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I’d like to apologise straight up – I loose my shit in this podcast.

With many of us down to our bare arse on trades, this week has tested the best of us.  Teddy, Tommy Turbo, Gallen, Carty, JT ….. it was the Round from Hell! But like a good bloody thing, we end off on a high and have a good laugh.

We also assess the upcoming NRL CoachKings Venue Finals and the fact that there is a MASSIVE opportunity for our community to get out there and win some serious $$$ over the coming weeks:

CoachKings Venue Finals – venues and number of qualifiers:

[table id=25 /]

Head to to start your assault on the CoachKings Venue Finals, and the $50,000 CoachKings Cup.


Let’s discuss the week ahead folks. What’s on your mind coming into Round 24. Anyone out there casting an eye on 2017 yet?

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Cowboy I was one of of the people that suggested VC on Milf last week and it got me home in all my prelims ,so I was grateful also helped me top score in those leagues ,loved the show guys ,looked on Ebay for those baskets crouching,but only used ones were available,,-No thanks ,,cheers men..!


Nice one Killereel, great pick!

Surely the used ones come with a small discount yeah?


Yes mate, but cleaning and disinfectant costs to much ….hey trade left ,who would you bring into the pack ..have Carty .gal,Graham ,Merrin,surgess,Peachy,fifita,and Luke lewis ..


Sorry mate have 120 k.aswell


You could take a risk on De Belin?
Who are your halves/backs? Your forwards are set mate!


Stacked and packed Sj milf Cleary Jt Bj .Croker Harris .munster .semi ,Barba.with nofaluma aswell and Gordon /cpopley


Nice! Great team all round


You're having a good first season if you finish in the top 10k Killer. I know a few experienced SuperCoaches who will finish outside the 10k overall due to bad luck this season. It was a shocker for some with start and end of season injuries along with a difficult bye period. Scores will differ each season too.

I'm not sure what score I finished on when I started playing, I usually just go by rank. I had a good/lucky first season where I finished 96th overall and have finished in the top 3k each season. All it takes is some bad luck with injuries or choosing a proven performer that decides to fail when you get them in to change your overall rank by a few thousand.

Sounds like you've had a good debut mate