The Round 19 AFL Cheatsheet

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Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwards

G’day Community,

This week is pretty much another week of holding trades (if you are as poorly prepared as I am at least) but I have highlighted some value selections for the week.

I think the biggest issues are Aaron Hall (who I’m holding) and Brett Deledio (who I’m trading if/when he isn’t named).

CoachKings is hotting up. I’m yet to qualify for a Venue Final which is sad given all I need to do is win one single contest. This Friday night’s Geelong v Dogs contest will be a big one. Enright & Bartel are absolutely worth a thought given it’s their big milestone game. Jump in and get a team together.Β 

Let me know what you’ll be doing this week community and let’s generate some discussion rather than just listing our teams, let’s see if we can crack the code together.

See you in the comments, Lekdog.


AFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet Round 19


AFL CoachKings Fixture Round 19

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Anyone holding Sinclair (swans) he is out for up to a month after knee surgery.
Great work Lek, holding Hall also.

Shake n bake

Brought in Naismith last week looks like he'll come in real handy now Sinclair is out for a month or so.


Should I trade Petracca to a premo?
When Hall comes back I will have Hall at F7
I can afford anyone except Merrett
I have Dusty, Wells, Zorko, Roo, Buddy, Petracca (Hall, Long)
I have 3 trades

Shake n bake

I wouldn't this week Tommo against the Suns at home might go alright. Has a low BE to so might make you the cash if your still thinking about letting him go rd 20 against the Hawks.


Will there be a Women's SuperCoach comp next year, Jock?
I think it will be good fun


Would be a great way to get people interested in the comp.


Would be a great way to get to know the players.


I hope so lads – would be bloody brilliant


I don't know JOck, they may not appreciate that the growing size of your trouser front is related to the footy fever, not the short shorts.


True mate! haa


I went hall to gunston, he's pretty much the only decent "pod" these last few rounds

Chubby McChubby

So I have 4 trades left with one premo left. A rookie to Zorko probably next week when the rookie fattens up. Issue is I have Hall and Libba. Had considered Libba to Rocky and Hall to Zorko and then rookie to maybe N.reiwoldt or Dahlaus pending how he goes. Only worried about League. If I hold trades this week I'll probably finish 5th and no second chance however will have trades up my sleeve. If I go bang bang Ill probably finish 4th and only have 2 trades and will have to paint the fence to get full premo leaving me with no trades. Thoughts community?


Got 58k in the bank would love to get rid of Hall and Delidio. I could get Merret but leave me 389k for a forward or mid depending on where I placed Merret preferably I'd like him to be in my mid for dpp, I am struggling to find a player that will take me deep into the finals for 389k, any suggestions would be great. 6 trades left.


Dahl might be that price in two weeks or, not saying he is the best player but for that price Sam Gray has had a pretty good couple of weeks.


Also with that many trades can you make some cash this week then grab a premo next week?


Thought that Andrew was thinking of Whitcross or Naismith.


Mate get Mrrett as your Mid or Forward and bring in Clay Smith from the dogs as your under $400k mid or forward the guy is a gun and will average 90 to 100 over the next 5 weeks mate.


Lynch or gunston?


The GUN, his name says it all.

Poms XI

Currently ranked 230 yet i'm in 9th place in my cash league and need a win the week otherwise i'll miss out on finals.

What are peoples thoughts on Petracca to Dahlhaus (providing he's named) – Yes I know its terrible value as one will drop and the other rise, but I can then loophole Dahlaus' score from Friday night and he can act as my M9/F7.

I'm not going to win the major prize, so need to do everything to win this week to make finals…Good idea? Even if Petracca outscores Dahlaus the purpose of this trade is for the loophole during a critical week.


Makes sense me!


"To me"


Had to ruin my Gunston Move didnt you….


Lekdog, as always, great work.

4 trades, $164k, have Rich, S.Collins, Petraca & Naismith on field. Others on field are premo.

Option 1: Hall & Deledio to Simpson & Gunston
Option 2: Deledio to Gunston only. Wait on Dalhaus.
Option 3: Deledio & Hall to Gunston & Franklin.
Option 4: Hold.


#1 for me


Mister Lekdog, you continue to astound me each and every week with your magnificence. Bravo, sir


Any word on McVeigh?


Hold or trade Lids Community? Can go to Gunston this week. I have 4 trades and the team is set, don't wanna pull the trigger too soon though if he only misses one more??


If he doesn't get named again tonight which seems to be where the smart money is at then I reckon you should dump him unless the Tigers can give an expected return date by tomorrow of say the next week or so.

At least you have 4 trades to deal with the situation. A lot of coaches with Lids have less than that.


What to do with M. Boyd? Anyone know how serious his Achilles is? Just traded him in last week to finally complete my team and pushed 2500 points, now this! 3 trades left… thanks community.


I reckon Bulldogs have given up for this week so resting him. I expect him back next week


Got 512k which is the best forward to get. Can afford any but Zorko. I already have d.martin, montanga, Merrett, Johnson, heeney.


Sorry scrap that just noticed Boyd out. Gotta love reverse change button


go Wells, can only get better for last weeks run.

anyone know seriousness of sucklings injury?


My Team 6 trades and 7500

D Shaw Laird McVeigh Birchall Yeo Rich Tucker Collins
M Danger Pendles Hannaberry Parker Ward Hodge Libba Ablett Mills Hewett Trengove
R Goldy Mummy M King
F Martin Buddy Montagna Zorko Stringer Wells Petracca Phillips

I am trying to make the top 4 in my league by winning this week but safe in the 8. A lot of us will be thinking about who is our backup in each line and also who to move on in order of priority.
Im thinking Def Collins Mid Rich Ruck Lycett * For Stringer as back ups
Anyone think a different strategy is better.
Also trade out in this order Ablett, Libba Mills Petracca for Treloar Enright and others I need to work out according to cash.

Any thoughts please and who do you see in your team as your back ups

nervous coach

Great work Lekdog. Good luck with Coach Kings. Community, I have Hall on the pine and currently Hipwood as F8. I could trade Hall to Gunston, Lynch (GC) or Buddy but would need to make another trade (M Cox to Naismith). 7 trades left and chance to finish in top four if I win this week. Thoughts!!!!!