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NRLSupercoachRound23Jarryd Hayne. Jarryd Bloody Hayne.

Go back to this time last week. If you were to tell me that we would be sitting here to discuss his Supercoach relevance for the rest of this season and into 2017 this week I’d tell you to get of the mushies. But he’s back – and he’s absolutely part of the discussion for the rest of the season.

This week we discuss all the relevant Supercoach trade topics in a huge week for all of us. We also assess the upcoming NRL CoachKings Venue Finals.. and the fact that there is a MASSIVE opportunity for our community to get out there and win some serious $$$ over the coming weeks:

CoachKings Venue Finals – venues and number of qualifiers:

[table id=25 /]

Head to to start your assault on the CoachKings Venue Finals, and the $50,000 CoachKings Cup.


Let’s discuss the week ahead folks. What’s on your mind coming into Round 23. Anyone out there casting an eye on 2017 yet?

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im a journalist


Is the 2 pts for the 8 metre hit up measured from the play the ball or were one gets the pill and if a ply runs the 8 metres than offloads without being tackled/prior to the D line is that a scoring stat.


My understanding is the player has to run 8m and take the hit-up to be awarded the points. To be honest I haven't looking into that stat so someone else may offer a better a better opinion.


Thanx Cowboy..


Also cowboy do you think Tedesco 's last try was a try ..that was crucial for some peeps…?


I don't think it was a try, it looked like he just fell short. What did you think mate? It didn't affect the result of the game and the Tigers deserved the win after a great performance. I know a few SCers are fuming that the try cost them in SuperCoach haha.


No try ,he was only on 39 prior to that ,so it really pumped his score ,actually doubled it ,but alot of people lost H2H by mimnimal digits ,a tackle can cost you a finals berth ..getting very narky ..


The cruel beast that is SuperCoach. I think we'll hear about any controversial decisions more now that the League Finals have begun haha


Cheers killereel! I reckon the Gillett > Cordner/De Belin trade is a bit sideways but if you have a middie like Ma'u, Tauk etc then trading in JDB/Cordner is a nice option. Mate, brilliant Masterstroke with throwing the C on Cleary this week and I wouldn't blame you for doing it again this weekend. I'll be looking at Cleary/Carty/The Sauce for the C this week.


Milford VC loop option this week guys ..he is ripe for the vodka and pineapple juice ….punchy..


It's definitely an option but risky with his current form. The Broncos are $1.22 favourites so if you're going to risk the Milf it may as well be this week. Go for it mate!


Thanx JR ….

Don't Blush Baby

Bringing J.Hayne in, will be going an all out backs onlslaught on my bench

Will have to leave out Bromwich,Cordner,Cleary & Milford, leaves me with 2 trades and 45k

king julian

hey mates, in regards to the coachkings venue finals, if you are to place multiple times in the venue finals of your selected venue, will that give you said amount of entries into the coachkings cup?


Hey King Julian! Good to hear from a CoachKings Champion again haha. Only one entry per person in the CoachKings cup. I hope to be facing off against ya mate.