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Who else has noticed that the 2017 five-eighth options are looking a little grim?

Well, that is if you’re looking for a consistent performer that isn’t Bryce Cartwright. There were just six players in the five-eighth position that managed to produce a 2016 average of over 60 PPG, although three of those have moved to an alternate position.

It’s likely that Johnathan Thurston, Ben Barba and Matthew Moylan will lose their dual position status which leaves just three proven performers on offer (Bryce Cartwright, Anthony Milford and Cody Walker).

If you’re like me, you’ll probably find yourself trying to decide whether it’s worth forking out the big bucks for Carty or to lean towards cheaper options with a high scoring potential.

Hopefully there’ll be a Jackson Hastings/Cody Walker-type five-eighth that presents themselves on Team List Tuesday.

2017 SuperCoach high averaging five-eighths options

This week we’ll take a look at the remaining high averaging five-eighths from 2016 along with a couple of potential 2017 guns. Next week we’ll take a look at the cheaper five-eighth options such as Ashley Taylor, Corey Norman and Blake Austin.

  • Bryce Cartwright (2RF/FE, $483k) was the highest averaging five-eighth for 2016 with an impressive 74.4 PPG season average. In fact, he was the only five-eighth that managed to score over 70 points per game. He cracked the 100 barrier a remarkable seven times and didn’t produce a game below 40 points after round seven. The question is: do we fork out the $480k for his services at the start of the season? If not, we’ll have to take a risk on the less reliable options and pray for a poor performance in the opening rounds of the season. I’ll be waiting a few rounds to pick him up, unless of course the Panthers have a handful of weak opponents before round five.
  • Anthony Milford (FE, $432k) had a very hot and cold season in 2016. He averaged 88.7 PPG in the first ten rounds of the season but, for whatever reason, kicked off a run of poor form against the Cowboys in round 11. He actually halved his average from the opening ten rounds in the following ten, producing just 44 PPG. Who would’ve thought that the Broncos five-eighth would drop from around $530k to below $300k in just seven rounds? The safe approach seems to be to monitor his pre-season trial matches and make the risky selection if he seems to be firing on all cylinders again. Unless he manages to provide consistency, he’s sure to drop in price after five rounds or so.
  • Cody Walker (FE/CTW, $432k) played a variety of roles for South Sydney but he should maintain his five-eighth status in 2017. He started the 2016 season as a cheapie and a quarter of coaches owned him by round three. It’s unlikely that Walker will receive a discount on his 2017 starting price after missing four rounds throughout last season, although he’ll come with dual position status and doesn’t usually produce a score below 50 points. In fact, he’s the only five-eighth left from 2016 that averaged over 60 points and comes with DPP status. He’ll be one to consider if you’re looking to start the SuperCoach season with an expensive Point of Difference player with a high scoring potential.
  • Michael Morgan (FE, $380k) has earned a spot in the Australian side after impressive 2015/16 seasons. His main concern as a SuperCoach player is his inconsistency and ability to produce games with fewer than 30 points. Additionally, he just fell short of a 60 point average in the 2016 SuperCoach season and will lose his dual position status for 2017. On a positive note, he’ll finally have a full season as the Cowboys’ dedicated five-eighth under his belt and he seems to be growing in confidence with the additional responsibility. I don’t think he’ll be suitable candidate for our starting sides but keep an eye on his form when the Origin period approaches.
  • Mitchell Moses (FE, $360k) surprised a lot of SuperCoaches this year and finished the 2016 season with a five round average of 72.4 PPG. The stat that shocked me the most was his run of high scores in the back half of the season. Did you notice that he produced just one score below 45 points after round 12? That run included five scores over 80 points and a closing three round average of 81.7. If he can continue this run of good form into the 2017 season then he’ll definitely be worth considering as a five-eighth choice. We need to remember that the five eighth position doesn’t offer too much quality, so why not take a punt on an awkwardly priced point of difference like Moses?

Recent SuperCoach relevant signings

  • Tony Williams has signed with the Cronulla Sharks on a one year deal
  • Dave Taylor has joined the Canberra Raiders’ squad for pre-season training. If all goes well we should see him being offered a short term contract
  • James Hasson has had his contract extended at Parramatta for another season
  • Todd Carney has been granted a release by the Catalan Dragons. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as there’s rumours he’s heading back to Australia
  • Jack Gosiewski has had his contract extended by South Sydney for a further season
  • Brenko Lee has signed a two year deal with the Canterbury Bulldogs
  • Kurt Baptiste had had his contract extended with the Canberra Raiders for another two seasons
  • Rumours are circulating that Benji Marshall has all but signed a $100k contract with the Brisbane Broncos. It’s believed that Wayne Bennett will use the former Kiwi International as a club mentor

Who will be your five-eighth for 2017?


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