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Jock’s Supercoach 2017 Notebook. Week 4.

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AFL Supercoach 2017 bargains

The notebook’s getting there community.

Starting to gather a few tomato sauce stains. Spilt some egg yolk on her just before. Always a sign that progress is being made.

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I’ve had a close look at 3 more Supercoach 2017 options:

Matt Eagles

Club: Brisbane Lions | Likely 2017 position: RUCK/FWD | Estimated 2017 price: $102K

199cm Matty Eagles has won the latest series of Fox Footy’s “The Recruit”. He’s knocked back Collingwood and GWS and elected to have a crack with Brisbane Lions. The big dreadlocked red nut is the second bloke to sign with an AFL club as a Category B Rookie after winning the show. Johann Wagner signed with Port after winning series 1.

How did Johann Wagner get on at Port? Shit house. Didn’t crack a senior game in two seasons and was delisted by Port a few weeks back. While its true the kid had some trouble with injury early on, it was clear from day dot to anyone who knows a fat arse from a hat that he wasn’t up to standard.

Will Matty be any different? Don’t hold your breath my friends. It’s one thing running around and winning a contest against a bunch of young spuds. It’s another thing to make the grade against the finest blokes in the nation.

Before you whack a line through the kid – there is one thing in his favour. He’ll be what we call a “rare commodity” in this business. While Josh Wagner was a dime a dozen medium sized mid/fwd at Port, Matt joins a Brisbane Lion outfit boasting only a 30 year old Stefan Martin and a young Archie Smith as options in the ruck as it stands.

Could Matty “Bradbury” his way into fantasy relevance in 2017? Could he be used as a Captain loopholer early?

Current Verdict: Loophole fodder? Maybe.

Tom Mitchell

Club: Sydney or Hawthorn | Likely 2017 position: MID | Estimated 2017 price: $562K

Will he get to Hawthorn? If he does get to Hawthorn does it impact on our decision making process with Tom in Supercoach and AFL Fantasy 2017?

Tom is a good kid. Lovely boy. Puts his head down and his arse up. Works hard. Doesn’t carry on like a pork chop when things don’t go his way. Loves his mates. Loves his family. Didn’t piss and moan when he was battling to break into the best 18 at Sydney. Just worked hard.

Regardless of which team he trots out in, he is what he is. Brilliant at the contested ball. A natural gatherer of the pill. Can run with the opposition’s best player and keep him honest going the other way. You’ll rarely see him deliver the ball with damage and precision by foot which will always hurt his fantasy output. He hand balled the ball 1.8 times for every kick this year & and his efficiency by foot was ordinary.

I can’t see his output changing all that much if he crosses to Hawthorn. Will he be provided any additional time and space to improve on his effectiveness by foot? I don’t think so. Will he build on his midfield time with the move? He had plenty of it this year – I don’t think so. Will he collect more of the pill with another year of experience and confidence under his belt? Possibly.

Current Verdict: No for me. Neither here nor there at his price, and I don’t see him improving enough to go the next level.

Michael Hibberd

Club: Liklely Melbourne | Likely 2017 position: DEF | Estimated 2017 price: $354K

Hibbo has nominated Melbourne as the club he wants to get to in 2017. That will get done, possibly for Melbourne’s second round number 26 selection in the draft. Fair in my book.

My estimated price of $345K assumes he gets a 20% discount on his starting price which is not a given. If the bombers get no Supercoach shot in the arm discount (thank you) he’ll be around $441K.

2013 was his best season to date. He was stiff to miss consideration for the All Australian squad with an average of 24 touches at a bloody impressive 80% disposal efficiency. He looked set to work his way into the ranks of defensive premiumhood for a long time. Not to be. In 2014 and 2015 both his efficiency and his possession rate dropped off.

I think we’ll see him used on the opposition’s medium/small forwards in a defensive role, getting off the chain in a more attacking role only every now and then. Even when he’s on the attack, he’s one of these blokes who isn’t always able to translate his ability to get his hands on the ball into Supercoach output. A career tackle average of 1.5 a game won’t cut it in the game next year.

Not for me. We saw him at his best in a time where an attacking defender was allowed more impact on the game. Times have changed.

Current Verdict: No

Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments below


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If Mitchell goes to Hawthorn I will consider but not at Sydney. No for the other two.


Bit expensive for a breakout, but could 2017 be his year? Had 13 tons in 2016 (7 over 120) which is nothing to sneeze at, yet only averaged 103. Tells me the gap between his best and worst is a big one.

Usually there's a fair few contenders for that M4-5 role. I'll keep him in mind but probably pass

I N Pieman

Why did the Matty Eagles lad pick the Lions. Under the Rhys Mathieson regime all Red Nuts are bring dismissed. And a dreadlocked Red Nut. Young Rhys will pull the shotgun on him quick sticks & blow his arse away! Tmitch DPP has relevance, Mid only Pass. Old Mother Hibberd at 300k would be worth a thought. Over 350k probably not. Looks like some cracking defensive options for next year. Old Mother will not be a top 10 defender

Luke Fisher

Your so stupid

Bells E Bubb

When insulting the intelligence of another it helps if one can master the basic skills of their own written language.
Otherwise it seems to all that indeed; you are (you're) the stupid one. Or put another way; the stupidity in fact belongs to you (is yours).


I'll actually consider Hibberd if he does get a decent discount. The whole year off thing will still likely put me off, but I won't write him off yet. If he's full priced however it'll be a no go.

Agree with you on Mitchell though.


Lions will no doubt have a Sunday game or 12. I usually have a non playing ruck at R3 anyway. Will consider


I will consider Eagles as ruck fwd loophole for sure to replace Mabol Chol who served that role admirably this season.

Le Snak

I have already pencilled in Matty Eagles into my ruck 3 position…….. unless a similar priced rookie plays from round 1 in that position is when Eagles will get overlooked, but at his price as a floating loophole doughnut I don't mind him as R3.


Only if he is DPP


Yeah Matty Eagles already locked in @R3, key thrown away. I'd consider Hibberd at 350k, but I believe he will be 440k so no. Mitchell is not a SC option for mine


Jobe you beautiful specimen of a man!!


Good luck with the CK Cup Jock and co.
Bloody cats were worse than terrible against the raging swans.
Jock in your wheelings and dealings in the next few weeks you MUST move on Motlop from the cats, what he served up last night was the worst effort ever in a final just didn't look interested.
Cheers mate go Doggies.


I love a third year breakout and after last night Isaac Heeney jumps to the front of the queue. Was bloody majestic. 28 possies at 71, half of those contested, 6 marks, 6 clearances, 7 tackles. Did it all.

Will be about 430k. If Tmitch ends up with the hawks and Heeney snags dpp he's almost a lock


Love the Heeney shout.


Heeney will be a forward. LOCK