A community call to arms.

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a call to armsMy beloved community,

In preseason 2015 a selection of the finest minds among you all were hand selected to stand in front of their peers and produce a series of player analysis articles.

I can’t even begin to tell you how bloody proud I was.

Throttlefinger, Pieman, Big Ben, Maso, General Soreness. Chicko & Dexter would go on to establish themselves as leaders in the fantasy field as thought leaders and write for the community for the 2015 season proper. A stunning body of work by a bunch of exceptional human beings with a passion.

The time has come again for us to get fair dinkum about the 2017 season. The time has come for those of you who would like to emerge as our communities thought leaders to step up.

And this year we’re opening it right up to the whole community. 

Sitting there doubting yourself? Let me assure you of one thing. Stand up in front of your community and display the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we all value so much and yours will have been a job well done.

Not everyone can write like they’ve been to a posh school. But you all know your fantasy footy. And you all have hearts of gold. That’s a fact around this joint.

We kick off Monday community. Email me – I’m (jockreynolds8 on the gmail.com) if you’re keen to pen an article or two over the coming months.

Hope you’re all well,


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I N Pieman

Happy to dust off the old note book & pen a few. We must catch up for a few jars old mate it's been a while!


Keen as mustard

Don't Blush Baby

I'm hoping that J.Caddy will be a FWD / Mid, not sure if Dusty will be the same though ?


Reckon you're right about Dusty losing his ddp, DBB. Though we'll probably see him more up forward now with Prestia and Caddy in the guts.

Would love to see supercoach follow the lead of afl fantasy and review dpp twice a year