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NRL Supercoach 2017

It’s time for some juicy arse PODs folks.

The Cowboy and I spend this casting of the pod going through some of the best Point of Difference options in each line for the run home. I could talk all bloody day about the POD. Are they more trouble than they’re worth? Or are they an essential part of any Supercoach team worth it’s salt in the run home?

Looking forward to kicking these options around in the comments below community.

Find your closest CoachKings Venue here – time to qualify for your Venue Final!

Congratulations to Georgina “Bad girl GG” Hull from Orion Hotel – winner of the weekly $1000 for the highest CoachKings score across the round!

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Has the Hotel LA problem been fixed ?

King Julian

I went to hotel LA a few weeks back and despite having the advertising and booklets around the TAB area, staff and management on shift hadn't any idea about it. They havent been getting anyone in their nightly comps probably because of their own neflect


Bummer! Is their venue final still going ahead Jock?


Prince Alfred Hotel is the next closest mate


It's 30km from my place but it's the closest venue mate haha


What do you think of Peachey as a POD ..and great show cowboy and jock as bloody usual


Yeah i like Peachey with his run home and decent price. He is such an exciting player to watch too! Good call killereel!

Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback. Legend


His workrate is quite low, ie: not many tackles or runs and relies on attacking stats. Positive is the panthers have very good run home!


In the back row he has better base stats team injury has depleted his time in the middle 3rd, .but I think he is a smokie to score heavey over the next 3/4 weeks..


If he was starting in the 2nd row he would be a lock but is averaging just 32 in base stats whilst playing at centre! They do have a decent run but faced with the dilemma of he is only available at 2nd row and 5/8 – do you really want to risk a 2nd row or 5/8 spot on him (all others are averaging 65-75 in that position!. Definite risky POD but I reckon you are better off trying to find a pod in the backs than risking your highest scoring positions! But go with you gut!!!!!!!!!


I'm going Gallen – peachy-Tamulalou

Don't Blush Baby

Scored only 1313 this week by stuffing up my starters v subs, plus I put the C on Fifita

Gallen – 44 – Cordner – 70
Mansour – 48 – Harris – 81
Tedesco – 35 – Aitken – 77


I'm with ya mate. Hurrell scoring over a 100 and a few 70s and 60 on my NPR list


Cowboy .was it due to limited trades the reason that you still have a large selection of scoring NPR's in your squad, as you didnt bring in the nuffies to be NPRs so to upgrade your starting 17 to fulll on premos . was it by design or a new strategy


Mate I wish I had a few more trades up my sleeve but my team is pretty much how I wanted it for the run home. Pangai is my only AE nightmare and he will be downgraded to a nuffie this week. My strategy was to have a good number of guns with a few cheaper options who average at least 55-60 left over for coverage if an injury occurs. I also consider Cleary as a "semi-gun" with his run home draw and kicking duties.

Here's my run home side:

Starting 13: Smith, JBrom, Fifi, Carty, Surgess, Merris, JT, Barba, Croker, Munster, Mansour, Aitken, Teddy.

Reserves: J.Graham, Mannering, Milford, Cleary

NPRs for coverage: J.Friend, Whitehead (POD), Ma'u, Hurrell (POD, but maybe not for too much longer :P).

4 Nuffies.


..good strategy Cowboy.but I always find my blue prints seem to change with circumstance and injury ..falling into the trap of chasing points instead of staying on course and find myself over thinking trades then mistakes are made by indecision..common prob I believe


You and me both mate. It's a very common issue – it's as if coaches need a plan B and C if injury strikes and need to stop chasing last week's points. Overthinking is another common problem too. They say you need to 'go with your gut' and I couldn't agree more. Ideally two of those back-ups would have been guns but fixing injury issues at the start of the season has prevented me doing that.

Chasing points isn't really a huge issue if you're just looking for someone to crank out some scores and make you some money to eventually trade them out for a profitable price. It chews through the trades though :P.


You too mate, thanks for the chat! I could talk SC for hours πŸ˜›


I notice Will Mathews is back this week… Nath jumping back on board!??