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The List Whisperer – trade talk update

Published by Jock on

AFL Trade RumoursWhat a bloody week.

In all my time negotiating transfers & assisting clubs with trades, things have never been this busy this early.

Unable to disclose my whereabouts today, but I will be flying back to Melbourne Tuesday morning for an important podcast with Peter Higginbotham and The Crouching One. Have a hell of a lot to fill you all in on.

Here’s where the big ones sit:

The Richmond Board Spill

I cannot confirm or deny that I will be patched into the 11am meeting at Berry’s Gym shortly. Yes, I am thick with Richmond’s premiership captain Bruce Monteith. Yes. Martin Hiscock does give the old ticker an annual once over at The Epworth. Yes. I do train contenders at Berry’s Gym. What I can say is that what is being orchestrated is for the good of the Richmond Football Club and I will update you in due course.

Tom Mitchell

Wants to stay at Sydney but the Swans will struggle to cough up the coin required to keep him there. It’s a tricky one. A lot needs to click into place, but Carlton and Hawthorn are the two clubs showing a hell of a lot of interest. If I was a gambling man I’d say Horse will find a way to keep in the red and white.


Caleb Marchbank

Red hot property. Just about all the Victorian clubs are moist at the prospect of slotting him in across half back. Was plucked at #6 in the 2014 draft and has shown he has the goods in his limited cracks at senior level. Buggered with injury this season. SOS loves him, having had a bit to do with him in his time at GWS and Carlton are making the most noise about him. I can tell you though that the Saints are considering offering the Giants a deal involving their first round draft pick for Jack Steele and Caleb.

Hamish Hartlett

Port signed The Hame up on a long term deal recently, but then told him last week he’s on the trade table. Word is Sydney is interested. Bloody hard to see that happening given the Swans are struggling to fit Tom Mitchell in the cap. Would a straight swap get it done? Probably not. The other information crossing my desk is that Port are trying to snag Wayne Milera and Cam Ellis-Yolmen and want to use The Hame as trade bait in that move. Get your hand off it Kochie.

Tom Rockliff

He’s lost the players. Got no mates. That’s the problem with Rocky at Brisbane and he’ll lose the captaincy. Zorko the Magnificent came out backing up his mate at the Lions B&F on the weekend and again this morning on brekky radio. They “love” him apparently. Pigs arse. Where there there’s shit there’s stink, and this still stinks like a Rockliff move to me. He’ll have to pull his head in a foot or so, but St Kilda will make a play for him and so will Adelaide.

Hayden Ballantyne

Ross wants to chop him and Hayden wants to find another home. 29 years old and in my opinion he might find it harder than he expects to find a home. Wants to get to West Coast, but Geelong and GWS will be on the sniff for a feisty little forward line pain in the arse and he’s not without a chance of getting to one of those mobs.

Dion Prestia, Jaeger O’Meara, David Swallow

We know Dion will get to Punt Road, and Jaeger will move to one of Essendon, St Kilda, Carlton or Hawthorn. Put them in the book. David Swallow is the bloke still up in the air. He’s had a bit of a sook about how Dion and Jaeger have been treated on the way out and there are enquiries being made about getting him to North with his brother. Don’t reckon it will happen. The kid needs to suck it up.

Travis Cloke

No news here. He’s off, it’s just about finding a club who’ll have the big dopey bastard. Should end up at the Dogs.

Billy Longer

Just off  the blower to Richo. Can tell you that the big yank Jason Holmes will sign a 1 year deal with Saints. Does add a bit more weight to word that Billy Longer will be smacked on the trade table. Billy was solid in the VFL qualifying final yesterday and should carry at least a bit of weight for the Saints in trade week.

And to finish up some more salt to rub into Richmond’s gaping wounds:

Gotta run you beautiful bastards. What are you hearing around the traps?

GAGGING for the podcast tomorrow!

CoachKings Cup


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Why would saints trade Longer??


Some prophetic wisdom from my grandma that can be applied to any club considering Travis Cloke.
If it looks like pooh and smells like pooh don't touch or taste it because it's probably pooh
The only option for Clokey is gender re-assignment then he might get a season as the first ladyboy full forward

I N Pieman

If the Tigers didn't punt Matty Dea he would have finished 3rd in their B&F behind Dusty & Rance. Dea is a lot better than 5 of the last 6 first round picks. I'm sure many of us were wondering moments into the season why did Richmond punt Dea. Its not easy being a basket case. Sorry Crouching


Marchbank and Steele would be good for the Saints and Supercoach. Although, they'd probably need to use their first and second round picks for them both though


Both would be at really awkward prices for Supercoach wouldn't they?


A bit off topic, but are there plans for SC + CK to be available for the upcoming womens comp?


Heard a rumour, but keep it quiet ok…….. Richmond have decided they don't know how to recruit or develop players so they are going to have a go at manufacturing some. They've set up Dank in a bunker under punt road with a frankenstein lab type set up.

The first prototype was going ok with Vickery's body, Yarran's pace and Morris's heart. Only problem so far is they can't find anyone with disposal skills or good decision making……


Following on from Juzzy's post. I heard a slightly different rumour about the Doggies going after Cloke and Boomer.
Apparently they want to strap Boomer onto Clokes chest like a kind of mini me to help him line up his goalkicking.
That way they get a big bastard with goal sense and about 700 games experience.


I heard they had a Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style setup planned.

Here's the prototype they had drawn up.