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Cheat Sheet: Off season trade update.

Published by Jock on

Here’s where it all sits this week folks.

Has been a hell of a busy week. It’s that time of the year – every list management prick at every club wants a piece of Jock Reynolds. Phone’s been running hot as buggery. Flying all over the joint. Been drinking a lot of piss with a lot of list managers around the country.

I’ll get you all an update of this snapshot of the trade movement situation each Friday, then we’ll update you all in the podcast each Tuesday.

AFL Trade Rumours


Keep your ears to the ground – what are you hearing?

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Just to get a sense of what Port think Hartlett is worth, rumour doing the rounds in SA yesterday was they offered him to the Crows for Wayne Milera and Cam Ellis-Yolmen.


Ellis Yolman and Milera are part of the future of Adelaide they'd be stupid to let them go. Thommo will retire either this year or next and CEY is obviously the replacement. With Van Berlo going to be delisted and probably otten or Grigg Adelaide would be more prone to poach Tom RocKY instead.


Oh absolutely. But this is Port going to Adelaide with a deal, so I'd expect them to ask for overs.

The Crows were VERY happy that they got to draft Milera, he is exactly the sort of bloke they need in the side (quick, evasive, excellent disposal skills) I can't see them giving him up any time soon.


Maybe this sort of deal was worth it 12 months ago when Hartlett was at the peak of his powers. However he's had a very mediocre injury riddled season (a drop of nearly 25 rankings ppg) whilst Milera has impressed so not the optimal timing for Port to offload him when his stocks are so low.


Indeed, they sold a year too late on both Harts and Lobbe, but I've heard they've started to feel the salary cap squeeze after bringing Dixon and Ryder in, and neither of the two they're looking at moving on are making peanuts, so it does sound like there hand is being forced somewhat here.

I think they were banking on the AFL telling them they could take Ryder and Monfries salaries and roll it over to next year, which I don't think the AFL have let them do.


Also, one just for you, Jock. Don't look 100% surprised if you see Jarryd Lyons lining up in a different guernsey next year (maybe to a team Patch supports…). He doesn't want to leave, but is supposedly getting low-balled hard in opening negotiations.

I will say though that that does seem to be Justin Reid (Crows list manager) style. We did the same thing to Lynch and Jenkins recently and both worked out deals everyone was happy with, so by no means a guarantee that he'll go.


Personally I would expect Lyons to stay. He's had offers to leave before and always wanted to stick by the Crows, so I can't see him leaving now that he's in the 22. And frankly the Crows can't afford for him to leave, the midfield is pretty thin as is, don't need him leaving. Until both side put off negotiations I wouldn't be too worried about him leaving, just that Lyons does have offers from Victoria again and unlike last time he signed, he's got a bit more power on his side this time, so the Crows may have to bend just a tad.

It is called the silly season for a reason, so I imagine all sorts of these types of rumours will go floating about.


That's got my toes tingling, but I also doubt we'll go for him. The Crows and the Dons both like playing hardball at the trade table and I can't see either side being happy enough to send him there. And that's even if the deal doesn't get done, which at this stage isn't sounding a likely outcome

I N Pieman

The only questions now with Cloke are: How many times will Bevo drop him next season. My guess is 4 times at least. And How much of his salary will the pies pay.


Perhaps the fresh start will revitalise his career but most of the footy world appears to have its doubts on whether the game has gone past him. It will be interesting to see how he meshes in the Dogs forward line especially with the other tall timber Boyd.

He had a nice clip at Bucks on the Footy Show last night saying that he would like to play for a "winning culture" like the Doggies. 🙂


Funny that, I thought he would be grateful to Bucks for repeatedly bringing him back into the team despite being such a potato!

Boltons Blues

Say what you want about Cloke, I think the game style doesn't suite him, the bloke is 100kg FULL FORWARD! Leave him in the 50, 1 on 1 he will beat almost any defender, kicking the goal is the next problem though lol


As a dogs supporter at first when rumours surfaced about 3 months ago I was WTF are the doggies even considering Cloke.
However when you take into account that Redpath will be out next season, its not such a bad move as the doggies are desperate for a flag and financially its not going to cost them much.

Hopeful the doggies can teach a old dog new tricks, ergo how to kick straight, granted its a mammoth expectation.

As for Tom Boyd he is just a kid, his roll this season was Ruck/Forward not Forward/Ruck and look at what the dogs did to all the top Ruckmen this season in Goldy, Gawn, Martin, NicNat, Jacobs and Mummy they were ALL shut down like no other team in the competition.
I'm not stating that the top rucks were shut down solely by Boyd, however his impact for a 21 year old kid has been great and well worth it at this stage. All FULL FORWARD take time and don't peak until around age 23 or 24

Hogan played 21 games this season and played solely as a Full Forward and kicked 41 goals & 33 behinds.
Boyd played 11 games and kicked 10 goals & 7 behinds and didn't spend much time at all playing as a Full Forward.

I personally think the vast majority of people are judging Boyd purely because of his value. If his value didn't exists, I assure you the vast majority of people would be calling him a future GUN.
To expect Boyd to average 3 goals a game in his early career is just absurd, however I do think he will reach that without a problem as he matures and once he plays a Full Forward roll, it will ALL happen in time.


The list cull continues at Tigerland with Conca now officially on the trade table as both parties have agreed to part ways. Being a WA boy perhaps a deal will be struck with either Freo or WCE?


Pies looking at keeping it in the family, reuniting some brothers and getting one they should of taken in first place from GWS. Sam Reid, Mitch Brown & James Stewart all on Black & White radar.


Imagine that, million dollar man and packet of chips man both playing in the twos, why bother? Really??

Bells E Bubb

With Teddy Richards retiring, and Heath Grundy being a year older (and robbed by not being in the 40 for AA honours), the Swans need a big defender who isn't snoofing lines on a Saturday night.
Who are we going to get? Is Tippet's brother any good?


A lot of teams need a key defender, maybe Firrito?


reid once he comes back from injury may also play back with aliir


Pick 6 for Prestia looks like a bloody steal right now. Blair Hartley's first round selections since he joined the club.

2010 – Conca
2011 – B. Ellis
2012 – Vlastuin
2013 – Lennon
2014 – C. Ellis
2015 – Rioli


Any recent news on Rory Lobb?


Probably be more news about him once we're out of the finals


Here's another minor one that's come across my desk.

Mitch Grigg looking likely to be headed to Carlton.

Could be a nice pickup for them. Has a killer left boot, he's slow, but he's a smart footballer and can play inside or outside. Not gonna even get a sniff of a senior game no matter how well he plays here, but his SANFL form has been very solid this year. Blues didn't do too badly in picking up Kerridge and Wright this year, could certainly do worse than giving Grigg a shot.


Would be a very handy Supercoach pick if that is true. Should nearly be rookie price

Jackson T

which other players should carlton delist whiley, jaksch, gorrigne, smith……??? Also can someone tell me why richmond delisted Adam Marcon. Killed it in the VFL all year and in his 2 senior games he got 16 disposals when they got smashed and 22 the next week and then got dropped.


Marcon is a head scratcher. No reports of flog like behavior and is only 24. Not taking the spot of any up and coming kids

He may get redrafted with 95% of the list on the trade table

Jackson T

yeh hopefully he does get redrafted. Hes a god bloke and also a school teacher so i cant imagine him doing anything stupid.


Carlton have already made their 5 required changes, so there's certainly no need to move anyone else on unless they're looking at bringing a large number of players in.

Jackson T

yeh the off season will be interesting


Jock I'm hearing that Richmond have contacted you with regards to recruiting you as Captain / Coach and President. If true – best of luck, but I know that men of your caliber and stature create their own luck. In the annuals of history you will viewed right up there with the best of them , Julius Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Gengis Khan, Jesus Chtist and Jock Reynolds. It"s an absolute privledge for me to see a living legend such as yourself, grace the planet.


A mate who is a die hard Doggies supporter told me he reckons they are going after Cloke and … Boomer.
Initially I laughed. Then I pondered. Then I got a little bit scared.
Can you imagine those two old bastards with a point to prove knocking about in that team next year.
They might kick 5 goals a week just to teach Scott and Buckley a lesson.


That would be interesting, Juzzy. I reckon if the dogs make it deep in the finals it wouldn't hurt having Boomer on their books in 2017. Might just get them over the line.

Can't see it happening though


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A bit off topic, but are there plans for SC + CK to be available for the upcoming womens comp?