The Standing Room – ROUND 20

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Robbie Gray 53. Heath Shaw 58. Josh Gibson 58. Chad Wingard 64.

I’m soakingย the underpant of my Supercoach team in a bucket with Nappisan at the moment. Later I’ll wash them in warm water. I’ll then take the bastards down to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned.

It’s been the most horrible of annusses for JR Brumby FC. But this weekend takes the cake.

On a bright note it was bloody good to meet a lot of you on Friday night for some CoachKings – highlight of the night by far was Christina’s national win pictured here with a great community mate of ours Sarah who most of you know from the comments:


How is your weekend of fantasy footy going folks?


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Looking at a narrow loss, thoughts on switching the C to Steven? Opponent and myself currently have Danger.


If you're in an EF then take a punt mate


wouldn't of been a good call




Pendles as well Jock.


Add in Buddy's 60 and Pendles 82 I'm a long way from the 2500 last week.

Bloody looking forward to having the Bont next year. Majestic beast of a footballer


Got him in for GAJ a while back Kev been sensational.


He and Cripps both looking great options for next year. Plus hopefully discount Fyfe.


Had those 4 Jock and have to play Collins on field.
Stick a fork in me I'm done.


Danger, Jelwood, Bartel + 137pts
Danger (C), Blicavs, Neale

Who wins?


With all the shite scores I should still survive and get around the 2500 mark, mainly thanks to big max

I N Pieman

Glad I went Scully over Ebert!


Every week it's the same…….. I can't watch Carlton play anymore. Whenever I look up Simpson or Docherty has the ball.


My trio of Selwood, Bartel and Dangerfield are on 16, 14 and 9 respectively at quarter time, if they don't pick it up its going to hurt a lot of coaches.


Who do I captain?

I will need every point this week.

Opponent = +460 points with Collins to play
Me = Bartel, Selwood, Priddis, Josh Kennedy + opportunity to Capt Dangerfield (or any of those listed earlier)

Advise please.


Went with Priddis. Turn it on Pridda


The SC gods giveth, and they taketh away. Have Danger as c like many others But brought in Enright this week.


Is this really happening with Danger? Really?


Par for this week? Have finished on 2369 which I feel is a little below par.


Should be above I reckon. I was projected almost 2500, will finish under 2350.


Depending on where you are in the competition, i would say slightly under. Seeing a lot around 2400 or just over in top 4 finals.


Won my 6v7 elimination final, checked to see who is be playing next week. Wonder which side won the 2v3 match up?
Then I see one team had Gawn captain. The other? Robbie Gray…


Hooley Dooley I won both my cash leagues with a crappy 2301.
Nearly took Priddis over Danger for cap but worked out ok.


2488 getting over the line in 9/9 finals. Unfortunately 5 of those were VFL finals ha ha.


I finished top 4 in all my leagues but after Pendles went down Friday night I decided to keep my 3 trades and not to trade Mathieson to Menegola and Libba to Sloane.

If I made those two trades I would have won my first final, so not sure what was best, maybe I should have traded and used my last trade on pendles if he is out for 2 or more weeks.

Its a bloody tough game, fingers crossed I do allot better next week.

Top hawk

Happy days!


Lost every single final in my leagues. Ended up with 2319.

Robbie Gray's (sheit in pants) effort and the "non appearance phantom", also known as Stefan Martin cost me big time.

It just did not come together this week. I will lick my feathers, chill out, and have another crack next week in the semis.


Ya woulda beat me toppa.

Top hawk

Yeah true. You had a rough weekend too mate. Danger did turn into a church mouse…..

Are we on a collision course next week? If so, I am gonna have to beat ya without Danger.

Cheers mate


Na Toppa I got cooked in 6 leagues!
Still kicken in Hypochondria JR league and play Derek in A graders VFL next week. Most importantly tho I'm still going in my 2 cashies.
Good luck for rest of finals.

Don't Blush Baby

2333 puts me through in our $100 winner take all league with 2 trades left,happy days at this stage


Done me in league of losers blush, i shouldn't have been a nasty arse and not wished ya luck!

Shake n bake

Got 2470 and played Patracca & Naismith. Wanted to trade out Patracca before their game for Rioli but got stuck at work. Oh well have the bye in 9 out of my 10 leagues next week with 4 trades left.


What a shit week

Boltons Blues

2487 with captain danger and had to play Dunkley because sheil was out
Won both leagues and have the week off next week, hopefully all of them has a nice rest and I get no injures


Straight through in all leagues, scored 2537 with Gawn C. Did not make any trades this week after Pendles went down, so still 4 left. Any more news on Pendles?



Don't Blush Baby

Any word on Pendles ?


How did everyone else do this week? I managed to scrape through to the semis/prelims in 10/10 leagues with a 2389. I don't think i'll make it much further though, because i have to field Mathieson to cover pendles.


Through to Prelims in all 4 of my leagues. Had Danger as Captain and still managed 2382. Pendles a problem but have some coverage with McVeigh off the bench.


Sloane with no one to loophole really hurt


Congrats Shemmist Warehouse who bolted into the outright lead with a handy 2496 this week.

Endeavour Storm also moved into (effectively) 2nd after an impressive 2507.


Every team in the top 30 overall have Scott Pendlebury. Makes the game very interesting!


There must've been bother all people with Gawn as C.

I had stupid 'Brownlow in the bag' Danger as C and ranked 534 for the round.

Gotta grow some cohones in the finals people.


What happened to Clay Smith?