PODCAST: Let the trade talk begin.

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It’s the day after Supercoach Mad Monday & we’re just kicking back listening to some sick beats.

Today we talk through some of the off season trades being bandied about at the moment. What’s happening with Cloke? Vickery? What the hell do Richmond need to do to claw their way back to the top of the heap?

Sit back in your favourite chair. Whack the earbuds in. You’re amongst friends.

Look forward to the trade chat in the comments below


CoachKings Cup

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Don't Blush Baby

Is there a SC Finals this year ? Doesn't look like it on the site


No unfortunately not this season DBB. But hey even better we have a CoachKings 'play at home' GF coming up!

Hoping to stack my CoachKings side with Swans players should they make it.



It's still available to play


My bad loaded up last years damn it


That's ok mate. Bit of a shame it's not on this year but Al Paton confirmed such on Twitter this week. 🙁



That sucks……I like SC Finals

Don't Blush Baby

Looking forward to playing COACHKINGS at home , will be having a big drink with the boys as usual but this will add another dimension to the day


post the addy, ill bring a slab down!


Jock, Crouching & Higho. With respect and humor intent, here is my carefully crafted Tiger special team from the last 30 or so years. If you think they are bad now, this gives perspective. SC relevant trade and draft gems aplenty. Enjoy…

B: Travis Casserly, Jarrod Silvester, Jeremy Humm. HB: Dean Limbach, Tristan Cartledge, Jarrod Oakley Nicholls.
C: Clay Sampson, Lionel Proctor, Ezra Poyas
HF: Wayne Hermanen, Kent Kingsley, Ross Funcke
F: Cleve Hughes, Stephen Jurica, John Rombotis
R:,John Howat, Mark Eustice, Ashley Blurton
I: Anthony Banik, Relton Roberts, Todd Menegola, Ty Esler
E: Jeremy Webberley, Cameron Howat, Terry Keys.


Relton should be on field as captain


Agreed Danners. Relton is my loophole Bench Captain, aka Bruce Monteath in 1980.


Thanks Jock. I'm sure Crouching will enjoy it.

Fiora, Tambling and Justin Plapp were very close to making the final. However. they missed out because they played more than 2 decent AFL games. There could however be another review in the pre season draft.


No Tambling?
No Vickery?

Its no team without these stellar examples of shite


As suggested above wheels, Tambling and Vickery fell into the category of playing slightly more than 2 decent AFL games. But gee they were close to making this list of diamonds.


Loved the looseness of the pod boys.
Cats/swans GF, CATS to get the cream/feathers.
Can any team match the cats recruiting spree of last year? Danger Zac Lachie Scooter Menagola the late season sensation?


PS cant wait for the CK play at home granny great addition to the footy/beer/food/spewfest that day will be. Cheers.


I must admit to wiping a bit of dust from my eye when Danger mentioned his bond with Joel recently, and confessing to the late night texting and emojis to each other prior to switching the lightsoff at night. = ) No longer is the tough guy image acceptable, we need more MEN like Danger and Joel.

I N Pieman

Hearing from a reliable source or 2 that Rocky may very well be thrown on the trade table. Hanley as well


I've decided it's okay if he goes to CAR, as he will make up for the hit to his average by being able to play against an even worse off BRL.


Here's some trade rumours that I've heard

Port will be shopping both Lobbe and Hartlett, but are one year too late on trying to sell both, so the market won't be great, especially since are both under long term deals and had poor years

Bryce Gibbs isn't on the trade table, but if a team happened to offer a very good deal for him…

Cam Ellis-Yolmen could be headed to the Gold Coast as Scott Thompson will be given another year as the Crows would prefer to play a glacial slow, ineffective at everything but stoppages Thompson to playing CEY. He won't want to waste another year in the SANFL.

Pies are chasing Tomlinsom, Hoskin-Elliot and maybe James Stewart from GWS.


Hey BVC, Hartlett would be ideal at Tigerland next to Houli. CEY could be anything given the opportunity, not sure what's going on with the Crows. Interesting stuff!!

Have you heard any whispers from the Cattery, with so many talls I'm expecting a cull. I did see someone mention Vardy recently, he'd be worth a few quid somewhere, if he passes fitness criteria.

Oh, an excellent job again BVC, absolutely marvelous work!


I'd say Vardy would be a chance to go, but someone would likely be willing to take a punt on him. I think Lacey and Buzza showed genuine improvement in the VFL through the year, so you should be set there. I could see the Cats moving on Horlin-Smith to a team like GC too. Motlop has supposedly been put on the trade table too, but you'd think it'd take a killer deal to get him.

I did hear a nugget of info about Geelong scouts being spotted down here in Hahndorf taking a look at Matthew Jaensch. I imagine they wouldn't be the only ones, if he did decide to make a comeback then I don't think it'd be at the Crows.

They're linking Hartlett to the Suns over here and getting Richmonds first round pick in return (Via GC sending Prestia to the Tigers). Can't see the Suns giving up pick 6 for an oft-injured, underperforming player on an expensive long term deal though. Port might get their second round pick from the Dixon trade I'd guess.

CEY's issue is Campo I think. Refuses to play him and Thommo in the guts and absolutely refuses to consider any midfield setup that doesn't feature Thommo. We played CEY last week and he played about 59% of the game, with most of that up forward. Was poor selection as a Sloane replacement knowing Campos attitude towards him.


Vardy linked the the Dogs. Talent but needs to get over fitness issues.


i can see richmond taking both

to our detriment



Mayne and Brown to NMFC… hardly fits with BS's BS about booting the old blokes!