RD22: The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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Big Carl CoachKings Community

Congratulations, Community. We have made it through yet another season.

There have been trials and tribulations, ecstasy and agony in what has been a highly entertaining year.

A prime example of this was on the weekend, where we watched crippling knee injuries end the seasons of Nic Naitanui and John Cegler on Friday night before the likes of Pendles and Lachie Neale racked up monster scores on Saturday.

It was a yin yang kind of a round. Now just one more week to go to finish off the season as we look to 2017.

For those who have made league grand finals this week – good luck!

For those striving for CoachKings Venue Finals, you still have 2 weeks to get that essential win on the board. There will be opportunities to qualify this weekend, and also the first week of AFL Finals before the big Venue Finals on Semi Final weekend. Best of luck!!

Gazza Gentry came from the clouds in the last contest of the weekend to take home the weekly $1000 – another winner from The Tonsley in SA.


The Heroes

Scott Pendlebury (165 SC)

“He’s cooked”, they said. “Will spend more time up forward,” they said. “Ankle is still hampering him,” they said. In true Pendles style, he proved the doubters wrong with a stunning display on Saturday night. Had 32 possessions at 90 per cent efficiency. Sublime stuff.

Lachie Neale (154 SC)

Forty touches and 12 tackles in a team that lost by nearly 100 points is a commendable effort. Has elevated himself to Uber Premo status and should only benefit from the return of Nat Fyfe next season.

Patrick Cripps (152 SC)

Along with The Bont, this bloke is the prototype of the modern-day midfielder. As tall as a key forward, the strong body of Cripps allowed him to extract the pill masterfully. Was massive on Sunday, racking up 30 touches, 13 tackles, 19 contested possessions and 12 clearances. These huge numbers mean he should be strongly considered for next season.

Honourable mentions:
Brent Harvey (150 SC), Ryan Griffen (141 SC), Jamie McMillan (139 SC), Liam Picken (135 SC), Leigh Montagna (134 SC), Daniel Wells (132 SC), Adam Treloar (131 SC), Sam Menegola (130 SC).

The Villains

Dayne Zorko (52 SC)

Has been known to trot out scores like this in the past, but we haven’t really seen it from him this season. Until now. Just went missing. Wasn’t even tagged. Very disappointing.

Josh Gibson (43 SC)

Has been added to the “never again” list of many coaches after another disastrous performance. Like his side, just had a very ordinary night. West Coast’s tall forward line forced Gibbo to play as a lockdown one-on-one defender, depriving him of the floating third-man-up role and restricting him to just 13 possessions and three clangers.

Toby Greene (66 SC)

Was due for a stinker and he certainly delivered. Had 15 possessions, which included a disgusting six clangers. If it wasn’t for his two goals, his score would have been even worse.

Honourable mentions:
Sam Mitchell (77 SC), Jack Steven (77 SC), Callan Ward (70 SC), Brad Crouch (54 SC).

The Redeemers

Jeremy Howe (130 SC)

If you had said at the start of the season that Jeremy Howe would become a highly relevant SuperCoach option, you would have been laughed at. But playing a floating defender role off half-back, Howe has been very impressive this season. Started slowly but warmed into things nicely, posting five tons in a row between rounds 5-10. Had an ordinary 58 three weeks ago, but since then has bounced back with scores of 96, 97 and 130.

Robbie Gray (137 SC)

Two weeks ago Robbie produced quite possibly the worst game of his career, dishing out an absolutely putrid 53 against Sydney. Has responded admirably in the two games since then, posting a 106 and then an excellent 137 on the weekend.

Jason Johannisen (130 SC)

Has taken a while to get going since returning from injury, but on Sunday he produced the form we knew he was capable of. It was like the JJ of early in the season and he racked up the pill with ease off half back, providing his trade mark run. Had 31 touches, including 29 kicks.

The Damned

Lance Franklin (34 SC)

Copped an elbow from Tarrant early in the match and he struggled to run out the game as a result. May well be hampered by sore rips again this week and might not get up for the match. Not the sort of thing we want to see with grand finals looming this week.

Nic Naitanui (90 SC)

A devastating blow for the Eagles and the competition in general, Nic Nat will miss the rest of this season and most of 2017 after undergoing a knee reconstruction following his injury on Friday night. Imagine those who traded Naitanui in after his heroics last week only to be dealt with this crippling blow.

Kade Kolodjashnij (36 SC)

Has been one of the disappointments of the season. Remember when he was in the conversation as a potential top six defender at the start of the year? Appears to have gone backwards in development. On the positive side, he should be excellent value next season.

Note from Jock: 

Community, join me in thanking Big Carl for a sensational season of Heroes, Villains & Damned. It’s been a stunning debut this season. Look forward to hearing more from the great man over the off-season!

Round 23 CoachKings Fixture


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I N Pieman

It's a funny game. I planned to go Gawn into Rocky heading into the weekend & when joyce was dropped it gave me the chance to loop Collins with Rich. Liked Collins score. But to loop Gawn into Rocky I needed a late non playing Mid/Def. And I needed the cash to get Docherty if Collins failed. So just before the Saturday night game I traded in a non playing Spud called Josh Clayton from Brisbane to give me the DPP & captain loop. After I made the trade this funny green line appeared under his name. I looked up teams & my spud was playing!!! Picked to debut! What a stupid error. Having had a few jars I screamed many expletives. I had a make a very quick call as I still had Trengrove. So my only VC options left were Pendles or Sloane. With no confidence I chucked it on Pendles & the net result sunk Wayno! Such a game of luck

The Master

Classic stuff Pieman, the ups and downs of fate. I was lucky enough to take Halls 106 loophole over Wards 70 and chose Danger over Gawn for Cap after Hannerbery's reasonable score.


one of my opponents was forced to play Phillips and Menagola on field this week (they must have run out of trades)


Aaah the SC Gods are looking down on you this season Pieman, may it continue. I love the fact you kept Pendles while others threw him away like trash!! and had the audacity to throw the VC on the legend when it counted, magnificent SC move.


Happy for you to play Josh Clayton this weekend Pieman! Looking forward to taking you on in our SC final. Cheers, Bezo


Who is most likely to be the highest scoring defender this week, finally getting rid of brodie smith, thanks, no money limit


Depends on who you have already but I'd guess Docherty or Boyd

Shake n bake

As a pies supporter a special mention to Cripps picked him up 5 weeks ago and got me over the line this week in 9 of my leagues. Avg 130 last 5 games, tnx Mr Cripps.


Agreed – picked him up before R20 and has been excellent. Playing himself into my 2017 starting lineup!

Boltons Blues

Started the year with him, has loved it with Murphy being out, can he continue next year though?

Contested ball machine, clearance god, supercoachers dream combination


What to do community? One trade left, sick of Dylan Shiel and want to get rid of him this week. He's currently my M9 and have $23K extra to spend on a replacement. Thinking either M Crouch or Wells (who I could swing forward in case Buddy spuds up again).


Great writeup again Carl, makes Mondays a lot more enjoyable! Managed to crack the top 2000 and make the GF in my first year so really chuffed.

Cant let my coworker beat me this week. At this point the bragging rights are more important than the money.

Still have 2 trades left and Ive got a couple of options.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 1 lets me loophole Lycett assuming he gets up, but not sure how he will go against Jacobs.

Option 2 gives me a bit more relief that I might not have to rely on Toby Greene to pump out a big score.

Any thoughts from the community would be great!


1 trade and only $12k left community, and I need to trade NicNat out!
My main opponent has Goldy and Gawn, and I don't have enough for Goldy.
Thoughts community?


Mumford or Brodie Grundy would be the ones I'd be looking at


Not enough for either of them unfortunately, it's either Jacobs, Blitz, Lycett, Kreuz or Tippett. Difficult choice


Jacobs v Lycett played at AO, I'd go Jacobs out of those two although Lycett was the highest SC scoring ruck on the weekend!! Tippett looks the most tempting out of all of them but is a spud this year at SCG, only 1 ton. Not an easy pick, but I'd have to lean towards sauce Jacobs, averages 104 at AO. Good luck Joe.


Doesnt look like you have the cash for Mummy or Grundy.
Jacobs, Blitz or Lycett. Take your pick, Joe!


Ah okay. In that case I'd be going Jacobs based on what Pod said!


I have Sloane also, and having learnt of his suspension, would it be more important to trade Sloane or NicNat, as I have Naismith as a backup?


In all three grand finals. Ranked around 1200. Have two trades remaining with 300k in the bank. I've decided to go Franklin to Merret and then was going to go Zac Williams to Enright. I've still got Shiel in my midfield which hurts though but given Menegolas form, I'm thinking of putting him as emergency loophole and if happy with score keep it. If not I bring on Shiel. Good move or should I keep Williams and just trade Shiel?


Hey Jimmy, I think you'll be ok with Franklin to Merret & ZWilliams to Enright, both solid but just watch out for late exclusions like Sloane. Shiel and Menegola perfect loop players, the way Menegola went yesterday you could start him with confidence.

Don't Blush Baby

Thoughts on Sloane – MRP might look at an incident, not sure if he was reported but media outlets have different views on whether he should go or not


I'd be very surprised (and annoyed because he's in my team) if he got weeks. In saying that, James Sicily copped a week for a similar incident against Melbourne.

Boltons Blues

Clean record, not intentional, by rights it should be a fine at most
but this years MRP, 4 weeks lol


In the Grand final for a cash league this week. We have one trade left… do people think JJ can out score Bartel this week??


Bartel would be fresh coming off the week off but JJ looks to of hit top form
Toss of the coin

The Ranger

Thanks a bunch for all your efforts this year Carl, top work mate.
I slipped into the top 600's this week which is far and away my best season so far and I made two out of three GF's and only lost the third one to a 2540 score.
One trade left and $75K. Ward to Neale is todays plan.
Good luck to everyone in a granny!

The Master

I have 1 trade left and 44K, looking at a possible luxury trade if no other carnage, what does the comunity think about trading Ward to R Gray? Gray vs Gold coast or Ward vs Nth Melb.

Luke Wind

Hold Franklin for the GF or trade him. Trading him leaves me with $450k to spend. Thoughts?

Boltons Blues

Went through my opponents team based on last week, if Franklin plays and there is no other carnage (which will happen, i mean its Supercoach Grandfinal week, there is bound to be something), if franklin doesnt play, he has Cyril as cover. my PODS on the right, his on the left. Close game incoming. Goodluck to everyone who is still alive

Bartel vs Rance
Lewis vs Cripps
Gibbs vs Sheil
Rich vs Boyd
Rockcliff vs Neale
Franklin vs Priddas
Selwood vs Sloane
Bont vs Wells

big fella

im liking your odds BB

thoughts on my assignment?
mine on the right, his on the left

Mitchell, T v Neale
Montagna v Franklin
Rance v Enright
Bartle v Birchall

he's got Robinson and Hall for cover whilst I only have rookies a la Menegola, Collins, Phillips

Boltons Blues

Dont know which Mitchell that is but Neale should cover them
Close one, comes down to how many Franklin can kick/if he plays
Enright just
Bartel just

hope im wrong, cause i have Montagna and Rance haha
but good luck


how does Sloane missing affect things?

Boltons Blues

Leaves me playing Dunkley this week, can still put out an 80-90 score, more realistically will be a 60-70, one can hope


Hey community, isnt there a website where you can enter in usernames and view a coach's trade history? There was a link posted on an old article.
If someone could post the link that would be helpful!

Off The Bench

They had to take it down after SC restricted access to only each teams 22 from the previous week…


Last minute decision to switch the C from Danger to Rocky killed me in both my prelims. Lost by ~30 points in both games when Danger would have got me over the line…it's been a frustrating 2016 indeed!


Almost did the same thing, but dodged the bullet. Danger was due and Rocky is a constant 50% chance of getting injured. Sometimes the less risky play pays off.


I'd just like to give a shout out to the Bont
Thanks to your shit performance I managed to get over the line by 3 points
Cheers Bont


he scored 100+??


and he won by 3 points!!


Trading ward out. Who should I get: Treloar, Priddis, Rocky, JPK or Sloane.


Can you get Cripps? Carlton play Essendon this week. I was going to go Sloane to Cripps if Sloane takes the week on offer

Boltons Blues

Sloane given 1 week
what a joke


Surely the Crows couldn't challenge either as the stakes are too huge with a finals game at risk.

Team 2017

Team 2017:
Sam Docherty
Bernie Vinceif gets DPP
Rob Murphy if has full preseason
JJ/Jamie McMillian/Simmoone of these
4 rooks$500,000

Treloar/Cripps/Hannasone of these
Heppell if reduced in price
Beamsif has full preseason
Fyfeif has full preseason
Conigilo/Bontone of these
5 rooks$625,000

Sandiif has full preseason
1 Rook$125,000

Luke Parkerif gets DPP
Gray/Merrett/Zorkoif gets DPP
Luke Dahlhaus
Jarrad Roughheadif has full preseason
Harley Bennellif has full preseason
3 Rooks$350,000

GRAND TOTAL$10,000,000


Six coming back from LTI's… Looks risky already

Won't be surprised if Zerrett loses his dpp next year. We were spoilt for choice this year with forward dpp's


How could you possibly know what price they'll be next year ?, they always change from what they were season's end.

Team 2017

Avg for the year multiplied by 5300. Puts danger about $700K.
May change a little but this will be around the mark.
Applied 30% discount to those who played less than 5 games based on starting price.
So Fyfe and beams will be around $500k if they get the full discount.

JOM $220k.

If have a full pre season will b some massive bargains next year.

Let's go shopping ….


Believe it's closer to x5400 =p

Discount seems to be 40% for guns and 50% for spuds, if <5 played. Otherwise 20% and 30% if about 5-8 played IIRC


Sloane OUT. Who's best replacement and why (500 words or less) out of the following? Gibbs, Ward, JSteven, SMitchell, SideBum, RGray


Consider who they are each playing, RGray will score well

Shake n bake

Lucky I kept 2 trades for the last rd Slone out I think Bont in.

Chubby McChubby

I have one trade and Sloane. Opponent has Sloane no trades I believe. I have $542k. Should I play safe and pick someone the same as him – Gray or Montagna or someone different like Gibbs? He has menegola to cover sloane so a pretty decent cover.


i thought i had someone covered on the weekend, they had to play Phillips and Menagola on the field because they had run out of trades…..sucker!

Menagola scored 134 and Phillips 103. i got done by 34.

Chubby McChubby

Bugger. The guy im playing also has J Smith and Collins. Not bad bench options and also petracca


Someone different… but not Gibbs =p


SLOANE needs to be replaced with my last trade. Have enough cash to choose any mid. I have
Pendles, danger, S Mitchell, Hanners, Parker, Priddis, and Hanley(unfortunately). Hanley was to go last week but held my last trade for this very eventuality.
1. Who is most likely to go big this week. To be traded in for Sloane. Would,love to be convinced with some thoughts.
2. Should I consider starting R Wills over Hanley.



I am tossing up between Bont or cripps. Both should go massive.


Thks steeeeve definitely liking crisps but was also keen on Jselwood given his scoring record at Simmons. May need to flip a coin !!!


Stunk it up with 2200 and lost finals in all cash leagues thanks to Gibbo, Buddy, Gunston, Steven, Ward, Dahlhaus and Zorko all taking the week off. Dropped from 1900 to 3000 in the rankings as icing on the cake. I love SC…

Chubby McChubby

Bugger. The guy im playing also has J Smith and Collins. Not bad bench options and also petracca


1 trade left and 450k (with sloane price) thinking sloane to l neal thoughts?