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Welcome to the Panic Room! Where we look at how the biggest team news and Supercoach of the news and discussing how we react.

But, this week absolutely nothing has happened on the team front. Diddly squad on the injury front. There’s been nothing. Not a bit.

What am I to do? How do I make a Panic Room that is even vaguely interesting when nothing vaguely interesting has happened during the week to hang off? Is The Panic Room a parasite, sucking blood out of what is spawned by the Football world each week?

All of these philosophical questions are both too hard and too confronting to have answers, so I’m going to talk about Michael Hurley for a bit in order to stave off potential crushing realisation that I may in fact be useless.

So: Hurley.


I can’t wait for the chance to see Cale Hooker and Michael Hurley running around in my CoachKings side, and it also gives me a whole summer of toying with Essendon’s starting 22 for next year – hit us up in the comments as to what you think we’ll line up as!

However, we’ll take time to gel. Essendon won’t come out and bust to the top of the ladder.

Tonight will be fun. Jock “The Sacred One” Reynolds has plucked plucked three of his besties for the big West Coast v Hawthorn CoachKings clash tonight. It’s the 3rd last weekend of Venue Final qualification so get on down to your local CoachKings town this night my friends: Hawks West Coast contest



Nothing. Absolutely bugger all.

EDIT: I did the thing again. I questioned the wrath of the Supercoach Gods and they’ve started a rain of fire. Jimmy Bartel is being managed against the Lions this weekend, and after his 48 last week, it looks like time is being called on not just Jimmy’s Fantasy relevance, but his magnificent career. Trade.

Jasper Pittard is the standout like-for-like replacement, and I don’t mind either Jeremy Howe or Zac Williams around that pricepoint either. And despite how much Lek will hate me for suggesting him, so is Bachar Houli, but if you’ve got the cash go for rolled gold replacement.

As TRIGGER_HAPPY pointed out in the comments, it may not be the last of the carnage for the weekend.

Matthew Suckling is out with that pesky Achilles and I’d wager we won’t see him again in the home and away season… and that’s literally it.

Sam Jacobs and Kurt Tippett are back, Matthew Pavlich and Aaron Sandilands have been managed. To make way, Toby Nankervis and Jesse Joyce have been dropped.

Chad Wingard has done a hammy and is gone for the year, and should be straight swapped to the Doggies, and Taylor Adams will miss with an ankle.

Richmond have made a swathe of changes following their loss to the Cats, with Anthony Miles, Ben Lennon, Nathan Drummond and Ty Vickery all dropped. Connor Menadue and Kane Lambert have been brought in to replace them, alongside some bloke called Tom Elton and a debutant in Callum Moore.

Jacob Hopper and Darcy Parish are back, while Tom Hickey, Ryan Clarke and a small host of other irrelevant fantasy names will miss.

BORING, eh? Have a meme. Supercoach Meme That meme is relevant to anything or anyone, just like the team news this week.

Fun fact: memes are a way young people stave off existential crises. They also provide a thing called “the lolz,” which is the primary way creatures like us communicate, unless we’re Richmond supporters, in which case we bond over bonfires made from Richmond FC memberships.


As I’m sure you know, this is the Patch Up, where I have a gander at the biggest issue of the week. AnotherMeme Ah yes, another meme. Keep staving off the existential dread, Patch, I believe in you*

*(I don’t)

All the week’s issues aren’t quite Fantasy Football related:

  • Australia’s inability to play spin in Sri Lanka
  • Our pathetic effort in track and field in Rio
  • Andrew Bogut’s fitness

All of the answers to these questions involve getting Jock Reynolds to the scene. Masterful player of spin at the top of the order, good cricketing mind and bowls a lethal wrong-un. In fact, Jock taught a young Shane Warne most of what he knows.

He has also run the hundred in a flat six seconds and was offered a contract by the San Antonio Spurs before last season, but they instead had to settle for Paddy Mills as he turned them down to throw his heart and soul into CoachKings.

Speaking of… here is the CoachKings All Australian side, made up of the top 7 averaging players of each line, with an extra midfielder thrown in for good measure. CoachKings All Austrlian And I must say, this is very, very similar to my AA side, and you’d wager will be similar to the AA selected at the end of the year, which is a massive testament to our very own Peter “Higgo” Higginbotham and his mathematical genius.

If you have any serious Supercoach issues: namely The Chad, have a gander at Lekdog’s beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful cheat sheet. Lenny However, there is one large bug for a lot of people.

That bug is Dylan Shiel. He’s been an irritant all year, and I reckon if you’ve got rage trades left in reserve, flick him as hard as you bloody well can. Hasn’t shown a massive ceiling this year, and has been awful to those of us who started him.


Nothing here either. Not even a meme.



780 words into this thing and we’ve finally hit something that isn’t me grasping for relevance. But we’re into relevance!

Captaincy selection will make us or break us this week, so we need a long, hard look at it this week.

Joel Selwood is only averaging 91 in the last 3 games or so, but he has history does our man Joel.

Buddy Franklin once booted 13 against the Roos in Tassie, for some 900 Supercoach points. Pulled the Saints to bits last week and heating up for finals. Strong VC option and could go off the chain. Bloody risky though. Would lean towards Dan The Man Hannebery as the VC first though. 137 average over his last three, 126 in his last against North.

I’m steering clear of both Scott Pendlebury and Patrick Dangerfield this week, mainly as points of difference. However, Pendles is still under an injury cloud, despite playing the lowly Suns, and Paddy has had a down August, so there is rationale for not selecting either of those.

Tom Rockliff at home, coming off a mammoth score would be my lock for the week if I had him. 120 over his last 3, 159 last week… Rockliff is riding a massive arousal curve home and I’d LOCK. HIM. IN. I don’t give a stuff about Scott Selwood going to him, ride Rocky home, boys and girls.

Otherwise, Max Gawn has my C currently, and seems to have shaken the MCG hoodoo from the first half of the year: his last 5 games at the G have yielded an average of 121 and Carlton’s ruck stocks… well they aren’t great, to be honest.

RIGHTEO – that’s the end of my rambling incoherence for another week. I’ll try and pop in the comments later in the afternoon, but in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good weekend of fantasy football: be it Supercoach or CoachKings.

Lots of Love,




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have wells, steven and ward who are all underperforming.
have 2 trades and 219k and in 3 preliminary finals
who to trade or hold?


Steven and Ward are playing against teams with midfields who are not accountable and allow first possession to the opposition. Wells is playing against contested ball and pressure kings Sydney, who also happen to be in red hot form….


Absolutely agree, JB. Steven's just as likely to pump out a 170 as he is a 70, and against the tiges could do some massive damage.


Who will score less out of JJK and Gunston for my loophole?


Might depend on who you think will win the game! That's a tough one. I can't remember the last time Kennedy kicked a bag against good quality opposition and he seems to struggle all the time against Hawthorn. Always a first time for everything, but Gunston has much more pedigree of standing up in big games.


Kennedy doesn't do brilliantly against the Hawks, only averaging 90 or so. I'd go Gunston myself, Frank


Hey patch and community , need some advice with this trade
Unfortunately have suckling in my team and I have 2 options:
1) suckling to Gibson
2)loop Collins and if he doesn't do well, suckling to aish
What do you guys think is the best option?


Jimmy Bartel is being managed this week. Bit of a surprise that.


Burn baby burn! Geez hasn't he run off the fantasy rails the past month or so.

Wonder if it has anything to do with that contract clause he has as you would've thought that maybe Enright would've been rested this weekend instead?

At least it may open up loop opportunities for a few of his owners with the Cats playing Sunday. And let's face it he was't exactly scoring great guns lately anyway. A similar loop opportunity for Suckling owners like me.


He did get a knee to the head from Kersten early in the game on Sunday and can only think it must be because of that. Really don't see the need to manage players given the pre-finals bye. Agree he hasn't been in good touch though – SC wise and general form wise.


Phwoar that's a nice little kick in the shins to old Jimmy, and to many coaches. Time for Walla to step up for me!


VC & C dilemma as always Community – especially with Rocky, Jelwood and Danger all playing in the same game!

At this stage I'm leaning towards VC Gawn and C on Rocky OR VC Hannebery and C Selwood.

Too risky to leave out Dangerfield? My opponent in the league prelim final has Danger too…


I like VC Hannebury & C Gawn
Danger has let me down the last two weeks


Bartel to someone with 459k
already have shaw docherty simpson boyd laird


Have the same problem. Been looking at Pittard, Gibson, Williams Howe, McVeigh (I've got but you might not) May, Haynes & Houli

I'm looking for POD players
Pittard is in 7.1% of teams
Gibson is in 24.9% of teams
Williams is in 3.2% of teams
Howe is in 4.3% of teams
McVeigh is in 7.6% of teams
May is in 0.4% of teams
Haynes is in 0.6% of teams
Houli is in 2.6% of teams

I'm thinking I like Pittard or Williams best but Gibson can go big at times or do we hold Bartel if we have cover? I have Collins on the bench that I can bring onto the ground?


Joyce is my cover and i have 3 trades left so thinking of just trading bartel


May as well use the trade to get the best player on the ground rather than waste it? I've been thinking I may hold and wait and see how things go over the round. I can always use Jimmy as a loophole as someone has already mentioned


Williams to Docherty, or Wells to Martin?

C & VC options

Last time they met..

Danger v Lions 166
JPK v Roos 161
SMitchel v Eagles 144
Selwood v Lions 142
Hanners v Roos 126
Neale v Giants 124

Southern S

I'm going to play it by the stats and go with Big maxy Gawn VC and Danger Captain if that fails. Using Libbe as my loophole.


That was my plan on Monday and I'll be sticking with it


Still tempted by Pendles as VC. Gold Coast are so bad.


Hope you did it Steeeve


Bloody went JPK instead. Now deciding on a C



Well if there is no news of any significance lets just start a few rumours to get the juices flowing:

Bartel will be a late out – oh wait confirmed.

Prestia to Richmond – for Brett Deledio and Richmonds first round pick 2017

JOM to Geelong – For Josh Caddy/Mitch Duncan and Geelongs first round pick 2017. Will be able to fit him in as Bartel will retire.

Sam Reid to Collingwood – Pick 26 to Sydney

David Swallow to North – Lachie Hansen/Majak Daw and North Melbourne's second round pick 2016

Tom Rockcliff to Carlton – Pick 5 to Brisbane.

Hayden Ballantine to WC – Pick 29

Cam McCarthy to Freo – gonna have to pull a rabbit out of the hat as don't enter the draft till pick 39. would think GWS may want more than that. Maybe their first round pick 2017?

Tom Mtichell to Hawthorn – Pick 18 or first round pick 2017 to Sydney

Travis choke to Freo – pick 39 or TC and phillps to WB – pick 31

Adam Thomilson to Carlton – Pick 23 and ? not much to bargin with? 2nd round pick 2016&2017


Come to the Tigers, Cloke. For Vickery and two dozen Coles brand beef sausages

The Ranger

Keep Vickery mate, just up the sausage offer.


Love this Trigger. Tom Rockliff to Carlton – now there's an interesting one. Only 26 but shit he's injury prone. Pick 5 could be about right though I reckon mate.

The Ranger

Bartel out is a disaster for me. Only got Collins as cover.
3 trades and 18K left and I was planning on painting the fence (Martin to Goldie and Keays to a rook) and having 100K and a trade for next week.
Now what?
Martin has to go 'cos Smith is named. If I go Martin to NicNat I'm left with only $448,300 for a defender if I then trade Jimmy.
Aish? Pittard? Tuohy? JJ? Houlli? May?
These are not names I wanted to be thinking about this week!


think of it as not a disaster because you have 3 trades left and most people who have Bartel don't. well done.

The Ranger

You're right of course, hopefully at least some of my opponents will be in that position.
Would you stick with Collins or trade Jimmy?


put E on Collins and see how he does. Fremantle play saturday afternoon, cats don't play until sunday afternoon.

The Ranger

I thought of that but I want Houlli if I do trade so it can't be done.
None of the Sunday teams have a defender I want/can afford.

Shake n bake

You could prob keep Martin, Smith on the extended bench let's hope when the sun games come out soon he's not named.

The Ranger

There's still a chance eh?!
Fingers are crossed.


fair enough. i would go JJ ahead of Houli (JJ plays last game Sunday)

The Ranger

Hmmm, maybe….I've only just now looked at the Doggies draw….Bombers and Freo makes him a bit more tempting.


Hey community in a bit of a dilemma.

2 trades left with 75k. Confident I can win this week with Collins covering Bartel, should have a lot of it going his way.

Option 1:
Trade Gaff for Dahl this week, and next week have enough cash to upgrade Wells to Rocky/Coniglio/Crouch.

Option 2:
Give Gaff another crack, bring in Dahl for Petracca and loophole Gaff for the next two weeks.

Only issue is that in the finals the deciding matchups will be Greene v Ward, Gaff v Priddis. I think Option 1 gives me a better chance in the GF if I can bring in someone like Rocky, but Option 2 seems the more logical.

Any thoughts would be great 🙂


i would hold off until tomorrow morning, see how Gaff goes tonight. Stick Gaff on the bench with the E. If he has a shocker, trade Petracca to dalhaus then.

if Gaff does ok, keep two trades for next week


D Shaw Laird McVeigh Birchall Pittard Rich Tucker Collins
M Danger Pendles Hannaberry Parker Ward Hodge Petracca Treloar Yeo Hewett Trengove
R Goldy Mummy M King
F Martin Buddy Montagna Zorko Stringer Wells Dahlhaus Phillips

I'm trading in players playing Sunday to see how my final is going if possible. Yeo or Rich to trade ?

3 trades 57 k preliminary final

Option 1 Rich and Petracca for Bont and Long? Essendon
Option 2 Rich for Armitage


Hi all. Have followed all year but first post.
Have been thinking all week about barrel to rance and Davis to wills to make up the cash. Dance not mentioned in dispatches. Am I missing something? Will leave me one trade for gf.


Bartel to rance.


good pick. I guess not mentioned much as most people have Rance already


Think that's just because Rance is a popular pick and working assumption is that people already have him. He is in imperious form and a risk to not have him if your opponent does.

That said, always worth looking at your opponent's squad and deciding whether you need to match up a player they already have (because you think your remaining unique players can give you victory) or whether you need to take a risk and go with someone different. This of course only applies if you are in one or a small number of match ups… I know some of the bigger players here are in 9/10 preliminaries this week so straight out match play vs. opponent squad won't work for them.

If your opponent doesn't have Rance then this would be an A1 trade to make.


Cheers guys. Thank you.


Actually think Barrel would be a good nickname for Jimmy, if he keeps the beard and blows out in retirement next year!!


Bartel is out and i have………gulp………BSmith as my D7.

The Ranger

Will he be hero or villain?!
Anythng could happen….

Locked and Loaded

He could bring back his form of a couple of years back and you'll be hard pressed not to select him next year haha

Silver Fox

My def is Docherty/Boyd/Rance/Gibson/Laird/Bartel. Is Heath Shaw for Bartel worth the risk this week with Collins and Broadbent as cover. I have 2 trades left.

The Ranger

I'd do it if I could.


2 trades left. Do I trade Bartel to Gibson or Houli? Or blow both trades and get Enright.

The Ranger

It's flip a coin time for defenders but i'm with Kev, you gotta keep a trade up your sleeve.


Gibbo. Keep one trade for next week


D Shaw Laird McVeigh Birchall Pittard Rich Tucker Collins
M Danger Pendles Hannaberry Parker Ward Hodge Petracca Treloar Yeo Hewett Trengove
R Goldy Mummy M King
F Martin Buddy Montagna Zorko Stringer Wells Dahlhaus Phillips

I'm trading in players playing Sunday to see how my final is going if possible. Yeo or Rich to trade ?

3 trades 57 k preliminary final Rich and Petracca for Bont and Long? Essendon
Rich for Armitage

The Ranger

Bont and Long option for mine.

Locked and Loaded

Caught in two minds fellas. Team below…

Shaw, Rance, Gibbo, Simmo, Laird, Zac Williams (Collins, Lee)

Danger, Hanners, Pendles, Selwood, Bont, Parker, Neale, Ward (Mathieson, Phillips, Macpherson)

Gawn, Stef Martin (Naismith)

Dusty, Zorko, Zac Merrett, Montagna, Buddy, Hall (Petracca, Chol)

Have swing and cover everywhere with 2 trades left and 85k in the bank

Trade Stef Martin??

Bring in Dahl for Hall??

OR do both and be left with ample cover but no trades?

The Ranger

Stef's gotta go but I'd hold the other trade.

Locked and Loaded

Agree, will see how it pans out and use a second trade only if need be

Nic Nat/ Mummy?

The Ranger

I've gone for NicNat. He's well rested coming into the end of the season and the team needs him to dominate if they're going to beat the Hawks.

Locked and Loaded

Or bring in Dahl for Petracca… But I can't loop Hall and Dahl this week or anyone else really


Howe or JJ for Bartel? Or someone else, with only 440k to spend




Stratton is still out for the Hawks. He has gone to Darling last few times they have played, including GF.

Gibbo will be given the job to stay close to Darling all night (really good match up) as frawley will go to JJK.

It could be one of those 57 SC nights for Gibbo.

He Man

Do I loophole Gibson or Savage?


Gibbo will have job on Darling tonight. can't see him scoring that well.


Bring in Dahl for Kerridge? Will take my last 2 trades to get it done…in 6 prelims and full premo apart from Kerridge and Tippa (def) yes or no?

scoop dog

Just heard this from a reliable sauce.. Jimmy 'rested', his beard exceeded carry on luggage limits and it would take at least 24 hours to remove so there's no option but to leave him at home.


Which one to trade in from Montagna, Kennedy, Dahlhaus, Gunston or Franklin


I have all bar Gunston, but if i had to pick itr would be Dahlhaus.


probably not really SC relevant as I doubt any of us would have him.

But Jakey Stringer axed from the doggies final 22 on Sunday.


Grimely also didn't make the cut.

Be a handy loop.


Omitted… but named as emergency. Would hate to rely on him being out as a loop.

The Ranger

Woohoo! Archie Smith is omitted!!
Sorry Archie.

Shake n bake

See Smith out witch is great hold Martin! I'm rapt Grimley out aswell I can loophole my fwds have Gawn vc and Danger capt!!

Locked and Loaded

Does it really make a difference?? How do we know how Stef will go? Still has been inconsistent and playing a good cats side!


It can surely only help his scoring. The rest is up to Stef but welcome news for his owners I would've thought.

Shake n bake

But won't share the ruck duties more minutes in the centre and around stoppages. Like SC said the rest is up to Stef!

Locked ad Loaded

It is welcome news I will be saving the trade also.. Come on big fella!!


Buddy or Hanners or Gawn VC?
Gawn or Rocky C?


Buddy & Hanners in Tasmania weather not looking good.

Rocky v Cats no recent scores (this season) but from memory he scores big v Cats, and Lions at home dry track.

Danger went bang last time v Lions, same as Jelwood.

Good luck Tommo


Ok, crazy loophole time….

Parker (opponent has) or Hannebery (just me) on the bench
And if they spud up I'll trade in the Bont

Wells (opponent has) or Montagna (just me) and if they spud up, I'll take Petracca (or trade in Zorko)



Swans vs Roos, Parker spud score last time Hanners 120+

Wells v Joey even but Zorko better!


Was going to use one of my last two trades.Stef out NicNat in. With Archie out maybe not now. Thoughts guys.

Locked and Loaded

Same position mate so caught up in two minds right now

Locked and Loaded

Decide to hold if that makes it any easier for you


Hi all, in some serious crap. Only 1 trade left and have to replace Wingard. Only $396,000 in the bank. Can't decide between R.Lobb or C.Daniel. Any help would be much appreciated.

Locked and Loaded

Better options out there mate… Breust or probs Tex as a smokey… Lobb is the better of those two though


Thanks for the heads up. I have gone with Breust.

Locked and Loaded

You'll take a 90 for a forward at that price

Jimmy Buckets

Zac Williams to Burgoyne?? Thoughts gents


Hi Community I'm down to my last trade this week and can't decide which of the following two problems to fix and would love your thoughts and wisdom on the following two options; Daniel Rich (who I've wanted to rage trade all year!) to Alex Rance or the disappointing Mark Blicavs? Currently leaning towards Blicav who can't seem to top the 80's of late rather than Rich who can occasionally go big, thoughts?


I meant Blicavs for Nic Nat or Rich for Rance, thoughts?

Shake n bake

Docherty Simpson Rance laird Shaw McGovern Collins Adams
Danger Selwood Pendles Slone Priddas Cripps Hanners Parker Shiel Phillips Stewart
Gawn Martin wyhatt
Dusty Zorko buddy Dahlhaus Montagna Lynch Naismith Grimley.
This is my side l have 3 trades left with 115k in the kitty. I really can't see what sideways trades to make if any. Thoughts???


Shiel to Zerret and loop him with Lynch using Grimely. Sry no swing

Shake n bake

Have Naismith looping with lynch just have a little feeling Shiel might go alright at home to freo.


Who are the best downgrade options this week? Don't necessarily have to be on the bubble


I want to trade Wines or Wells to Dahl.
Which one goes community ?


NicNat has been put on ice. Hopefully no one traded him in this week as he may need to be flicked for the GF.


So who traded in Nic Nat? Man I was so close to getting him in this wk

The Ranger

He was in my team until Smith got dropped.
Reversed the trade at 6:30 and went Bartel to Doch instead so dodged a bullet there!


Yep, till Archie was out NicNat was in. Luck is required


Do you guys think they're gonna rest Merrett for the last round??
I got delidio still, can trade to Merrett then I can put wells on the bench
Do some swing arounds and trade lids to Rance. Putting Rich on my midfield bench ( won't be able to swing him after though )
Thoughts community?


Of course this week my opponent doesn't have Gibson.

The Ranger

Jeez he was rubbish wasn't he?
He's on the "never in my team" list now.
Too big a swing between his best and worst.


Can bite you , say for instance when he lays a turd as you're trying to make a grand final


lol he didn't wanna mess up his hair


Thank god I loopholed Gibson. Collins becomes Kade Simpson tomorrow.


Rich and Merrett
Wells & Rance
Rance & Lynch
McDonald & Merrett

Have only got enough cash for either.
$8k short on Rance & Merret

Locked and Loaded

Rance and Lynch (Goald Coast Lynch I'm assuming)

Dob a

How lethal was the Gibson , Mitchell , Gunston combo tonight !

Like if you had these fukcwits


My opponent did


How lethal was the Gibson , Mitchell , Gunston combo tonight !

Like if you had these fukcwits


Ha ha ha bunch of look at me's


Bartel to Enright or Boyd? Are either at risk of being rested next week?

Locked and Loaded

Patting myself on the back for looping Gibbo… Absolutely spudded it up

Best duo?

Hall and Docherty OR Dahl and Johannisen??

My opponent has Docherty so could cancel him out

Can't afford Dahl and Doch


This is why we avoid hawthorn players

Locked and Loaded

Gibbo has won me some encounters this year but his floor is too low to handle will avoid next year… Which duo Derek? Your words last night encouraged my Gibbo decision!


You also dodged a bullet not trading in NicNat L&L.


Hawks are gone, no top 4 had a chance at history but stuffed it. Mitchell, Gibbo, Rioli all missing in action. And the Gaff stood up in the face of adversity and delivered, you little beauty!! Alister got it wrong in the west, he might be remembered for this monumental balls up, they let him down big time. No hawks in my sc team, no thanks.