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AFL Trade Rumours

How did I become who I am today?

Is the innate ability to identify talent born? Or does the river of life polish the rock of a bloke’s genius slowly over time, turning it into a perfectly smooth and rounded pebble?


I don’t know all the answers. All I know for certain is that I’m just a regular man with an extraordinary gift. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Another thing I can tell you for a fact: this time of season was a lot easier for Jock Reynolds back in the days when we had 12 clubs.

Consulting for 18 sets of list management teams, half of who don’t know their arse from their tit can take a lot of patience. Patience and time.

So, as I discussed with Dimma and Bucks over morning tea on Sunday, I’ll be streamlining things during the trade period this year.

For the first time I’ll be publishing my trade analysis and the state of play here every Monday in an open, honest and transparent manner for all clubs to use as a resource. I’m putting it all out there for discussion amongst our community.


Tyrone Vickery

Big Ty was recruited 8th in the 2008 National Draft. In 2011 he played every game and kicked 35 goals. Things were looking up. Since then he’s been shit house. Not worth a cold half eaten souvlaki. Crap mop of hair. A laughing stock on the field.

Those are cold hard truths folks. You need to be ruthless in this caper. But list management is about more that what’s on the surface. Let’s unpack the plight of Big Ty in some more depth.

  • He’s 26. As a big bloke, theoretically, he has his best footy ahead of him.
  • He’s been serviced by one of the most overrated and ordinary midfield brigades in recent memory. He’s had Cotchin with his pissy little dinky kicks chipping the thing around. And Dusty’s gone the next step, but he coughs the pill up more than any other prick out there.
  • Then there’s the Richmond game plan. What bloody game plan Damian? Ty Ty hasn’t known what day it is because he doesn’t know what’s happening up the field.
  • Richmond couldn’t develop talent if it smashed them in the face.

Dimma, if you were fair dinkum you’d keep him and focus on building something resembling an AFL standard midfield. He wants to get to Hawthorn which would be a bloody good fit for him.

Dion Prestia

Reminds me of a little wood chopper off his head on V cans. Drafted at #10 in 2010. Had his best season in 2014 where he averaged around 27 possessions and established himself as a solid citizen in the midfield.

Stuffed his knee early in 2015. Has been out again with a knee since Round 16 this year. He’s had enough of Rocket and the shambles up North and wants to piss off. Early word was he wanted to get to Carlton. They wouldn’t have enough coin for him so he’s set his sights on a bright future at the up and coming Richmond Football Club.

  • Can play. Do doubts there. Tough little prick who can win the ball on the inside and add some real grunt to in the guts.
  • Richmond desperately need some talent through the midfield. Ready made talent would be ideal considering they are absolute rubbish at developing their own.
  • Established himself in a midfield full of stars next to GAJ, Swallow, Jaeger and the lads.

Hang on a minute though. This trade fills my nostrils with STINK. Absolute shit smelling STINK. Damian. Do not. Under any circumstances. Trade your #7 draft pick for Dion Prestia. Do not pay him what he’s asking.

This draft will be an absolute ripper. You need to rebuild from the ground up. You will not win a flag in Dion Prestia’s playing lifetime. You will pay overs for him. He has an injury history stretching right back into juniors that fills my nostrils with nothing but STINK.

For the sake of the Richmond Football Club I hope Dion finds his way to another club.



Others on the table:

The situation with Travis Cloke will be made public within the next few weeks. The facts of the matter are that Travis is a 90’s footballer who’s not capable of adjusting to the modern game. There’s a bit of noise around that Bevo and the Western Bulldogs are keen. Perhaps they’re keen on a tilt at the 2017 VFL flag? I’d steer well clear.

Jaeger O’Meara is also looking to escape Rocket’s red & yellow house of rabble and Gold Coast are pissed off. Essendon are keen on him. St Kilda also circling. What’s he worth given his run with injury? That’s the key to the trade. If he stays on the park he could be one of the best in the competition. On the other end of the scale he’ll be worth stuff all if he can’t get his arse on the park.

Word is David Swallow is having a sook about Gold Coast’s treatment of Jaeger since he announced he’s leaving. It’s a harsh industry David. Let’s spend more time focussing on hitting the park and less time holding the conch please. He’ll stay.

Tom Mitchell’s contract talks are on hold till the end of the season. I like this boy. Needs to improve his disposal but a ball winner is always worth his weight in gold on the inside. Let’s see how he feels after winning a premiership this year. Unlikely to move clubs in my book. Plenty of talk about Hawthorn. They don’t have the cash for him.

Jack Steele will head to the Saints. Sit back and let more blood flow into that growing trouser of arousal Saints – the kid can play. Has had trouble busting into the GWS lineup. But have a look at that lineup.

Chris Mayne played his last game for Freo yesterday. Poor bastard. Chris Mayne has been Ross Lyon’ed. It’s that simple. Ross has a knack for squeezing the life marrow out of a human being and that’s what’s happened to Chris. He’s no match winner by any stretch but he can play forward or back. A real Jason Blake type. Salt of the earth. North his likely home given their recent cull. St Kilda, Richmond and Collingwood also possible.

Then there’s Tommy Rockliff. Seems there might be just a touch of flog about the boy..

There’s plenty more happening folks. Listen in to this week’s podcast.

Let’s discuss trade scenarios in the comments below.

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Good write up Jock

I am a tigers fan and i am very, very worried about my club.

Between a rock and a hard place!!!

Cant see any light at the end of the tunnel. We either rebuild (again) or we go the tried and true way and bring in recycled players and confirm mediocrity


Boltons Blues

Trade for draft picks? Richmond have 0 currency after their 4 best players (rance, Cotchin, dusty, Riewoldt) the rest of the list in B grade to F grade players.
Full rebuild means tough choices, trade one or 2 of those players.


Lock it in that Vickery is gone. Looking at Hawks and met with Blues recently…probably wants to line up with Jones and Casboult.


Want's to move to Carlton to play with Casboult and Jones? What, he wants to spread the shitness around?


That's why we have blokes like Tutt and Jones, makes all our other recruits look like All Australian's


Wouldn't that be a dream forward line-up…
Maybe bring Cloke as well, see if we can set a record for worst goal:behind ratio in the history of the game.


Agree with you on Titch Jock. I really hope my Swannies can keep him even though from a selfish fantasy POV there could be a case made for him leaving.

But hopefully he realises that sustained team success, as it appears Sydney will enjoy for the foreseeable future with their new crop of youngsters, is worth sacrificing some of his game and potential pay packet for. A perhaps under appreciated but nonetheless very valuable component of their midfield so hoping the club can at least meet him halfway on his remuneration desires.

The Man of Steele would indeed be a very nice pickup for your Sainters.

I N Pieman

Think treloars call was correct when he looked at the Tigers list. After Cotchin & Dusty it falls off a cliff


Absolutely, completely vindicated.


Well done again Jock, how do you think the Cats will go vs the Hawks at the G?


As a Hawks fan I'm very worried.

I'm clinging to the hope that they have got somthing in their bag of tricks, I cunning plan or somthing……. Otherwise it's straight sets I'm afraid.


Nice one Jock.

Was onto this last week just to spice it up.

Rocky – Blues pick 5.
More than a whisper …..


If blues pick Rocky, I won't. If he can't play against them it'll knock 10 pts off his av!


Who are your 2017 DPP nominees? I've come up with a few I'd like to see added to the swingers club!. I hope more Rucks become DPP's.

Buddy (Fwd-Mid)
Ryder (Rck-Fwd)
S Mitchell (Def-Mid)
Hodge (Def-Mid)
RGray (Fwd-Mid)
Gaz (Fwd-Mid)

Just with this list, how good would it get!?!


Anymore news on Ballantyne? Surely he doesn't end up at the Cattery as Jay Clark reported. Unless its for Matthew Scarlett to finish some unfinished business? Any idea if anyone is still interested in Vardy/Kersten? Was reported Dogs and Dawks were interested in Vardy. Wouldn't mind him down at the kennel. Also think Will Minson will get another opportunity anywhere else?


Ha you might be on to something re Scarlo and the pest.


Hope you are right about it being a strong draft this year. My Suns are goi g to have a lot of rd 1 picks


I thought this year was predicted to only be strong for the top 5 or so then fell away quickly?


As an Essendon fan I would love that but think it is highly unlikely.


Richmond need to cull
Miles, Lambert, Maric, Lennon, Conca, Vickery, Hunt, Mcbean, Batchelor, McIntosh, Houli and Hardwick all need to go
Had enough of this shit house players and coaches representing our previously proud AFL jumper. Wake up Richmond and notice the problem that all of us see. The club is an absolute joke at the moment


Interesting list, Ethan. I'd hang onto Miles and Houli. Lennon and Conca may have some currency.

Wish they'd give McBean a bloody shot at it. Confidence player who isn't getting rewarded for firm in the twos


Love a good trade whisper, Jock. With the Tigers facing another rebuild, is Deledio on the market?


Brutal Jock! But jeez you can make a good case for that


Hamish Hartlett?


Who are we thinking are locks for next year? I know it's a day after the 2016 season but I'm already looking forward to next year.


Fallen premiums and players returning from LTI's aside, Doch, Danger, Gawn, and Zorko will be my first 4 picked


Yes Danger, Doc and Gawn should be fixtures in many if not most starting 2017 teams you would think. All youngish superstars who will only likely get better if anything.

Assuming Zorko retains his FWD eligibility he will be a very popular selection too. Not quite the lock the other 3 are for me just yet but certainly in the mix.


After this week's effort, Fiorini is out of the shadows and into the Suns. My pick for most picked rookie next year (unless SC put a premium on him after 2 games).


Menegola and Wills too (depending on price).


My locks will be Gawn & Goldy in rucks. I'm not stuffing about next year with Lobbes or TBC, or Blitz crap. Bang Bang.


2017 potential line up, depending on DPP status.

Doch, Shaw, Simpson, JHowe

Mids. from..
Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Treloar, JPK, Rocky, Cripps, Neale

Gawn / Goldy,Grundy

Zorko, ZMerrett / RGray, Buddy, Parker

And, I'm including these little gems..

Tom Barrass $336K Def
Sam Menegola $384K Mid
Brayden Fiorini $135K Mid


Probably looking at locking Cripps, Gawn, Docherty, and Zorko (if he is a forward). Would like to have Dangerfield, but I should be able to get him cheaper than $720k


What about players like Heppell and Hurley if they get a nice discount ?
Just another point- no ruckman has held onto his number status in SC in last 4 I belive, just something to think about with Gawn.


Reckon I'm going to go with Gawn & Grundy in the ruck. Rating Danger, Doch, Zorko, Howe, Dahl, Treloar, Pendles & Coniglio at this stage as well. Looking like 2017 will be a fair bit like 2016 with a fair few quality LTI comebacks coming along fairly cheaply.


Due to the inflation they apply to prices each year, I will look to pick guys like Danger and Gawn up later if it allows me to start an extra premo compared with everyone else (and assuming preseason shows that Fyfe/Beams and say Pendles can be relied on for nice C scores).


Phwoar – that's be a coup and a half if true, Nathan! I'm not sure if I can contain my trouser-stretching at the thought


Many years of shithess (thanks Jock) at Tigerland. Trade frenzy on the cards but I also prefer the draft option. The curse started with Helen Damico (streaker) in the 1982 Grand Final, from which no Tiger ever recovered. We need a sacrificial streaker to reverse the curse in Round 1. Nominations? Crouching? Higgo?

Boltons Blues

I have it on good merit and inside sources around the footy world, Nat Fyfe will end up at Collingwood next year, don't ask how, I've heard on pretty good advice (so good he picked Henderson to Geelong before round 1 and the buddy Franklin deal

What picks they are trading or how they can afford it, don't ask me


Tell him he's dreamin!

No draft picks and no salary cap room
Maybe straight swap for pendles?

Boltons Blues

Swan retired
Cloke out the door as of 48 hours ago
They have the room to pay him, what picks and players they offload we won't know

But this guy is good and knows his stuff, wouldn't put it passed him being right here


I want to believe you, I really do … but it so won't happen. Surely freo can offer the kitchen sink to prevent him from going . Go pies.


At the start of the season I listed my top 10 midfielders;

Fyfe, Gaz, Pendlebury, JPK, Dangerfield, Priddis, Gray, Sloane, Selwood, Rocky.

My final team included 7 of the above, except for Gaz & Fyfe (injury) & Sloane (suspension). Hanners was the one added.

Starting next season, I really can't see my top 10 changing very much. Neale, Bont, Cripps, Parker are all in consideration, but who do you leave out?


You could probably add a fit and healthy Beams to this group too. And given he will likely attract a huge discount as long as he plays OK in the preseason he'll be in every team so it's probably a moot point anyway.

I'm afraid I now for the first time side with the Gaz doubters and don't believe he will be in the top 10 mids for TOTAL points scored next season and thus I'll be very unlikely to start with him. In fact he wasn't even in the top 60 for pure mids for total points scored this season playing the 14 games. So that's one spot up for grabs in my view.


SC, is there any merit in
(a) holding Ablett for 10-12 matches if he averages 130 and then gets injured, and then trade him for a slightly less premo (sideways to backwards trade) or
(b) better to hold someone who goes at 110-115 all season.

Where (a) goes haywire is if his uninjured stints are 3 games long and his injured stints are similar throughout the year.


That's certainly one way to go about it Westy. Plenty of coaches will likely start with the great Gazza especially if he is up and about in the preseason and he could go on to have a brilliant year playing 20 plus games for all I know.

But for me I'm so fatigued sideways trading injury prone premos midseason and having no trades left in the finals that I doubt I will start with either Gaz or Rocky next season even though Rocky was excellent for me post byes this year.

The plan would therefore be not to start with these guys but instead bring them in as upgrades midseason or maybe not even until the SC finals once I'm more confident their bodies will hold together for a full season.

At least with someone like Beams we'll be getting a substantial discount to make the injury risk worth it in my eyes but guys like Rocky and Gaz will be full priced over $600K.

But if Gaz is flying in the NAB I guess I would be foolish to completely rule out starting with him so I guess we'll see.


Probably Gaz and Priddis go out for Hannebery and Treloar. There are a damn lot of names that can make that top 10 list though


Ignoring guys that won't play 20+ games:

Neale = Hanners = JPK = Parker = Selwood

Of those I think Neale may improve further so is a lock, Pendles if not injured in nab is the same, the rest are not urgent as prices will fall due to inflation applied at start of year by CD.

I am going to make a BIG CALL and say that Zerrett will be a top 8 mid again. This kid has ridic talent and so young and weeny, so much more to improve. In a couple years he could be the next GAJ. I would lock him in but need to see how ESS treat him when players return, depends on nab I guess.

For the rest, you can bank on maybe 2 of Fyfe Beams GAJ Rockie playing enough games to be worthwhile. Fyfe and Beams at least we may all be forced into as they will be too cheap to ignore.


I got on Zerrett fairly early (about Rd4) and he was obviously one of my best trade ins of the season. I guess the only query is what happens with the Dons midfield dynamics once HepD and the others "bannees" return. But you could still be right about him ending up a top 8 mid next season as he's only going to get better from here.


Yes that is the only thing I am ummming and ahhhing about. If the ESS coaching staff are half competent they will give him every opportunity. I think that ESS will play "for reals" in the NAB since everyone is so rusty, so hoping that should give us a reasonable idea of whether he is their go-to midfielder.

I N Pieman

So Travis Cloke has requested a trade. I've been trying to shed a tear. But I just can't get it done. In fact I'm on my way to pick him up & take him to his club of choice


Well he's played in a premiership and was a top forward in multiple years, it's just he appears completely racked by self doubt. Good luck with that. Agree that he would fit well with the other old timers at Hawthorn! They could play canasta together.