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Jock Reynolds Trade Talk – episode 3

Published by Jock on

AFL Off Season Trade Radio with Jock Reynolds

More bombs dropped. More inner sanctum secrets revealed.

We are drawing ever nearer to the trade period my friends, and the jungle drums continue to beat relentlessly.

Hawthorn are out of the finals race, and they are turning their attention to injecting some more quality into their list. The situation with Rhys Mathieson is worsening. Caleb has ripped my bloody heart of my chest. Jesse Hogan. Pearce Hanley.. this is a jam packed 20 odd minutes folks.

To all people who have qualified for the $50,000 AFL CoachKings Cup to be held on Saturday. Well done on getting this far, and best of luck for what will be the largest single fantasy footy contest in the nation’s history.

What are you hearing around the traps this week community?


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Amazing stuff jock


Super funny stuff, fellas. I shouldn't listen to it on the tram, because I'm stifling my laughter and grinning like a maniac. Bright spot though, the carriage slowly drained out as people backed away with scared looks on their faces, so I got a seat all to myself.

News here for the Gold Coast draft picks. Jarryd Lyons (and maybe Ellis-Yolmen) on his way to the Suns for one of their picks in the 20's. Crows don't have a 2nd round draft pick this year due to trading it for Curtly Hampton, so could have some uses for one, especially if they're looking to nab a top quality midfielder. North Melbourne also into him from what I hear too, rumours of a 4×400 offer on the table from them.


Hearing Breust is attracting interest from Sydney based clubs. Coming into the prime of his career, wouldn't Giants forward line be scary with the addition of Breust?


Can't see Hawks getting rid of Shiels, first i've heard that one Jock?


I can see Hawks getting rid of Poppy, Whitecross Spangher and Hartung.

Hill already gone.


I think Jock is talking about Dylan Shiel from GWS ,, Not the Hawks Shiels..


And on the Hawks too, I can understand how great getting in Jaeger and Mitchell sounds, but they're running a big risk here. Names like Puoplo, Siccily, Shiels, they aren't super sexy, but they're the sorts of players that make teams tick. Puoplo has a heart as big as you'll find on the footy field, he'd probably fight a grizzly bear for the sherrin if he had to, Shiels can be a lock down defender, but also find the ball on his own in his own right when he needs to and Siccily can be a handy addition to a forward line. Feels like they're sacrificing their depth for immediate top 10 talent, Port tried that over the past few years, but once those 16-24 blokes fall off it just makes everything harder for your top blokes.

Add in you can't expect much more from guys like Hodge and Burgoyne and Mitchell and Lewis aren't spring chickens either, it seems like a MASSIVE risk for the Hawks to potentially squeeze 1 more Premiership out of their current core, while having big potential to backfire on them.

Mind you, if you can recruit stars as easily as the Hawks seem too maybe they don't think it's an issue and they can just plug a few more guys in through free agency and she'll be sweet as. But who knows if they'll attract names so easily once their out of their period of dominance.


Would get rid of Shoey Hartung O'Brien O'Rourke and Hill is going and get some deals done for the future,


Jock love it mate …ok mate you have to pick your spine right now …
Fb -CHB-MIDS x2-CHF-FF… Who are they …?.thanx legend ….


Oh Jock, I'd take Riewoldt over Lowe at CHF in a heartbeat.


Also, no spot for Schneider? #matesfirst


Pierce Hanley move… Dustin Martin rumours… you guys are way ahead of everyone else.

Have all the major media outlets started coming to you with questions Jock? I'm assuming you are having to keep a low profile when you are out on the streets these days in fear of being swamped.

I N Pieman

News just in: despite a day of vigourous negotiations the Pies & Dogs remain at logger heads. The Pies asking price of a 6th round draft pick & a used tooth brush for Travis Cloke has been rejected. It remains uncertain which part of the deal the Dogs rejected. Negotiations continue…


Anyone hearing anything about Lindsey Thomas wanting out of nmfc?


A fair dinkum LEGEND you are Jock…. Get the deal done with Dylan Shiel and get him to the MIGHTY SAINTS.. We need a BIG FISH..


Thanks Jock,, Anyone else that you know of for trade period that we should be looking at..


Been a way for a while god how i missed these podcasts you muscly rippling pricks hahaha


Flankston Fleaway :'D