NRL Supercoach 2017 research. Week 4

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It’s always interesting to see the varying tactics used at the start of each SuperCoach season.

There are usually a handful of usual suspects that appear in a high number of teams, although the one position that always promises unique make-ups is the centre/wing (CTW) position.

It’s usually the area that a lot of coaches (like me) like to use as their money making source. Obviously we have to rely on rookies and positional changes for these cheapies to present themselves but we also need to take a look at those players whose starting price is affected by injury/lack of game time in the season prior; Konrad Hurrell is a good example.

‘Koni’ played just twelve games in the 2016 season and should receive a significant discount on his 2017 starting price. The only downside with these players is they may not make any profit for your side if they maintain a season average of a ‘keeper’. It’s a small price to pay when they’re pumping out respectable scores and providing an impressive PPD (Points per Dollar) figure.

2017 SuperCoach Mid-range CTW Options

This week we’ll take a look at the mid-range centre/wing options after looking at the 2016 high performers last week. ‘Middies’ don’t usually bring much to the table but there are some players whose price will be altered by a 2016 injury or lack of games played. I usually start each SuperCoach season with one high performer and three cheapies in the CTW position, although the 2017 season may provide us with a few mid-priced options worth looking at. The prices mentioned below are estimates based on their 2016 averages and appropriate discounts.

  • Konrad Hurrell (CTW, $215k?). Koni could start as low as $215k due to his 47.2 PPG season average while playing just twelve games. Don’t be scared off by his mid-range average though! He scored a combined total of 36 points from 62 minutes of footy over the three games he played from the bench in the opening rounds of the season. In round 19, Hurrell was back to playing the full eighty minutes for his new club and averaged 63.5 PPG over the final eight rounds of the season. It’ll be hard to say no to the Titans’ right centre when it comes to selecting your centre/wings for 2017.
  • Josh Dugan (FB/CTW, $325k). Dugan finished the season with a fairly respectable average of 55.8 PPG but he didn’t impress as much as some expected. I actually decided to take a punt on him in my 2016 starting side but the attacking stats were too few and far between to be considered a successful choice. His base stats are usually quite good and he managed to produce a score over 50 around 50% of the time. He’ll come with a little risk at his price although he could be a good POD (Point of Difference) for your starting side if fires.
  • Tuimoala Lolohea (FB/CTW, $290k) Lolohea’s 44.2 PPG season average was slightly affected by a handful of games he played from the bench. On four occasions he played fewer than 32 minutes and produced scores which reflected that. There’s no denying his lack of base stats but we’re all aware of the huge amount of potential that the young Kiwi has. The poor bloke fell just one point short of cracking the 100 SuperCoach points when he came up against the Broncos in round 13, not to mention the seven other games where he scored over 50. He’s going to come with a little risk next season due to his starting price, although we could always see how he performs after the opening two games of the season and reassess our options.
  • Josh Addo-Carr (CTW, $290k?). Addo-Carr will start around $290k if he doesn’t receive any discounts for his limited games played. He produced a 2016 average of 44.7 PPG and is expected to take Marika Koroibete’s vacant spot on the wing. Like Dugan, Addo-Carr could come with a little risk if his price isn’t affected by discounts although his scoring potential is huge. He averaged around 68 PPG in his first three games for the Tigers but failed to crack the 50 mark is his final six appearances. Let’s not forget that he’ll be training with a number of veteran players and under the supreme coaching abilities of Craig Bellamy next season so the new club and atmosphere could give Addo-Carr a big boost. There’s clearly an issue with his base output so he could be a ‘wait and see’ option.

SuperCoach 2017 relevant signings

  • Tyrone Peachey has extended his contract with the Penrith Panthers until the end of 2018
  • Sio Siua Taukeiaho has extended his contract with the Sydney Roosters until the end of 2020
  • Ben Hampton has signed with the North Queensland Cowboys for 2017 (length of contract yet to be confirmed)
  • Paul Carter has signed with the Sydney Roosters for the 2017 season
  • Josh Hoffman has officially signed for three seasons with the Parramatta Eels
  • David Fusitua has extended his contract with the New Zealand Warriors until the end of the 2019 season
  • Tom & Jake Trbojevic will stick with the Manly Sea Eagles for another four seasons
  • Martin Taupau has re-signed with the Manly SeaEagles until the end of the 2020 season

Any other mid-range centre/wings worth looking into ahead of Supercoach 2017?


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I've got Sione Mata'utai high on my short list


Me too mate. His DPP status will be valuable and he should come with a great price tag. You'll see his name pop up in one of my off season articles for sure