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Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis next month is the culmination of a lot of wonderful work from a lot of wonderful humans.

AFL CoachKings Venue Finals will take place on Friday September 16th.

Some won’t be good enough. That’s a reality that many will need to deal with. Others will claim their thrones as local heroes. Idols. Fantasy rock stars. Names will be etched into local honour boards.

Whether they’re good enough to make the local grade or not – they’ll all have a crack. They all know that an impressive performance at their Venue Final leads them straight into the $50,000 CoachKings Cup on Preliminary Final weekend.

They’ll all have a crack.

A man learns a trick or two playing in 927 games of footy at a reasonable level. What’s the most important lesson Jock Reynolds has learnt over the journey? The importance of making the absolute most of your opportunities. 

You might be good enough. You might not. It’s completely bloody irrelevant. The thing all of you reading this today need to understand is that there are two weekends of footy left for you to make something of an incredible opportunity.

Get down to your nearest CoachKings Venue. Win a contest. Make your Venue Final. Win the bastard. Get into the CoachKings Cup. Make a name for yourself on a local level. Make an absolute national legend of yourself on the national stage. And win a shitload of cash while you’re at it.

Are you good enough? I can’t answer that question. Is opportunity smashing at your front door? Bloody oath it is.

So have a crack. Grab opportunity by the scruff of the horns and drill it into the dust like a rabid opportunity grabbing hungry prick.

Or don’t.

See you on the leaderboard this weekend.



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neil · 27/08/2016 at 12:21

does dion know he has c and vc in same game dees vs gee A Graders g/f

    ben · 27/08/2016 at 12:37

    fixed thx

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