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Jock’s Supercoach 2017 Notebook. Week 5.

Published by Jock on

Isaac Heeney Supercoach 2017

Welcome to a Grand Final edition of my Supercoach 2017 notebook community.

How pumped are you for Saturday? Stuff Christmas. I reckon this is the best day of the year by the length of the Flemington straight.

Before I crack into some Sydney & Bulldogs Supercoach 2017 options – I need to make sure you’re all set for Saturday’s free CoachKings play-at-home extravaganza. A great contest to run amongst your mates on Grand Final day, and I’ll chip in $250 to the winner in both the AFL & NRL comps. Check out the video below the article if you want to find out how to play and how it all works.

Right. Let’s have a look at a few blokes who will hit the park on Saturday, and how I see them as options next year.

Isaac Heeney

Club: Sydney | Likely 2017 position: FWD/MID | Estimated 2017 price: $430K

His performance in the Finals series has well and truly confirmed that Isaac Heeney will be a powerhouse of this competition for the next decade. Not that there was any doubt this kid was set to be a dead set superstar.

He was only available as a FWD in Supercoach 2016. For much of the season he did play the old Ryan O’Keefe role as a high half forward, occasionally deeper. However, as the season wore on we did see more of that magnificent crop of albino white hair bob its way into the engine room. Without doubt he’ll head into 2017 as a MID/FWD.

Throw into the mix the fact that Tommy Mitchell will almost certainly head back to Victoria during the trade period. Begs the question. Will Horse want to roll him through the guts more frequently next year? Begs another bloody question. If he does, will that definitely be a good thing for his fantasy output?

On the one hand you look at his best Supercoach performances of the regular season and you notice that in each of these games he played almost exclusively as a scoreboard hitting half forward. He went 100+ only four times this season, and kicked a total of 12 goals in those four games.

Makes you wonder. If he’s not kicking as many goals will he be as capable of getting the fantasy job done? Also makes you wonder if The Horse can afford to lose such a kick arse avenue to goal..

Fear not my friends. Sydney’s last few weeks 0f finals have cleared quite a bit up for us. When the kid starts in the midfield he’s a bloody ANIMAL.

  • Played midfield in Sydney’s last two finals starting on a wing
  • Achieved career high possession numbers in both games
  • Knocked out Supercoach tons in both games
  • Only 1 goal in both games
  • Damaging as buggery in both games

We have an interesting Supercoach 2017 prospect here community.

Current Verdict: Consider


Matthew Boyd

Club: Western Bulldogs | Likely 2017 position: DEF | Estimated 2017 price: $560K

They haven’t put pen to paper, but Luke Beveridge has come out and indicated that Matty will go again and have a crack at a 15th season at the highest level.

On paper why wouldn’t he go again? Named an All Australian this year. Supercoach average of 103. Finished the season with the 2nd highest average of any Supercoach defender. Key man down back in what could be a premiership winning team on Saturday. Go and sign the magnificent prick up on a 5 year deal Bevo!

Friends. The reality for Boyd as a player, and Boyd as a fantasy option isn’t as exciting as all that. I’m not writing anything here that I haven’t said to his face in person so I feel comfortable saying this;

Matthew, you’ve been an incredible servant of the club. You’ve delivered us fantasy joy for many years. But it’s time you cleared your shit out of the locker and shipped off.

I want you to finish your career on the high that you deserve, having delivered for your club in the season of its finest hour. You have been a rock solid & reliable force for fantasy good and thats how I’d like to remember you.

In the cold light of day you’ll admit that the planets aligned for you this year old mate. The doggies backline was smashed with injury and you stepped up with aplomb. You weren’t just serviceable. You were brilliant.

But things will change next year Matthew. Murphy. Adams. Suckling. They’ll be back into the main rotation. You’ll turn 35. And I’m not the only one that noticed the first signs of age related decline in the back end of the season.

I don’t want to see you play out your final year in the VFL Matthew. Congratulations on a stunning career. I love you.

Current Verdict: No.

Look forward to your thoughts below, see you in the comments, and see you on the CoachKings play at home leaderboard on the weekend.


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I N Pieman

Rock solid Jock. Isaac Heeney hmmmm lots to ponder right there. If TMitch moves on surely Heeney steps into that role. He's a gun, no doubt. If others lose their DPP next season he could be worth the punt. Matty Boyd, picked him up for 490k early this year when many were offloading him. Turned out to be a great pick. But no chance I'll start him next season. GO DOGGIES


Henney came to the Swans with knee issues, hasn't caused too many problems so far but I'm worried about investing in him if he is going into the guts.

What were his knee issues? I recall some cloud over his junior years


2008 the Hawks weren't ready to win a flag.

I have the same feeling about this dogs team, they are building a team for the future. Might they just get one ahead of schedule?


Swannies will be looking to ice the game early you'd think. If the dogs can hold on I'm backing them in to win it


Isaac Heeney. Beast of a kid and stretcher of my jeans. Gave him a mention last week and I'm still on his bandwagon. Even if he doesn't snag dpp I'd probably slot him in. Man crush territory.

Boyd started at 560k for 2016 and didn't get above that. Upgrade target if he is knocking out regular tons.


Jock where are you mate? having withdrawals from the podcast!!


Hey Barron have you heard this whisper? B.Gibbs to the crows for Lynch


i can't see how the hawks are going to get either TMitch or JOM.

Just getting one of them is starting to look unlikely


Is it true m0nty is targeting Lekdog as a restricted free agent? Apparently, Jock is considering it as Patch is ready to step up to a bigger role now that his university studies are winding down. Compensation mind include access to next years magic number!!


No podcast after the GF, will there be one?


Been some talk of Goldy heading to west coast, would be huge if it turns out to be true.


Wheres Jock?!!!!