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It’s the week of the Big Dance itself. Supercoach Grand Final week is here.

Sit back. Whack the old earbuds in and listen as we kick off a huge week of Round 23 discussion.

Mark my words – there will be absolute CARNAGE this week. Those with trades will come up trumps. News that Rory Sloane has copped a week for his hit on Ebert is a huge curveball that needs to be dealt with swiftly.

And as you’ll learn in today’s podcast, that won’t be the end of it folks.

Round 23 CoachKings Fixture



Let’s discuss a special week;


Lachy · 22/08/2016 at 17:21

Cheers for a great season fellas! Seeya next week again

LJB · 22/08/2016 at 17:46

Sloane out. Going to make things interesting for those with limited trades

    pod · 22/08/2016 at 18:16

    We'll know Fri night who had trades left gets rid of that part of the puzzle

SCaddict · 22/08/2016 at 17:52

Unfortunately my own Grand Final week is more like Meat Loaf than Angry Anderson. Not exactly 'bound for glory' making just one grand final (in a p1ss easy league) out of 10. πŸ™

But by far the best thing this season has been the resurgence of this awesome community after it seemed like it was maybe a wrap last year. So looking for even bigger and better things for both this site and CoachKings in 2017!

    Hoot · 22/08/2016 at 19:23


    Trent · 22/08/2016 at 20:30

    I agree SC. This has been such a good year, the only reason I played was because Jock and the lads were back in the game. Starting my 2017 research already. Thanks for an enjoyable season all.

      jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 20:41

      Cheers Trent! Good to see you here in the forum mate

    jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 20:40

    Bad luck this season SC but your comments warm my heart mate. We've had a wonderful season and next year will be bloody huge!

    Thanks for all the help you give to the kind folk of our community

      JB_Tank · 22/08/2016 at 21:03

      Hear hear. Really appreciate all the insights and advice.

    Nifty · 22/08/2016 at 21:35

    Hey SCa. Just a thanks for letting me join yr comp/s this year, was great fun, hopefully we can do it again 2017..

      SCaddict · 22/08/2016 at 21:47

      You're welcome Nifty. Congrats on making 'The True Believers' GF in an epic rematch with Raging Bulls!

      But it's with a tinge of sadness that I will be laying True Believers to rest as I no longer will be starting my side with the bald genius in it from 2017. I could be wrong but I believe the Gaz era is unfortunately over.

      However I'm sure I will come up with another themed league next preseason which you will be welcome to join along with any other community members so long as they meet the basic starting criteria. πŸ™‚

        Nifty · 23/08/2016 at 10:46

        Thanks Champ..

    throttlefinger · 22/08/2016 at 23:07

    Well said, SCaddict! Bringing CK to the masses while keeping the quality of podcasts and articles high…massive feat. Bravo to you all!

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 12:17

    Yeah seems to hit the after burners this year and gone up a notch or two.

    Been great.

    Thanks Jock for rescuing this site from the ashes.
    Certainly made SC a lot more fun.

      jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:35

      It's been a massive pleasure Trigger!! Thank you for being around the place – you add a heap to the community mate and we appreciate it very much

        Big G · 23/08/2016 at 15:37

        Hear, Hear – this website's resurrection has brought joy to my mundane life. Thank you everyone.

        @wheels_1987 · 26/08/2016 at 14:16

        so pumped you came back from the grave

        weekend at bernies greatest hit in my opinion

        see ya next season for more!!!

    @wheels_1987 · 26/08/2016 at 14:15

    could not believe it when i saw the community was alive, i thought jocko was gone

    been the best fantasy season ever

    see ya's next season for more bants

Kev · 22/08/2016 at 18:15

I'm a fan of using late season form as an indicator for next year, not a lot jumping out at me. Cripps and Bont are closing in on the 600k mark, not a lot of value there. Treloar not far behind them.

Might be interested in a few of the Saint mids (Steven, Acres, Ross) if a better ruck comes along

    SCaddict · 22/08/2016 at 19:33

    Agree Kev although there may be room to sneak in either one of the Bont or Cornboy as their fantasy stocks appear on the rise. At this stage they'll be priced around the $570-580K mark which is not ridiculous for what you are getting.

    Not sure you could afford both though with all the other expensive 'must haves' such as Danger, Doc and Gawn next season. A lot of attractive fallen premiums to squeeze into our starting midfields too.

      Westy · 23/08/2016 at 20:01

      Some of the immediate fallens (injured) who could be interesting in 2017 include Fyfe, Beams, R Murphy, O'Meara, Swallow. I'm struggling whether to look at Ablett.

      I've got a few left field ones I'm contemplating too.

      On a more sombre note, good luck Roughy. We all hope you beat the cancer.

SCaddict · 22/08/2016 at 18:19

The race for the $50K is Shemm's to win with a very handy 120pt lead over Endeavour Storm heading into the final straight.

Brothers FC bolted into 3rd place after a cracking 2582 on the weekend proving it's still possible to fly up the rankings even at this late stage of proceedings.

    Hoot · 22/08/2016 at 19:31

    Yeah had a look today and I think Shemm (pending an injury Zero) has a very good chance to take it all.

    I went from 22 to 17 and back up to 24 after a perfectly executed Franklin Zorko Ward Laird combination to the guts.

    One trade left… thinking to put it all on the little master Friday night after the fruit incident.

    Come on top 15!!!!!!

      Vyrone Tickery · 22/08/2016 at 19:52

      Do you reckon Shemm has any trades? Will he be able to cover Sloane or will the Top 10 stink it up?

        Hoot · 22/08/2016 at 20:24

        Im gonna say no.

        He will at least have a Mathieson or an equivalent one would think.

        What about Franklin? A cork in thigh may have him this week dominated by Rance (to his pleasure) and deliver a dirty 70.

    john · 22/08/2016 at 19:59

    After being as high as 55 this season my best ever I am back down to 827 and hanging on for dear life to a top 1000 finish which is also a PB. Thanks to all of the community for great help this season!

      jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 20:44

      Great season John!

        john · 22/08/2016 at 20:57

        Could not have done it without you Jock! in two GF's as well in my cash leagues so hoping to have some pocket money to help me through the pre season with some froffies!

        A big thanks to Higgo and Crouching, Wayno, Lek Dog, Big Carl and BVC you make SC so much fun and I listen to the podcasts every week and read all the articles. Cant wait till you get a coach kings venue near me!

          jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 21:02

          You are extremely welcome John. It's good eggs like you that make it all the more enjoyable mate!

    throttlefinger · 22/08/2016 at 23:04

    Best of luck, Shemm! We'll all be rooting for ya, my man!

Don't Blush Baby · 22/08/2016 at 19:01

Should Sloane fight his charge ?

    SCaddict · 22/08/2016 at 19:27

    Would have a decent case you would think but can the Crows really risk it with a potential missed Week 1 final at stake?

      johnno2908 · 22/08/2016 at 19:32

      Exactly. Too much of a risk unfortunately. Hopefully for our supercoach teams they appeal but cannot see it happening with that much at stake

        jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 20:42

        Agree with the lads unfortunately Blush. He'll cop the week.

          Don't Blush Baby · 22/08/2016 at 21:05

          1 trade left ,in a $100 per person winner take all final, my opponent has Neale who didn't have Sloane
          I'll go Neale , I feel I can the rest of his team

    Beezneez · 24/08/2016 at 16:38

    Only if he went in wearing a Hawthorn jumper.

    @wheels_1987 · 26/08/2016 at 14:16

    nah beh beh

Steeeve · 22/08/2016 at 20:21

Sloane out means I am down to two tantalising choices:
1. Bont (v Freo)
2. Cripps (v Essendon)

What do you think?

    jockreynolds · 22/08/2016 at 20:42

    That's a belter mate. I'd almost go Cornboy

      Steeeve · 22/08/2016 at 21:56

      I actually agree. What a great problem to have. Just a pity my opponent this week didn't have Sloane anyway.

    @wheels_1987 · 26/08/2016 at 14:16


David · 22/08/2016 at 21:02

Bloody hell, community, my season is over. My entire team spudded in the prelims. I watched my projected score plummet from almost 2600 down to 2,180. Feels like the SC gods discovered my tight innocent orifice and decided to have their way.

    pod · 23/08/2016 at 07:18

    Unlucky David, I had a similar exit last season but (not the orifice type) was lucky enough to keep my innocence!!

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:21

    She can be a cruel mistress at times this game we love so much David. Sorry to hear about your luck last weekend – I know you'll be gagging to take it to the next level in season 2017.

      David · 25/08/2016 at 22:16

      I am gagging for it, Jock. I really am. And I'll be looking to the community and your stunning podcast for significant advice. Loved your work this season, you true blue legend.

john · 22/08/2016 at 21:03

I would go the Bont personally. Not sure why but midfielders have not tended to go massive against Essendon this season from memory. Danger certainly did not go large both times he played us for example. The Bont struggled last week against us also from an SC perspective.

    pod · 23/08/2016 at 07:15

    I noticed that recently john, I've been staying clear of VC or C on players v Bombers since. Danger scored 99 both games this year.

Shake n bake · 22/08/2016 at 21:42

9 grand finals this week ranked 150 was hopeing to get into top 100 maybe not to be. Good luck to all this weekend to all playing in a gf.

    pod · 23/08/2016 at 07:20

    Awesome effort Shake, and good luck!!

      The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 11:44

      The S'n'B Fake is a season highlight mate, best of luck this week.

    neil d/d · 23/08/2016 at 08:29

    great effort and well done bake hope to see you at a graders next year cheers neil

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 11:26

    Well done shakers.
    Great season.
    Best of luck in the GF's.

    You will be etched into SC folklore for the ol' Shake n Bake fake!

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:20

    Great stuff Shake. Brilliant season!

Boltons Blues · 22/08/2016 at 23:04

MRP have stuffed up big time, what a weak decision, if they didnt stuff up the Hawkins incident, Sloane and all the others wouldve gotten off.

You suspend Sloane who was going for the ball and missed, connected with his face and cut him open – a fine at most
yet Jordan Lewis, not going for the ball, punching a player in the jaw, ignore the fact it deflected off his shoulder, he had every intention to strike him, yet he gets off.

MRP is a joke and no, this isnt an angry supercoach rant, its a general supporters rant

    pod · 23/08/2016 at 07:24

    I agree Bolt, and his record should mean something especially this late in the season. Do you have the unlucky little champ? I do and I've one golden trade left!!

      Boltons Blues · 23/08/2016 at 10:45

      Yes i do, 0 trades aswell, Dunkley has shown signs of getting 80s so hopefully he can up his game this weekend

        jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:20

        I think it's just wrong upping suspension based on the level of injury to the opposition. So many variables involved. Ebert could have had an existing cut that we re-opened etc. Don't like it at all.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 11:28

    Hope he is not too close in the Brownlow!
    Imagine being ineligible for that.

    MRP – Most Ridiculous Policy.

The Ranger · 22/08/2016 at 23:10

Thanks Jock, Higgo, Crouching, your pearls of wisdom have been brighter than ever this year and I owe you a heap of thanks for getting me up into the top 1k for the first time and into a couple of GF's too.
Gotta give a big shout out to Shem this week, good luck mate and if all goes well make sure you get on here and let us know how you did it.

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:18

    Ranger – congratulations of a fantastic season and the popping of your top 1000 cherry! Great achievement and reward for your hard work this year.

    Very exciting re: Shemmist. We've all got our fingers crossed

      The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 17:16

      Hey Jock, If Shem gets across the line can you get him to do a feature post on the site like you did back in earlier years with Warman and Bruyn etc?
      I went back into the JR archives and read those articles in the preseason this year and it was bloody great to read their wisdoms mate.

        jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 10:09

        Love the idea mate. Just need to find him! Does anyone know if he's on the twitter or the like?

Jimmy · 22/08/2016 at 23:37

Currently ranked around 1200…Could a massive score crack me into the top 1000 or is it all over red rover?

    I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 09:55

    If there is some carnage this week I think you might be in luck. It's not over till its over

neil d/d · 23/08/2016 at 08:31

WILL GOLDY be rested could cause mayhem

    pod · 23/08/2016 at 09:40

    Is the Goldy out speculation or do you have information?

      neil d/d · 23/08/2016 at 13:19

      no mate just a comment and hoping as i have lycett on the pine

    I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 09:54

    Rumour is norf might be resting a few of the boys. Don't be surprised if Goldy is out

      jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:16

      Would not be surprised in the slightest if he's out. North would be wise to give him a spell given this week is a bit of a dead rubber for them

        johnno2908 · 24/08/2016 at 07:26

        It's a dead rubber in terms of making the 8. But if Adelaide beat West Coast, North get up against GWS, and the Bulldogs beat Freo, means North will play Bulldogs in Melbourne instead of GWS in Sydney in the finals. Hoping they use that logic rather than dead rubber as I already have sloane to deal with!

          jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 10:10

          That's a good point Jonno

            JamiesNinjas13 · 24/08/2016 at 13:46

            I don't see why North would rest anyone. There is a bye round before the finals, a player not playing for 2 weeks straight may decrease their momentum and focus and is a big risk.

I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 10:07

Thanks to Jock Higgo & Crouching for an awesome year. It was never the same when the curtain came down last year. So glad it came back better than ever. 4 GF's to negotiate & then straight into preseason & Tinder. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that I seem to spend an additional 10 hours a week in the gym when SC finishes!

    The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 10:48

    Good luck in ya GF's Pieman, thanks for all the banter and advice, it's been fun!

      I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 10:53

      Thanks Ranger. Sure has been some fun! Can't wait for it all to happen again

        The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 10:59

        What's your biggest lesson learnt this year mate? Or the one thing you'll do differently in 2017?

          I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 11:23

          Simple. I traded 10 premos. 9 because of injury & the last one was Rich cause I can't stand him. Most of those guys had an interrupted preseason. So the lesson is simple. More durable players needed. Ranked about 500 having traded 10 premos is a what might have been. How about yourself Ranger?

            The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 11:41

            Very similar thoughts to mine. I'll be starting with JPK next year for sure!
            And I'll be trying to avoid the high priced rookies, cash generation was a problem all year.
            And I think I'll be looking for value rather than a name during those paint fencing rounds up to the byes.
            I could of got Neale but held off because I wanted Hanners, i could have got Selwood but held off beacuse I wanted Pendles…those kind of decisions cost me money in the end and the point differential is not huge.
            I'll be placing more emphasis on picking up good players cheap and backing them in to come good.

              I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 11:49

              The rookies this year especially at the start were not great when you need the cash gen. Was speaking to a bloke right up there in the top 30 or so & he started with Danger & Pendles & picked up his other 6 mids all under 500k. Quite interesting. Picking off good players cheap is what the game is all about. A never ending search for value

            Derek · 23/08/2016 at 11:58

            that hurts. especially when a premo has to be traded after an injury game and you not only have to trade them, you lose $50k in value.

            i had 7 premos i had to trade because of injury and thought that was rough. in a way that was my problem this year, holding onto premos too long when injured. Ie Rocky & BCrouch at the start. Rookies didn't step up when needed

              Derek · 23/08/2016 at 12:36

              my biggest mistake this year (yes bigger than starting with Lobbe) was being too careful with trades at the start. i should have gone bang bang bang. in rounds 3, 4 & 5 i had players out all over the place and it also was the weeks when the rookies all had shockers. I was 70,801st place after round 5 but had only used 2 trades. season was over before it started.

              i'd love to know from the players who are now in the top 1000, where they were ranked after round 5 and what their total score was at that point. Just so i know if i have gained or lost ground from that point on?

                I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 12:55

                Set & forget ruckman is the way to go Derek. That point was proven crystal clear this year. Started with Goldy Nic Nat. Nic Nat another one I had to move on. Next year I'd suggest 2 of Gawn/Goldy/Grundy. The triple G Banger combo

                The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 16:12

                Derek, I'm now in the 600's and was ranked 2198 after Rd.5 and on 11,060 pts having used 3 trades.

                Better Luck Nxt Yr · 23/08/2016 at 16:58

                Currently inside top 500.

                After round 5, score of 10,994, rank of 4,012 and had used 5 trades.

                johnno2908 · 23/08/2016 at 18:36

                Ranked 122nd on 11202 points and had used 3 trades. Now 13th overall.

                john · 23/08/2016 at 20:18

                I am currently 827 but early on at around round 5 I was top 300 odd from memory. got as high as 56 but injuries crippled my team and it has been a slow decline from about 2 rounds after the bye rounds.

                Shake n bake · 23/08/2016 at 22:11

                Hey Derek I was 4200 after rd 5 and used 3 trades.

              I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 12:53

              It was a down year for rooks Derek. The lack of selections in round 1 forced me into some suspect mid pricers. And they were all pretty ordinary. And its a reflection of a poor draft for mine. I think this years batch is a lot better

            Moustachio · 23/08/2016 at 15:22

            I "learnt" the same lesson this year. But jeez the fallen oremos this year are going to be ridiculous!! Fyfe Beams Watson Heppell JOM Swallow Murphy, Ryder Bennell Roughie Lids, Hurley Hibberd, Sandi….. and that's just off the top of my head.

            Massive injury risks, massive value to be had. Massive decisions =)

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 11:32

      Good luck pieman.

      Banter and forum has been awesome this year.
      Good to gather advice but also give each other a stir.

      Have enjoyed if immensely.

        I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 11:40

        Thanks Trigger. Have loved the banter & shit stirring. It's all part of the caper. Wishing you all the best of you've made a grannie

          TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 12:13

          Unfortunately a mere spectator this week thanks to the spud gun going into overdrive on the weekend.

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:15

    Thanks very much Pieman! It's been fantastic to see you at your best in the forums this year and thanks on behalf of everyone who frequents these posts for all the help you've provided to so many! Any updates in the your Tinder quest?

      I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 15:41

      I'm currently penning my Tinder memoirs Jock. Posting advice on here is no different. A labour of love!

    Moustachio · 23/08/2016 at 15:13

    Mate not sure why you want to get on the tinder with 4 gf's already. Save some for the rest of us!

      I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 15:44

      To borrow a line from Michael Douglas Moustachio " Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good".

The Master · 23/08/2016 at 10:25

Are you still there One Touch Wonder? How did your shark moves work out for you in the end? Either way at least you had a go. Hope you had some success as you brought a bit of fun to the discussions.

    Derek · 23/08/2016 at 11:33

    OTW's shark moves was one of my highlights of the year. i think we were all secretly cheering for him.

VC & C options · 23/08/2016 at 10:31

Last time they met..

Bont 110 v Dockers @ES
Neale 109 v Dogs @ES

Shaw 110 v Roos @SP

Hanners 138 v Tigers @MCG
Franklin 101 v Tigers @MCG
Parker 75 v Tigers @MCG
Dusty 118 v Swans @MCG

Gibbs 130 v Bombers @MCG
Cripps missed round 6 v Bombers

Vince 167 v Cats (2015) @SS
Gawn 146 v Cats (2015) @SS
Blicavs 153 v Demons (2015) @SS

Selwood 74 v Demons @SS (2015)

Danger ? v Demons (2015 playing for crows) vince tagged him out of game
Pendles ave 114 v Hawks, and ave 116 @MCG

hedski · 23/08/2016 at 11:03

Booted out of both my cash leagues last week :'(
Managed top round score and most points in both tho so doubled my $ plus a little bit extra πŸ˜‰
Only in one gf this week in Hypochondria JR league (ranked @100th league) so will be happy if I can win that.
Was ranked 900th after round 3 but blew back out to 15000th by round 9 after bad captain/onfield rookie picks, have battled back up to the 4000s but pretty disappointed.
Anyway thanks to all the crew for your great work and the community for wisdoms and laughs in the comments.
Good luck for the gfs to those that made it.

    I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 11:26

    Nice fight back Hedski. Good luck in your Grannie

    The Ranger · 23/08/2016 at 11:43

    You did well to grind your way back up Hedski!
    Good luck this week mate.

    hedski · 23/08/2016 at 12:33

    No worries fellas. Back at ya.

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:12

    Good solid season Hed. That climb back up from 15000 to 4000s is a credit to you.

      hedski · 23/08/2016 at 23:00

      Thanks Jock bout to have a crack at the podcast will be following during the off season go cats

    neil d/d · 23/08/2016 at 13:29

    good luck Hedski a great year really and to make the gf in that league awesome mate see ya next year fellas

      hedski · 23/08/2016 at 23:02

      Did you beat derek in the vfl neil?
      Def up for a crack next year cheers

    Shake n bake · 23/08/2016 at 22:03

    Had some great games against you this year hedski!

      hedski · 23/08/2016 at 23:04

      Yeah but ya just kept beatin me shaker..ha ha

TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 11:35

Go Shem!
Win for the community.
Be great to hail one of our own!
Best of luck mate.

    Moustachio · 23/08/2016 at 15:09

    Really happy for him and for the community which will get due recognition for being the best place to come for SC advice!

MOC · 23/08/2016 at 12:09

Great Podacast fellas! Quick question… What will beams be likely to be priced at next year?

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 12:14



      jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 12:15

      Will go in pretty heavily selected I'd suggest lads.

        TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 12:41

        Will only get a gig if he has a full preseason and is cherry ripe going into Rd 1.

        Lesson learnt 2016 – don't start under cooked premos.


          I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 12:57

          100% agree Trigger. Beams is a firm no until he can prove otherwise. These injury prone blokes cost as you say points & trades

            neil d/d · 23/08/2016 at 13:30

            ablett pieman he is special IMO

          MOC · 23/08/2016 at 19:24

          Yeh I 100% agree. He'll just be an Ablett/Rocky 2.0

      SCaddict · 23/08/2016 at 13:34

      I'm not 100% on this Trigger but I think he may actually get a 40% discount playing only 2 games just like Wells did last season who got a 40% discount this season.

      If so then he'll be priced at $367K which will make him an automatic selection if he plays Rd1 almost irregardless of the preseason he has. Just can't pass up on a potential top 10 Supercoach player especially at such a bargain basement price.

        Moustachio · 23/08/2016 at 15:07

        Exactly this. Anyone who does not start beams at that price is crazy. Even if he only gets in 5 games he will still make a ton of cash.

          I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 15:18

          At 367 I'd take him. At 500 probably not

        TRIGGER HAPPY · 24/08/2016 at 14:09

        Hope u r right Addict and he gets the full 40%

        At that discounted price too hard to ignore

    Danners · 23/08/2016 at 21:48

    About $420k since he has played 2 games and average 79

      MOC · 24/08/2016 at 11:50

      Cheers mate… Should be a lock then if starting

Paul96 · 23/08/2016 at 12:34

hey community ive got the following matchups this week (my players on the left)

Cripps v Selwood
Gaff v Priddis
Greene v Dahl
Bartel v May

we both have Sloane and I have 2 trades left – don't think he has any left. I'm gonna bring in Rocky for Sloane, but not sure which final trade gives me the best chance of winning.

Bartel-> JJ
Greene-> Howe
any thoughts appreciated!

    jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:11

    Gday there Paul. I'm liking the JJ trade. Can't see Tobias getting it done at Etihad v Roos – and JJ has almost proven now that, given full fitness and a good run of games, he's a genuine point scoring machine. So JJ here

      Paul96 · 23/08/2016 at 13:41

      Thanks Jock mate!

johnno2908 · 23/08/2016 at 12:48

Sloane has accepted the 1 match ban

    I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 12:58

    No brainer. The risk of missing a final is not worth it. Crap for owners who have no trades like me. And a cash league GF opponent that doesn't have him

      jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:09

      Lads – you reckon Bud will play? The more I think about the less I reckon he'll front up

        I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 13:12

        Coleman on the line & playing the tigers. Think he'd be keen to get out there

          jockreynolds · 23/08/2016 at 13:22

          I reckon if Kennedy kicks 2 or more he'll be out

            TRIGGER HAPPY · 23/08/2016 at 14:06

            Agree Jock.

            If JJK kicks 3 or more the general make strike down Buddy this weekend.,

        johnno2908 · 23/08/2016 at 14:36

        Really hope so as I traded Lycett to Franklin last week… Might cost me a lot of money that trade.

Joe · 23/08/2016 at 14:12

I have both Sloane and NicNat, and one trade left with $11k.
If I trade Sloane, I have to play Naismith along with a premo mid (Treloar/Jelwood/Ward/Priddis/SMitchell/Coniglio)
If I trade NicNat, I have to play Greene along with Jacobs.

Which of those two options do you prefer community?

    killereel · 23/08/2016 at 17:36

    Greene isn't a bad back up …maybe punt on lycett ..he will get lots of game time and can have an impact ..he will be revved up I think ….But Jacobs can be a decent b/up to play aswell .is it for H2H match …?

      Joe · 23/08/2016 at 18:14

      Yeah I'm in 3 GF's, and the main league has Goldy as the POD ruck

        killereel · 23/08/2016 at 18:26

        Goldy v mummy this week .. ,he may not score heavy and probably be well checked ..jacobs up against lycett..back Jacobs mate ..greene can go large 100 plus, I'm playing him this week

I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 15:25

Shout out to the retiring Waddling star Dane Swan. Absolute gun & a Supercoach Uber champion scorer over many years!

    CJay · 23/08/2016 at 17:34

    Might of been handy in our forward line next year but agree, thanks for the good times Swanny

      I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 20:23

      Would of been at a price worth consideration next year. But not to be

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 24/08/2016 at 14:14

    Even when they said he was cooked smashed out a massive season last year.

    Waddle into the sunset swanny you have earnt your rest

    Will see you on TV or radio soon.

killereel · 23/08/2016 at 17:31

Cripps will go.large again this weekend.anyone agree …?.and we will also see Josh Gibson return back to Big figures in my opinion with inexperienced Forward line off Pies giving him licence to explode in the back line 130 plus prediction..

    Boltons Blues · 23/08/2016 at 19:39

    Backing Cripps with the VC tag this week, hope he goes 160 to make up for Sloane getting rubbed out and forcing me to field Dunkley

    Leeds17 · 24/08/2016 at 05:54

    Yeah its hard to see Gibbo not having a good game with no one to play on & Pies likely to win the clearances so will see plenty ball.

Stevo · 23/08/2016 at 19:22

Thank You to the Community, Jock & the team. Have loved every podcast and post. All your wisdoms have taken me to 3 Grand Finals including Cash League & the first time my overall rank has reached the dizzy heights of top 2%.

Good luck to all that remain in contention. Can't wait for 2017 already.

    I N Pieman · 23/08/2016 at 20:22

    Fantastic effort Stevo. Best of luck in your GF's mate

      Stevo · 23/08/2016 at 22:00

      Thanks Pieman. Appreciated your wisdoms on the way too. Good luck to you too this weekend.
      My final trade was Rich to JJ. Felt so good.

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:33

    Great season Steve well done mate! Onwards and upwards from here. Just fold your learnings from this season into the pocket and take them into 2017.

      Stevo · 24/08/2016 at 20:53

      Thanks Jock. Means a lot. Absolutely loved the Podcasts and articles. Plenty of laughs and life lessons. Look after Higgo & Crouching over the hiatus & have a great summer chasing the pinky snapper.

Danners · 23/08/2016 at 21:46

Well, where has the season gone! Thanks Jock, his team, and the community for all the stuff you have done this season. Unfortunately, injuries and trades like Wells to MacPherson and Bartel to JJ early on for them to get injured the next week hurt my season and should finish around the 3000 mark without making a GF.
Looking forward to 2017 and the preseason but I suppose its time to turn my attention to EPL Fantasy
Well done to all of the league winners!
Thanks Danners

    Derek · 24/08/2016 at 00:38

    We should have a Jock Reynolds EPL fantasy league. Anyone else??

      Danners · 24/08/2016 at 10:05

      Sounds good

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:32

    You're very welcome Danners – you've been a ray of light on here all season, hope you can hang around over the offseason, we'll still be rolling the old arm over. Here's to top 1000 for you in 2017 mate

NutSack · 23/08/2016 at 23:57

Sheeeeesh.. I thought Higgo might have a taste or at least a touch of Cathys sweet honey pot this season….. especially with the church camps and all….Im almost getting blue balls for him….. need to come up with a spreadsheet that will help ya get in there Higgo!!!! Time is of the essence my friend…. you dont want the goal of getting some of Cathy like Richmonds goal of winning a final… that would be brutal!!!!!!

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:30

    It's unbelievable Nut. Unbelievable. He's out shopping for a new wardrobe as I type. Reckons he's hitting the beach a lot this summer. Even started doing star jumps and crap light that. Could be getting himself in shape to unleash Little Higgo on The Cath.

killereel · 24/08/2016 at 06:08

They should have an annual pod cast award for fantasy sports excellence,call it a Poddie or something , Jock and crew would hold odds on favoritism ,no doubt.. …til 2017 ,Lataz

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:29

    Thanks very much Killer, has been a pleasure. Hope you can stick around for the off season mate!

Chubby McChubby · 24/08/2016 at 07:36

$542K to spend on Sloane replacement? Who would be your first pick?

    I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 09:22

    Neale Selwood Coniglio assuming you don't have one of them. Smoky Byrce Gibbs vs the Bombers. If your thinking about Jack Steven, heavily consider the Mitch Robinson tag. Doesn't cope well with it

    Derek · 24/08/2016 at 09:26

    i have the same choice to make. I'm tossing up between Selwood & Neale

    pod · 24/08/2016 at 09:47

    Neale then Selwood, after that it's a lottery.

      Derek · 24/08/2016 at 09:51

      i'm thinking Neale. Playing at Home. Dogs have nothing to play for (will finish 7th win or lose)

        halfachance · 24/08/2016 at 09:57

        Not true, Eagles should lose to crows and doggies win will put them into 6th giving them a home final against eagles. Very important for the doggies not to be playing the eagles away!

          Derek · 24/08/2016 at 10:02

          thats odd, i looked at the ladder on my phone app and some reason it hadn't updated the dogs/cats game. The dogs do have alot to play for, interesting…..

    Chubby McChubby · 24/08/2016 at 11:16

    Thanks Pieman and Derek. I have Neale and Selwood. I did consider Coniglio though Gibbsy is starting to float my boat

Slash · 24/08/2016 at 08:17

Long time reader/first time poster.
Most times people ask the questions that I need answering, but this one is a bit left field coz I am one of very few that have not fielded pendles all year.
Do I finally bring him in for the last game?
Or do for a Bont/Crippa type player?
Slone out obviously
Thanks in advance

    pod · 24/08/2016 at 08:54

    Hey Slash, I reckon you can't go wrong with Pendles. Cripps showed us a glimpse of the champ within but I think he'll get some extra attention this week. The Bombers have slowed down most premo mids this year including the Bont last week, and Danger twice!! so Pendles is my pick of the three. Good Luck!!

      I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 09:16

      Agree with pod. The Hawks will not tag Pendles. Expect a decent score from him & certainly a captain option

        pod · 24/08/2016 at 09:34

        Hey Pieman, how good are the Pies looking for 2017!? The reserves are belting every team that comes near them, they've won last dozen easy! Players frothing too get a senior spot like big Cox, Witts and Frost to name a few, not forgettin Jamie Elliott to return. Also, salary cap room (Swan), and Bucks has put his gonads in the Eddie's palm and announced "it's finals or gonski". I hate to admit it but they look ominous and confident going forward. It's like a Fibonacci thing, they're due for contention!!

          I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 09:54

          I wouldn't get too excited. Don't forget Buckley will still be coaching. So we can't make finals. But I'll be looking forward to seeing & assuming he lines up in round 1 our first SC rookie LOCK! Matt Scherenberg. Let's just hope he gets a run at it. Hoping Jamie Elliott gets healthy. We really have missed him. Another one to look at in the Fwd line if cheap enough. Witts is out the door. Grundy has sent him packing. Hopefully we get something decent for him. And it would be bloody exciting to see a Daicos on the list

            pod · 24/08/2016 at 10:12

            lol I can't sway you on Bucks but the Pies team list is very good. Grundy could be in my 2017 starting team, depending on preseason etc. Scherenberg looks a prospect, but what's lacking is (imo) midfield depth. Of course you have the maestro Pendles but other than SideBum there's not much potential premo talent, unless Elliott's ready for the move!! A Menegola or similar would be ideal.

              I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 10:58

              No mate I can't be swayed by Bucks. You can't polish a turd. Grundy high in calculations that's for sure. Will eventually be an auto lock. Its between Goldy & Grundy for R2. Elliott into the mids would be awesome for supercoach. If the Pies have a healthy list they might do Ok. DeGoey really needs a tank. Reminds me a bit of Dusty. Took him a long time to get a tank

              Moustachio · 24/08/2016 at 18:00

              Treloar would like a word with you!

                pod · 25/08/2016 at 06:11

                I'm not sure how I forgot him, after all he is in my SC team!?

    Derek · 24/08/2016 at 09:10

    dunno about that one. Pies play the hungry Hawks. i still think class will show and he will score well, but i can't see a 130+ from him.

    i'd be looking at one of the Swans. playing at the SCG to secure the top spot against a very poor tigers team.

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 24/08/2016 at 09:18

      Go on say it.

      Alright I will.

      Bring in JPK as he is a proven gun and won't let u down. Esp at the SCG.

      pod · 24/08/2016 at 09:29

      Going on Pendles July 3 2015 clash Pies v Hawks, I think a C is well worth considering, maybe Danger as VC? "Captain Scott Pendlebury was outstanding for the Magpies with a game-high 37 possessions, 10 clearances, 10 tackles and five score assists.." (from AFL website).

        Derek · 24/08/2016 at 09:46

        put yourself in Pendles shoes…last game of the year! do you think he will be flat out?

        I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 09:58

        I like those numbers pod

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:28

    Slash! Great to see you make your debut mate. My two cents is to stick with Pendles – tried, trusted, in form, will play his heart out in the last of the season.

Jeff · 24/08/2016 at 10:32

Should Rocky go fairly big this weekend? Usually does pretty well at Etihad and cant see anyone from the Saints really shutting him down.

    Jeff · 24/08/2016 at 10:36

    Better question. Is it worth chucking the C on Rocky, Pendles or Neale?

      pod · 24/08/2016 at 10:55

      VC Danger into any one of those. I'd go Pendles C.

        Jeff · 24/08/2016 at 11:18

        Vince could potentially go to Danger? Has shut him down in the past.
        Gawn could be a good VC option too

    Clarky99 · 24/08/2016 at 10:45

    Seb Ross has done job on players like Danger and Dusty, so wouldn't surprise me if he does go to Rocky.

      Jeff · 24/08/2016 at 11:19

      Yeah good point, Dependlebury might be the best option

Slash · 24/08/2016 at 10:43

Thanks for your opinions guys
I'll be taking them into account come Friday night,
But it just has me scared to pull the trigger on Friday.
Some players might just cruise leading into finals
If the team is in a good position others might have
Their mind on mad Monday
There in no fun in having the same players as my
Opponent but cash is cash.
I don't bloody know

Don't Blush Baby · 24/08/2016 at 12:04

Seems odd for Nortf to say no contracts for Harvey,Petrie,Firrito n Dal Santo just before finals , but might fire them up also

    I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 13:36

    Very odd. Wait till they lose then flush them. Boomer stiff, still a spring chicken

Shake n bake · 24/08/2016 at 12:34

Last 2 trades who do I bring in for Slone? Bont Gray or rocky? My other trade is at the moment Merrett in Franklin out.

    Clarky99 · 24/08/2016 at 12:42

    I would go Bont

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:26

    Yep. Bont. Just watch teams, I'm still not sure The Bud will play

      SCaddict · 24/08/2016 at 13:40

      Tom Harley believes that the big Bud has pulled up ok from that hip pointer knock and should be available to play this Saturday.

      Of course being available to play and actually playing can be two quite separate things at this stage of the season so maybe you will be right Jock. πŸ™‚

    neil · 24/08/2016 at 14:09

    Bont for sure mate but tough rocky good too decisions

      Shake n bake · 24/08/2016 at 14:46

      I can go Bont & Merrett for Slone & buddy as I have $155k I the kitty that would leave me with $6k left!!! Even if buddy gets up rance is in great form.

Clarky99 · 24/08/2016 at 12:47

According to, North not offering Firrito, Petrie, Dal Santo and Harvey new contracts.

    jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 13:26

    Spud, Petrie and Dal Santo I'm Ok with, but Boomer.. deserves to go around again I reckon Clarky

      Clarky99 · 24/08/2016 at 13:40

      Completely agree with you Jock! Has shown he can still very much match it with the best. Way too hard from the Roos.

        I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 13:43

        32 touches & 150 SC last weekend. Vintage Boomer. Extremely stiff !!!! Had another season in him easily

          JamiesNinjas13 · 24/08/2016 at 13:58

          Harvey is still one of their best players. Does it hurt keeping around someone who has single handedly won them a few games this year and has played every game this year!? Classic Norf, bad decision, good luck with Anderson or Nahas to fill that position hahaha

            Derek · 24/08/2016 at 14:03

            maybe they want him to take a pay cut like Hodgey did

        jockreynolds · 24/08/2016 at 14:10

        All respect for a great of the club aside – he still has a hell of a lot to give. Imagine the example he could set for the kids as well

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 24/08/2016 at 14:24

      Boomer still earns his spot and in top half dozen players.
      Creative around goal and besides wells and maybe one or two others the rest of the team are too one paced.

      They still need those 38 year old legs to break the lines.

      an out right champion who should decide when he says farewell.

    neil dees delight · 24/08/2016 at 14:06

    Harvey another year for sure other 3 can go to Hawthorn they always make something out of nothing .Just thinking who would win Hogan for Fyfe closest thing to a win win Hope DEES don't read this maybe Dawes FOR Fyfe yeah much better

LJB · 24/08/2016 at 13:51

Maybe a trade in option this week for those with sloane?

    LJB · 24/08/2016 at 13:55

    This was supposed to be a reply to the previous post regarding boomer

Derek · 24/08/2016 at 14:21

anyone considering Pendles this week, have a look his scores for the final 3 rounds of home & away and compare the years the pies made the finals and the years they didn't

2011 (pies made finals): 108, 154, 135

2012 (made finals): 116, 155, 125

2013 (made finals): 110, 114, 157

2014 (didn't make finals): 128, 148, 88

2015 (didn't make finals): 106, 155, 85

2016 (won't make finals): 94, 165, ??

    Shake n bake · 24/08/2016 at 15:56

    I'm sure he'll get over 100 against the Hawks. thou the Hawks will win. Hawks don't play a very contested game.

      Derek · 24/08/2016 at 17:28

      understatement – hawks had only 2 contested marks last week ):

I N Pieman · 24/08/2016 at 15:23

I've heard Homer was at Arden at this morning to perform "the cut"

TRIGGER HAPPY · 24/08/2016 at 17:03

If u want a sneaky C this week whack it on the bont as the dogs play freo.

Recently against freo:

Swans – Hannas and JPK – 140
Eagles – priddus 130
GWS – everyone's favourite Griffen 140

If your VC fails just do it.

Cromagnon · 25/08/2016 at 23:18

Hello Community, I need some guidance. Made the GF of my cash league, 1 trade left, which will be used to replace Sloane, here are my choices;
A. Cripps
B. Neale
My opponent has Cripps, but not Neale.
Who do I get in for the big dance? Thanks in advance!

@wheels_1987 · 26/08/2016 at 14:14

Good Luck this weekend everyone

See you all next season for more banter



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