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Finals Fever hits the bungalow this week.

But first we tackle the LIBBA problem that a third of all SuperCoaches have been forced to deal with.

Join Adam Schneider, Higgo and I as we have a good old chin-wag about all things Supercoach and CoachKings….. Crouching is still missing. Please, if you see him let us know.

Some big news this week community –  Let’s get together for a beer and some CoachKings! A free Schooner on registration, CoachKings venue prizes + $100 for the winning team.



As we discuss in the podcast – if you refer a friend via the CoachKings drop-down menu and they play a game in-venue, YOU ARE ODDS ON TO WIN SOME SERIOUS CASH!

Refer a CoachKings Mate

Current “Invite a Mate” referral leader board;

3 – Chris Connors (Hamilton Station Hotel)

3- Justin Altus (Mail Exchange Hotel)

2 – Sarah James, Broderick Jenkins, Danny Thomas, Robert Rossi

Remember: $500 1st, $200 2nd, $100 3rd, $50 4th-7th

45 players have had a mate come and play – all in the draw for $1000 CoachKings Cup supporter package.


If you are yet to experience CoachKings, head down and refer your mates …. IT’S TIME.

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below – If you’ve got Libba, what are you doing?

Be honest, before doing anything this week, how many trades left community?

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Have a good week community and I hope to see a few of you down at The Vaucluse for this Friday’s game.

Are you coming down for a beer at The Vaucluse this Friday night?

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Bells E Bubb

If I lived in Melb I’d have to come down to The Vaucluse this Fri.

I can just about taste a cold Carlton now.

MMmmmMMMmmmm beer……


like dat

21 savage

thoughts on what to do with my team. playing in qualifying finals in all 3 leagues.
4 trades, 51k

cheers community


Would flick Hall this week. Safe choice would be to go Dahlhaus, but I reckon you could find ripping value with Tom Lynch from the Suns, or Eddie Betts with his scintillating run home


macpherson and trengrove could both be back


Hall to Brent Harvey


Hells bells I love you blokes. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!


Gagging mate!


What to do with Pittard? Played miraculously round 18 with 121, but isn't consistent enough for me. I've also got Howe, apart from that they're my only inconsistent dogs. What to do with 3 trades left?


TBF to Jasper the ball simply wasn't in the backline last week he's only had a couple scores under 80 rest has been pretty consistent he should go back to scoring well this week.

I have Howe too & got to be honest he's a worry I feel like there's been a subtle role change for him going from 3rd tall/+1 to almost a small defender, just dont feel we'll get enough of a weekly point to be worth a trade.


Tough choice mate, will make or break you…

i feel you need to think why you got him in the first place!!! use that to make your descision


I have 5 trades that I don't need anymore, they're unused and in 'As New' condition.
Some bloke was saying earlier in the year that they're worth $150k each but I need to sell them quickly so I'll take $100k for all 5
Bring the cash to the Vaucluse on Friday


500k coming your way Friday, Wombats! Do you prefer leather or aluminium briefcases?


Brown paper bags are a lot less conspicuous. … I can launder them here in Timor if needed? 20%fee


Community, I need some advice.

Team at the moment: ranked at 2K with 5 trades remaining
DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Simpson, Rance, Gibson (Collins, Lee)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannerbery, Sloane, Priddis, Gray, Neale, Ward (Matheison, Trengove, Phillips)
RUC: Goldstein, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Montagna, Greene, Hall (Petracca, Paine)

I'm looking to upgrade my bench cover options over the coming weeks as well as brining in Dahlhaus. I have two options:

Petracca > Dahlhaus
Collins > Drummond

Next week
Mathieson > Hunter/Vince


Petracca > Dahlhaus
Trengove > Menegola

Next week
Collins > Biggs/Kolodjishni



hold petracca


Hi community,
I have 3 trades left with $32k left.
Do I save the trades for finals or trade up Collins to Enright.
Everywhere else is full premo


if Collins is currently onfield, you must do the trades. Can't have Collins still in your team at D6.


Collins to Enright = No Brainer


I have Josh kennedy in my forward line and got him in 3 weeks ago when Wells was injured, he has let me down for the last couple of weeks

Should i trade or hold
I have 5 trades left

I am looking to trade him to another pod in Tom Lynch or Dalhaus


Keep him, premos always bounce back.
Tom lynch is still good to have in your side adwell

Shake n bake

Hold Kennedy this week against freo! He'll turn it around this week!


Hold Mate
dont trade out premos, especially now


I have 4 trades left and have petracca and brodie smith as cover! Should I just use 2 trades to get a neale or coniglio for liba or get dahlhaus?


dahl i reckon mate,


i liked the look of Dalhaus last week. Had a high DT score, will be in the guts and should go near premium output.


I think you need to maximise your scoring potential

go full premo if you can (and you can)
anyone else with less trades would have to go Dahl

The Hoff for PM

Shoutout to all those in the community (including myself) that at some point in the season were ranked inside the top 100 and thought "this is gonna be my year", then preceded to drop a couple of thousand places and now are limping home.

You are not alone!!!!

Don't Blush Baby

Hope Collins gets dropped this week , need to use him as a loop, cant afford to trade him out

Bells E Bubb

No chance.


Hope Crouching is ok? Higgo seems to have a pubescent glow at the moment. 2 trades and $51k. Finals in all 5 leagues, double chance in 3. Have Naismith at F6, Petraca F7/M9. Premo elsewhere though mid cover light on with Trengove, B.Williams (swing) and T.Phillips. Is holding the best option or worth a gamble?


you are $5k short to do Petracca to Dalhaus. Hold until next week and hopefully get him.


Thanks Derek. Makes sense. Double trade now could be dangerous. Would you go Naismith or Petraca at F6 this week?


Do you have a non player at F8? You can loophole Naismith on bench. Problem is Melb game starts only 25 mins after the Swans game starts. Lol, you have 1/4 game to decide.


Yes, but with Rose is F8 and 25 mins it's too tight. Might have to sit with Naismith at F6, Petraca as bench cover F7/M9. Otherwise I roll the dice and trade Trengove & Petraca to Menegola & Dahlhaus. Think I will hold.


The Swans gun midfield have been making Naismith look very good.

Port don't have much in the Ruck department. Good choice to have Naismith at F6 this week


Updated injury list has Lids TBC. Helpful. Anyone got the inside word?


Im a tiger man and my opinion (not inside word) is that he will be put on ice for the rest of the season

2 reasons

1. set him up for 2017
2. There are whispers of him being trade bait.. Whilst i dont want to lose him, the club will get more for him if he is 100% fresh AF


i got 449k to spend on a mid
thinking lachie hunter any other options


Mav weller maybe


Luke Hodge




Or Matt Crouch. Put up about 90 last week despite a heavy tag. Becoming a real beast.
Brad Crouch also an option in that price range, high risk but high reward.


Watch and see on Marc Murphy too! Pearce Hanley… lots of decent options although all have significant risk.


Grigg might be a better option.

having a good season




Ziebell has been playing forward most over the past few weeks. Which seems to affect his scoring.


Thoughts on what to do with my team this week, 4 trades and $185k remaining, and in the top 4 in my main league.

DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Simpson, Gibson, Rance, Laird (Collins, William)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Neale, Sloane, Shiel, Cripps, Gray (Petracca, Dunkley, Joyce)
RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Naismith)
FWD: Martin, Zerrett, Zorko, Montagna, Greene, Wells (Phillips, Loersch)

Cheers community


Collins to Bartel.


Interesting trade. With the extra premo defender, and if William plays, who should go on the pine? My initial thought is either Rance/Gibbo.


I have similar and hoping Joyce doesn't play.


I saw you had Joyce in guts, but no DPP in defence. Bartel or McVeigh gives you a good loophole in defence plus a loophole opportunity in midfield.

Plus a backup plan if a midfielder misses a week


upgrade Greene


I have 3 trades, and I've got libba and brodie smith on the field with ruggles and cover. Now I'm in a bet with a friend and the total score over the finals will win so, which option would score more.

Option 1 – Libba to Bartel and brodie smith to JJ
Option 2 – Libba to Shiel and loophole Ruggles and Smith


either way i would say hold Smith until a grand final (if you make it)


Motlop or Dahlhaus and why?

Thanks community


Dahlhaus. Likely to be more consistent in the run home. Motlop has had some massive scores but some really poor ones as well.




No one should be concerned about picking Dahlhaus a week early. He had 26 touches last week and it was only his disposal efficiency (50%) which let him down – a great return game and he will only get better.


If I don't need to cover an injury I'm picking him up for sub-$400,000 next week. Trouser stretching.

Harry Gibb

Do we stay away from Zach Merrett now that John Worsfold has come out and said he will rest players in the last 4 rounds?


too late now if you dont have him


I just wanted to say that I miss Harambe 🙁


Have 4 trades left and $360,000 in the kitty
Def: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Boyd, Laird, Rich (Collins, Lee)
MID: Danger, Selwood, Pendles, Hannebery, Priddis, Neale, Rockliff, Libba (Joyce, Trengove, Phillips)
RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Naismith)
FWD: Martin, Zorko, Montagna, Wells, Greene, Deledio (Petracca, Wyatt)

Obviously Libba to somebody.
Not sure on the other, was thinking Collins to Rance and that leaves Rich to swing D7/M9
Or Leave Rich on ground and go Deledio to Merrett?
Thoughts community?


Libba and Delidio both need to be moved



Jimmy the Mule

Hi Community, Long time follower, first time poster. I have a conundrum and would like some advice. I need to move on Collins and Hall. 4 trades and $105. I am playing for league wins

Def: Doc, Shaw, Williams, Laird, Rich, Collins (Austin, Brown)
Mid: Danger, Pedles,Hanneberry, Neale, Parker, Ward, Priddis, Rockliffe (Kerridge, Jansen, Phillips)
For: Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Montagna, Wels, Hall (Pertacca, Howard)

Option 1 Hall to Dahlhaus/Franklin & Collins to JJ (Safe bet)
Option 2 Hall to Motlop & Collins to Rance/ Bartel/ Pittard/ Gibson, (Risk Motlop pooing his pants)

Can the better defenders(if they are better) outweigh Motlop?

Advice would be appreciated. I have had my best year of SC since I started playing, thanks largely to the advice and option floated around in the fathers forum


Playing for league wins at the pointy end of the season can come down to a few points, so you have to play smart.

You have a pretty good team, similar to alot of teams you will play in the finals. It will come down to your POD's doing better than your opponents POD's, your Capt choice, and your ability to loophole/play the E.

To start, i would put the E on petracca and leave him on the bench. Melb play early saturday. If he does well i would keep Hall and take petracca's score. If Petracca has a poor score against the Hawks, i would swap Kerridge and Hall and see if Kerridge can do better against the saints. I think that is a better option than trading Hall, he maybe back next week.

Unfortunately Collins plays late this week, and next week. So putting an E on him and seeing how he does won't work. A straight trade with your cash won't get you a premium defender except for JJ. I think that is your best bet this week. One trade and see if either Petracca or Kerridge can cover for Hall.

Jimmy the Mule

Thank Derek. Great advice. One trade and see how I am traveling. I can always use the second trade to Dahlhaus if u am behind


Using 2 trades is ok, you have 4. More than most


Gday community help would be appreciated with my next two trades.

My Team 4 trades and 59800 in qualifying final this week and opponent has Sloane and I dont.

D Shaw Laird McVeigh Birchall Pittard Rich Tucker Collins
M Danger Pendles Hannaberry Parker Ward Hodge Libba Treloar YeoHewett Trengove
R Goldy Mummy M King
F Martin Buddy Montagna Zorko Stringer Wells Petracca Phillips

This week
Libba and Yeo to Menegola and Sloane with 200 k for next trades

Libba and Yeo to Menegola and Scully 292400 left

Next moves will be Rich and Pertracca for Doc and Dalihaus


Qualifying final is a free hit. Hold your trades. There will be injuries/suspensions/selection dramas


3 trades
Petracca and Hall in fwd line at F6, F7
Should I trade them both to premos or just Hall?
Thinking Hall to Dahlhaus and then I can get any fwd for Petracca
I will loophole the fwds if I get a seventh premo
If I do trade Petracca, who do I get for him?


hold petracca
will be invaluable in finals as cover


If Austin gets dropped I may go Collins to Rance to loophole with Savage


Community, any ideas on trades, i have 2 trades left with 80 k in the bank
def- shaw, simmo,docherty,laird,pittard,gibson(collins,lee)
mid- danger, pendles, priddis, shiel,sloane, parker, hanners, LIBBA(mathieson, macpherson, trengove)
ruc- gawn, goldy(goertz)
fwd- dusty, merret, montagna, riewoldt, j kennedy, zorko(phillips, beech)


2 trades left gives you 2 choices.

trade Libba to the best avaliable for $462k. Hodge, Scully, Dalhaus etc.

or go for broke and use both trades to paint the fence. Trengove to Menagola and Libba to GRAY


Micky just trade out LIBBA and bring in Dahlhaus mate.

What ever you do DON'T go Trengove to Menagola then Libba to Gray or who ever because you are then left with NO cover in your Forward line and Ruck, keep the last trade in case one of your forwards or Rucks get injured or rested mate.


Wells or Dahlhouse?!?


flip a coin
i say dahl re: POD status
both injury risks



The Ranger

4 trades and 6K left and will get a second chance in all three of my leagues if I lose any games this week so do I trade Keays down to Menegola to raise cash in order to make the last two trades count or just hold for now?
I have Hall on the fwd bench and will be loopholing him with Petracca and/or Lycett assuming that Martin comes back in.


1 trade left. Trade lids or Hall and who for? Have 45k in bank


Assuming neither plays this weekend which appears a formality then I'd trade Lids. He's worth more and Richmond still can't confirm an expected return date for him. At least the injury list projects a likely return date for Hall of 1-2wks although there's no iron clad guarantee there either.

Zorko, Monty or Dahl would probably be the best guys to get in with your budget but you could also consider Lynch, Buddy, Gunston, NRoo, Greene etc.


Thanks. have Dahl, Zorko and Monty already so will look at the other 4.


i suggest Brent Harvey
re: POD status


Boys, keen for the Pub this friday night!!!!


Ripper!! See you there mate!


im the opposite

gone from 70k to 6k

wish i had started better 🙁


I'm same as you. Flying home ( still got 5 trades) but far to late.


Whats the best sideways trade combo for Libba & Lids?? ($871K)
Greene $454
M Wright $412
Clay Smith $346
Motlop $383
Dahl $422
Wells $486
Ebert $380


What about Hodge and Dalhaus


or Hodge
like dat


good one I didn't see him!!
Hodge is $435



Bulldogs have huge holes in their team re: injuries
look for these boys to lift


They should both have good security

Bells E Bubb

Greene – (GC away, WC at home and Freo at home are next three) and Dahl

Loving the $10 I put on GWS to win the flag at the start of the year.

The Lord

Morabito at $123,900, tearing it up in the WAFL….


1 trade this week, Ruggles down to Nyhuis (3x Sunday games) which gives me $238400 to go Collins to Enright and Petracca to Dahlhaus next week. Will leave 1 trade for the final 2 weeks, and leaves Dahlhaus as F6/7/M9, Rich as D7/M9 and Lycett as F6/7/R3.

Good move, or keep the trades?


Good Move, Gotta be brave and grab this game by the balls


I said 3 weeks ago that kennedy (swans ) was a must .wat about him, great POD 6% ownership ..GUN


I really want JPK but i think it would be a waste to sit one of my mids on the bench, whereas Rich is currently D6 and Lycett/Petracca F6/F7. Midfield is Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Neale, Parker, Priddis, Sloane, Rockliff.


Lets be serious guys; the general is gonna come soon so all these trades we are thinking at this stage could mean absolutely nothing lol


do you have Z.Dawson in your team?


hes a brownlow chance


Thinking bout putting him into my team this week




Round 18 i traded Barlow and Lids for Gunston and B.Harvey

Both have been good picks

im surprised theres not more talk about Harvey. Playing for finals i think Harvey can keep up the good work.

only in 3.2% of teams


Bells E Bubb

I'm pretty sure I saw Crouching One stuck to the floor of The Durham Castle Arms in Canberra last Saturday night after the game. I think the sugar from the rum-cans spilling onto his clothing had formed quite an effective adhesive. Probably still there.


Insulin will do that to ya


I'm ranked 96, worship me!!





is boyd playing


Derek said Boyd and Suckling out again as mentioned on AFL tonight. Could not find any written evidence though


i haven't seen anything written. Like Johnno mentioned, i was watching AFL Tonight on Monday and they were talking about Libba missing a few weeks, and the reporter also said that "Boyd and suckling will also be sidelined for another week with leg problems"


Bevo said that Morris and Boyd will be playing but Suckling is likely to miss this week.


not sure will have to wait till tonight!!!


Does anyone think D Shiel is a good swap for Libba …?


Aside from the fact he's in doubt this week, he's a very good option. Hasn't had a score under 80 all season, but GWS are in a position where they can afford to rest players though so be wary of that.


jSteven or Hunter …?


Probably Steven. His ceiling is way higher than Hunter's.


wait and see when the teams drop

if hes playing = a good pick

might be some cheeky POD options too… have a good look!


Might go left field and go libba to Greene/Motlop


Crouching was seen at punt road in a Bartlett mask digging explosives ….cant confirm but apparently good oil .


planting nukes more like it, clear the place out!


Here is my current team:

DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Simpson, Rance, Rich, Laird (Collins, Williams)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Parker, Ward, Steven, Wines, Dunkley (Libba, Mathieson, Trengove)
RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Merrett, Gunston, Zorko, Montagna, Motlop (Phillips, Wyatt)

3 Trades left, I am strongly considering trading Mathieson to Menegola providing Menegola is named.
Then trade Libba to Sloane providing Sloan is playing and isn't rested.

Or do I see how I am travelling up until Saturday evening and if I look to have my opponent covered don't trade and play Dunkley as M8, then trade later? In all my leagues I am top 4 and ranked 2500 overall, to be honest I was hoping to finish my Rank in top 1000 as it means more to me than league games.

Whats your advice and thoughts community?


If you want to preserve you ranking, you need to trade Libba this week. Basically all teams at the pointy end of the rankings are at full premo or only fielding one rookie in any given week.

Chubby McChubby

Should I be considering upgrade to full premo or looking for ruck cover. I.e Naismith for Cox?


wait and see how the teams are named tonight then decide


Hi, I have $290k in the bank, 2 trades, gaps in defence and fwd lines, and have to win this weekend against a team who always scores higher than me. Any advice would be appreciated.
My defence line is: shaw, docherty, Bartel, Gibson, johannisen, but then Joyce or brand.
My forward line is: wells, hall, hickey, Kennedy, Kerridge, Waite.
I'm willing to take a risk because I must win. Obviously I need to upgrade hall, but the other out could either be brand/Joyce or a forward for Kerridge.


pray to the gods, your in a world of hurt

wait and see what / who is playing tonight after teams named and just do what you can to spend ALL your money tonight on new players

then time to ride the rollercoaster


If stef Martin is out do I hold or trade to someone like a hickey or Blicavs ($478,000) in bank . Or do I go s.grimley to a playing rookie