RD20: The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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It was one of those rounds, Community.

For some coaches, including myself, everything seemed to fall into place and we managed to avoid most of the carnage.

I smashed out a 2500, roared into the top 800 overall and felt like Neville Bartos in his prime.

Neville Bartos


But as Neville soon found out, nothing good lasts forever, like the time Chopper proceeded to shoot him because he failed to produce cash.

There were plenty of bullets flying about this round and some of us were unable to dodge them.

Pendles got injured, Danger produced a sub par captain score, and the likes of Heath Shaw, Robbie Gray, Josh Gibson, Jimmy Bartel, Jack Steven and Chad Wingard had absolute stinkers.

The Heroes

Max Gawn (168 SC)

A new juggernaut has claimed the throne as the competition’s number one ruckman. Has significantly out-performed the former incumbent Todd Goldstein and is now in a league of his own, ruck wise. Boasts the second best average in the comp and is averaging a staggering 133.5 over his past five matches.  Giving up the darts certainly has done Big Max some good.

Corey Enright (149 SC)

One of the most ridiculously consistent players this game has ever seen.  Has played more games than any other Geelong player and just keeps getting it done, week after week. An excellent POD in defence as he is still owned by just five per cent of sides.

Rory Sloane (137 SC)

With a dream run home, Sloane should be the number one target for those who don’t have him and are looking to replace Pendles. Since the byes, has gone at a clip of just under 120 per match. Get on board.

Honourable mentions:

Isaac Heeney (145 SC), Cyril Rioli (139 SC), Tom Lynch (138 SC), Daniel Tahlia (137 SC), Marcus Bontempelli (133 SC), Matt Priddis (132 SC), Jack Viney (132 SC), Mitch W Brown (130 SC).

The Villains

Jack Steven (56 SC)

Received a heavy tag by Ed Curnow and could not shrug it off. Had just 19 touches at 68 per cent efficiency. He’s going 150 one week and 60 the next at the minute. Not ideal from a premo mid.

Robbie Gray (52 SC)

Had quite possibly the worse game in his entire career. Was lucky to scrape up to 52 in the end.  Like his side on the day, was bloody deplorable and couldn’t get near it.  It was a performance that would have left his owners fuming.

Heath Shaw (58 SC)

For all his brilliance this season, has still clocked up seven scores of 85 or lower throughout the course of 2016. This includes this stinker of a score and an abysmal 46 in Round 14. Still a gun, but has now slipped below Carlton pair Kade Simpson and Sam Docherty for overall average in defence.

Honourable mentions:

Jimmy Bartel (60 SC), Josh Gibson (58 SC).

Adam Schneider – check out the prize for winning The Tower’s Venue Final

The Redeemers

Brad Crouch (144 SC)

“Frothies” Crouch seems to be getting better by the week. Burnt many earlier this season with a combination of injury and poor form, but is beginning to redeem himself nicely. Averaging 109.4 over his past five games.

Josh J Kennedy (141 SC)

After registering ordinary scores of 39, 60, and 62 in his past three matches, redeemed himself in the best possible fashion by jagging seven majors on his way to a significant SuperCoach score.

Todd Goldstein (127 SC)

Is working back to peak form and looks better with every match he plays. Unlikely North will rest him now, which must be a relief to the 44 per cent of coaches that own him.

Honourable mentions:  

Bacher Houli (124 SC).

The Prodigies

Sam Menegola (94 SC)

Looks to be a dead-set gun, this kid. Knows how to find the pill and fits into the Geelong structure magnificently. Currently averaging 87 with a breakeven of -101.

Archie Smith (90 SC)

Has been fantastic in his first two matches as Brisbane’s number one ruckman and looks a real player. But what happens when Stef Martin comes back? How will this impact his output? The fact he will probably be on the bench instead of the field for those who own him makes this dilemma less significant.

Rubert Wills (108 SC)

Where the bloody hell has this bloke come from? Looks like he can play the game and has a red hot crack, which Buckley likes. Although it is getting more and more insignificant as the season draws to a close, he is on the bubble this week. With scores of 85 and 108 in his first two, could still make some cash for a late upgrade.

Honourable mentions:

Aaron Francis (52 SC).

The Damned

Steven Motlop (63 SC)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The potential of a straight swap from Libba to Motlop was discussed on Jock’s podcast last week and quite frankly all those that did so go what they deserved. This is about the sort of output that can be expected from Motlop. Steer clear.

Clay Smith (5 SC)

Copped an unfortunately concussion which ended his night prematurely. Touch and go to line up this week, given the new strict concussion regulations.

Scott Pendlebury (82 SC)

The million dollar question: Hold or Trade? The prognosis was not entirely clear at time of writing, but it looks a one to two-week injury. This makes it very tricky. If you have excess trades in hand, then a straight swap is the best option. However if you are down to just one or two, consider holding. Will Collingwood risk him with just three games to go and nothing to play for? Time will tell.

Honourable mentions:

Sam Kerridge (41 SC), Andrew Gaff (44 SC), Christian Petracca (63 SC).

That’s the weekend that was. What’s on your radar as we have a look at Round 21?

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Carl. Too true.
It was just one of those weekends that had a little bit of everything.
For example I had 2 heros 3 if you count Pridda, 2 villains 3 if you count Gibson, 1 redeemer and a prodigy.

No damned but I think you can throw the Chad wingard in there as well as the whole port adelaide side!
Challenging for top 8? Yeah right.


Have 2 options

Trade Pendles –> Bont/Sloane & trade JJK –> Dahlhaus
Trade Pendles to Coniglio/Mundy/Sidebottom & trade Robinson –> Dahlhaus

Option 1 would leave Robinson as bench cover, while Option 2 would make JJK bench cover


I like the first option of those two.


Kind of hoping Pendles is out for the season. Will reward those with a couple of trades left such as yours truly. Plus it will cause a shake-up at the top of the rankings.

Also, can the Blues please drop Silvagni? Would love to loophole at F7. At least Grimley has no chance at getting another game so we can loop big Maxy again.


Likewise with Pendles.

In fact I dont mind a bit of mid-week training carnage, as I have the trades to recover from that type of stuff.


I've based my strategy of late seaon carnage with 5 trades left at rank 1100, but i don't think that was smart footy…
A. Because of the closeness of the top 8, not many will be rested,
B. The week off before the finals

Shake n bake

Decisions decisions ranked 110 with 4 trades left I have a bye in 9 out of 10 leagues I have Pendles but Shiel is my M9 I have Martin but have used Naismith in ruck. My question is should I trade this week for rank or save my trades for rd 22 & 23?


Save em if you're through anyway.


Yes I'd hang on to those trades too assuming Stef plays this week otherwise I'd definitely trade there perhaps for Mummy, if you can afford the extra $20K. If Pendles looks set to miss more than one then he needs to go too to state the obvious.

Whilst undoubtedly league finals are the most important right now a top 100 finish is something you can crow about in years to come as not many of us have finished there at season's end.

Although I'm not a massive fan of Shiel from a fantasy perspective (and never owned him in any salary cap comp) I'd still stay the course with him as the Giants have Freo in the SC prelims who everyone has been belting.

Shake n bake

With those 4 trades also have $150k SC. but I'm sure there will be another out somewhere this week!!


Apologies SnB I misread your situation. Disregard what I said about Shiel. I thought you were considering trading him for some reason. If Pendles looks set to miss more than one then trade to another ultra premo otherwise hold there and field Shiel.

I'd seriously think about moving on Stef. Archie Smith has been performing well and could take a lot of points off Stef when he returns just like West did earlier in the season. But if Stef plays this week then I'd probably still hold and see how he goes first.

Either way you're in a commanding position with 4 trades left and a healthy bank balance so have options open to you that many coaches don't right now.

Shake n bake

Was goin to move Martin on last week but went with Naismith again. Only trade I did was Davis to hannabury and him vc. I was goin to go Patracca to Rioli but couldn't because of work! But Rioli might get a week so maybe lucky there.

Boltons BLues

No trades left, somehow got 2480 with Dunkley, Danger C and Heath Shaw in my team.
Pendles and Shiel, hopefully Shiel is back, ive got the week off so doesnt matter this week if pendles is out
the dude is super competitive and always plays to win no matter whats on the line, i reckon he will be back even though Collingwood are done and dusted

1 day at a time

Matty Pridis you gun… bought me back from the brink for an 11pt win and the week off after beating1st in my league.

Only issue is 1 trade left.

Carrying Stefan Martin and Pendlebury. Got Cox as cover in the ruck (for what that's worth) and Mathieson and a Petracca/Reid swing for fwd cover.

I get to watch a week and fingers crossed no further injuries to my team…


I was saved by Priddis (C) & JJ Kennedy, got over the line by 20 points in an elimination final.

Live to fight another week.


took alot of bullets this week, Shaw, Bartel, Pendles, Gray, Motlop, Buddy, Wingard.

I pretty bad week when Rich's 84 looks good.


What did you end up scoring Derek?


a very poor 2284


Bring on the bunnies in a graders vfl.
I dodged the pendles bullet but no trades left anyway I'll probably field 15!!


yeah, sure you will only field 15…

I have 3 trades left, will probably bring in Selwood for pendles.


Good move he should fire after a quiet week. Na should have a full team hoping sucklingpig is back this week.


I'm on the other side of those VFL finals. With a lot of luck I'm hoping to see one of you fine gents in the GF.

We all have cutthroat semis to get through first and foremost though.


Any news on franklin and pendles? Also I have two trades. Should I go Sloane or Bont from pendles or hold and put clay smith on field.


I would hold Buddy – played out the game and shouldn't miss any time. Trading Pendles depends on your situation. If you're playing a final this week and don't have a bye, I would look at trading him unless you have some decent cover. There is no guarantee Smith will play this week given the Dogs have a six-day break.


Yeah Clay Smith will start on Friday, I like Clay and think the guy has a ton of ability however if you are playing for finals and dont have the bye then I suggest you trade Pendles to whoever you wish providing Pendles misses a week or two.


Should I trade Nick Roo to Gunston? Nick Roo might checkout and the Hawks will go hard too secure top spot.


Pendles – season


Yeah mate you're the only one who keeps saying that

Buddy Love

Sprained ankle at worst for Pendles. He played the first three games this year with a sore back, could barely move and still pumped out 100's.

Rick Grimes

First three games of the year they had something to play for. Why risk your gun player on meaningless games. He won't play this week and if it's anything more than a sprain he'll be out the remainder. Just common sense.


I'm thinking same thing as Ben nick roo to Gunston a good move?


what about Cyrill. i was talking about him all last week and ended up getting Dalhaus (so i could also afford Rance)

Shake n bake

Rioli will get 1 to 2 weeks I think.

I N Pieman

Shout out to Shemmist. Claimed the number one rank. Well done mate. Amazing achievement


Geez it must be hard to focus on work with just 3 weeks to go and $50K beckoning like a siren's song.

I'd be constantly comparing my close opposition and analysing different trade and VC/C scenarios. Although when you've got the lead at this stage of the caper you want to play as smart % fantasy footy as possible and let your pursuers take a few risks if they're game.


How many of this magnificent community occupy the top dozen spots?
Two I know off.
But could be 4-5 so over a third.
Good luck to anyone with a shot at overall.
Be great if one of Jock's flock could win 2016!


2513 on the weekend
Up 1100 places to 2600
Won both qualifying finals and have the week off
1 trade left
Do I straight swap Pendlebury?
Or do I trade Petracca (F7) to Montagna or anyone under $477k and swap Martin to mids and hold Pendles?


Unless Pendles is ruled out for the rest of the season I'd just hold this week and make that final trade in the prelims or GFs. Even then you might still hold and make a decision next week.

For you'd absolutely hate to trade out Pendles this week only to run into another season ending injury with his replacement this weekend.


Also you don't want to come up against Pendles in the last two rounds without him…
Man, but I really want to go Pendles to Bont. His last three games are all against average to poor sides.


Yeah i pencilled in Pendlebury to Bont and Petracca to Dahl as soon as Supercoach opened last night. Feels good, so hopefully Pendles misses 2 weeks to justify the trade.


I kind of agree. Especially if I have opponents stuck with Pendles and no trades.


Yeah I'm pretty much sold on the Bont now. A very likely starter in Addicts next season. He will take over that position previously assigned to Gazza even though there will never be anyone who comes close to replacing the bald genius in Supercoach.




He seems the likely challenger Moustachio but he has a long way to go to join Gaz on SuperCoach's Mt Rushmore. Gaz averaged about 132pts a season over a 7 year period from 2008 to 2014. Whether Danger (currently 26) is still banging out 130 plus seasons at age 32 remains to be seen.

I N Pieman

Pendles update: scan revealed no damage. Bit sore. More than a reasonable chance to line up this weekend. Shelve the trade plans for the time being


Hopefully it is like what happened with lids and he does not play


Hey community, if Pendles doesn't get up this week should I go to Sloan or JPK? I already have hannaberry and parker

Big G

Sloan or Rocky


Why did my most unlucky week come in the first week of finals?
Was stuck with:
Shaw, Bartel, Birchall, Steven, Gray, Franklin and you can throw in a below par Dangerfield as captain and Pendlebury getting injured.
Lost 7/10 finals and dropped over 800 spots putting me outside the top 1000.

Boltons Blues

Rest Pendles this week, sincerely all first week winners who have the week off next week


What's the go with Dylan Shiel? Anyone know if he's expected to return this week?


Thought that i would never say this but welcome to my team tom rockliff my son!!


If Pendles misses then it'll be Sloane for me. Not ready to get on the Rockliff train again


I have Rocky but reckon Sloanedog or the Bont are the ones to get in if you want to make a move on Pendles.


The Bont for me


Mark Stevens says Pendlebury likely to miss 1 week on Prime/7


As a non Pendles owner I certainly won't be losing any sleep if that's the case.

In fact if he turns into another Lids 'TBC' type situation that would be perfectly fine with me. 🙂


bit dog




I have three trades and cover everywhere except ruck.
Should I trade Pendles if he is listed as out for one week?


NO…hew will play and if he doesn't I wouldn't trade Pendles, you idiot! Trade Pendles how stupid can you be! You shouldn't even be allowed to play this game if that whats you are considering you imbecile!


If you're playing some do or die semis this week then I'd probably move him on if he doesn't get up for this week, unless you have cover that is likely to ton up.

But if you've got the week off going straight into the prelims then hold for sure.


That's the thing, I have a final in my most competitive league…

However I could cover him. Would just mean having Wingard at F6 instead of F7 (and swinging Joey/Dahl/Zorko/Dusty)


Hows Lids traveling


Any opinions welcome
B.Smith OUT B.Houli IN
C.Wingard OUT L.Dahlhaus IN


Both look to sideways


Both are likely improvements over his incumbents but on the flip side they haven't played much footy in the 2nd half of the season.

I'd probably try to go to ultra premos like a Simpson, Laird, Boyd, Docherty etc or just keep the trades for injuries with another 3 weeks to go but that's my own personal preference. Perhaps Houli could prove to be a decisive POD.


If you can try and give yourself loophole options, with the exception of Dahlhaus the other 3 can kill you with low scores.


Sloane, Priddis or JPK?


Sloane, Absolute ball magnet. Good run home too…


Priddis. Getting back to his absolute best and west coast need it more from him than Adelaide does.

winning move

JPK if you don't have other two swan mids, Sloane next best


i do have a man-crush on JPK, but right now i would be getting Sloane


Just 2 trades & $51k. If Pendles out, have cover but keen to trade to make it through to GF…

1. Pendles & Collins to Sloane & Dahlhaus, if not, then
2. Rose & Trengove to Dahlhaus & Wills.

Option 1 exposes bench (Broad & Williams). Option 2 creates more bench options.


Option 2 without a doubt!


Sorry, scrub that…………if I understand correctly and you are in a Semi this week, and Pendles doesnt get up, Id definitely go option 1.


Correct Rocksta – Semis this week for me. Hate the idea of zero trades but it's make or break this week.


I have both Pendles and Shiel. Lost my Qualifying final and as such sudden death this week.
If Pendles gets up, and Shiel plays as expected, I can turn KK into Boyd using my last two trades. If he doesnt get up, I simply cannot take the risk and as such will be stuck with KK for the rest of the season, which will most likely cost me the flag.
This game does my head in…………….get to finals 2nd on the ladder with 3 trades left, and nothing but carnage!


Hang in there Rocksta. A lot of the coaches are feeling the pinch at this point in the season and at least you still have a couple of trades to make some moves.

KK has been a major disappointment this season so it would be nice to upgrade him to Boyd if you can, so hopefully both Shiel and Pendles are right to go this weekend. Little point hanging on to trades in sudden death finals especially if you feel you're the underdog and need to give your team a boost.


If Pendles is out, should i hold him with just one trade left? I lost my qualifying final in one of my main leagues so have to win. Got Petracca as cover.




Its just too hard to cover Super Premo's.
Petracca unfortunately aint gunna cut it. That said, you'll need to turn him into another ultra Premo ( Sloane, Neale, Hanners, Parker, Danger, Selwood)


I already have Sloane, Danger, Selwood, Parker, Hanners, Gray, and Rockliff. Who to get out of Bontempelli, Neale, JPK or Priddis?


Toss a coin.
All upper level premo's and in form.


All those guys would be excellent replacements. If I was choosing I'd try to get the Bont in. I don't own him but he's been in white hot form in the 2nd half of the season. Dogs also have a tantalising remaining draw.

I'm also a huge JPK fan like Derek and he's been nothing short of awesome since I got him in.


Take the bont min and whack the vc on him friday night


how much cash do you have? who can you upgrade Petracca to and keep Pendles as cover? do you have enough to get Brad Crouch?

Shaq Attack

Great write up again Carl! I reckon Viney should've been in the redeemers category after last weeks shocker haha


Lots of us are thinking what to do about Pendles. Personally, I can't see him getting up ready for a Friday night game, but we won't really know until teams come out. I think its time to spend a bit more time until then thinking about the captaincy this week. It will decide a lot of games, especially if Geelong has decided to play danger forward a bit more to ease his workload before finals.


Definitely agree mate


Bring in brad crouch as POD or just go full premo ..


I have a bit of a conundrum community. I would like to trade in Todd Goldstein this week for Tom Bellchambers, as my opponent in the finals does not have Goldstein. However, Todd Goldstein is jewish and so am I, so this decision might be more emotional than rational. Advice?

21 savage

i would hold TBC, has a higher ceiling than goldy


Either way, both TBC and Goldy have to duck to get under their ceilings.


Get him in …religion and sports should be widely divided in ones calculations, for judgment calls can be very much clouded..meditation may work ..ha ha ,prior to s/coach related decisions..


Also great write up Carl!

In App Purchases

Can't believe I'm $200 off going Mathieson to Bontempelli… Can't I just pay the difference?


Yeah, send me the $200 and I organize it…..haha


Shattered …should be a top up once a year for say two trades for 200-00 k …just sayin

winning move

Enright looks the pod to have if you can get him


Just out of interest …
Was anyone else lucky enough to play Robbos team in a final last weekend and bear witness to his monumental stuff up ?


Oh he's filthy about it alright:


We've all stuffed up our loophole at some point although no worse time to do it than week 1 of the finals. Probably gifted 100s of coaches a free pass to the next round.


He VCed Rance. After his big score he benched Goldy for Grimley and put the C on Grimley .
I kept waiting for him to correct his blunder … He didn't.
Missed double Rance score. Missed out on Goldys 127.
Grimley grand total of 40 something as captain.
Funny stuff 🙂


Supercoach is a cruel game 3 weeks ago i was ranked 7k but had to use my last trade and now i am ranked 25k because of wastong all my trades so early dont go BANG BANG


Preserving trades is a huge part of the game.


Standard procedure brother

The Ranger

This is my 5th year of playing James and it's the first time I've made it this far with trades still in the bank!
Some lessons are hard to take onboard…

Talking of BANG BANG…has Crouching turned up yet?


Who put the C on big maxie this week …yes I did ,about time I got a big payoff for being ballsy …also does anyone think Puopolo will play this week .thanx guys …


Should I trade in enright or docherty for ruggles?