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Took a hit to the hip after bashing his way through the bad bombers last week, and he’s left a gaping, Stefan-sized hole in the ruck-lines of thousands of Supercoachers on the week we really need to push – be it in our leagues or in our last CoachKings venue qualifying rounds.


But we can’t dwell on the enorminity of the moment because there’s a lot of news that’s newsworthy so let’s get straight into said newsworthy news and stop reading long pedantic sentences designed to make you as out of breath so it seems like we’re rushing into the news because IT’S IMPORTANT


To channel the immortal words of Brian Taylor; boy oh boy, wowee.

As mentioned, Stef Martin will miss for the Lions with a hip complaint, making way for Archie Smith to debut as not simply Brisbane’s solo ruckman, but – as they play Port – the only recognised ruckman in the game.

On top of that, Brett the “eh stuff this football business” Deledio is now out indefinitely. He’s like the guy who constantly takes sick days at work because he has “a cold”, but you know he’s going to the snow and the only reason he’s cold is because he’s whizzing down Hotham’s slopes at 80km/h.


…happy thoughts, Patch… …happy thoughts… …happy thoughts…

AND WE’RE BACK – anyone who invested in Doggie defenders this year (even after I told you not to when we lost Johanissen, Murphy, Adams and Suckling in the space of 10 days earlier in the year) will be hit again this week, as Matt Suckling and Matthew Boyd both have lower leg injuries and will miss their do-or-die clash with the cats.

Both are listed as soreness, so should both be held if possible – but as Lek said on Twitter last night, Suckling and Achilles are not two words we’d prefer to hear in the same sentence. (As a disclaimer, I’ve got both. I’m fully aware I just told everyone who still had them off. I’m also an idiot who doesn’t listen to my advice either, welcome to the club.)

Sydney’s ruckmen are suffering whatever the Dog’s defenders are, as Callum Sinclair will miss a month of footy after undergoing surgery on his knee. Let’s hope there’s not something in the water up there, as this gives Naismith and Nankervis time to shore up their positions.

Speaking of the Swans, captain Jarryd McVeigh has returned for the Bloods, but looked ginger at training during the week and didn’t go through full paces. Beware of the late out on their trip over to face Fremantle.

Jason Castagna, Ruben William and Mitch Brown will all miss this week through various omissions and minor tweaks, making potential backline CARNAGE for some of us on top of the two missing Dogs. Connor Blakey has also been dropped, for those that picked him up.

In good news, Luke Dahlhaus is back for the Dogs. With a massive breakeven, those with trades could be salivating at the prospect of Lukey D down near 440k.

The Pies have been forced to make a trio of changes, with Jarryd Blair, Alex Fasolo and Ben Sinclair all missing this week, and Jack Redden also misses. Majak Daw misses, and The Dish Drew Petrie (not the movie, you numnut) is back for Boomer’s milestone game, and that’s the most of it.

ALSO – I missed the return of Bachar Houli (cheers to those that pointed him out!) Don’t do it. Just don’t. Give him a week minimum.


AFL CoachKings Fixture Round 19


How good was Adam Schneider patching up the podcast this week? Dead-set legend for jumping into the hot seat in the absence of Peter Higgo.

I must say, I’m disappointed Higgo would take an unexplained absence at such a crucial time of the season. He’s broken into the top 500, and instead of chasing points he’s chasing tail.

Tsk, tsk, Higgo. Whatever would Mother think?

Bart Supercoach Wizard
“No touching!”

My advice this week is to be smart. Whether you’re chasing a spot in the top 8 of your league, your top 4 or a spot in the top 100 – look at those who you’re chasing (or those who are nipping at your heels) and go for points of difference over them.

The time of trading in the top players has gone, and as discussed on the Pod with Jock and Schneids, we need blokes who will come home strong. One bloke I’ve jumped on is Tom Lynch; as I messaged in on the pod, he’s averaging 122 over the past 3, 110 over the past 5 and comes up against Melbourne, GWS, the Dons, Pies and Port on the way home.

Corey Enright is a huge POD down back who will bring you home strong, and JPK is an unsung hero in the midfield over the past month, with nearly a 130 average over the past 5, and only 5.6% ownership. If he’s too dear, Bryce Gibbs at 511k is averaging 110 over the same journey and has less than 5% ownership, and after Hawthorn this week plays the Saints, Lions, Demons and Essendon in his last 4.


If you want the full rookie rundown, wrench your eyes away from these words and go read better words by Barron von Crow in his rookie report this week – but if you need to get onto Sam Naismith or Brendan Whitecross this week.

Otherwise, keep an eye on Luke Dahlhaus with a breakeven of 187, who may drop down as low as 440k in the next two weeks. A lot of midfielders who have had sub-par weeks in Paddy Dangerfield, Dan Hannebery, Rory Sloane and Lachie Neale all have breakevens over 140.


Oh Captain, my captain. Popular choices all flopped last week, and it was those with less conventional choices like Jimmy Bartel or Matt Priddis on the VC did well and avoided a very un-Danger like score this week.

Otherwise, those of us who dug into the Essendon-Brisbane game for captaincy selections won some hard-fought Supercoach points (which was about the only good thing to come out of that otherwise shocking game of football) from Zac Merrett or Tom Rockliff.

I’d back Rocky in again this week against Port at home, and would have a look at JPK if you’re lucky enough to have him. But I’d be avoiding Priddis and Dusty this week on the road. Scott Pendlebury also presents an option. I’m personally going Rory Sloane this week – at this stage. Should run rampant through the meadows of the Adelaide Oval.

However, we can’t ignore the Friday night game this week – Enright’s record breaker and Bartel’s 300th present too big a stage. Down at the Cattery will give Geelong a bigger lift, too. I’d almost be tempted to put the VC on Joel Selwood or Jimmy Bartel ahead of Paddy tonight. Almost.

If you need a win, play it aggressively this week. Go a POD VC choice. #YOLO it up, as the sage Lekdog would say.

Otherwise, play it safe and chuck the VC on the Dangerous One.

Farewell for the week, community. Get down and get into some CoachKings venues. Get into a Venue Final. Get into the CoachKings Cup. Get around each other.

6.00 edit – no major news on the late sides, but for those hoping Sam Grimely would earn a reprieve, we need to keep hoping, he’s an emergency. Wayne Milera is also out for those whom are concerned my that.

Godspeed, you wonderful humans.


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Chicken Dinner

Do I use my last trade to get in Naismith for cover?

Quality as usual patch.


will he be on the field this week for SMartin?

if not, don't worry about cover at this stage.

Chicken Dinner

Yeah for stef, on ground and freeing up a swing cover for mid/forward and forward/ruck with cox


Look, depends on your cover on other lines. But, if your ruckmen are Goldy and Stef I'd pull the trigger Chicky D

Chicken Dinner

Yeah that was my thought as well, yeah have the two, cheers mate


Using two trades this week (will leave me with five) to bring in Joey Montagna and Jimmy Bartel. That's some mighty long teeth but I can't go past either for value.


I can see those teeth from here! Not sold on Joey but love the Bartel call


Yeah joey is a worry but going for value. He's cheaper than Lynch, Gunston etc. Named on the wing this week. Saving cash here will allow me to go Wines to a top premo (Sloane) plus bring Dahlhaus in so I have a F7/M9


Need to win this week to make finals and got a tough match up, do I use my last trade to upgrade Hall or Deledio to Merrett but got Naismith and Pertracca to cover. Could hold but needa win and feel like Merrett is a must have for finals. All premo team with decent rookie cover in defence but not mid (been using Pertracca and Phillips dpp as cover). Thoughts?


if you HAVE to win this week, play with no regrets!


Trade out Hall or Deledio though…


I think Lids – at least we know hall "should" be back round 21


Good read patch, ive gone hall to gunston this week – 4 trades left now


Nice work Simmo. Perfect number to have heading into finals, and love the Gunston POD

Big G

Roo, Boomer or Buddy?


Head says Buddy, gut says Roo and heart says Boomer. I generally go with my gut, mate. Wear this big score from Boomer this week and Roo should bring you home strong


Do people realise there is 5 weeks of Supercoach left? Any less than 4 trades and you may as well shut up shop lads.

Captain Obvious

Nah didn't realise. Where you ranked mate? You obviously a SC master.


I think I'm going to do it. Final two trades to bring Bryce Gibbs into my midfield, moving Suckling to the bench as Zach Merrett goes back forward. My mid has been weak all year, and Cartlon's run home is golden.

It's stupid and reckless, but I was reckless in the same position last year and came from 7th in three leagues to win one and take second in the other two after going into finals with no trades. Cover is there in Suckling and Walla. I ~need~ to break back into the JR Inner Sanctum Top 8 or else Crouching will put me through the preseason from hell.

Catch the #yolo, taste the #yolo


Love it!

I Have options up forward to replace Lids but I think I'll be going with Tom Lynch..

The Adelaide one…


Oooooo, interesting Leeds! Huge POD

The Ranger

Could be a great move Leeds, you'd think he'd do alright tonight with no Tex.


Do you have any mid cover? Or ruck cover for that matter?


Mid cover is there through dpps, no ruck cover which is the big concern. Goldstein will surely get a rest. If Grimely is named tonight I'll go through with it, but not sure otherwise


In the same boat as you Patch.
Have Martin but have cox and grimely.
2 trades left, cox is playing Vfl, so I'm hoping grimely is named. Saves a trade and avoids a donut.
Got Collins and austins as both back emgs, short as a fwd mid emg, but no mid emgs unless I swing short and Phillips so that's what I'm being cautious of trading.


Would not be touching Gibbs, but appreciate the kahunas!

The Ranger

Stupid AND reckless?! What's not to like?!


Is Bachar Houli a good idea?


Not really for mine. Goes big then goes way way low.
But if you're keen on him he'll be cheaper next week and even cheaper after that. Should get him under $440k and I wouldn't pay much more than that for him.


Not typically


Stef Martin -> Gawn, good move to make?

Not having Gawn has left a gaping hole in my team all year, but this is as good as time as ever to do it.

And considering I still have 6 trades, I can afford to do a double to get him in.


If you've got cover, hold, otherwise Gawn will bring you home strong, Anth


rockliff or priddis


Rocky, Pete




I have goldy and stef with 80k and 4 trades! Gonna make the 8 in all but 1 league so should i just hold and wait for last couple weeks?


Have 2 trades left. Is it better to take the donut from Stef this week or bring in Naismith as ruck cover (to play on ground this week), leaving one trade in the bag for finals?


depends on league position/ranking
If you need the win to make finals I'd get him in, otherwise hold


Classic Patch.
One of your finest.
Liking Rocky for Zaha this week as I have dodged many bullets.
Not convinced Rocky is capt material this week tho with no Martin to cram it down his throat.


If we had a top notch Port ruckman to feed it off to the Power mids, I'd agree with you, but I reckon he'll still be right, LL

Richie Porte

Thoughts on Devon Smith for lids or better to stick with Buddy or Gunstan. Smith only 396k and last to weeks have been good since coming back from injury.


Brilliant run home, you could do far worse than picking him up. Feel he's got a lot of Chad Wingard about his scoring though, and I'd prefer to go Gunston

The Ranger

I'd go Gunston Richie although I did watch the GWS game and Smith was good.
Well done In France by the way.

Richie Porte

Thanks fellas, damn punctures


Libba to neale, priddis, gray or anyone under 565k?




Patch my man, some gems there.
My favourite article.
You write how most of feel but then turn it around with humour and Simpson antidotes.
Too funny.


Trigger, seeing comments like this is why I do this thing each and every week. Thank you for reading <3


There is no antidote for Simpsons jokes, and nobody is immune!


Haha, great anecdote Steeeve


I have Collins and brand on the bench in defence
trengrove, phillips and stewart in mids (no cover)

I need to win this week to make it into the 8 to play finals
thinking of trading mitch duncan

Do I trade brand to skinner and Duncan to Josh Kennedy or Joel Selwood?

Or I have just enough money to trade trengrove to menegola and duncan to Sloane?
This gives me a mid bench option.

Do you think Sloane will score the same as Selwood from here on in?

Need to make a choice today as cats play tonight



Skinner is a late out today.
Good I need him to loop rug/col didn't even know he'd been named.


Sinner's out, Ruth, so it looks like Sloane is the go. I'm not sure Sloane will match Selwood (who I'd pick myself of the two), but certainly won't be a dead weight on your side and I've have no hesitation about bringing him in.


Crows have 3 more Home games against Bombers, Lions & Port and a trip to Domain against Freo to come… You'd think Sloane should give Selwood a real run for his money.

The Ranger

I like the Sloane/Menegola option.
There's every chance you'll need that cover and Menegola looked really good on debut.


Thanks everyone for their advice.
I'm fairly new to this game but learning every week and appreciate the help.
I will follow the advice and trade in Sloane.
I hope it is the move that allows me to play finals next week.


I've been ruined by outs this week to destroy my foolproof cover, Sinclair, lids and suckling equaling all my available benchcover up forward out. Need to win this week, need to trade to avoid donut. It's my final trade. Here's the options,
Sinclair to Naismith – provides ruck backup for rest of year and let's me keep lids in case he comes back
Lids to Lycett – better backup and forward option but locks In Sinclair who is definately out for 4 into my team. If lids then comes back I'll be angry.
Whaddya think? I'm leaning to Naismith and hope lids comes back for a couple…..

Rick Grimes

Next year I'm picking my premiums on their durability. Probably been two weeks I've fielded a full strength side. And the injury enforced sideways trade have decimated my trades.


Anyone thinking of downgrading to skinner from lions this week don't as just injured himself at training

The Ranger

4 trades left and to avoid a donut I'm trading out Lids.
Only got $495,300 to spend ($400 short of Gunston!!!) so which of the usual suspects do I bring in…
NRoo, Buddy, JJK?
Or go early on Dahlhaus?


Going early on Dahlhaus will mean you immediately get a better player than Nroo, Gunston or Buddy for the same price. Dahlhaus is likely to average over 100 from this point and isnt a key position forward, making him more similar to Merrett, Dustin, etc. No key position fwds have averaged over 100 this year.


On the other hand if you can cover Lids this week you'll save on Dahlhaus. And then you'll have extra in the bank for when you need to cover an injury.


Would go early on Dahlhaus myself, Ranger. Normally would advise waiting a week to see how he pulls up but should comfortable outscore the rest


If you've got Petracca maybe have him cover Lids this week and bring in Dahl next week

The Ranger

I've got Petracca covering Hall and Lycett covering Martin already


Most people in the top 20 have Boyd, and about a quarter have S. Martin. If you're reading this Mostachio I'd like to say good luck. We've been head to head the last few weeks and both still have a shot at the 50k.


Who to loop tonight?

I have smith and motlop.
one has to play on ground the other I can loop.

Loop motlop??


Play motlop loophole smith.


Assuming it's Clay Smith, I'd loop him over Motlop. Actually ditto Zac Smith as well.

I N Pieman

Sublime as always patch. Still can't make up my mind on what to do with lids. Only 12k bank. Doing my head in. Might just play Kerridge & hold


Dahlhaus is a good pod


Cheers I N!

It's a tough one – if you're safe in finals smart money would be to hold and wait everyone else out on the trade front, and then bring in a POD next week if we get any more news on Lids.


tough one. I've got Motlop on my bench playing tonight. How he goes may determine if i hold Delidio for another week


Lids or Hall to trade out, 1 trade left, which is more likely to come back in this year?


Hall will be back, Lids ??


Last trade boys..I've got i hold and hope he somehow comes back? Or just bring in Gunston and hope my players stay injury free?


Lids is pretty much cooked. So you may as well get Gunston's points now and start using your bench when you cop your next injury.


Thoughts? 4 trades 166k in the bank.

Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Rich, Collins, Adams
Dangerfield, Pendles, Gray, Sloane, Parker, Hanners, Neale, Libba, Joyce, Trengove, MacPherson
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Martin, Zorko, Montagna, Merret, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Silvagni, Phillips

Not sure whether to hold or trade Trengove to Naismith for cover for Martin donut?


what are peoples thoughts in putting the vc on Enright instead of danger as a bit of a POD move if it doesnt work ill go gawn against gold coast or jpk against freo thoughts


Nar the last thing you want it a pod move to backfire and you to be the only one do it. Stick with the crowd of danger and take the big points like everyone else. Gawn is a good pod backup


Interesting move. His 136 last week I would take as VC, other than that he has a few 120's that are on the cusp of take it vs take a punt elsewhere.

I'm sticking with Danger


Next week will go Bang Bang and go Petracca to Dahl and Hall to JJK I think and have 7 playing forwards to loophole in finals
Then I will be down to one trade


One trade for potentially 4 weeks of finals? Best of luck Tommo, you're gonna need it


Will have cover for mid and fwd though


i HAD cover for both mid and fwd but then Hall went down (F7/M9) as well as Lids. In saying that i think its a very smart plan. Here's hoping that it works out for you, but sometimes the shit just hits the fan


Danger into Rocky
Rocky into Gawn
Danger into Gawn

Want a captain that not everyone will pick but don't want to miss Danger


I like Rocky or Gawn but I'm still thinking about Sloane as captain against Essendon


I've got Lids & bugger all trades & spare cash.
I don't have to trade this week so I'm a big HOLD!!
If I have to trade him out next week for the first final, then I'll have to do a sideways trade which means $490K and below.
That rules out Wells, Gunstan & Lynch.
Riewoldt looks OK at $461K, AVE of 97.
I don't trust Dahlhaus not getting injured
Nothing else looks that good.
Any ideas


Pendles a no show today after hurting himself at training yesterday

Don't be surprised if he is a late out.


Do I trade Hall now this week to get cover in case Pendles is a late out?
Can get any fwd but don't want Merrett
Dusty, Wells, Zorko, Roo, Buddy, Petracca (HALL, Long)

Shake n bake

I have Naismith as cover for Martin but lately I was thinking sell Martin for goldy still have 6 trades??? Hmm.

The Ranger

Nah mate, you know Goldie will get rested if you do!


NicNat back next week…….. interesting.

nervous coach

Brilliant work again Patch. Brett 'can't be stuffed playing footy' Deledio some of your finest. I don't have Lids but I do have Hall. Currently on the pine with Hipwood as F8. Do I trade him out to Gunston, Lynch (GC) or Buddy or Yeo out to Bartel. Either way need to trade M Cox to Naismith to make either of the first trades work. THOUGHTS!!*


Why does report Star Giant (Griffen) in doubt? He's the farthest thing from a star!


Best forward rookie?


Whitecross (has DPP) worth a thought


It's probably Naismith at the price and with the job security,

Could you stretch to a mid pricer? Sexton or any of the Smiths.


Dilemma, dilemma. 2 trades left $92k in the bank
D: Doc, Simpson, Laird, McV, Shaw, Gibson (Collins, Williams)
M: Danger, Bont, Z. Merrett, Pendles, Selwood, Sloane, Parker, Neale (Trengove, Stewart, Gore)
R: Gawn, Martin (Grimley)
F: Martin, Zorko, Wells, Lids, Montagna, Lyons (Petraca, Cox)

1. Trade Lids out, move Merrett Fwd & McV Mid, then bring in Enright
2. Leave Lids and fix next week, and fix Ruck? Trade Martin, or either Cox/Grimley? Best option to trade in?


Option one would leave McVeigh in the midfield yeah? He might not even play so that's a risk and there's no mid backups.
If you need to escape a donut, I'd trade either cox or grimely for Naismith.
At least, you can put petracca on for Deledio who can score big like last week.


Thanks Roger


Agree Cox to Naismith and keep Lids and use Petracca as cover for Lids.


Even with the Crows sweet run home 4 of them in my team is probably too many isn't it?


2 trades left… Have Lids and S.Martin stuffing my week.

Lids I can afford to bench in favour of Hall but no cover for Martin. Thinking dumping Trengove and through some swings (Petracca to mid, Grimley to fwd) and bringing in Naismith. Then next week see who the best option for Lids is, perhaps Lynch, and use whoever is not performing as cover (looking at you Leigh). Other forwards are Dusty, Zerrett, Zorko, Franklin, Wells.

This would leave me no trades (worry) but cover on all lines.

DEF: S. Collins and L. Austin
MID: Petracca/Montagna
RUCK: Naismith
FWD: Petracca/Montagna

Worth the risk to avoid the 0?


I'd be more concerned about he doughnuts then trying to put quality players on the bench for cover then rookies.
Say you trade in Naismith to cover Martin ? What happens if a player gets injured or rested and you have no bench cover ? We've seen some pretty unlucky stuff this year,came without trades. Can be bad.
I'd back your final team,cand use the trades you have as backup.
I have a full premium team and my opponent last week had petracca, smith and Collins who put scored players I had like hannerby, Montagna and Sloane.


If I don't bring in cover for Stef this week I will cop a 0.

As it stands I have full premo and I had Hall as bench cover, now he is covering for Lids so still full premo excluding Martin but seems a waste keeping so much cash in Lids in the bench. Other option to avoid the 0 would be Lids to Naismith but is my last trade worth sitting on so much cash in the bank when I could potentially use another forward premo option as a loophole for the rest of the season? As I did with Wells on his return, and Hall before.

If I use the last trades I'll still have cover on all lines, including premo cover on mid and fwd should anything happen.


You know Hall's not playing right? still 1-2 weeks away.


Cheers mate, not sure what I was thinking already traded out Hall. Meant Wells.


Trade if you need the win


Hold I reckon


Meant Wells not Hall, already punted Hall out. Cheers for the catch Leeds


Anyone know who's in for skinner (poor kid) ?
Hoping Jansen. Cheers


Little forward thinking (calming myself before another likely hellish round kicks)

If T Adams get's defender eligibility next season he's a lock isn't he?

I don't think R.Gray and Bont are that far away from getting their Forward eligibility back but no doubt Martin & Zerret will lose theirs.


Looking to trade in a decent defender sloane or enright??


I think you mean Laird or Enright, as Sloan is a Midfielder. Laird over Enright by far.


Thanks mate I was leaning that way. I realized the error once I posted lol


Looking for some advice this week community.
I have 2 trades remaining and have Brett Deledio and Stefan Martin as a problem as cox is my bench option.
My trade options this week are either Deledio to Lynch, Gunston, Dahlhaus and cop the donut.
Or Cox down to Naismith and Deledio to Merret.
My other ruckman is Gawn for thos interested and can cover Deledio with Petracca if I need to but I doubt he will play any time soon. Also in the top 4 of the majority of my leagues,
Thanks for any advice community and good luck securing the last few final spots in your leagues.


If you can cover Lids with Petracca do that and just trade Cox to Naismith mate.

I'm thinking of doing the same as I have no forward/ruck cover and I have only 3 trades left and now that Naismith has awesome job security I think he is very cheap.

I'm putting Motlop on bench as my Emergency in case he has a shit round again and putting Cox on field that way if Motlop scores shit, I will have Naismith as a double chance at scoring 70+ as my F6

HOLD Lids though mate.


The problem ith holding lids is that he will probaply not play again this year.


Hold lids until it's confirmed. You'd hate to blow one of your two trades now and gave him return next week.

Martin rested and will be back next week. As you're top 4 in your leagues I'd cop the donut this week. The trade is more important


Kaiden Brand or Logan Austin on field this week to cover for Suckling?


flip a coin mate, tough call.




Sorry a repost of previous comment, I was looking for some advice folks wether to trade in laird or enright?

The Ranger



Dahlhaus, Gunston or NROO for lids? (Can't wait I'm copping a donut)




GUNSTON I brought him in last week for Hall and glad I did. I like Dahlhaus but he will drop to $400k or less in a week or two. I will be watching Dahlhaus closely tonight as I want him in my forward line if he has a blinder tonight.


Only 3 trades left but I am thinking of putting Motlop on the bench as my emergency and putting Cox on the field, that way if Motlop has a stinker AGAIN I will trade in Cox for Naismith while he is still cheap as I currently have NO forward cover or Ruck cover.

What are your thoughts community?


Enright or Bartell ?

Simon T74

M Cox to Naismith and Hall to Lynch (GC) or
M Cox to Naismith and Yeo to Bartel. Thoughts!!!