Josh Caddy Supercoach 2017

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Josh Caddy Supercoach 2017Every Caddy’s job is to find the right club.

By Briggsy

At his third club will he be make it work? Will he show us all why he was initially taken as a top 10 selection in his draft year?

Josh Caddy was one the 38 players shifting clubs. And he is by far the one that interests me most in terms of his 2017 fantasy worth.

The talk all started when the self-proclaimed Maserati “Brett Deledio” came public with his intentions to join the men down the highway. J-Cad was a player of interest to the tigers in facilitating the deal.

We all now know Deledio is off to the AFL’s version of the WRFL’s Hammerheads, and Josh Caddy made his way to Punt Rd for pick 24 and a swap of later picks.

The word around the inner sanctum is Focus on Footy had a huge role to play in this.

Caddy needs a good club

2017 Supercoach Price: $488,600
2017 Position: FWD/MID
Games last season: 16
Average last season: 89.8
100+ games last season: 5
Sub 80 games last season: 6
Price range last season: $412K – $505K
Missed games last season: Missed rounds 14-19, then rd 22 due to injury
Significant history:
  • 21 goals from his 16 games in 2016
  • 40% of his disposals were contested
  • Averaged 4 tackles per game
  • Registered a score of 171 in season 2015

Josh Caddy is the player I have chosen to review because of how I think he will fare at his new club. In 2015, while inconsistent, he was able to average 93.7 points per game. With the arrival of the great pasty Patrick Dangerfield in 2016 I feel he lost more of his chance to play as the inside bull next to Selwood, causing his point production to dip (even if slightly).

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

I look at the Richmond midfield even with the acquisition of another inside mid in Meatball Prestia I don’t see that limiting Josh as being a permanent midfielder in the 2017 season. Martin and Cotchin have both shown they are capable of playing forward and Caddy and Prestia will free them up to spend a little bit of more time in the forward 50.

If Josh can provide greater consistency, and pick up a bonus DPP status as a forward (now confirmed) I think he could be one of the buys of season 2017 at his estimated price around the $470k mark.


I don’t see too much risk in selecting Caddy, outside of his inconsistency. He was still able to average as close as you can get to 90 in a side that finished the home and away season in second position despite his reduced inside mid time because of Dangerfield I only see his point scoring capacity increasing with more responsibility and midfield time in a weaker side. This however could be a risk. Did playing in a better side with a more experienced group around him make it easier for him to impact games?



I don’t think I can justify selecting Caddy if he’s a MID only. He’ll need to pick up DPP status with FWD eligibility for me to consider selecting him. In the past Caddy has shown he has a high ceiling but you might have to take the good with the bad, although in a midfield with T.Cotch, Meatball and the all conquering master Stiffarm he will probably go the whole season with limited attention. Josh will have a point to prove at his third footy club which does count for something.


  • Averaged 1.2 goals per game in 2016
  • Wins a lot of contested ball and loves a tackle or two. (Supercoach gold)
  • A third club with greater responsibility with fewer players to take a share of the 3300 points
  • Still only 24 with a lot of good footy in front of him


  • Disposal Efficiency is at 67% and will need a little tidying up
  • Richmond could tread water next year and only finish with about the 8 wins again, this could impact scores some weeks if the top end sides get hold of them.


Josh Caddy’s move to a third club could be the making of the young man. Worst case is he only holds his 2016 average of 89.8. I feel as if this could be a risk worth taking, as this is someone who can hold his average average until his bye week.

If Caddy does not gain DPP status it will a very hard NO. (now confirmed that he has)

But if this is the case I will be all over him in my forward line much like we all should have been on that superstar Winx on Saturday afternoon!

What do we think of Caddy community?


Reach out to old mate Briggsey on Twitter: rjbrriggs

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.



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G'day briggsy, cheers for kicking this off with a bit of a curly one.

My initial thoughts was he is a bit on the pricy side. Assuming he is gets dpp status he'll probably be a F3 or even F2 depending on what forwards we get this year.

Looking at his numbers he hasn't really strung together many 100+ games. As you rightly pointed out, his inconsistency is a killer. He should fit in perfectly at the Tigers then…

At a new club and in his prime at 24 he's on the radar, but not sold on him yet

Rhys Briggs

He will be an awkward price for his inconsistent output.

Rhys Briggs

He will be an awkward price for his inconsistent output.
But a lot of us took gambles on guys like Sam Gray and Micky Barlow last year in our forward lines. I feel if given DPP eligabilty J-Cad will be better than both.


I see an Anthony Miles type year (smashed it his first year at the Tiges) for this bloke, really interests me. Third for goals per game (excluding permanent forwards) in 2016, capable of racking them up…delicious

I N Pieman

As a Mid only it's run the red line straight through his name. Mid/Fwd would be more appealing for this reason: Dusty & Zerrett will almost certainly be mid only. Joey Montagna will be a defender, & Lids just doesn't play enough to be a relevant Fwd anymore. I also wonder if Zorko played enough time Fwd to retain his DPP. Now that doesn't leave us with too many appealing Fwd premium options. Therefore Caddy may become relevant. Nice work Briggsey

Rhys Briggs

I think the most exciting player with a chance of DPP could be the Bont!


Would you take him or Lyons priced similarly, both most likely DPP. Think I like Lyons more, mainly because of the club he's at. Look forward to his article. Great stuff, guys.

Don't Blush Baby

Caddyshack with DPP – lockety lock lekdog, delicious if he's around 420k


Top Job Briggsy, I hadn't considered this bloke until you reminded me that along with Prestia he'll be the only hard nut with skill at Richmond. He should get 10-15 more possessions a game now that he wont have selwood and dangerfield stealing it out of his hands. Will watch very closely during NAB


Almost 4 months since this article went up and I'm still no clearer than "Will Consider".

It's his tackle numbers that have me interested his disposals will go up with more mid-time but with poor DE it might not mean much but more mid-time will definitely mean more tackles and he is a tackling machine!