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Supercoach Preliminary Final Podcast

It’s simply do or die for Preliminary Finalists this weekend.

This is an extremely exciting week on the fantasy footy calendar. The very best of luck to all those of you into Prelims this weekend. It is an achievement to be proud of.. but there’s work left to be done.

This is also a podcast where we discuss the off season. As discussed – we would be rapt if as many of you as possible can click the link below and fill out the quick survey – we want to know what you’d like us to discuss on the podcast during the spring and summer months.


CoachKings Cup


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Hi Community
I am in two money league prelims and have 2 trades and 149k left
I am considering 2 trades to help my chances of winning

Firstly my team is
Docherty, Shaw, Rance, Laird, McVeigh, Bartel (M Brown Collins)

Dangerfield, Pendles, Hanneberry, Parker, Jelwood, Ward, Priddis, RGray (Menegola, Wills, Trengove)

Gawn, Goldstein (Loersch)

Martin, ZMerrett, Zorko, Montagna, Lyons, Dahlhaus (Silvagni, Phillips)

I can go LYONS to FRANKLIN and
BROWN to SIMPSON as my final two trades (I would probably have Bartel on the bench)

Whilst Lyons has been handy (ave 100 last 5rnds) I consider Franklin as more dynamic and can produce big scores like the 141 last week, however can produce some low scores, hence the risk> Lyons is probably more consistent. Regarding Simpson, I have put off time and time again but cant ignore his great season and need to get him and Bartel has gone cold and cant be relied on. That is why I am considering these trades. I dont want to die wondering! if I did not do these trades

What does the community think of my team and these two trades? thoughts welcome and good luck to others is prelims this week


Good to trade a midpricer like brown up to prem like Simpson.I would keep Lyons as he is good pod and should score well against Port who are rubbish.Adelaide on fire at the moment and are smashing week sides.Keep your final trade for any late outs or inj.Other alternative would be to trade Brown for a cheaper option like Houli and trade one of your rookie mids next week for a swing set mid/fwd


you really should have good swing sets by now. no DPP players in your midfield?

I N Pieman

Wayno! Couple of nice wins against Chicko & Dex. But I've got a hot tip for ya son. Start planning Mad Monday!




I hear you Jock the Gaz era is sadly OVER. Addicts will not be starting with him under any circumstance. A midseason upgrade at best if that old body holds together.

Will very likely be starting with a discounted Fyfe and Beams though assuming they are fit and firing in the NAB.


My midfield to start next year is going to look a lot like: Fyfe, Beams, Bont, P Cripps, J O'Meara, D Swallow (and rookies)

Good Luck

That's four players returning from serious injuries so far in your team. Anyone else?


Bennell maybe haha. Just looking for value. Hoping they're all well below the price they deserve to be.


Beams is too injury prone stay away.

neil demonsdelight

agree beams and swallow wont be with demonsdelight but ablett could be cheap


Ablett has played too many games to get a discount. Will be over $600k



About $620K by my estimation.


Haven't you learnt that injury-prone players are a 'no go' zone??


I'll see what their prices are like of course but hoping both Beams and Fyfe might get a better discount than expected.
Everyone was keen to get OMeara this year at $300K. Next year he should be an absolute bargain.


Yes a lot of midfields will look like this including mine.

All this posturing over "I won't get this injury prone guy under any circumstances" will quickly fizzle away once the brutal reality of the salary cap squeeze kicks in and everyone sees these bargains running around in the NAB.


Don't forget Watson and Heppell! I can't see any reason why the Essendon guys won't be discounted heavily for not playing a year. I will happily start with them all, there is way too much value and on-field points scoring capacity available not to do it.

Forget the naysayers my midfield will be:

Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Watson, Swan, Heppell, +2 actual guns

So I will count that as 4 keeper mids… JOM, Watson, Swan and Heppell expect to av ~100 and so will make excellent mid pricers to later upgrading.

Sure a lot of injury risks and/or out of touch players, but they are so cheap that if someone goes down they will not lose cash, just be sideways traded or upgraded early and I will still be riiiiiccchhhh.

Will probs not start Danger, and save him as an easy upgrade in round 5 when he has dropped about $50k and the first of my spuds goes down <3


Hi community, I am in a cash league prelim this week, I have 1 trade left and $155.1K to spend,
My team is what I consider to be full premium, with no apparent injuries. I'm looking to trade to up my score. Here are my choices:
1. Bartel to Rance
2. Hall to Dahlhaus
3. R.Gray to Rocky (my other mids are: Danger, Jelwood, Dannebury, Parker, Bont, Sloane, Pendles)
What should I do? I am gripped by indecision!!!


i can't see any of those trades as being essential. All very luxury/sideways. i would hold (maybe use the trade on Sunday if you need a desperate POD)


Can't bank trades for next year though! I have to win this match-up


All your ins could easily outscore your outs

look to up grade someone on the bench and loophole imo


Agree, if possible upgrade DEF bench to loophole with Bartel. Aish is playing well above average (last 3 round ave. 97.3) and has GC this week, Hawks the week after.


Hey fellers
punching above my weight this season finding myself in a prelim where i'm ranked 9th in the league for total points

FWD line is Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Wells, Dahlhaus, Wingard

i have 1 trade left and am looking to offload Wingard as i think he's done for the season
i can afford any FWD under 500K

tossing up between Betts, Franklin, Greene or Montagna

who should i lean towards?


Franklin, looks in ripping form, and playing some mid time.




They are all good options but I'd probably go with Monty actually. I know we are all prisoners of the moment and Buddy dropped a whopper on the weekend but the Saints finish with the Tiges and then the Lions at the Dome.

Monty also has the higher season average too. I have both guys FWIW. It's a close though call so just pick who you like best really as no one knows for sure who will score highest out of those 4 in the next two weeks.


Buddy or hold


Good work, lads. Looking forward to the bigger challenges that will come from even more venues having CoachKings next year!

As for 2017.

No, Gary, No

I'm done with the little master in Supercoach. Can't trust him any longer. I may stay away from Beams and Fyfe for the same reasons. It makes me weary of JOM, even if he is dirt cheap, but that's probably Supercoach suicide to go without him if he's healthy for Round 1.

I will lock in Docherty already down back.

Martin, even if he's a midfielder will be SUPER high on my want list.

If Parker is a MID/FWD next year then he is a #1 lock up FWD. I don't know if he's played enough up forward to get that though. Looking at his season heat map, he's had 52 possessions inside the forward 50 and 66 in the defensive 50 with 436 in between the arcs.

Dangerfield will be locked in as my #1 mid again and thinking about Brad Crouch with a full pre-season under his belt gets me excited in ways that would be impolite to mention in good company. Picking him depends on how much he costs though. Won't go for full premo price on him.


All those guys you mention sound great Barron but there's a little thing called a salary cap and you can't pay full price or overs for everyone.

I think once folk see the prices of a lot of these discounted fallen premos attitudes will change especially if they are tearing it up in the preseason. Beams suffered a LTI in 2013 but was one of the best buys in 2014 for $500K going on to average 115. He'll likely be that price point again next season, if not cheaper.

For me it's not so much whether they have an injury track record but how they are performing in the preseason. In my view Gaz is over the hill at age 33 next season and will not receive a discount as he played 14 games so will be priced about $620K. That's just too rich for my pockets given his age and injury risk profile.

But Fyfe and Beams should be significantly discounted and in the primes of their career. So long as they don't have interrupted preseasons they are very likely starters in Addicts for the money. After all it's signing up to these kinds of bargains that allows us to pay full price for guys like Doc, Danger, Parker, Dusty etc. Gawn is another seemingly must have too and he'll cost north of $650K next season …. Danger will be over 700K!

Boltons Blues

But then Heath shaw will be in the 400-450 range (if he continues to crap his pants every week) and he has proven scoring history with a massive ceiling for that price
The bargain bin is full next year

I've always gone guns and rookie, with a few curve balls like wells and hall this year, next year I'll be saving a few more trades then I did this year (made my final one last week)

Preseason form isn't much to go by ala Tom Sheridan


Unfortunately Heater will be around the $560K mark next year based on a 105 average for this season.

Will be interesting to see whether he's seen as the must have he was in 2016 given his drop off in the 2nd half of the season. That's still a fair bit of coin to fork out for a defender especially if you are also paying mega bucks for Doc ($590K) and Laird ($540K) too.


Next year I'm locking Docherty, Laird and Shaw in down back. And maybe Rance. Rest can be rookies. I don't trust any other defenders.


I'm estimating that will cost $1.7M or 17% of the salary cap. That's a fairly massive spend for 3 defenders albeit quality ones. Rance would take that to about $2.25M!

To make those sort of spends in defence we're are probably going to have load up on a lot of these discounted mids like Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Bennell, D.Swallow etc especially if you are going to also blow mega bucks on guys like Danger, Bont, Gawn and others.


Agree with some of the stuff you say there BVC, although I wouldn't think Beams and Fyfe would be as injury prone as Gary with his age. Doc is a lock, but I doubt Parker would be a FWD. And you would be willing to pay around $730k for Danger? 2017 looks like an interesting year for Supercoach


I would pay a million dollars for Danger! Even if he is a bastard coated bastard with a creamy bastard filling….(I'm joking of course, I still love him, even if he did leave the Crows).

Fyfe and Beams should be OK, but with Beams I always worry about blokes who miss so much time with knee injuries, but the price will probably be too good to pass up on both of them if i'm being realistic.


Unsure about starting with Dangerfield if he's 700,000+ as it means I'd have to forego Sandilands as R3 if he's under 320,000. M Bontempelli, S Pendlebury, D Hannebery, N Fyfe, D Myers, J O'Meara, B Fiorini and D Swan if priced at a 0 average are locked in the midfield but with the 2 remaining premium spots there are a wide range of players vying for a position including R Sloane, D Beams, T Rockliff, P Cripps, M Murphy, J Selwood, L Shiels, R Gray, J Steven, J Kennedy, M Priddis and L Shuey. Laird and both carlton defenders (Simpson, Docherty) are locked into the backline and the remaining 2 premium spots will be between H Shaw, Z Williams, A Rance and S May. McKenzie, Thurlow and Hampton will all be locked in if below 220,000 as they should provide adequate cover and be able to generate funds. Gawn and Goldy in the ruck as well as Sandilands on the bench if he's around 300,000 for season long ruck cover. Fwd line will be very weak consisting of underpriced and injury affected players due to the majority of other lines being full of premiums.

Currently this is the structure I would like to adopt in 2017 but is largely dependent on prices.
Def: S Docherty, H Shaw, K Simpson, R Laird, A Rance, T McKenzie, J Thurlow, C Hampton
Mids: M Bontempelli, J Selwood, T Rockliff, D Hannebery, S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, D Swan, J O'Meara, D Myers, B Fiorini, rookie
Rucks: M Gawn, T Goldstein, A Sandilands
Fwds: H Bennell, D Sheed, M White, K Turner, J Stewart, C McCarthy, rookie, rookie


Great to have Crouching back on the pod & Higgo on the hunt.

Down to 1 trade & $36k. While I have bench cover, have Rich D6 and Gunston absolute crap on the weekend. Do I trade or hold?

I.e. Rich to Houli or Gunston to Buddy?


Providing he has a preseason, maybe even a nab game, Gaz still has plenty of free passes left with me. 10 tons from 14 games this year, 7 of those 120+

If he was getting soft tissue injuries I'd be wary of his body


Hi Community,

I have 3 trades & 60k and I'm in 3 prelims this week.

My team is:
Docherty Simpson Shaw Rance Gibbo Laird (Collins William)
Danger Pendles Hanners Neale Sloane JPK Cripps Gray (Dunkley Joyce Phillips)
Gawn Martin (Naismith)
Dusty Zerrett Zorko Montagna Wells Greene (Petracca Loersch)

I am considering either Petracca to Dahlhaus giving me the opportunity to loophole, or Martin to Goldy/Mummy. I can only do one or the other because I don't have $$. Or should I consider a DG to a non-playing rook somewhere in order to get the cash because I have 3 trades?

Cheers community


If Brisbane play another ruck alongside Martin you should definitely trade to another premo ruck (maybe Nic Nat?)


Trade Dunkley to Dahl swing with FWD's
Trade Collins to Aish (last 3 rounds: 98,86,103) swing with Joyce


Not enough $$$ to do that trade unfortunately!


Just wondering of what you guys think about this trade. I've had Shiel all year but I've just about lost faith in him. I could trade Shiel for Crouch this week? Crows have Port and GWS have Freo. What do you guys think?


considering this as well
tossing up between viney,tyson,crouch and jack steven


Tyson has been on fire
Viney & Steven have been a little quite last week but could bounce back


anyway you could upgrade a bench player and loop hole Shiel, I have him too and just know he's going to go big as soon as i trade him.


Na not really but like you the more I think about it Shiel just might rip Freo a new one this weekend. Then could Port cause an upset over the Crows and Crouch & Co score poorly. I've hit the reverse button and think I'll save the trade


Got a question for the community. I have Dylan Shiel at M9 currently, but I'm tempted to use my last trade on swapping him for someone else – that someone else being Jack Steven. Plays Richmond and Brisbane in his last two and could go massive in both. Is it worth looking at or saving my last trade for next week?


Leave him at M9


you do know that GWS are playing Fremantle at Spotless. I think Shiel might do ok


I'd be loopholing him if possible,


I also have Shiel at M9 and loopholed him with Dahlhaus last week. With one trade left, I would hold for next week. I have 3 trades left so could afford to offload him but am worried he may get a decent score – he gets plenty of possessions but burns some of them and handballs a lot. I am thinking of trading Wells and Shiel for both Enright and Bontempelli over the next two weeks (have to do a downgrade first). Current form would suggest the Bont could outscore both of them and I need to trade in Enright so that B Smith can be moved from D6 to M9.


I would suggest that if Ryder has DPP next year, he may be the highest selected player round 1


Price estimate? Also price estimate for Heppell?


he would have started this year priced at $447k. Not sure what discount he will get, i'm thinking he will be around $335k


Supercoach probably won't give the banned players any discounts just to make it a challenge still.


Agree, I'll be in that boat. I can not wait to lovingly gaze over the 2017 SC prices for (returning) Essendon players, this could be the best year of SC EVER!!. The other 'bargains' on the radar like Gaz, JOM, Beams, Fyfe etc. may become less of a concern.


Apart from:
MID: Selwood, Neale, j.Steven, and Cotchin
or FWD: Zorko, Montagna, Franklin, Wells

Who would you bring in either FWD or MID that is priced under 531,100?


Community, please give me your opinion on my biggest liability: Z.Williams, D. Shiel, J Gunston, P Cripps (only because he hurt his knee, O Wines, A Hall.


Hall, then Wines. I traded both out and have slept much better since. Wines has an easy game in the supercoach gf week though.


Have you still got Wingard on your bench or did you offload him too?

Will be interesting to see how many coaches start with him next season. Should have an opening price around $445K compared to the $528K he opened this season. I've never been a Chad owner and will be looking elsewhere myself despite the price drop.

Wines has a similar average (slightly less) to what he had last season and thus will be fractionally cheaper than his starting price this year.


Hi Team need a little advice.
I need to bring in a ruck to go with Goldstein as i had to bring in a cash generator (i have had a lot of injury issues this year) in Naismith over the last couple of weeks for Jacobs and now i have to trade. I have 2 trades left and 313k in the bank but the issue i have is i still have Petracca on field in the FWD and was hopeing to move him out for Dahlhaus or Franklin and also bring in Gawn but cash wont allow it. I can bring in Mummy or any other ruck and then any of my forward picks but i think that Gawn is a lock with his big scorring potential but then limits my trade options up forward.
Any advice welcome.
Team at the moment.
Doc, Simpson, Shaw, Boyd, Laird, Rich (collins, Marsh)
Danger, Pendles, Selwod, Parker, Hanners, Sloane, Rocky, Priddis ( Menegola, Trengove, Hewett)
Goldstein, Naismith (Cox)
Martin, Merrett, Wells, Montangna, Zorko, Petracca (Silvagni, Phillips)


Gawn is averaging 137 over the last 6 weeks, clearly the number 1 ruck in the competition so I would try and get him in. Would not go Mummy as he is going up against Sandilands and Goldstein in the last 2 weeks. What about NicNat or Brodie Grundy?


If possible go Grundy & Dahl




Comparing my team from now to the start of the year

Start of the year:
Def: Shaw, Laird, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (brown, K.Collins)

Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, JPK, Rockliff, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Gore, Davis, Keays)

Nic Nat, Gawn (Cox)

Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Ben kennedy, Kerridge (Petraccca, AMT)

Team Now
Docherty, Simpson, SHAW, Rance, Bartel, LAIRD (S.Collins, Tucker)

DANGER, Hannebery, Parker, Neale, JPK, PRIDDIS, Gray, ROCKLIFF (Phillips, Dunkley, Trengove)

GAWN, Mumford (Cox)

Merrett, Dustin, Zorko, Leigh, Gunston, Wingard (Petracca, Rose)

Funny to see how things work out


you are a clever man, starting with JPK! no Lobbe?

The Master

I only have 7 players left in my team that I started with, funny I tried to pick about 13 to 14 keepers at the start. A couple of players i luxury upgraded like Cripps, Libba and Suckling to Pendleberry and Hanaberry and Docherty. Others were all Long term injuries.


Have a look at your cap in crease ,its a good gauge on your decisions over the season


Need some help community.

In a prelim this week but look set to lose if I don't make any trades. I have 2 trades left and 70 k in the bank. The most obvious is getting rid of Bartel, switching howe down back then bringing in a fwd, but the only one that could be a solid POD is cyril. Any thoughts??? Here's my team

Back – Rance, Simpson, Laird, Shaw, Bartel, Mcveigh (Collins, Tucker)
Mid – Danger, Priddis, Sloane, Parker, Pendle, Selwood, Neale, Ward (Hall, Trengrove, Macpherson)
Ruck – Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)
Fwd – Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Montagna, Franklin, Howe (Cox, Phillips)

Another option is to trade pendles for Bont, in the hope he has another big one…



Tom lymch -suns

Jimmy Buckets

Hi fellas, in two prelims this week and have 2 trades remaining with 86k. Thinking of holding and seeing how the weekend pans out, would be awesome to go into he Grand Final with 2 trades up my sleeve. However we play this game to make the Grand Final. Any advice on this team would be much appreciated

Shaw, Simmo, Rance, Gibbo, Laird, Zac Williams (Collins, Lee)

Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Parker, Bont, Ward, Neale, Selwood (Mathieson, Phillips, Macpherson)

Gawn, Stef Martin (Chol)

Dusty, Zorko, Buddy, Zac Merrett, Montagna, Hall (Petracca, Naismith)

The Ranger

I'm in a similar situation Jimmy and unless Martin is named as the solo ruck I'll be moving him on.


Would you pls tippet


Use em now ..dont be left swinging with trades that may of influenced your outcome …have a red hot go mate …will be spewing if you are out and have trades left that are useless.but look forward to next round b4 trading having GF in mind with your trades

Jimmy Buckets

Thats a good observation Ranger! Who will you look to put in? Not sure on Goldy this week against a rampant Swans


I'd go Martin to Nic Nat. Well rested and should pump out another 120 without too much trouble

Jimmy Buckets

Against a Hawks side? Who don't get me wrong not scared to put a ruckman in against them, only that his score was definitely helped on the weekend from that winning goal.

He Man

What about Mumford??

Jimmy Buckets

Mummy been going well although up against Sandilands and Goldy next two.

Considering going Hall to Dahl and Zac Williams to Doherty?



there is always Lobbe πŸ˜‰


Martin, Merret, Coniglio, or Bont this week?

Jimmy Buckets

#RollsRoyce Bontempelli… He is unstoppable and warming up for September


Bont ..hes a goal kicker aswell…


Will all the Essendon players be discounted next year? If so Heppell is a lock


Would anyone play or bring I. Tippet…?