RD21: The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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What a bloody ripper round of footy, Community.

West Coast, Geelong and Wester Bulldogs prevailed in absolute thrillers, while we saw some monstrous SuperCoach scores from the likes of Tom Rockliff, Dayne Zorko, Max Gawn and Luke Shuey.

We are now on the home stretch, with just two rounds to go. The majority of us are very light on for trades. But we just have to limp through these next two weeks to complete our seasons.

However, those still alive in their leagues have prelim and grand finals to win.

Hard to believe there are now only three weekends left to win a CoachKings contest and qualify for your Venue Final. Well done this week especially to Pixie from the Maroondah Sports Club. Here Friday night 1166 held up across the whole weekend and there’s $1000 coming your way Pixie!

There are an absolute STACK of opportunities to get qualified in to Venue Finals – see at the bottom of this post a list of venues which includes how many people have qualified for Venue Finals at each pub.


Thousand Dollar CoachKings Winner


The Heroes

Luke Shuey (179 SC)

As we look ahead to next season, we should be marking down this bloke as one to watch. If he continues to replicate the sort of form we have seen in 2016, he looms a genuine top-eight midfielder in 2017. While much of the attention was on Nic Nat’s last-second stunner, Shuey’s herculean performance should not be overlooked. His influence on his match was massive. Has a large ceiling and has now propelled his season average up to 106.

Tom Rockliff (159 SC)

Geez, I love this man. Rarely has there been a player who has the ability to post such impressive numbers in such a mediocre side. Had it 39 times as well as a massive 12 tackles and two goals. A majestic performance.

Dayne Zorko (151 SC)

Was a toss up between Zorks and big Max for the third spot, but seeing as though we have already talked plenty about the bearded one, Zorko gets the nod. His influence for Brisbane was arguably stronger than Rocky’s and he was particularly potent in the first half. Had 27 possessions at 81 per cent efficiency to go with three goals.  Fingers-crossed he retains his forward status in 2017. If so, he should be one of your first picked.

Honourable mentions:

Max Gawn (151 SC), Adam Treloar (148 SC), Dom Tyson (146 SC),  Lance Franklin (141 SC), Marcus Bontempelli (137 SC), Mitch Robinson (131 SC), Dan Hannebruy (131 SC).

The Villains

Jack Steven (78 SC)

Seems to be constantly switching between the Heroes and Villains segments, which is never a good sign. As I’ve said before, needs to find consistency if he is to elevate himself to an uber premo next year.

Jimmy Bartel (48 SC)

He’s getting a bit long in the tooth is old Jimmy, and this will probably be his last season. Still not far off the pace in terms of being a top six defender, but his old mate Corey Enright looks a much better buy at this point of the season.

Rory Sloane (77 SC)

Copped the hard tag from Tommy Sheridan and probably didn’t care too much as his team ran out convincing winners. But for the coaches who own the usually ultra-consistent Sloane, this result would have been disappointing.

Honourable mentions:

Daniel Rich (76 SC), Jason Johannisen (75 SC), Stef Martin (70 SC), Daniel Wells (67 SC),  Jack Viney (48 SC).

The Redeemers

David Zaharakis (120 SC)

To the coaches who have stuck by this man all season, I have to hand it to you, you are a loyal bunch. You have experienced plenty of lows from Zaha in the second half of 2016, so this outing was a little reward for your persistence. Helped by the fact he was not tagged for the first time in a number of matches.

Luke Dahlhaus (113 SC)

Had a slow start on his return from injury with scores of 71 and 83. But redeemed himself nicely with a classy outing against Collingwood. Has 31 touches, five tackles and 12 contested possessions. At the bargain price of $390K, is an absolute steal considering his FWD/MID eligibility. Playing primarily as a mid, expect more tons from Dahl in the coming weeks.

Scott Pendlebury (94 SC)

One of the most durable players this competition has seen. Looked highly unlikely to line up after last week’s injury, especially with little left to play for. But Pendles is not your average footballer. Got up for the match despite adversity, and pumped out a solid near-ton. Absolute legend.

The Prodigies

Rupert Wills (83 SC)

Another solid outing from young Rupert. Playing as an outside mid, his 16 touches were at an impressive 81 per cent efficiency.

Archie Smith (52 SC)

His scoring output was always going to be impacted with the return of Stef Martin. Playing together made both Brisbane ruckmen produce below-par outputs.

Sam Menegola (91 SC)

One of the most consistent rookies this season. It was a pity he got injured at the start of the year so we couldn’t make the most of his cash generation potential. Currently averaging just under 90 points per game.

Honourable mentions:

Jake Long (58 SC), Reilly O’Brien (48 SC), Jesse Palmer (45 SC), Ryan Burton (45 SC).

The Damned

Tom Mitchell (70 SC)

At the start of the season Mitchell pumped out two 130s in a row and many, including this writer, jumped on. At the time, the bloke looked like a pure ball magnet. But then he was handed a tagging role from “Horse” Longmuir, which has impacted his output since. Hasn’t been horrible, but he also hasn’t lived up to the tag of being a potential top-eight mid. For those still in league finals with trades up their sleeve, looks to upgrade to someone like The Bont or JPK.

Chad Wingard (32 SC)

Pulled his hammy meaning he is out for the remainder of the season. Not the sort of bloke you want going into the trenches with you for SuperCoach finals anyway. Has been a big disappointment this season.

Trent Cotchin (74 SC)

I’ve got a mate who has not enjoyed the best SuperCoach season in 2016, highlighted by the fact he has held Zaharakis for the entire year and then traded him this week! Usually an astute fantasy mind, I truly knew he had lost the plot when he started suggesting Cotchin was a viable midfield trade-in option and keeper. Of course, he was sadly mistaken.

Honourable mentions:

Sam Naismith (63 SC), Christian Petracca (57 SC), Matt Suckling (49 SC), Jack Gunston (46 SC), Mitch Duncan (42 SC).

CoachKings Venues with number of qualifiers:

[table id=27 /]

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Over to you community – who were your heroes and villains this weekend, and what’s on your mind heading into Round 22?



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2583 had J Howe on ahead of Buddy and lost.




Playing for league. I have Gawn and Martin, opposition has Gawn and Goldy. Should I use my final trade: Martin > Nic Nat ?


Wait to see if Stef rucks on his own first.


i'm thinking similar. i know i should deal with Wingard first but i have bench cover. I have the Blitz at R2. Just not working out. think i'll use my last few trades to upgrade the Blitz


i just had a good idea, i can upgrade Wingard to NicNat (via DPP) and put the Blitz on the midfield bench.




Nice move. Blitz is has been a disgrace after winning B&F last season (some AFL players need to stay hungry to get the best out of them). Nic Nat has come back at the right time for SC finals, good luck Derek!

Shake n bake

I'm thinking the same if Martin doesn't ruck solo he'll be traded. I have 3 trades left my mids are Danger Selwood Pendles Hanners Parker Cripps Slone Priddas & Shiel might trade Shiel for Bont who plays Ess.


I also have 3 trades and my projected score was >2600 until Sloane and B Smith produced lower than expected scores. Also thinking of turning Shiel into the Bont. I used the "e" on Dahlhaus in game one and swapped Shiel with Macpherson who I used as Captain after having the "VC" on Gawn. I may also then swap Dahlhaus with Wells and trade Wells for Enright to replace B. Smith (DPP to Mid).

The Master

Great write up again Carl,_I am still alive for the finals and trying to climb the overall as high as I can for a PB._Currently sitting 763 , inside top 500 would be nice. climbed 100 places this week. 1 trade left for emergencies or luxury.


What to do with Wingard? He was only my f7. But I do have three trades left. Tempted to just leave him there and use the trades when one of my premos isn't named. Thoughts?


Definitely just leave him there if you have six premiums playing. Use your trades elsewhere if you need to. Dahlhaus is $400K this week if you don't already have him?


Yeah got that little ripper of a bloke for a steal (cost me Jack Trengrove plus chump change) last week when he bottomed out. A few injuries might save my season yet since others will be light on for trades.

I N Pieman

Right. Have 2 trades left & still have Rich. Assuming no carnage at selection I might pull the trigger on Brand to a floating dpp donut & Rich to Docherty. Cats need percentage so I have a feeling Rich will cop attention. We all know when he does he turns to Daniel Shit


I know you can't fit them all in and hard to go past shuey, rocky and zorko but I would like to also acknowledge the performance of the bont and buddy.

The bont single handedly got the dogs back into the game after half time taking the 3rd qtr by the scruff of the neck. Treloar who is a jet also racked Em up but for pure impact on a game gotta be the bont.

Speaking of impact on a game how about buddys performance? It was vintage buddy as he roamed up the ground, setup a number of attacks either by foot or a crunching tackle and when he was fwd kicked a lazy 6 to go with 28 possessions. Not bad for a fwd!

Votes will be interesting come Brownlow night despite Hannas and Parker dominating 3 votes must be heading buddys way.

Boltons Blues

I need another beast effort by buddy the next 2 weeks, took a $20 multi and my last 2 legs are buddy for Coleman and danger for the Brownlow and the Eagles has 2 tougher games comparing them to the swans last 2, could run riot in tassie this week and hopefully we hear the magical THIRTEEN THIRTEEN
1600 collect from a lazy 20 bucks would be nice come seasons end


I think you are right with Dangerfield winning the brownlow.

Max Gawn is 150/1. Does anyone else a good eachway bet there?


Given Goldy polled so poorly in the Brownlow last year I'd be surpirsed if Gawn finished in the top three this year.

Boltons Blues

Agreed, although if your looking at wagering a couple of dollars Gawn is $1.80 for Melbournes most votes, good value.
Multi it with a couple of other blokes to poll well for their teams and you can get yourself some decent value


Whats the chances that Rocky will get tagged this week playing Geelong?


Would say a reasonably high chance. Scott has to figure out if S. Selwood can do a job for the team and there would be no better way to do this than sending him to Rocky. He spent a bit of time on Cotchin yesterday and did a decent job. Geelong keen to have a tagger as haven't been able to fill this void since Ling retired.

neil demonsdelight

Gawn 7 bogs and well up another 3 .Having coffee with him Friday well at his mums .Outside chance for Charlie but Watts yes Watts will take votes off him .Danger easily for mine

neil demonsdelight

Mitch Robinson always goes big against top teams yet tags.Swans CATS and Eagles big tons.Why is this especially against Jellwood


both hard nuts, Joel loves a rumble and Robbo is just crazy


Lovely work mate. I copped another Dylan Shiel stain on the underwear this week and by gum these stains are becoming mighty uncomfortable


I've had him since day one and he has been serviceable. But coming back from injury, I didn't expect much game time from him and his kick to handball ratio is why he doesn't score higher. I had to trade Libba for Dahlhaus to avoid a donut when Libba and Shiel were both out. and this week I decided to loophole him (Shiel) with Dahlhaus which worked well. Shiel is currently my M9 and I'm thinking of turning him into Enright and put B.Smith as M9.


He was a stain in the underpant for me this week as well and now looks to have started to slow down as the season has nearly come to the end


Had Lycett on the field.. Thought he should have made amention… BOOOOOOOO


Burnt me so bad, i am covered in third degree scars….


Horse racing supercoach? yessssss


Horse racing supercoach……. serious arousal! What a significant off season development that would be.


Huuuuge fan of the cheat sheets Jock!
We love the rookie cheat sheets prior to round one each year! – its a huge help 😀



Agree jake, probably the most sought after piece of pre season info for any serious SC.


3 Trades… in the semis, should I trade out Ward for someone like Sloane or JPK?


Ward has Freo at home this week…. surely a dream opponent and therefore a great POD to keep him. Maybe next week vs North if you still have luxury trades.


I have three trades left, would anyone reccommend using two of them to turn Rich into Rance? Rich is really the only player I have that isn't a premium (Toby Greene probably isn't either but has been good lately).


very tempted to rage trade gunston what a joke!

Paulie Walnuts

Is anyone concerned that Bartel might be rested this week considering they have the Lions away ?


Personally I'd be more worried about him being dropped, has been horrid the last 2 weeks.


Held back on Dahlhous & Houli ins last week ( idiot ) but have no choice this week their IN

Don't Blush Baby

Wingard out for Dahlhaus or Zorko – over 100k difference but Dahl has the Bombers & Dockers ?


Lads in a bit of a sticky situation, I have ,made the prelim which is great, but concerned my opponent this week has the wood over me in terms of team strength etc.
I have one trade left and am thinking of going Wells to Dahlhaus, am happy with how the rest of my team sits.
Any input would be greatly appreciated, cheers


What your team look like?


Go for it. At this stage no point leaving trades in the bank

Don't Blush Baby

VC & C look tricky in a crucial week, its always good to land the VC early and loop.

Thoughts on Priddis v Hawks,Any Swan v Roos, Dusty v Saints, Pendles v Suns

It's a log jam on Sunday, good luck to those who nails big on the double points this week


I was thinking with going VC Big Maxie again and going with J Selwood or Danger as Captain. Both could go big against Brisbane?


Oh Man …
Not only has this idiot pinched my name again but he has set himself up on Millicients thread about the exact topic before posting some more stupid rubbish.
Mate, put your dads scotch back in the kitchen cupboard. Get a good nights sleep before school tomorrow.
I love this site but I am getting a bit sick of guys like you taking cheap shots to ruin it for everyone else.
Logins sound like a grand idea to me right now.


Good advice
I don't know why he picked my name to troll off but it is becoming boring
Logins only way to fix


Sign up for an intensedebate account Juzzy like Jock, I and others use. It's free and only takes a few minutes to set-up and then we'll always know who the real Juzzy is.

It also allows you to edit your comments which is really the main reason I use it. Preventing troll impersonation is just an added bonus ha ha.

Southern S

My team bombed to top 19% (2300-ish) from top 1% (2450) last week. Such is supercoach life I guess.

Still managed to make it into 5 out of my 9 league's prelims thanks to my previous score so all is not lost yet.


Good luck in your prelims Southern.
Hopefully the name stealing kid has gone to bed.
Yourself, Derek, I Nuts etc have been a wealth of knowledge this season.
Good luck to you all.


Thanks Juzzy.


Hmm. Totally agree re login concept. I flagged it mid season.Have not posted much since. Tux cops it to much re trolls. U r a good lad Gray.. stick with it. For wat its worth i got to 27th early,alas fell away. have learnt my lessons. Still 8/10 prem finals to come and money league alive. Thanks to the good guys on this site. Buddy VC. Chad,Stef out and Dhouse and nic nat 4 me. Trades out.


Reiterate the thanks to the good guys on this site.
Good luck Mate.


Oh yeah. Poor Tux.
He cops it bad.


lol you're not wrong. Bartel has been a late season disaster, I think that beard is impeding his vision!

Jack Fraser

shiel, hall or wells out for dahlhaus, last trade. or should I hold


Just checking the scores from the weekend.
What happened to dusty?
Was flying and looking to score big finished under 100.
I guess like the tiges come to a complete halt in the last qtr, went awol and couldn't get near it?


The Tiges hardly won a clearance in the last quarter and when they had the ball they were stationary, trying to chip it around and play for time. A strange approach that just invited Geelong on to them and not the type of defensive style that plays to the strengths of someone like Dusty.


what to do with bartel..
im at full premium but looking to change a few that arent performing..

one being bartel possibly

team is

shaw bartel enright laird simpson docherty
pendles danger hanners parker sloane rockliff neale priddis
gawn goldy
martin franklin greene montagne zorko merret

is there anyone i dont have that i should be getting – bontempelli, rance, gibson, dailhaus to name a few

ive got two trades left.. $90000 in kitty so pretty sure i can swap any player for a decent player in form.

would love your help and thoughts community.
thank you..


Maybe trade D7 up to good loop player (if D8 non player) who's on Def pine?


got collins as my d7


not exactly ure how to do the loophole.

i have got no good cover at all in any position


who do you have on your bench. If you have a couple of reasonable priced players, you can paint the fence and get a non-player DPP plus dalhaus – who is still only $400k. gives you loophole options with dogs playing last game next 2 weeks


dpp? duel position?


bench mids are trengrove stewart macpherson
forward bench is silvagni and phillips(pies)

so silvagni is my best priced there


To bring in Dahl (leaves no cover in Def.)
Collins OUT – Broad (Rich) or Cole (WC) IN
Stewart OUT – Dahl IN
This leaves Phillips as your swing player – you can swap Phillips & Dahl between FWD & MID.


does that still work if phillips is selected?


You can swing any DPP before their game starts.


i think what mat means is you can't use Phillips as your loophole if he is playing. good point.


Trade from your bench players a mid price spud or rookie player from the MIDs or FWD line that's worth at least $310K+, upgrade to Dahl ($400K). Use Dahl this round as your loop player between your FWD (D7) or MID (M9) players. Dahl plays Sunday so is ideal for a loophole. An important thing to remember is the loophole player must be a later round player to be able to utilise him.

To use the loophole play successfully, you need to identify an early round player (Fri night, early Saturday) from FWD or MID that may score below par, he might be suspect on form or might be easily tagged out of a game. Place the suspect player on the bench with the E on him.

Next, place any late round (preferably Sunday) non-playing rookie or spud on the ground as if playing. Dahl should be also placed on the bench without an E on him. After the (early) game has completed, assess if the suspect player (who's on the bench with E) scored enough. If he didn't score enough then it's time to use your loophole player (Dahl).

Swap the non-playing rookie or spud that's currently on field with Dahl. Now you will get Dahl's score and the suspect player becomes an Emergency. You might need to adjust a few non-playing DPP's around between the FWD and MID to get the desired set-up.


only problem is his best upgrade option is Collins at $322k in DEFENCE.

next year remember to have plenty of DPP swing sets in your team. You should have as a minimum a FWD/MID swingset and even better if you have a MID/DEF.


You're right Derek! I assumed he was carrying in the Mids, I posted an alternative option. I also agree with your advice for matt re Gibbo, it may be better to hold one trade if possible. Decisions decisions..


thats a pretty good team.

Only tinkering i would do;

Greene >> Dalhaus

Bartel >> Rance


yeh thats what i was thinking.. greene scares me,, montange??


Joey has a couple of nice games to finish with. Should do ok


Upgrading someone on your bench to Dahlhaus might give you a nice loophole option MID/FWD. E.g. I'm not sure Pendles is fit so if you have a non playing MID you could stick the E on Pendles and if he doesn't fire, swing Dahlhaus on field. Your defence is very strong overall and Jimmy will sort himself out before the finals. He did get cleaned up early on Sunday and that may have impacted him during the game. He made a lot of uncharacteristic skill errors. With the Cats playing Brisbane this week, worth another chance.


you could do one trade, Collins to Gibson. Hawks play friday, put him on bench with E, if he does good, put bartel on bench and take Gibson's score.

if you don't mind using both trades, you could trade Trengove & Silvagni >> Dalhaus & (Any non-playing DPP). This gives you great bench cover plus opens up your MID/FWD swing set. They all play on Sunday this week so you can see how your players go before hitting the trade button.


Hi Community
I am in two money league prelims and have 2 trades and 149k left
I am considering 2 trades to help my chances of winning

Firstly my team is
Docherty, Shaw, Rance, Laird, McVeigh, Bartel (M Brown Collins)

Dangerfield, Pendles, Hanneberry, Parker, Jelwood, Ward, Priddis, RGray (Menegola, Wills, Trengove)

Gawn, Goldstein (Loersch)

Martin, ZMerrett, Zorko, Montagna, Lyons, Dahlhaus (Silvagni, Phillips)

I can go LYONS to FRANKLIN and
COLLINS to SIMPSON as my final two trades (I would probably have Bartel on the bench)

What does the community think of my team and these two trades? thoughts welcome and good luck to others is prelims this week


I'd trade Lyons to Buddy, hold 1 trade


Lyons to Buddy a no-brainer


Hi Derek, do you really think that,
I mean I know that whilst Lyons has been handy (ave 100 last 5rnds) I consider Franklin as more dynamic and can produce big scores like the 141 last week, however can produce some low scores, hence the risk> Lyons is probably more consistent. Regarding Simpson, I have put off time and time again but cant ignore his great season and need to get him and Bartel has gone cold and cant be relied on. That is why I am considering these trades. I dont want to die wondering! if I did not do these trades

The Ranger

Really not sure what to do this week, I'm in the prelims in my three leagues and should go ok but obviously wanna maximise my chances.
I have three trades and 18K left

Team is…
Shaw, Simpson, Enright Laird, Bartel, Rance – Collins, Austin
Danger, Hanners, Pendles, Parker, Sloane, Rocky, Priddis, Ward – Phillips, Keays, Stewart
Gawn, Martin – Lycett
Dusty, Dahlhaus, Wells, Montagna, Zorko, Hall – Petracca, King

Keays is the obvious one to trade down for funds but what to do after that?
Any suggestions?


You have an impressive side Ranger. Really your only weak links are potentially Stef and Jimmy given his current form. Assuming you have no major outs (like maybe Enright getting a rest on a Gabba trip) I'd probably make an 'upgrade' to one of those two other guys.

In particular if Archie Smith plays again as expected I'd probably move Stef on for either Mummy, Goldy, Grundy or perhaps even NicNat. Of course there's no guarantee this won't backfire in some way but I think that it would likely improve your side for the final fortnight.


I guess another move you could consider is Wells to Zerrett given North have a killer remaining draw vs Swans in TAS and then @ GWS.

The Ranger

Thanks SC. Zerret, NicNat and Doch are the ones I'm looking at over the next two weeks but I'll probably have to pick just two of them.
I'm leaning toward Martin – NicNat (assuming Smith is named) and Keays – rookie this week which will leave me one trade and some cash for next week if all goes well.


Yes he's probably your weakest link. Although I'd probably keep him if Smith gets dropped but that seems very unlikely given that Leppa wants to develop the kids.

Just be a little wary that NicNat's last round score was greatly boosted by his game winning freak goal. On the flip side he SHOULD dominate in the ruck against the Hawks this Friday. Either way I reckon he's an improvement over Stef.


NicNat played 101 mins last week which was very ebcouraging. The week before was only 72 – first game back. he does only average about 84mins per game compared to Gawn & Goldy who are usually around 104mins


Ranger, I would be looking at getting in Docherty and Franklin. Trade out Collins and Petracca and Phillips

The Ranger

Thanks Murray. You don't think the ruck position is more of a worry?


Why have so many people traded out Pendlebury this week? He played last week and will be better for that run.sure he will come back strong


I'd be hanging on to him for sure with GC on the menu up next. A VC possibility too if you have a Sunday loophole like Trengove.


I hope not !! but agree, it's bizarre to trade out a ultra premo when named to play


Crap. It depends on your needs. I traded Pendles who I had all year for Rockcliff and made him Captain giving me a win. Sure, no Pendles this week but still have Rocky. Pendles ankle still ordinary like his ribs were earlier this year.


Hi Community
what has suddenly happened to M Brown from Ess, two tons and has jumped 70K in last two weeks and BE of -12
Has his role changed??


Hey community. First year doing supercoach, sitting around 2700 and in the prelims for my money league. I'm fairly confident that I will knock over the guy in prelims but my potential finals round will be very close.

Got two trades left and a slightly worrying midfield situation.

Have: danger, pendles, hanners, parker, neale, Sloane, cripps, gaff.

In previous matches against the potential final opponent it has came down to Gaff v Priddis and I have usually just scraped by due to the performance of other POD's. However Gaff's recent form hasn't been great, while Priddis has lifted his game.

Is it worth this week going: Gaff->Dahl, Ill have 116k in the kitty

And then next week, swapping Wells into the forward line and purchasing Rocky/Priddis so I have a better chance come grand final time.

Any advice or suggestions would be great 🙂


I like the Gaff > Dahl trade, then see how next week goes but Rocky is tempting




Genius Karl. Down to 1 trade & $36k. While I have bench cover, have Rich D6 and Gunston crap on the weekend. Do I trade or hold?

I.e. Rich to Houli or Gunston to Buddy?