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A tribute to a retiring Supercoach Beast

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Peter Higginbotham

Laconic, unique, infamous, “the larrikin”. Regardless of how he is or has been perceived over the years, it is important that we place credit fairly and squarely where it is due. Dane Swan was a phenomenal footballer and in Fantasy terms, a true point scoring beast.



Taken at pick 58 in the 2001 AFL Draft – yes, that’s right, PICK 58 – Swan managed just 30 games in his four seasons at Collingwood. In 2006 Swan finally managed to become a regular in the Collingwood outfit playing 20 home-and-away games.

In Supercoach terms, Swan’s seven year run of form from 2007 to 2013 is the stuff of legends.


I am confident that you have owned Swan on numerous occasions, and equally as confident that you would have used him as a captain option on more than one occasion over the years.

swanbPerhaps you caught one of his monster scores? Perhaps, like me, you can still recall that wonderful Anzac Day clash of 2012 when Collingwood beat the Bombers by one solitary point. The day that Dane Swan rubbed his belly, gathered 42 possessions and produced 180 Supercoach points.

I always liked watching Dane Swan play. Not so much for the fact that he was an accumulator of the football, delivering me frequent joy in fantasy terms, but more so for the footballing oddity that presented to us.

Yes, he did waddle around on my Friday night football screen with too many tattoos. And yes, he appeared to be from another time or place – perhaps a suburban bog in the 50’s. I suspect in this day his jump/beep/fold/character tests would exclude him from ever playing.

Watching Swan’s uncanny knack of knowing where to go to find the ball and when to put on his duck-powered afterburners was a joy. His post goal celebrations followed by post game rebellion always made the news while his frivolous and at times bizarre media grabs made us chuckle.

Brownlow Medalist, Premiership Player, Five-Time All Australian.

Fantasy Legend.

Thanks for the wonderful footballing memories Dane.


Kind regards,




Peter J Higginbotham





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A touching tribute Peter. Lest we forget.


He was a true champion, may he rest in peace.


Anyone Else remember the Running goal in the ANZAC Day match?


"Duck-powered afterburners." Classic. Waddle Higgo think of next?

I N Pieman

Absolute Gun. You can't replace that waddle. Will be sadly missed by all Pie fans & fantasy footy lovers

Bells E Bubb

I took my kids along to see the great man at the SCG this year. Bastard lasted about 25 seconds before Zac Jones tangled with him and Swannie went down like a sack of spuds. Served me right for liking a Collingwood player I suppose. Won’t happen again.


One of the greatest Coachkings player of all time!