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Supercoach - the RELENTLESSMarchOn


Yes. Pendlebury is a big issue this week. Will he play? What do we do if he doesn’t hit the park? But as important as the following weeks are for season 2016.. it is just as important that we LEARN as a community. What’s worked in 2016? What did I stuff up? Where will I improve in Supercoach 2017?

I can tell you one thing. The bones in the leg of my 2016 Supercoach team are completely stuffed. Plenty of us are carrying similar compound fractures through the season. But we march on. And learn.

We also discuss the approaching CoachKings finals. While many are shot in the long form of the game – with each new week of CoachKings comes a completely fresh opportunity to qualify for your Venue Final.. the pathway to the $50,000 CoachKings Cup:





$1000 CoachKings Cup Package – Ross Dunlop

$500 – Leanne Lucas

$200 – Hayden Pallot

$100 – Chris Connors

$50 – Dan Worsnop, Renee Adelaide, Justin Altus, Broderick Jenkins


What’s on you mind heading into the weekend?

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Jock I was trying to avoid that horrendous image. Thanks maaaaaaate! πŸ˜‰


I'm actually one of those Neanderthal throw backs that when I lye on my back Jock I seem to hang even lower in the testicular region, due to boxers being an atire to fashion dangling elasticity unlike the old school huggies..


I once had to play out a game off the half back line with that same leg injury. But I'm from Seaford, so it was business as usual.


lol top notch




Sloane or Bont?



Chicken Dinner

Biggest regret this year was the Gawn-Goldstein trade, easily. – Dickhead confirmed


Mine would be starting Stef over Maxy. Also sideways trading Pendles to Gray after Rd2 would be right up there too. Definite brain fart material.


My biggest short term regret was trading Hall with Buddy. If I'd gone Lynch I would have won my match-up this week and would have the week off. My biggest season regret was starting with and holding Wingard. Shockingly inconsistent.

Best trade was getting Jackson Trengove extremely cheap in the face of a torrent of abuse howling me down for such a stupid move. This is despite him stinking it up last week, he's done well. But time to move him on this week, straight swap for JJ in a must win final. Lobbe is probably back this week too.

The Ranger

Two decisions at the start of the year have cost me hugely.
I went with Yeo over Doch and Hall over Merret.
Yeo – Original cost = 443K Pts scored = 1252 Doch – Original cost = 473K Pts scored = 2088
Hall – Original cost = 428K Pts scored = 1327 Merrett – original cost = 477K Pts scored = 2066
That's the season right there for me….instead of languishing in the 700's I'd be chatting to Shem about holiday plans.
In hindsight I should have ditched C.Mills, put the money saved towards Doch and Merret and bought in a proper rookie.
I won't be paying 200k for a rookie again.


Jock thinking of going Hall to Merett and Jansen to a def/forward rookie
If hall plays however thinking of trading two of my mid rookies for Dalhaus and that def/forward! Would leave me with a hell of a lot of bench cover and 1 trade left.


Pendles listed as a 'Test' in today's updated injury lists along with Sauce Jacobs and Shiel.

Ditto for Stef Martin, Suckling Pig and Hall for those poor buggers still carrying them.

So looking like a big round of INS hopefully.

Lids still listed as a 'TBC' for the 10K coaches still holding him presumably because they are out of trades.


Mine would be starting under done players like fyfe, rocky and crouch.
They got injured early put me behind the 8 ball straight away and cost me trades.
Trading in hopper looking for quick cash grab also a fail as he also went and did himself a mischief.
Also starting the chad over zerrett be right up there.
Hit by injuries, players missing, out of form pods and under performing rooks on field as a result of this watched my rank head south every week when about round 9 with a $3.5m bench I was as low as 78,000.

But you are never beat in this game just gotta go hard or go home.
Decided unless I did some aggressive trading and pulled the right reign I would be a spectator come finals time.
Now playing in a few semi finals this week and even made it to a prelim and are ranked in the top 10,000.

So lady luck she plays a part, a big part and will always have a say on your fortunes or misfortunes in this great game.


Great to hear Crouching is back. Pointy end panic.

I'm still stuck on this decision. Playing in semis this week, 2 trades left & $51k

Option 1: Pendles & S.Collins to Sloane & Dalhaus. Leaves no defence bench cover (Broad, B.Williams);
Option 2: Rose & Trengove to Dahlaus & Wills.
Option 3: Petraca & Trengove to Dahlaus & Menegola.

Not sure I want to trade Pendles and would have bench cover on all lines if I take options 2 & 3.


Option 2


I'ts getting harder as the players who we have come to rely on year after year are in their 30's and the up and comers have limited past performances to go by. I reckon the midfield will be ok to select and rucks,but the backs and forwards are where i'ts going to be tricky.


I'm literally just thinking that Pies rookie for Jansen and next week Petracca to Merret. I'd then have one trade left and I'll have Menegola, Willis and Aaron hall as cover. Already in a prelim


I have the week off in both my leagues with 3 trades and 11k in the war chest. 2 weak spots on the field are Hanley in the mid and Lycett up front. I plan to down one for Wills to generate enough cash to Pick up Parker/JPK or Selwood ahead of the prelims and hopefully GF. Lycett is set to lose the most this week with the highest BE but provides cover in case Goldy goes down or is rested. Does anyone think he is worth holding until the GF just in case or should I go for the cash grab and trade him now.m that extra few grand this week could be the difference between say a JPK or settling for Neale for example.


Similar Boat here I can get Lycett off field with a Petracca to Dahlhaus but if he's needed in the rucks whats the point of 60 odd score?
If you can keep a trade up the sleeve for GF week I reckon Lycett should go.


What are everyone's thought on Cripps from the Blues? He's had a massive month averaging 120.5… I think he could be a great unique with a fairly soft run home… Opinions appreciated! (Haven't listened to the podcast yet)


Had him all season and haven't thought to trade him out. Generally pretty consistent and you can see the beast in there if you look closely. Value for money!


Traded him in last week as cover for Shiel and he was terrific. Has a great run home too and a nice POD.

Boltons Blues

Had him since the start, only once contemplated a trade for him but Ablett went down so it was the more pressing issue.
The kid is a jet, future Brownlow medalist along with the Bont, #1 clearance player in the league and top 5 for contested touches, a supercoachers dream combination, if he kicked it a little more and took his chances in front of goal, he would have 150 avg this past month


And where do you see his output when Marc Murphy returns?

Boltons Blues

Murphy struggles (at times) with a heavy tag, I think crippa had a stage of "2nd year blues" early this season, another year in the gym and a full pre season, I think he can get even better and demand that tag, what happens after that, you won't know until we see it.
I reckon he can get better with or without murphy

reality check

The Blues need someone hard in the guts, Cripps will be unstoppable next season. They should trade soft cocks Gibbs and Murphy for premo ruck and forward, or priority picks, there's a bit on offer at seasons end. The new coaching staff look ok, time to upgrade the team!!

Boltons Blues

I'm the first one to hang shit on Gibbs, but I think this has been his best year so far, but also agree we need a #1 ruckman and a proper FF to allow but most of our players have 0 currency apart from the likes of Gibbs and murphy which I doubt they will trade

Coaching panel has done a great job, for a club on the up, 6 wins with the possiblity to finish on 9 wins, our last 3 are winnable games, is great for a young mob

Shake n bake

Mentioned him after rd 17 picked him up for back then for $455k took the risk but he's run home was worth it. Also picked up Lynch after rd 15 when he was $430k sold Libba $515k for Cripps sold kerridge $420k for Lynch! Both have been great.


Trade Pendles straight swap?
Trade Petracca (F7) to someone under $477, swap Martin to mids?

One trade


Couldn't agree more Higgo, Bont and Crisps must haves next year. Bont could be too pricey to start with though, will possibly be my first upgrade target.


Ranked 22. Do i have a chance?


bloody oath


Appreciate the enthusiasm but I'm over 400 off the lead…Maybe 150 or 200 but me thinks Im lucky to go 10 more places.

I've got to be realistic.

Trying picture a sitation where many of the top ranked just fall off the radar.


Top 10 is definitely attainable only 146pts behind which would get you in the prize money. Even then you'll probably need a few things to go your way.


i'm in the top 100, 1 big week gets u down the ranks, still optimistic


There's unfortunately a big jump from 1 to 10.

No Danger so my only chance is to play the POD game and pray for blue moon scores.


Getting up to rank 22 without danger this year is quite the achievement

Seaford Pete

Hoot go totall No Fear and POD to maximum effect. Live once and die forever. We believe in you my Big Ball friend…..

how's the serenity

Maybe top 10 if premo carnage otherwise you're dreaming


Agree… Gotta go hard and pray for mas carnage.

I should have taken a closer look at the ooint difference at rd 15 and taken the chances im taking now, then!




Bloody hell what a shit week, because of Pendles injury it stuffed me up royally.

I finished 2nd in my league, had 3 trades left, my initial choice was to trade Mathieson to Menongola and also Libba to Sloan, however because Pendles injured himself on Friday night, I decided to hold off trading and to play Dunkley and it cost me the WIN.

So had I of made my initial trade and got Sloane I could be resting now and Pendles would more then likely play the following week anyway FFS.

So now it looks like I will be trading Libba to Dahlhaus and Pendles to Sloan or the BONT. That leaves me with 1 trade left.

Bloody Hell.


Mate fing relax Pendles will play watch!


Was looking forward to the Census tonight.
I'm not sure if "supercoach" counts as a legitimate profession but it would've been a fun answer.
Now the website is buggered and I have to wait to claim that GAJ, Danger and Pendles all share my back bedroom.


Not a euphemism by the way …


My census
Profession: Supercoach
Religion: Supercoach
How did you get to work today: Supercoach

Look at me

Do I keep North Melbourne Players in.?
The team has become an embarrassment and St Kilda could do them a big favour knocking them out and preventing any more mental distress to a already feeble group of supporters. After beating their chests earlier in the year after beating the minnows of the competition they now cower in the corner, inept and unable to put up any fight against descent teams. What a sham and utter disgrace they are. You have the "one way" Harvey, the Ducker, the princess (Del Santo), the "tough" guy Firrito, the small team bully "Petrie" and the over animated buffoon masquerading as the coach.
So many tricks played over the years, (Resting players before finals, ducking, time wasting on the clock,complaining about umpires to name a few) and yet when they have to play real football they fail in a heap of horse manure
Here ends the warning – pick North players in supercoach at your end peril




Goldy only one worth picking


What a flog. My guess is Tiger fan. The ducker comes in many colours, selwood, shuey, rioli, blah blah blah. One way like cotchin, (my grandma can tag him out of a game,)Shit players dont play 400+ games. Princess Dal? WTF are you on about? Tough guy firrito, problem? Shit players dont play 300+ games either, but Petrie can only do it against lesser opponents now, the end is nigh.
The coach, identical to his twin, but nothing said there. Hardwick, Eade, Clarkson, all very animated. Many tricks? um, how is playing by the rules a trick? Most teams practise what you call ducking. No tricks here.North are where they should be, above most of those they have beaten and below the ones they have lost to.
A team that has been to the last 2 prelims yet get ridiculed for being one of the most honest teams this year. The stereo typical Tiger supporter comes out of the woodwork when they have a win. We all know the history of the past 30 years. Thats why I know you support Richmond.
So put your name to your post ya flog and try to watch a game that dosent have your team in it


Well said
This guy was in here weeks back under some name like tigerposter or tigerimposter or something like this.
He was spitting out similar tripe like that above. From memory he was bragging about being on Bigfooty site – not sure what that meant but he did have tickets on himself as an expert
Anyhow while in September he is down at puntroad lighting the place on fire or tyring to sack the board you will be enjoying a final


Don't cry Danny
Your team is soft
What a pathetic miserable bunch of front runners
Harvey will get a holiday for his gutless attack on Mitchell




You smell

Juzzy ·

get a life buddy
this is not a rant forum
take your vile comments elsewhere


Weird … This Juzzy is not me. First time anyone has "borrowed" my name in this forum.
Not that I'm disagreeing with my alter-ego but it would be appreciated if you use a bit of creativity and find another name.
They are virtually limitless πŸ™‚


The census comment 2 posts back was me.
And no … I wasn't drinking last night.


thanks Jock, it was pretty obscene language


if anyone sees some elderly gentleman by the names of Harvey, Petrie or Waite could you please return them to the Flemington Retirement Village. They were mean to be playing bridge and enjoying supper in their PJ's

Ronald McDonald

Ii found Petrie in a McDonalds drive through

Carlton Medical Team

Not sure you should have Waite playing bridge. When he was playing bridge with us he was out 3 weeks with an injured back after reaching for the teapot. Two weeks out with a tendon injury on his shuffling hand. Another 3 weeks concussion when he reached for something on the floor and banged his head on the table. Just not worth the risk…….


hahahahaha, NO…..
I think Dane Swan has got lost coming back from the toilet. Hodge keeps doin a bicep from pointing at imaginary friends, Heath shaw has dementia, Harry Taylor missus his WW2 mates and Boris has a minder. LeCras thinks he's in the french foriegm legion, Grundy needs to be woken for his medicine. Adelaides Scott Thompson is looking forward to being a toolie at schoolies and lets not mention anyone over 30 at the doggies, that would be cruel.


i have 3 trades left, so will probably trade out pendles this week as i need a win.

Jock always tells us about the "opportunity vacuum" or whatever he called it.

With Pendles missing this weekend, who will benefit? who will fill the gap?

Sidebum? trelor? Aish?

I'll probably go Selwood or take a punt on BCrouch, but are any of the collingwood boys worth a look?

Shake n bake

Remember it could only be 1 week. Go Cripps maybe?


Yes if you're looking for an in form POD then Cripps is probably your man although having said that the Bont is actually owned by slightly fewer coaches and he's been tearing it up too. Both guys have fabulous remaining draws.


I'm actually considering BCrouch

If i go Pendles >> BCrouch, i'll have enough cash to go BSmith >> BSmipson.

Rich will then be D7

1 trade left


Shaw, Bartel, Rance, Simpson, Laird, Mcveigh (Rich, lee)

Danger, Gray, JPK, Sloane, Rocky, Hanners, priddis, BCrouch (Joyce, menadue, phillips)

Gawn, Blitz (Wyatt)

Dusty, Zorko, Buddy, Dalhaus, Montagna, Wingard (Motlop, greenwood)


Gibbs 10K more, better average, 121 last 3 rounds.. worth a look


i like JPK

less than 10% ownership

thats who i am going


The problem with collingwood is which one do you pick? A bit like the swans. Get it right, you look like a genius. But if you choose the wrong one, there are a couple of quality players to steal their points. At this time of year I would look for the one standout player in a team. Eg Sloane.
But I have to confess, this year I went with Hanners, Parker and JPK on the theory that even if one of them stuffs up, the other two will cover for him. Most of the time its come off.


I'm thinking of holding this week community. 0 trades and a loss due to not selecting Gawn. probably aurevoir from me this year.




Hold if you can SS that 0 trade may just gold


Oh darn

Just looked at the draw this weekend and my team and unless a premo is rested don't have a capt loophole as my non playing rooks are from the pies, lions and hawks!

Don't have any premo dogs or pies so can't VC anyone on Friday night. So stuffed just have to trust the CApt this week.


Darn you don't have Trengove mate, see he comes useful at times. lol

I'm going Hanners as VC and C on Danger same as last week. Thankfully I didn't play greedy and make Danger my C as a 136 from a VC is ALWAYS a lock in my book.


Shit actually that wont work either Re: Hanners

Will go either Simmo, Docherty, Zorko, Gunston or Ward as my VC


TH I know u said you dont have any premo dogs or pies but do you have Dahlhaus mate? If so put the VC on him.

I N Pieman

Not good news if your still holding Lids he's been ruled out for the remainder of the season

help me

Is it time for Zach?


Do I loop Reiwoldt or Framklin with Howe


Franklin is a girl this season

Boltons Blues

Franklin last week cost me a sneaky 1600 collect in a couple of weeks time, bin him


Unfortunately someone continues to use my name in vein. Disappointing
Going to try the Census tonight again and hopefully keep off the drink

Don't Blush Baby

Its unreal when you hope players don't get named so you can loop , eg Phillips, Trengove ect , can't really plan until teams are announced and then finalised before they start

We all have the same issue with a ABCDE ect plan, its who gets the luck with trades/loops at this time of year who succeeds, good luck


I had a total of 4 trades that involved Barlow, 3 involving Rocky (and might still use my last on him) and sold so many rookies 100k+ under their max (Gresham 240, kerridge 300, etc) Starting with leuenberger and smith in rucks huge mistakes. But still alive and cracked 2400 last 2 weeks.


Priddis or Bont?

My current mids are:
Danger, Hanners, Sloane, Neale, JPK, Cripps, Gray (Dunkley, Joyce, Phillips)


Excluding Pendles obviously*


Sloane, Gibbs, Coniglio or Bont?