the Bombers' sake he bounces back, bc an in-form Hurley is wonderful for us.

Ben Madden

Agreed Jock! I've gotta play Supercoach with 100% head and 0% heart, so at the moment it's unlikely, but god it's gonna be great seeing that beard run out of the 50 for us.


The H's at the dons should all be considered if they get a discount. Hooker, Hurley, Heppel.


Great work in firing these up again lads.
Word on the street from VS is that there will be stuff all discount on these returning suspended players so 2015 avg will be the guide. At closer to $510k, Hurley will be a big no.
A cheaper Hibbo at the saints might be worth a look though.


That's a no go for me then LL. No discount = no Bombers in my side.


Agree with all you, if he doesn't get his discount he's a no. But I honestly can't see the logic in say giving Jackson Thurlow a bigger % discount than Hurley. Injury or suspension it's no different. They were both out for the season.


And thanks for the Kudos – pleasure to be involved.

I N Pieman

Nice one Gaveday. If he gets discounted he will be considered, as well as the rest of the suspended lot. I just get the feeling those boys won't be discounted. Or everyone will have the same team. They weren't injured. Given they finished bottom they should also have a favourable draw. Certainly worth a thought


I'll be very disappointed if they don't give them the due discount. The more I think about it the more I feel that it's the right thing to do. It doesn't matter why they missed, it doesn't matter that they'd have high ownership, they are due the drop. We can't go bending the rules like Gill and his mates!


No discount = no go for mine. But, and it's a Sir mix-a-lot big butt, if he comes in at $395k to $405k, I would be one tempted coach.


We have to take into consideration GAJ never got a discount despite being eligible for one playing 6 games. These returning suspended players I believe will not be discounted as they might think everyone will pick these players for cheap.

Mickey P

A lot of returning Bombers are tempting if a discount applied, but if no discount is applied, hard to know how a year out of the game will impact their scoring. Heppell a great example, was right up there for starting team in 2016 based on 2015, but a year out, will he still be up to it or start slowly?


To echo the advice above; Discount: will consider. No discount: not a chance. Picking defence always seems to be a prick of a thing to do, would definitely give him a long hard look at 410k and a solid preseason.

Great stuff Gaveday!


Cheers Kev, loving the fact there's some many people on board in OCTOBER! Together we can achieve greatness.


Rance will be my only key defender, thank you very much


Anywhere near 400k and he's in
Kkp yes but loves a rebound mark and a big kick out the 50


It's hard to identify the highlight of Hurley's career. Was it when he stalked and bashed the elderly taxi driver in Richmond or was it when he was banned from organised sport for being a drug cheat?
He's never been fantasy relevant and a year off in a professional training program while being paid $400,000 isn't going to make him relevant in 2017