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Jock’s Supercoach 2017 Notebook. Week 3.

Published by Jock on

AFL Supercoach 2017 options

Firstly.. we’re blown away by the success of our new trade talk podcast.

Thanks very much to everyone who is already onboard for listening and for the heart warming comments in here, on twitter & facebook. Higgo, Crouching and I are tickled pink!

Listen in here if you haven’t discovered her yet. We’re covering all the breaking off season trade news, breaking some of our own, and taking a hell of a lot of the piss while we’re at it.

Would be sensational if you could give us a review on iTunes as well, which really helps us get her out to more people.

Right. Now. Time to look at three more Supercoach 2017 options:

Sam Docherty

Likely 2017 position: DEF | Estimated 2017 price: $587K

I’ve said this a few times over the years. I love to see a nice, gradual progression towards becoming fantasy elite in a boy.

Since averaging 53 in his debut season at Brisbane he’s steadily improved on that each year. He finished 2016 with a kick arse 108.7 Supercoach average, the best performed Supercoach defender pretty comfortably ahead of his mate Kade Simpson.

Hard to believe the colt’s just 22 years old. We’ll get him at a reasonable price, and I see nothing to suggest that he can’t improve further in 2017.

Carlton will rise a bit next year under Bolton, he’s a hell of a good man. So will Sam. There’s something very special brewing here.

Current Verdict: Stuffing him straight into my 2017 Supercoach team.

Paddy Ryder

Likely 2017 position: FWD/RUCK | Estimated 2017 price: $370K

Paddy sat it out this year because of the Essendon drug crap. There are a shitload of questions that need to be asked before we make our minds up about old Paddy in Supercoach 2017.

Will these blokes get any discount on their starting price in 2017? The standard discount for a player who sat on his arse for a whole season is 40%, but its not yet clear how these blokes will be priced.

I got Higgo to calculate the price of $370K based on Paddy getting a 20% discount, which is far from a sure thing. He could be as cheap as $275K if he gets the full discount, or as high as $462K if he gets none.

All this price calculation crap aside, how will Paddy shape up in 2017?

Paddy’s been a significant stain on my fantasy underpant several times. A lot hinges on the role he will play in 2017. In 2015 we saw him start forward most of the time, giving Lobbe a spell in the ruck at times throughout the game. On the odd game where he did play the primary ruck role he starred, and hit the fantasy scoreboard pretty robustly.

Where will he play in 2017? Another question. One thing I can tell you for sure – Port Adelaide were a far better team with Paddy in the ruck in 2015, and Matty Lobbe is clearly no Polly Farmer.

They’ve added Charlie Dixon to the lineup as well giving them another target up forward. Does that allow Port the freedom of giving Paddy more of a crack as the rucking king dick? Is Jackson Trengove the answer in the ruck? Questions coming out of our pip here.

The other question that needs to be asked is this.. how much did the spectre of the Essendon drugs saga weigh Paddy down in 2015? How much could he have improved on his 85.5 Supercoach average with a clear mind?

A lot of questions. A fair bit of risk. A lot of potential upside.

Current Verdict: Consider.

Darcy Moore

Likely 2017 position: FWD | Estimated 2017 price: $310K

Collingwood fans, purchase yourself a reasonable supply of iron jocks. In my book, Darcy Moore is poised to rip the competition to shreds over the next decade.

I saw killereel and Pieman in the comments of last week’s article talking about him as a Supercoach 2017 option.. which got me to think about what this kid could do next year.

Buckley’s been clear as day. Darcy Moore is the Collingwood Football Club’s primary forward target. Just ask The Cloke of Invisibility, he knows all about it.

He still needs to add a bit of beef to those bones. Not much. Just a bit. He could take care of that over this preseason – no worries.

Supercoach output-wise though he didn’t make the earth move. An average of 57.5 with a season high 82 Supercoach from 17 games isn’t wonderful, but we know that these big buggers take time.

Not for me.. but I’m not completely convinced that he can’t work his way into fantasy relevance next year. An improving Collingwood lineup. More bulk. More maturity. Knows he can play at the highest level now.. you never know.

Current Verdict: No

Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments below


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Exactly my thoughts, docherty straight in, will consider Ryder if he's fwd/ruc and wait for pre season form, darcy Moore is just not relevant in my eyes


I believe the discounts won't happen. As good as it sounds, if they all get discounts everyone will pick them. Plus they didn't give Gary Ablett a discount for playing 6 games recently so they may pick and choose in that sense, but still watch this space.


Agree Watto, SC would be boringly obvious. If they do discount, I will fill up with Bombers and Rookies and win SC 2017 as I'm sure no one would think the same.


If Ryan Crowleys suspension is anything to go by (which it should) they would all likely get a 20% discount.


Jock thoughts on Jackson Thurlow for next year?


Thanks Jock! Looked good in the pre season before injuring his knee. Hopefully gets a discount due to now having played at all.


Sam Docherty will replace Heath Shaw in my starting line next season, albeit a very early call. Pricey, but defenders who will average 105+ are extremely rare.


Lock the Doch – 5 Def. positions left and at this stage very little solid options, maybe Laird. I'm wary of auto picking Heater or JJ as I don't believe they have "The vibe / Mabo, how's the serenity" kind of feel. Heater seems disinterested in touching the ball, his roll is more of a coaching thing. JJ is suspect injury magnet, he loves a holiday or two during the season so I'm looking for new Def. blood next season. I like the look of Barrass as a possible inclusion.


Shaw averaged a career high in possessions and marks this year and he's "disinterested in touching the ball". Pull the other one, pod


Ok Kev, that is impressive. The latter half of Heaters season wasn't his best with possesions but he made up for it in spades with his experience and mentoring, Z Williams is an example. I hope I'm wrong but he's not tickling my bits at this time. He hasn't been entirely dismissed from next SC season. just a little red post-it-note on his file.

I N Pieman

Doch: the Lock
Paddy: well he'd need to be very cheap. Had him before & I've still got the scars to prove
Darcy: Will provide plenty of highlights over the next decade but unless he becomes a Buddy type he's not an option at this stage


Yes on Doch, no on Paddy and Darcy.


Yes on Doch, no on Moore, Paddy is the interesting one. I'm not expecting any discount, but he still could be relevant. I think we will lose Merrett and Martin as FWDs in 2017, which would open the door for players that can average 95-100, which playing as a sole ruckman (Dixon backup) , I think Paddy can. Paddy and Lycett on the watchlist.

Sheriffs Big Rig

Lock For Doch will finish top 3 defenders, to soon for Moore give him a year or two, wait and see for paddy, pre season form and fwd/ruck swing both a must before consideration


Agree Sheriff. I'd also like to see Lobbe go so Ryder can make the ruck role his


Considering starting Ryder as R2, then moving him into forward line later. Sure Gawn will be expensive to start, so might try to bring him in when his price falls. I agree that we might be settling for a 95 forward next year.

Agree lock the Doch.


They'll have to discount the returning suspended players because there's been no precedent where someone hasn't started cheaper the next year after missing the whole prior season. The guys are going to be behind the eight ball as a result of missing so much footy and won't produce their usual output, which alone will be enough to warrant a discount.


From memory Crowley got a 20% discount as a top up player after he has banned for 2015


Given the number of guys returning a smaller discount might be how they roll. That'll take away a lot of the appeal of bringing them in though.


Doc will be available for $50k cheaper a few rounds into the piece. May find better value options elsewhere for the starting team.

Ryder is a lock for me, must have a F/R premo for bench cover.

Moore is a no for now, give him a couple years.

I think 20% is a good bet for the discount, as Crowley got 30% but they always give an extra 10% to the lower tier players. No discount is pretty unrealistic considering how rusty these guys will be… 10% at a minimum you'd have to think.


Agree on starting prices. Heater should be good value at the season start.


If it's 20% I will start all of Heppell, Hooker, Hurley, Hibberd, Myers, Ryder & Watson (if he plays on) in my 2017 team. Colyer, Hocking, Melksham, Crameri and dare I say it….Bellchambers will all be considered. Just can't see it happening, my gut says no discount.


Hope you are right, don't like having so many clear cut value options, everyone will have really similar teams.

Please do not go anywhere near TBC, even if he was costed at $1 =p

Do we know what the deal with Hibberds 2015 was? Playing injured, pressure of the scandal, or just general shiteness aka the brodie smith disease?


Lids has had a gut full of the toothless tiges. He will be more than welcome at the cattery via Motlop and/or Vardy.. "Dangerfield storms out of the centre handballs to Lids, kicks from 55 on the run..GOAAAAAL", it just rolls off the tongue.

Serioulsy, where the hell is Lids going to end up?


I've heard the Dogs are interested in Motlop and Vardy. Wiling to give up their first round pick for Motlop.


So Lids might become a Bulldog on that theory, and the Cats offload an injury riddled Vardy, and 50% effort Motlop for a first round pick. As a Cats fan I like it a lot.


Injury prone big man? That's the tigers recruiting MO


As a cats supporter I hope Lids comes nowhere near Skilled Stadium.
To injury prone for my liking.
I would though welcome Ballantyne if that rumor is true


Why would you want Ballantyne? Geelong need youth and another key defender. Ballantayne would just stop the growth of Menzel, McCarthy, Cockatoo those type of small forwards. Ballantyne is old and is not needed at Geelong. Not to mention Scarlett in the coaching ranks. I think Scarlett would knock him out before he steps foot on Simmonds Stadium.


The only spot Ballantyne would be taking over is a half arsed Motlop and stops the growth of no one


Have a bit of inside regarding Richmond and Lids in this trade period.
My mate is a doctor at the club and the word is that Lids is 100% and off to Geelong/Pies/Dogs.
Another trade going around the club is Patton to Tigerland. You might say no chance, but my friend has been right about other things in the club so it might be happening.

Cheers Liam.


Patton wants out or tigers chasing him? If it's the latter I can't see how Richmond could come up with a satisfactory trade for the giants. No doubt they'll want a first round pick for him and pick 6 for Prestia seems to locked in

Bells E Bubb

Richmond's pick next year can come into play, – It's not like GWS/GCS are desperate. GC has half the draft already so might be happy to defer.
I thought Patton a real chance to leave based on his play this year. Finally pulling his finger out and doing something. Looks like a young Plugger atm.


Wish I shared your optimism, Bells. GWS have the premiership window well and truly open and it will stay open for quite a while. Richmond is… Richmond.

Can only see it happening if Patton forces a move.


What does Neale, Merrett, Boyd, Zorko, Dusty, Cripps, Trelor, Stevens have in common?

All have been Supercoach gold this year is obvious.

All have gone from very good players to A grade this year.

All have filled a vacuum, as Jock has pointed out – the Opportunity Vacuum!

Each player can point to a A grader team mate who has been injured or changed roles at the club for the reason they did so well this year.


Neale — Fyfe injury
Merret — Watson/Heppel suspended
Zorko — Beams injured
Dusty — delidio injury
Cripps — Murphy injury
Trelor – Swan injury
Boyd – BMurphy injury
Steven — Montagne to half back

There are a few who have just improved this year and didn't need to fill a vaccum, IE Gawn, Doch, The Bont, but i see the majority of break-out players have come from an opportunity being created.

Next year i will be looking very close at these opportunities. the supercoach winner this year had Neale, Merret & Boyd as his POD trades, in hindsight they were obvious.

So looking forward, where will some opportunities come from. We can't predict injuries, but if there are some early premiums get injured, we must look at the understudy.

North Melb have some retiring players, what opportunites will that give us?

Will bartel be playing next year? Motlop moving clubs?


Interesting Derek, probably would be a few breakout players at North Melbourne


Great analysis and agree 100%. Mitchell leaving Sydney could be another to keep an eye on. Heeney could become the beneficiary of such an exit

Mickey P

So Marchbank nominates the Blues – Surely he is not worth pick 5?


Geez Jock I hope SOS knows whats he's doing with all these GWS lads. Some will be good solid role players but a couple who have all the attributes to be KPP have 'greyhound ankles' Jaksch and Marchbank in particular. Skinny ankles are great for distance runners but they're crap for footballers, weak foundations put stress on every other joint it's basic engineering. Evolution will eventually see the 'greyhound ankled' mob become extinct in the AFL but not before they've ruined a SC season or two.
Wombat ankles are a perfect example of how you engineer a solid foundation.


Lovin the off season pods boys almost as much as the doggies smashin the Hawks. ……


Great work Jock! Doch is a lock. Will be considering Ryder even if he is the same price as last year, probably be either him or Tippett with the swing. Won't be considering Moore though. Some of Moores' mates, Elliot and Langdon look like good options though.
Like to hear what others think of them