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Jock Reynolds Trade Talk – episode 1

Published by Jock on

AFL Trade Rumours

We kick right into off season trade mode this week

It’s been absolutely bloody hectic this past few weeks. I’m racking up the Moorabbin Airport frequent flyer tickets like they’re going out of fashion.

Most AFL List Managers are competing for their half an hour with Jock Reynolds but that’s fine. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Peter “Higgo” Higgonbotham, The Crouching One and I have a shitload to bring you up to speed in this week’s show;

  • Updates on Cloke, Vickery, Prestia, Jaeger O’Meara, Hamish Hartlett, Caleb Marchbank and Nat Fyfe
  • The latest from the bowels of Richmond’s “Focus on Footy” ticket
  • Whispers that Brad Scott could head up to coach Brisbane Lions
  • Stacks more

As discussed, AFL Off Season Information News is a cracking spot to get your breaking AFL off season & trade news as it breaks so give them a like on the facebook.

And of course – this first week of finals is our LAST CHANCE to qualify for a CoachKings Venue Final. Contests are up in the lobby now so login and check for your nearest venue.


CoachKings Cup

What are you hearing around the traps community?

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Ah, Ben Nason. I've had the pleasure of watching him play for Glenelg over the past few years. There's a player who'd make you feel like Gary Ablett if you were out on the field with him.


Don't remind me about Tambling, we bloody traded for him!

Relton Roberts will go down in history like the lochness monster. I've spent many fruitless hours studying the great Roberts myth. Did he really exist? And did he REALLY play in the AFL? Oh sure, there's some people who claim they've seen him play, but no concrete proof actually exists.

I've investigated claims that the Richmond club was broken into in after the 2010 season and all records of his existence were systematically purged from the club. Asking the man on the street on Punt Rd about his existence is usually responded with quizzical looks of confusion and cries of "Get the f**k off my lawn you weirdo".

Investigations into the local McDonalds were also fruitless, there may have been a Relton Roberts who liked to purchase cheeseburgers to eat before his matches, but maybe his name was Felton Boberts? The drive-thru lady was unsure.

Don't Blush Baby

It started in 1989 with the No.1 pick Anthony Banik, Punt Road needs an Exorcism performed on it to remove the 'Draft Devil',are you willing to do the deed Father Jock ?


So the old tomlinsigned. As for the Tiges. Be brave but not stupid. They've got future picks to trade, plonk them on the table and get some GWS early 20's talent. They don't need 18 year olds, they need 2-3 season types.Bring in 3 or 4 of those ponies and the whole crisis talk might go away in a season. Heck even Nab boomer.

And how the F hasNathan Buckley still got a job?



Gawn coming third in the Best and Fairest absolutely gobsmacking. Heard he's not happy at all, and may or may not have devoured several onlookers whole as he blew into a rage tonight. Crisis control down at Crown, SWAT teams called in.

Possible trade to Essendon for Michael Hibberd looming as Melbourne look to get him off their plate.*

*information may be slightly exaggerated so early on in the piece, but this optimistic, Essendon fanatical reporter hasn't heard anyone deny it at this stage. Back to you, lads.


Breaking news….. Gawn has climbed the arts centre spire and is swatting at the passing helicopters like king kong………