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Supercoach Round 19 Podcast 2017

Adam Schneider won a flag with the Swans. Bit his heart beats red, white and black.

And this week he fills the gaping chasm left by the absences of Higgo and Crouching. Higgo’s at a church retreat. No idea where Crouching is. The 228 game champion joins us at a bloody good time – it’s time we took some of the Saints Supercoach options very seriously.

This week;

  • Are the Saints fair dinkum? And should we therefore think more seriously about trading in some of the better performing Saints?
  • A huge round for milestones. Boomer, Bartel, Enright & Pavlich all reach big ones this week. Do these blokes demand consideration?
  • The perils of excessive beard friction.


Refer a CoachKings Mate

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below!


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Shake n bake

I'm liking the rd 23 draw with pies v Hawks last game and dogs v freo 2nd last game. Adams my loophole player in def Stewart mid loophole & Wyatt fwd line.

The Ranger

Isn't it the other way around? I thought the Dogs played last.


Aaron Hall can get bloody stuffed. So out for 3 weeks now which takes us to week 2 of finals. What is everyone doing with him? Waiting to see what Dahl does this week?


Yeah will become Dahl when his price comes down in a week or 2. Dahl will play this Friday.


I offloaded Hall for Buddy last week. Already owned Zorko, Zerrett, Dusty and Monty so it was just a case of picking my poison on a key forward so went with Buddy.

Didn't want to wait around for Dahl as the Supercoach rounds are disappearing fast and he could always break down again. However if he can play the last 5 h&a games he should be a very good replacement for Hall.


I have Deledio also, and 2 trades left. I am thinking of bringing in Gunston this week for Deledio and then let Dahl get past his ~200-ish break even to drop into my price range in a week. Then, the supercoach gods will tear me apart with uncoverable injuries……….


DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Laird, Gibson, Rance (Collins, Lee)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Neale, Sloane, Hannerbery, Priddis, Gray, Ward (Mathieson, Trengrove, Phillips)
RUC: Gawn, Goldstein (Wyatt)
FWD: Martin, Zorko, Merrett, Montagna, Greene, HALL (Petracca, Paine)

5 trades left with 1K in the bank.

Couple of options:

(A) Hold Hall and play Petracca for this week

(B) Downgrade Collins and upgrade Petracca

(C) Downgrade Collins and upgrade Hall

If upgrading Hall my current three targets are: Buddy, Gunston + Dahlhaus, but not sure which one….
Your thoughts community?


Go N. Reiwoltd otherwise of the 3 I would go buddy


Gunston any day .


Gunston has been the most consistent of the three you've mentioned, Pinidu. I've had him since Rd 3 and he's been terrific for the most part.


Well putting in Dalhaus now would be silly because he will likely drop $50k after this week. Also you dont know how his form is going to be like. Depends where you are ranked in your league, but id wait a week and see how he goes this week and just start Petracca. For this week id suggest downgrade Collins if you feel like u need to do something. You could put in Whitecross who is going to go up in price this week but if you dont need the cash and trades are more important, i wouldnt do a thing. You will be able to do a straight swap dallhaus to hall in a weeks time. Also you will also get to see how Menegola goes for the cats. I think overall just wait a week.


Nice team mate, get rid of Trengove and bring in Menegola then trade Hall to GUNston.

HOLD Petracca as your MID/FWD cover through Phillips.


Neale or jelwood for last mid






Is it too risky to bring L. Dahlhaus in for B. Deledio? I feel as though he may be the safest option out of L. Franklin, J. Gunston and T. Lynch…
Comments appreciated!


I am if that helps


Lynch is on fire .if he could only kick straighter .big scores to come 150 plus predictions.lids gotta go 2/3 weeks out


It's not risky, but given his BE this week you will be locking in a monetary loss over the people who wait a couple of weeks to pick him up. I would go Buddy/Gunston this week and look at Dahlhaus in a week or two


Loving the draw Cats have & looking at following trades:

McDonald – T – Bartel
Libba. – Selwood

Are theses too risky given possibility of them getting rested

Appreciate thoughts


bartel said in an interview after Crows game he is fresh after his rest and ready to go for rest of season. Should be no problems there mate!


Hi all

Cash is not a problem atm and I need a defender… Enright or?

Also – needing to sidewise swap Kennedy (Eagles) for another forward… Gunston or Lynch or?


absolutely Enright….easy run home, on fire and team pushing for top 2


Awesome. Thanks tor the tip. Any thoughts on forwards?


I currently have…


Reid (GWS)




Lynch on fire .he will be top 5 scoring FWD for next 4 rounds ..A Moral ..even without Jr and hall getting good ball ..


Hanners to the bont and goldy to martin.. only 2 trades left but can't win my leagues with hanners and goldy


Because opposition have them too? because they'll turn their scoring around you'd think.


Absolutely Brilliant!


I'm gonna say you probably could. Fair chance Hammers and Goldy outscore Bont and Martin from here on. Even if they don't, the difference will not be worth those trades.


Big decisions this week. $164k and 4 trades.
Have Deledio and Hall. Carrying Rich & S.Collins D5/6.
Managed to avoid donut with Petraca & Naismith cover. Otherwise full premo. Trade or Hold?


Trade to go full premo. Hall has to go . Petracca won't ton up every week


Thanks Hubba.
How does Hall & Deledio to Simpson & Gunston sound? Would out Collins D7, but have Petraca at F6 with 2 trades left.


Is Zerret to much money to go to. He would be my replacement for hall. If leave as is and dahl returns then i have to cop Silvagni on field. Otherwise with 2 trades left do i use 1 for hall.

Who should i get or should i Hold?

Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Montagna, Wells, *Hall (silvagni, Phillips)


Trade . No good keeping him . We've seen the fl and about to see the turn . Go all- in.


Flicking Lids. Already have Dusty, Zorko, Merrett, Wells, Wingard.
Plan is to bring in Dahl in two weeks so I can have cover at F7/M9.

So who should I get for Lids?


T Lynch (Suns)


Yeah I like that. Problem is my main competition in one league already has him. So could nullify him by getting the same bloke but where's the fun in that? He also has Joey Montagna.
So if I want a POD I could get Buddy or JJK but don't love either of their runs home. Buddy for instance has Rance round 23.


keep Hall, Back in round 21. he will at least go as good as any other inconsistent forward. Carlton have a great draw too, so Kerridge is a hold until you absolutely need to trade. Libba is worrying but would be keeping him until finals and see what damage is done. for all the lads outside of the top 1000 and top 4 in their league's, hold strong….just no need for all this nonsense just yet..hold…hold….hold….hold….NOW…..


Rich and Yeo in defence….which one goes to bring in Enright….




With 6 Trades left ditch Duncan for Sloane? or just move him to the bench?

The Ranger

If you haven't got Hall, Lids or any other problems to deal with I'd get Sloane.
Crows have a great run home.


If you have absolutely no other problems (ie: Hall, Deledio, McVeigh, etc.) then go for it!


Makes me sick lookin at all you bastards with all ya trades…


PS. 1 trade. HALL.


I reckon you have to hold if you have cover. Need that last trade for injury


League Finals
Stevens or Sloane?


Hmm I dont think you can wrong with either, I lean towards Sloan just because 3 of next 4 at home where he averages a touch under 120 this season and one away at Domain where he actually averages more i think over his career, dont quote me on that though.


Sloane is a big chance to go huge against Essendon this week, then Brisbane and the week after that against Fremantle. Last two games against Port & West Coast who he should get a handy score against. I'd go with the Sloane Ranger


I'm getting Sloane but next week. If you can bring him in now he could explode.


Looks like Dahl back this week:

BE of 191 so Hall to Dahl first week of SC Finals a no brainer!


It sure does look like Dahl is back. His knee was heavily strapped at training from the TV footage. Not to mention he hasn't played for so long. His fitness base won't be what it was? I'd like to see how he goes this week and maybe the week after before bringing him in. Trades for most are down and no one wants to trade in a player not 100% at this time of year


Hoping he drops enough I can get him at M9/F7. Then will put him in the forward line and use someone else for cover/loophole.

Want to upgrade Jack Trengove to him but if Trengove doesn't get another game that might require a downgrade (Silvagni to non-playing rook).

The Ranger

I think I'll be going Lids to Dahl next week. Got Hall too but he seems like a chance to play the last three weeks.
Lycett and Petracca will be onfield for me again this week, hopefully they can ton up again!

Pass the red bag

The podcast was good, but I'm hoping Higgo and crouching are back next week… They're not on strike for more coin are they Jock? Church camps can be more expensive than slabs of rum these days…


Reckon crouching has a Supercoach visa card to use at bunderberg distilleries, contractual perks…ah Wehcome….!


Libba to Gibbs with Carlton's easy run home? Has the Hawks this week, averages 112 in his past 5 against them


When will Smurph be back?


I didn't see anyone in the top 100 with a team value over $14mil. Most teams around $13.5mil. At the start of year I wouldn't have believed that.

Anyone over $14mil?


The leader Raj is pretty close to it at $13.924M although he may end up getting for using illegal performance enhancing practices. πŸ™‚


*getting busted


I'm on $13mil but have $300k in the kitty for final upgrades. Tough year for building bank.


Bear in mind there is some deflation over course of season, in round 1 an average of 100 was worth well over $500k, now it is under. So in round 1 dollars I guess there are people at $14m+ =p


This week is the first time in 13 weeks that I won't be burning a trade! Currently have three trades left. My plan at this stage is to downgrade M. Brown (Ess) in a couple of weeks to generate more cash, then use the last two trades for premo upgrades. One will probably be Petracca to Zac Merrett, the other will be saved for an injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

My other option is to downgrade Matheison this week to Hibberd from the Roos, then upgrade M. Brown in defence to Bartel to create a loophole and DPP swing between mid/def, as well as have Petracca for cover in the mids/fwds. Thoughts community?

I N Pieman

Finally Al Paton has acknowledged Raj could well have breached the T's & C's but running multiple teams. Given they already punished a participant for doing that there can be only one outcome if it's proven. Good luck to the boys in the hunt. Hope you guys only have one team


Plenty of high profile Supercoaches are lending Raj their support on Twitter. They're obviously oblivious of the rules as he is. But I reckon it's pretty black and white that you can only claim prize money if you submit and control just one team. If the HeraldSun turn a blind eye here it will be setting a dangerous precedent. It will then be open season for all coaches to create numerous teams all linked to different email accounts next year which would undermine the integrity of the competition imho. It would certainly be unfair to those of us who abide by the rules.


Forensic accountants needed .criminal almost man ..ffs


Some of those guys backing him in may have secret multiple teams too. Could even be in the running for top 10 prize money who would know. They're just not stupid enough to broadcast the fact on Twitter.


Precisely ha ha! They're probably praying like the current leader that this shitstorm just blows over and there isn't a competition wide audit where more "multi" teams are discovered. Hoping we'll all just forget about it and move on with our mundane lives. But we're not playing for tiddlywinks here. $50,000 is a very tidy sum for your average Joe or Joette. So I for one will be watching very careful what the competition organisers do here.


Perhaps they should just abandon this one team rule entirely if they aren't going to enforce it?? It's too hard to police like PEDs so may as well just allow us enter as many times as we like. It will certainly spike the number of entries which have been declining in recent years.


Not sure that's the solution Dave. For then only those who are the most hardcore will bother setting up dozens of teams. The rest of us who actually have lives outside SuperCoach who can only be bothered managing one side will be at a severe disadvantage.

Jokes aside those supporting Raj are probably doing so out of mateship as he's fairly well known in the SuperCoach fraternity. They just haven't fully considered the ramifications in backing that position. Essentially it boils down a principle of fairness not just one individual but for everyone participating in the comp.


Yeah I'd love to enter multiple teams. Just like getting a bunch of free lotto tickets with a $50K jackpot. One could be pure guns and rookies, another one mid priced madness and others with some speculative PODs. I'm sure at least one of them could be a top 100 contender.


Yep the fact that you are only meant to have one team means that you have to mitigate risks and go with a lot of safe and popular options as you don't want to bork your only side. But if I could enter say a dozen teams then I can throw that caution out the door and pick a bunch of players that most coaches wouldn't have the plums to select and they could always come off and send me rocketing up the top of the rankings.


That's right and then you can just abandon all those teams that crash and burn early and focus on the sides that are doing really well lol!


Supercoach grand final is in Round 22 of the home and away season am i correct??


Last season it was round 22 but this year it's back to round 23.

Bells E Bubb


I’m all for the lezzos and the country girls having their own sport and playing AFL – good on em, but if I never saw another article about women’s AFL I would not miss em at all Jock. How about you?

Am I wrong to think this way Jock?

Can’t the women just get their own bloody website, instead of jumping all over the AFL’s?

Community Member

Bells E Bubb by name…

Bells E Bubb

Oh I agree it's a good thing – and yes good for the game too. I just don't need to read about it at all. It's going to be a participation sport. No way it's professional or even semi pro sport.


What do i do about Deledio?
Have 2 trades and 50k in the bank, so can't afford Merrett unless i use my last trade on Jansen to Menegola. Got Petracca as cover so could wait one week then get rid of him and what options are the best out of Gunston, Lynch or N Riewoldt? Alrerady got Martin, Zorko, Montagna, Franklin and Wells.


Gunston. Lock him in. Save that last trade.


im actually lost on what my next move is.

shaw boyd docherty simpson enright laird
danger pendles hanners priddis parker rocky sloane neale
gawn goldy
merret martin zorko montagne buddy greene

3 trades. $90000 in bank…

got collins cover in my back silvagni cover in forwards.
still got cox in ruck

no cover in mid, stewart trengrove and macpherson still…

is getting a cheap mid my next move?

sitting top 4 in all my leagues….


At this stage you don't bring in a player as bench cover. Just hold trade to cover injury.

Bench players are usually players you got early who get shuffled along to the bench as premiums come in.

Team looks good. Hold for now. I have a feeling there is still a big name injury to come this year


thanks derek,
having my best year this year after failing late last 4 years haha..
unfamiliar position…

rocky has played 3 in a row so he might be due for an injury ..ha.

can i make a trade half way through a round?


trades can be made right up to the bounce of each game


I'm sure there will be many more than 1 over the next 5 weeks. Either they will suffer a season ending injury, potentially rested if they are an ageing star particularly on an interstate trips like Bartel a few weeks ago, or even get a fairly minor injury in a non contending team where the club then decides to put that player on ice or go in early for surgery so that they are in tiptop shape and ready to go for a big preseason.


Should I trade Petracca to a premo?
When Hall comes back I will have Hall at F7
I can afford anyone except Merrett
I have Dusty, Wells, Zorko, Roo, Buddy, Petracca (Hall, Long)
I have 3 trades


trade Hall to ZMerret


So I leave Petracca as cover instead of loopholing the forwards?
I can loophole with Petracca but he isn't reliable
Merrett is a bit pricey too


Can you do in one trade? hall to merret


I don't like Merrett though
I'm thinking Dahl


Will there be a women's SuperCoach competition next year?
I reckon it will be some good fun


Will be plenty of rookie cash cows like the good old days of gws and gold coasts' first season



You are a man of integrity and a pillar of our society.

What is your opinion on the rumours that the current leader of Super coach in 2016 (Raj) may have more than one team under his control under different email addresses?

Hard to prove but the evidence is starting to pile up against him.


Yet another potential out in Mumford for me but looks like a one weeker?


D Shaw Laird McVeigh Birchall Yeo Rich Tucker Collins
M Danger Pendles Hannaberry Parker Ward Hodge Libba Ablett Mills Hewett Trengove
R Goldy Mummy M King
F Martin Buddy Montagna Zorko Stringer Wells Petracca Phillips

I am concious I am missing Doc Neale Gawn and Z Merret as general mut haves. However continual injuries have meant I've gone for cheaper options as I've needed to trade in multiple players. So Treloar is the best value mid I can see of you disagree please comment.

Option 1 Ablett and Mills for Lycett (Phillips swings to mids) with 84 k for next upgrade.(Petracca for a F to loophole with Stringer and Rich for a premium D)

Option 2 Ablett and Mumford for S Martin and Treloar with 117 K for next upgrade


I think Cameron said today that he expects Mummy to train later in the week and play this weekend so i wouldn't stress out about it too much. Giants play first thing Saturday so even if he's a late out you will still have time to make moves should you still wish too.


Thanks for that Dabe I have been looking for info all week and it seemed like they would rest him.


Ha ha typo sorry thx Dave. I also need to win my league game to possibly make top 4. So if mummy is in I'm thinking Gaz and Rich out for Treloar and best defender i can afford


brilliant podcast lads