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NRL Supercoach Fantasy Podcast

New life. That’s what this podcast is all about today folks.

Last week we endured one of the most horrendous NRL Fantasy and/or Supercoach rounds on record. This week however most of our lads got the job done. We head into Round 25 with a spring in our step and new hope for the weeks ahead.

It’s also a week where we reflect on the Jarryd Hayne selection. Did you pick him? Should you now get rid of him? Should he be considered in Supercoach & NRL Fantasy in 2017?

And then there’s jousting. We’ve stumbled across an idea that could change the landscape of our game forever.

Enjoy the show folks.

CoachKings NRL Round 25 Fixture


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Great podcast lads! As a Hayne owner I am hoping for the all-clear. He could go to full back. Big game for the titans. If he's out I trade to …. not sure.


When he plays fullback jock he is an absolute must have! At 5/8 not so much. With a full pre season under his belt next year he will be first picked in my team, hopefully pretty cheap too if the titans keep playing him at 5/8 this year!!


Are ya going to hold him now he's at fullback Jim? Could be worth a crack now

Don't Blush Baby

I'm putting VC on BJ Leilua to go big against Manly's Reserve Grade side and back up with the C on Inglis over the hopeless Knights

Great Podcast gents , it will interesting what position they give Hayne in 17,if its just Fullback only his mother & father will pick him


Love hearing the balls to the wall tactic mate. Go hard with the C and Ingis and hope it pays off!

Hayne at fullback will be interesting to say the least. As a non Hayne owner I hope he sucks as much as he has been, although I have a nervous feeling he'll start to find his feet again this weekend.


Will SC ever start scoring NRLs 1%ERs ,like charge downs,decoys ,and pressure acts as AFL does, .AFL scoring model is a true indication of performance..unlike NRLs


Cheers Killereel! That weather factor is definitely something to keep in mind isn't it. Poor Tommy Turbo, it could be Manly's chance to get some of those youngsters some first grade experience although good call with Lyon. They won't want to play a sub-par seventeen in a milestone game that's for sure.

The RSPCA did give us a call and suggested mechanical bulls on a rail…..interesting…..


Mate I doubt it but I would like to see it implemented. Many of us have been rooting for the 1 on 1 try saving tackle stat for a while now. Charge down stat would be a good addition, can't see them doing decoys but I would be a fan of pressure acts as long as the grey area isn't too significant.