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Jock’s Supercoach 2017 Notebook. Week 2.

Published by Jock on

 The Supercoach 2017 NotebookHope you’re enjoying the off season podcast folks, we’re having an absolute ball chewing the fat about the off season trade rumour mill.

Apologies to Kochie, I’d like to retract comments made and any references to him as the Channel 7 Sydney Studios Rooting King. He’s as dedicated to the Port Adelaide Football Club as he’s ever been. Just taking the piss of course.

Don’t think for one minute this means we’ve taken the foot off the throat of Supercoach 2017. Shit no. The notebook’s showing its first signs of wear and tear, and I’ve had a look at three more prospects for next season. Very interested in your thoughts.


Harley Bennell

Likely 2017 position: FWD/MID | Estimated 2017 price: $295K

Young Harley is a loose cannon. He was shown the door at Gold Coast after a couple of seperate incidents on the piss. We also saw the picture of him on the front page of the paper getting ready to have a bit of a sniff of something.

However, you can’t deny him his Supercoach relevance. Any kid who averages 98 in his second season of footy is something special, and for him to back that up for the following three years after that confirms the fact he’s a born fantasy scorer.

He didn’t hit the park with Fremantle this year because of a stuffed calf but at this stage he’s on track for a solid 2017 preseason. This means he’s on line for the full 40% price discount and a price of around $295K in 2017 (thanks SC Addict). That’s a fair old price for a bloke who averaged 100+ in 2015.

Harley will be selected in a STACK of Supercoach 2017 teams if he’s fit and plays some NAB. I can understand that. But at this stage he’s a no for me. Character is critically important in footy, and it’s as important for me in Supercoach.

Current verdict: I’ll never say never, but at this stage I’d prefer to go into 2017 with a no piss head, no white powder sniffing policy.


Robbie Gray

Likely 2017 position: FWD/MID | Estimated 2017 price: $580K

Robbie The Gray gained FWD eligibility in AFL Fantasy during the 2016 season, and I’ll stuff a newspaper up the old pip if he isn’t given DPP in Supercoach 2017.

When Robbie Gray is fit and well he scores as well as any other bloke out there. He was off the boil for a lot of the year and missed games through injury; but still managed to crank out the 108 season average. Given Zach Merrett was the only FWD in 2016 averaging above 110 the case for a FWD eligible Gray in 2017 is pretty bloody strong.

He was an All Australian in both 2014 and 2015 but missed out this year. If he has a full preseason, inserts himself back into the guts and helps Port rise again he could do anything.

Current Verdict: If he’s FWD eligible and has an injury free and full preseason I’ll start him.

Brodie Grundy

Likely 2017 position: RUCK | Estimated 2017 price: $515K

Max Gawn will turn 25 in December. For a ruckman that young to take the competition by the scruff of the neck is bloody impressive. Brodie Grundy turned 22 this year. You don’t need me to tell you how young that is when we’re talking primary ruckman.

You might look at his 2016 season average of 95 and cast him aside considering the big men of the game, especially Gawn and Goldstein, have been good for a regular 120+ in recent seasons.

What his season average doesn’t show you is that something clicked for him over the bye period last year. He’d averaged only 85 till then and it looked as if the young bloke would fade under their weight of carrying the primary ruck duties. But stuff me. In the arse end of the season he delivered 8 impressive tons in his last 10 games and tore some formidable opposition ruckman a new muck hole.

We’ll be weighing up an expensive Gawn alongside a reduced price Goldstein in Supercoach 2017.. but I reckon Brodie needs to enter the mix.

Current Verdict: Consider.

Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments below


CoachKings Cup


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Kevin Horton

Understand your take on Bennell, Jock. If he's sub 300k that's almost too cheap to ignore.

I share your no-flog policy but Dusty bloody threatened a lady with a chopstick and managed top 6 forward this year. Just gotta swallow the pride sometimes. Pick the bastard and hope he can keep his nose clean (literally and figuratively) for the year


I'll be starting Robbie regardless of if he's FWD eligible, absolute gun. Not ranked 2nd in the comp for nothing and a POD to boot


Bennell sticking the staunch "no mid pricer" policy we walked out of season 2016 with right in the eye.

At this stage unless he's approaching 250k (which he won't), it'll be a no from me – and that's before we get onto the ROSS BLOODY LYON factor.

That said, there's a hell of a lot of water to flow under that bridge between now and then but I'm not sold as of now.


After getting burnt with Brad Crouch, it's now a MUST that we see any of these fallen midpricers in action for a good chunk of the pre-season games. Bennell, JOM, Swallow, if they don't play then I don't pay.


If he averages 90 he will make you 150k. You will start him and you will like it! (Preseason pending)


It often happens with SC that we expect lightening to strike twice. After Swallow's 2014 (from memory) we all looked at a breakout defender in 2015. We all settled on Newnes. Not a disaster, but not the same arousal. Suspect in 2017 we will be looking at Bennell as the next Wells. I probably will. Hell I even chased Lonergan in 2016 based on Swallow of 2014. Is Bennell the next Wells? If Martin and Zerrett are gone from the forward line and we really only have Gray as a premo, we may see sides with cheap forward lines that jnclude Bennell and really deep midfields starting in 2017.


As the old song goes "two outta three ain't bad"

Think at this stage will start:

Bennell providing he has a full preseason and plays NAB cup. At that price will be too hard to ignore. Could be the value pick of 2017.

Robbie Gray – have to admit have a man crush on the lad for awhile. Been in my team for a couple of years now even this year when he lost his DPP. I figure class is class so picked him in the mids as a POD.
As you alerted to Jock didn't have the best year and still avg 108.
If regains DPP will be first picked in my fwd line with Bennell and dollhouse for company.

Grundy – not sure. Probably looking at going Goldy for around the same price.
Ryder? Sandi? who knows who will partner up with the bearded one.

But boy a lot can change between now and the next season. Might even go Daw if he moves to a club as the first choice ruck?

Only time will tell ,,,

Patch – Ross Bloody Lyin' – surely that will be the name of his autobiography?


I had Bennell in my early 2016 SC team so very keen on the lad. He will need to raise my eyebrows in the pre season to get a guernsey next season as he has a long term fitness cloud over his head. Potential top 6 forward and massive money earner.

Gray is a wizard and should be seriously considered if firing and fit round 1 2017, whatever price he is. IF Port improve, which I'm expecting, then he will be a huge part of the rise of the Power.

Grundy is another that'll have to impress in the pre season although he did put in some stand out games late this year. Jury out!


I actually like the idea of Grundy, Jock. Nic Nat is gone, Goldstein has been average at best in the 2nd half, Jacobs is a bit "meh", there's Gawn and waaaaaaay out ahead, and then there's everyone else. Gawn is going to cost you an arm and a leg, so maybe guys like Grundy and now Scott Lycett could be very appealing.

Also, if Gray is FWD eligible I will lock him in a thousand times.


Just remember the frustrating time we had with Barlow stuck in the forward line in games scoring stuff all because of Ros the toss and being booted out of side for some weeks.Bennell could be treated the same.Who knows with that toss of a coach.No Freo players for me 2017.

I N Pieman

Very impressed with Grundy. Still a little clumsy but improving rapidly. Gut feel says like a 17 year old chicky babe…..give it another footy season. Gray with DPP close to a lock & in a game of searching for value, Sniffer at under 300k with DPP is too hard to pass up, that is assuming he has a decent preseason


All three look like pretty good options. Bennell looks like the Wells of 2017, both are injury prone and cheap premos. Gray would be a lock if he is a FWD, if not I am definitely considering him as a midfielder. Grundy also looks like a great option, but depending on the byes, next year it seems like Goldy and Gawn is too good to pass up on next year.

Don't Blush Baby

Will Dusty be a Mid only in 17 , if so will many coaches pick him ?

Reminds me a bit when R.Gray lost his DPP, and if he gets it back everyone will have him.

I N Pieman

Pies interested in Wells, Barlow, Mayne, J Reynolds & Wayno. Ridiculous. The first 3 are rubbish


RE the ruckman discussion above.
I am a biased Saints fan but I believe that a maturing Tom Hickey could go large next season.


Hickey is an improving ruck and did go huge against Port and the Blues but he will need to improve a lot more to be a serious contender for SC. On a brighter note, I think the Saints will be a top 4 contender next season.


Harley is definitely a fingernail clipper Jock .I've often wondered if Bluey McKenna's training structures were severely flawed in the first 3 seasons or so , meaning at the time with an abundance of immature bodies, so many have been continually in cotton wool during an after hes departure, in the serious injury department ,even the year that followed ,the suns were Number 1 in major long term injuries to talent & way to many young suns have been on the long term injury list , Harley Bennall is no stranger to the pine in recent years,, also Ross's ideology on how to use him would've changed, if Harley is fit .He can float High half forward /wing , my thinking its what Lyon needs to have some clean ball & marking power,also giving some run,as Ross needs to solve an obvious goal deficiency in 'Freo's forward 50, Harley will aerobically have to be in tip top condition to play that role,Its Highly doubtful as also his off-field antics which you so eloquently pointed out may have further ramifications hindering him playing apart in SC in 2017 ..My tip for best young Smokie in SC 2017 is young Darcy Moore from Collingwood, he may well be a prolific goal scorer if Bucks can get his Mids to Gel as one ,..well …Thanks Jock ..big fan of your work Maestro..


Week 1 finals predictions –

Bulldogs in a thriller tonight with Stringer kicking 8 goals sending a strong message (the bird) to everyone.
Cats easy win against an old adversary pushing the old Hawks into a week 2 final.
GWS win – biggest upset of the week with Horse blowing a blood vessel and spraying blood all over his assistant coaches.
And on Saturday night, Adelaide to finally end the (pathetic) Roos 2016 season.


Stringer to maybe halve that prediction of 8 ,and cats /hawks will be much closer due to the inclement weather , congestion in wet conditions to have major reflection on the margin ,Hawks by 3, Poppie with 4 goals


Its a shame they seemingly aren't doing a supercoach finals comp like last year, i enjoyed the extra bit of supercoach. Unless i just cant find the link, but whenever i search it I just get sent to my grand final team from 2015


Hey Jock old mate can you and Higgo do a report on the new rookies that will be coming up in this years draft? It might be good to have a write up or pod cast on possible new rookies / cash cows for next years teams?


Great news Jock I'll be looking forward to it


I can't understand why people think Gray will gain forward status? If you check out his heat map you'll notice a whole lot of red concentrated around the centre square and only a little bit of yellow creeping into the forward 50 arc. Ignore the fact he attained DPP status in AFL Fantasy as this only reflects a six week period rather than a full season. Is 25 goals enough to make him qualify? I'm not sold, but obviously if the gods of SuperCoach are that kind to us then he'll be my first-picked forward of 2017.


Not sure where SC Addict got 295k from, Bennell will be 329k next year with a 40% discount.

Will still pick him if he shows something during NAB


Your price is correct

(I guess that sounds like the voice of a robot party emdur)


*larry… stupid autocorrect. Though he does seen like he knows how to party.


Do players such as Heppell & Ryder qualify for the 40% discount?


Likely not, Crowley got less. I am tipping we get 20% discounts on the premos


HB served me well in 2015. If he's sub 300k in 2017 he's a lock, come what may. ..