The Rookie Scout: Round 18

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Barron Von Crow

The year has just flown by hasn’t it.

It feels like only yesterday we were scouting all these rookies in the pre-season, you blink and before you know it it’s almost Supercoach finals time!

Those dreaded injuries have struck us again this week, removing Michael Barlow from many of our teams and once again putting that elusive “full premo” team on the back burner for some of us. It also highlights just how important having backups can be, especially if you’re starting to run low, or trying to save trades for the finals which will be here soon. Hopefully we can find a player that fits your shopping list below.


CoachKings Round 18 fixture


Darcy Parish

SC Price: $319,800 | AF Price: $337,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,100
Round 17 Stats: 20 disposals, 4 marks, 7 tackles, 74 SCPoints, 91 AFPoints, 69 CKPoints

Produced a better AFL Fantasy score than in Supercoach, he ran at just 55% disposal efficiency which hurt him a bit more in SC. One thing he has looked to improve is his spread of kicks and handballs, going near 50/50 for the second week in a row. His BE is only 42 this week, which he should easily eclipse.  His CoachKings scores haven’t been massive, but he is at a reasonable price, so you could consider him for the game against Brisbane.

Callum Mills

SC Price: $408,100 | AF Price: $364,000 | CoachKings Price: $8,400
Round 17 Stats: 17 disposals, 7 marks, 2 tackles, 82 SCPoints, 73 AFPoints, 97 CKPoints

He’s continued his very strong form as of late and has become one of the few rookie selection picks, along with Sam Kerridge, to push up over that $400K price mark. His 3 round average is now at 92 SCPoints and his BE is 66, so he could be worth even more this time next week. He’s been OK in CoachKings, but at his current price I’d probably spend $500-$600 more and pick JPK or Parker, or even save some money and go for Kieran Jack instead.

Jade Gresham

SC Price: $327,600 | AF Price: $312,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,800
Round 17 Stats: 19 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles, 80 SCPoints, 54 AFPoints, 57 CKPoints

Gresham had 19 disposals for the 2nd week in a row and has now been averaging 76 SCPoints over his last month of AFL footy. He’s still owned by 10.1% of all teams after being at 22.1% in Round 1, so his ownership has fallen roughly half, but I’m sure those who kept him wouldn’t be too displeased that they did so. His BE is 53 this week, which he should break on his current form.



Connor Menadue

SC Price: $303,400 | AF Price: $292,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,800
Round 17 Stats: 8 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal, 32 SCPoints, 43 AFPoints, 42 CKPoints

Menadue produced a season low in Supercoach last week and lost almost $20K because of it. That big score of 130 has rolled out of his average, so his BE has risen to 83 this week. He’s had two marginal price drops over the last fortnight, but his ownership has remained strong despite his two poor scores, going from 59.5% in Round 13, down to 47.7% last week. BE is 66 this week, which he’s probably 50/50 to reach.

Christian Petracca

SC Price: $330,000 | AF Price: $339,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,900
Round 17 Stats: 19 disposals, 3 marks, 6 inside 50’s, 2 goals, 84 SCPoints, 70 AFPoints, 105 CKPoints

A bit of return to form for Petracca, who had scores of 53 and 52 SCPoints in Rounds 15 and 16. It’s probably not a surprise he didn’t kick any goals in that period either. He’s probably a good guy to keep as bench cover if you’re not in an immediate need to downgrade him to upgrade other positions to premium players.

Sam Kerridge

SC Price: $384,100 | AF Price: $413,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,000
Round 17 Stats: 27 disposals, 6 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal, 101 SCPoints, 107 AFPoints, 115 CKPoints

I’m back, baby! I’m sure that’s what The Kedge was yelling to himself after his performance against West Coast, which saw him put up triple digits in Supercoach for the first time since Round 11. He still lost $10.7K and has a BE of 73, so it’s possible for him to lose some more cash again, but I’m sure the 47.5% of teams that still have Kerridge would be very happy with his score from last week. He’s come down in price in CoachKings also, it’ll be a tough game against Sydney, but he’s one you could take a chance on at his current price.

Jack Silvagni

SC Price: $160,900 | AF Price: $190,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,100
Round 17 Stats: 12 disposals, 6 marks, 1 goal, 52 SCPoints, 60 AFPoints, 65 CKPoints

A decent game for Silvagni who is probably doing his job for the 16% of teams that have him. Scoring decently and hopefully sitting on our bench! His BE is -3 this week, so another price rise will be on the cards for next week. One only to pick in CoachKings if you really need to save some cash for other players, unless he manages to jag 2-3 goals I suspect you could pencil in a score in the 50-60 range already.

Peter Wright

SC Price: $393,500 | AF Price: $330,000 | CoachKings Price: $9,700
Round 17 Stats: 6 disposals, 3 tackles, 7 hitouts, 43 SCPoints, 33 AFPoints, 34 CKPoints

Nothing going on for Wright against the Bullies, who pretty much shut him out of the game. He was coming off of scores of 136 and 104 SCPoints, so hopefully not too many of the 8,215 people who own him in Supercoach started him on field. Even with the poor score last week his BE is still just 62 this week thanks to his big scores in his rolling average. Big guys, even the best ones in the league will have games like this where they just get nothing.


Brendon Whitecross

SC Price: $198,300 | AF Price: $238,000 | CoachKings Price: $3,800
Round 17 Stats: 15 disposals, 6 marks, 2 tackles, 66 SCPoints, 63 AFPoints, 78 CKPoints

Still a question over whether he’ll keep his spot in the side or not, it was his first game since Round 6 in 2015 where he was wearing the green vest. He averaged 84 SCPoints back in 2012, but since then has only played 15 AFL games. Still, at this point of the year he’ll only likely be bench cover for you, but I wouldn’t go trading him in just yet this week and wait and see how he goes this week and if he keeps his spot into a 3rd week. 

Jacob Weitering

SC Price: $290,600 | AF Price: $282,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,200
Round 17 Stats: 7 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals, 55 SCPoints, 46 AFPoints, 80 CKPoints

Got amongst it with his very first goals of his short AFL career, but didn’t do much else apart from that. Since his big score of 121 against Brisbane in Round 11 he’s been running with an average of just 54 SCPoints and has lost about 57K off of his price in the last 3 weeks. His BE is 87 this week, so he could possibly make it 4 weeks running. I’d probably skip him in CoachKings this week, though he could surprise us.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

SC Price: $362,200 | AF Price: $338,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,000
Round 17 Stats: 9 disposals, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 53 SCPoints, 69 AFPoints, 49 CKPoints

A quiet game for Walla, it was his first time all year being under 10 disposals a game, he also had 7 of his 9 disposals as uncontested. Even with the poor score, he still has that 100 in his rolling average so his BE is just 60 this week, which he should hit, but he has lost cash for 4 weeks straight now and his BE will likely jump up again once that 100 rolls out of his average. I think he’ll be a good pick in CoachKings this week, I don’t expect him to put up two dud scores in a row, especially against Brisbane and he’s currently at a reasonable price.

Matt Dea

SC Price: $356,200 | AF Price: $359,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,400
Round 17 Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 59 SCPoints, 48 AFPoints, 72 CKPoints

Dea had his second game in a row scoring 59 SCPoints and lost $14.9K, which was his 3rd price fall in his last 4 games. His BE has moved up to 100, so he could be in for his 4th price fall in 5 games. Still owned by 12.7% of all teams. In CoachKings I’d jump on Walla before looking at Dea.

Sam Collins

SC Price: $322,100 | AF Price: $268,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,300
Round 17 Stats: 11 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles, 58 SCPoints, 60 AFPoints, 51 CKPoints

Another middle of the road game for Collins, who has had scores of 58 and 59 SCPoints since his big score of 126 SCPoints in Round 14. He scored 100 in Round 11 and then followed it up with scores of 39 and 59 in Round 12 and 13, so if he follows that pattern he should be in for a big score this week!

Darcy Byrne-Jones

SC Price: $316,400 | AF Price: $297,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,600
Round 17 Stats: 13 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 54 SCPoints, 54 AFPoints, 65 CKPoints

Just an average game from DBJ last week, he lost minimal cash, just the $1,500, but that now makes it the 4th week in a row he lost some value. His BE is 73 this week, which he can hit if he has a good game, but for the 14.1% of teams that still have him I would consider moving him on if you need to. You could certainly take a punt on him in CoachKings at his current price, but I wouldn’t be expecting a miracle score from him.


Sam Naismith

SC Price: $123,900 | AF Price: $162,000 | CoachKings Price: $3,900
Round 17 Stats: 12 disposals, 3 marks, 30 hitouts, 89 SCPoints, 73 AFPoints, 105 CKPoints

Again took the majority of the ruck work and looked OK against the Hawks. He’s on the bubble this week, so could potentially make a decent ruck cover if you have extra trades. Kurt Tippett is scheduled to be out for another 5 weeks, so his JS should be enough to hold him through the rest of the year, with only Toby Nankervis fighting against him for a spot, unless the Swans decide to change their structures up a bit. If he’s picked this week then he is looking like a great CoachKings pick if he can replicate last weeks efforts.



Aliir Aliir – He’s still under 200K, so a gettable price and was solid against the Hawks, though he did have 4 clangers. Scored 53 SCPoints from 16 disposals and 6 marks, which isn’t a great return, but OK for bench cover.

Tom Papley – Hit the scoreboard for 2 goals and has been able to kick goals in 5 of his last 6 AFL matches. Scored 71 SCPoints from 15 disposals. BE is 38 this week which he should hit easily.

George Hewett – Not a great result for him against the Hawks with just 30 SCPoints from 12 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles. He had only 7 effective disposals and 4 clangers in there.

Kaiden Brand – Failed to replicate his big effort against Port, finishing with only 11 disposals and 3 marks for 48 SCPoints.

Tom Ruggles – Ruggles had a career high in disposals against Fremantle with 22, as well as having 6 marks and 4 tackles for 86 SCPoints. Had a season high in AFL Fantasy with 93 AFPoints. I would consider him in CoachKings against Adelaide.

Nakia Coackatoo – Another decent game for Cockatoo with 12 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles and 1 goal for 68 SCPoints. Has been solid in his two games back in the main side.

Lincoln McCarthy – After recording 11 clangers in Rounds 14 and 16 McCarthy kept it to just the 1, along with 10 disposals, 7 tackles and 4 inside 50’s for 66 SCPoints. Not a huge score, but he didn’t hurt his score with mistakes.

Jayden Short – Continued his good run of games, having a career high 25 disposals for 82 SCPoints. He now finds his 3 round average at 76 SCPoints and his 5 round average at 73 SCPoints after averaging 46 SCPoints over his first 5 games.

Jason Castagna – Another young Richmond player who had a good game against the Dons, Castagna had a career high 23 disposals as well as 8 marks for 74 SCPoints. After two good games in a row he now has a BE of -39.

Liam McBean – On the bubble this week, but was a bit better in his second game finishing with 12 disposals and 6 marks for 52 SCPoints.

Oleg Markov – Another Richmond player on the bubble, he wasn’t as good as his first game stat wise, but still solid with 12 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and a goal for 62 SCPoints. Has used the ball very well over his first two games, hitting a target 25 times with his 27 possessions.

Daniel Rioli – Ran at 100% disposal efficiency and also had 3 goal assists which helped boost his scores for their usual 30 point range. He had 11 disposals, 3 marks, 5 tackles, 3 goal assists, 3 inside 50’s and a goal for 87 SCPoints. Just the second time he’s scored above 55 SCPoints this year.

Connor McKenna – He’d never scored more than 45 SCPoints up until he faced Richmond, but had a good day and finished with 15 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 74 SCPoints.

Mitch Brown – His second week in a row scoring 71 SCPoints, he had 14 disposals, 7 marks and 2 tackles. He’s still owned by nearly a quarter of all sides and his BE is only 38 this week.

Will Hams – Got stuck into the tackles with 8, along with 12 disposals to post a career high 77 SCPoints. Scored 64 in his previous game against the Saints and has started to build some form it seems.

Michael Hartley – Just 6 disposals, but 13 1%ers saw him still manage to put up a score of 67 SCPoints.

Ryan Clarke – Again wracked up a decent amount of disposals, but again didn’t really put up a fantasy football score that reflects it. He had 22 disposals, but only 59 SCPoints after having 21 disposals and 60 SCPoints the week before. Part of that is because he’s getting about two thirds of his possessions as uncontested and the other is his disposal efficiency, which was just 54% last week. On the bubble this week, so he could be a decent bench option, if he cleans up his ball use a bit, then he can score better since he is getting plenty of the ball.

Jed Anderson – An OK game, he had 13 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal for 50 SCPoints. He had his first price rise and now sits at $214K.

Corey Wagner – Has a season high of just 9 disposals, so you can imagine how well he is doing in fantasy football! He had just 5 disposals and 29 SCPoints last week against Port.

Logan Austin – Just 5 disposals for Austin for 36 SCPoints. He’s a wreck in AFL Fantasy where he has scores of 17, 19 and 15 over his last 4 matches. Has now fallen to 5th in the league for average 1%ers, behind Hombsch, May, Rowe and Hartley.

Mitch McGovern – Again struggled to get heavily involved and apart from his one contested mark and goal didn’t do a heap. Had just 8 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for 48 SCPoints. That’s now two weeks in a row under 10 disposals after only doing it 3 times in his previous 14 games.

Josh Smith – Had his lowest disposal tally of the year with just 12, along with 4 marks and scored his lowest score in Supercoach score of the year, with just 33 SCPoints.

Josh Dunkley – Big score in his return game, Dunkley last played for the Bullies in Round 13 where he had just 9 disposals. Much better against the Suns with 27 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 99 SCPoints.

Clay Smith – Has been superb since his return and gained $56.9K in his first price rise of the year to move up to $294K. He had 17 disposals, 6 marks and kicked 3.4 for 98 SCPoints, with his average for the year now at 92 SCPoints. His BE is -13 this week, though it will be interesting to see how he goes once Dahlhaus comes back from injury.

Callum Ah Chee – Continues to improve week by week, he had 17 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals against the Bulldogs for a career high 103 SCPoints, which is the first time in his short career he’s hit triple digits in fantasy football.

Jesse Joyce – Finally broke out of that 50 point barrier and had 14 disposals and 6 marks for 69 SCPoints.

Ryan Davis – Continues to be a solid bench option for those who have him with 13 disposals, 6 marks, 3 goal assists and a goal of his own for 78 SCPoints. Is currently running with a 3 round average of 82 SCPoints.

Jarrod Gartlett – Has spent the last fortnight in the AFL side for the Suns after last playing for them in Round 7. He’s been OK; he had 12 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles and 45 SCPoints. That’s probably his ceiling unless he kicks a few goals on top of that too.

Charlie Curnow – Quiet with only 7 disposals, 3 marks and a goal for 42 SCPoints, which is the lowest result from his 5 games this year.

Liam Sumner – Barely involved with only 6 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and 25 SCPoints.

Mitch Brown (WCE) – Has scored consistently over his 3 games this year, though scores in the 40’s aren’t anything to get super excited about. He had 6 disposals and 7 tackles for 44 SCPoints.

Oscar McDonald – Has now run into a bit of a cold streak over his last 3 games. He had just 11 disposals and 6 marks against St Kilda for 47 SCPoints, which makes it scores of 59, 42 and 47 over his last 3 games.

Ben Kennedy – 19 disposals and only 49 SCPoints probably isn’t a great result for BenKen, especially since he also had 4 marks and a goal in there too. His disposal efficiency was just 57% and he also recorded 4 clangers, which is the likely reason for his poor score.

Josh Wagner – Had been missing since Round 14, but returned against St Kilda and pretty much picked up where he left off, having 18 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 84 SCPoints.

Jayden Hunt – Kid has speed to burn, but had a fairly middling Supercoach day, having 14 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles for 45 SCPoints against St Kilda.

Rhys Mathieson – He’s been very good in his last 3 games, now with a 3 game average of 83 SCPoints. He had 16 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal for 87 SCPoints against GWS and has a BE of 7 this week.

Ben Keays – Returned to the side after being dropped for Round 15, but wasn’t massively impressive with 12 disposals and 4 tackle s for 57 SCPoints.

Rueben Williams – Played his second game and wasn’t massively outstanding, but had 11 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles for 31 SCPoints. At this point he’d be nothing more than a quick and cheap downgrade option.

Eric Hipwood – Has now kicked a goal in all 4 of his AFL games, against GWS he had his worst Supercoach game so far, with 11 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 1.2 for 48 SCPoints. Lots of potential in this kid.

Jared Jansen – Had his equal lowest Supercoach score of the year, JJ had 10 disposals, 2 marks and 5 tackles for 35 SCPoints.

Matthew Hammelmann – Had his first price rise and is now at $151K and also had his best fantasy footy game last week with 9 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles, 14 1%ers for 67 SCPoints, but only 35 AFPoints. Looking like he may have some Logan Austin type potential.

Josh Schahe – Not a lot of ball with only 5 disposals, but made the most of his chances, kicking 2.1 and finishing with 50 SCPoints.


Oleg Markov – $117K – FWD

Sam Naismith – $123K – FWD/RUC

Nathan Broad – $117K – DEF

Ryan Clarke – $117K – DEF

Matthew Kennedy – $166K – MID

Rueben Williams – $102K – DEF

Liam McBean – $150K – DWF


Marcus Adams – $360K – 108 BE

Matt Dea – $356K – 100 BE

Josh Smith – $316K – 99 BE

Clayton Oliver – $308K – 93 BE

Mitch McGovern – $311K – 93 BE

Oscar McDonald – $295K – 92 BE

Jacob Weitering – $290K – 87 BE

Ben Kennedy – $294K – 86 BE

Connor Menadue – $303K – 83 BE 



James Polkinghorne – Led the Essendon VFL side in disposals with 28 and also had 8 marks and 4 tackles in Essendons 3 point win over the Box Hill Hawks.

Aaron Francis – Francis had 19 disposals, 6 marks and 2 tackles. AFL debut looks like it will be coming soon.

Kieren Lovell – Lovell had 24 disposals and 7 marks against Essendon.

Tei Miles – Kicked a goal as well as having 22 disposals and 8 marks.

Marc Pittonet – Led the ruck with 29 hitouts as well as 16 disposals, 3 marks and 4 tackles.

Sam Menegola – HUGE numbers from Menegola in the Cats 111 point win over Weribee, with Mengola kicking 2.2 as well as having 46 disposals, 5 marks, 11 clearances and 4 tackles. Would have to be considered for a senior game with numbers like that.

James Parsons – Has only averaged 14 touches in the VFL this year, so had a big game with 29 disposals. Inaccurate in front of goals though, kicking 1.4.

Matthew Hayball – Got in on the goal kicking, slotting 4.1 as well as having 14 disposals.  Had only kicked 4.3 in his previous 8 VFL games this year.

Will Fordham – Led Weribee in disposals with 21 while also having 5 marks, 4 rebound 50’s and a goal.

Sam Durdin – The Roo’s 1st round draft pick last year, has been injured and spent time in the VFL Development League this year, coming off 3 weeks off with injury and then a game in the D-League a fortnight ago, he was back with the main VFL side last week and had 9 disposals, 2 marks and a goal.

Ben McKay – Quiet game for him with just 7 disposals, 2 hitouts and a goal. Like Durdin, he has spent some time in the VFL Development League this year.

Billy Gowers – Gowers kicked 1 goal and had 17 disposals and 8 marks in the North Blues win against North Ballarat.

Daniel Gorringe – Had missed 3 weeks with a hip injury, but returned via the VFL last week and had 13 disposals, 3 marks and a goal.

Harry McKay – Has only managed 1 game this year in the Development league after a back injury and then missing 2 weeks with illness, he played for the Blues in the VFL last week and had 7 disposals, 4 marks and kicked a pair of goals.

Bailey Dale – Kicked 4 goals for Footscray in their 84-83 win over the Casey Scorpions. He also had 26 disposals, 6 marks and 3 tackles.

Clayton Oliver – Oliver had 24 disposals, 7 tackles, 3 marks and 4 inside 50’s.

Jack Trengove – Decent game for Trengove with 22 disposals, 3 marks and 8 tackles.

Sam Weiderman – Weiderman had 12 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for the Casey Scorpions.

Tom Phillips – Phillips kicked 1.1 and also had 26 disposals, 7 marks and 7 tackles in Collingwood’s 143-77 win over the Frankston Dolphins.

Corey Gault – Gault had 24 disposals, 2 marks, 6 tackles and 15 hitouts for Collingwood.

Matthew Goodyear – Goodyear finished with 21 disposals and 2 tackles. 16 handballs in his 21 disposals though.

Eli Templeton – Led the Sandringham Zebras in disposals in their 60-81 loss to Port Melbourne. ET had 35 disposals and 9 marks. Has only played 2 AFL games his year, but has been senior emergency a few times too. VFL form has been terrific all year though.

Nick O’Kearney – Continues his strong VFL form, finishing with 26 disposals, 6 marks and 4 tackles.

Tom Lee – 22 disposals, 7 marks and a goal for Lee in the VFL this week.

Brodie Murdoch – Murdoch finished with 22 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and 4 hitouts.

Jack Lonie – Led Sandringham in goals, finishing with 2.2 as well as 21 disposals and 5 tackles.

Nathan Freeman – His first game in 8 weeks after continued hamstring issues, he had just the 10 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles.

BYE: Richmond


Harrison Wigg – Had 27 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles in the Adelaide’s reserves 82-101 loss to the Glenelg Tigers

Jono Beech – Kicked 3 goals and also had 19 disposals and 9 marks.

Tom Doedee – Named in the best for the Crows, which has happened for the last 5 or 6 games, he had 18 disposals, 7 marks and 4 rebound 50’s.

Hugh Greenwood – Kicked 1.1 as well as having 17 disposals, 7 marks and 8 tackles.

Reilly O’Brien – Named BOG for the Crows, he had 14 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 20 hitouts and kicked 2 goals.

Wayne Milera – Had a 100 metre play that resulted in a goal, but generally not a lot of action for Milera with only 11 disposals, 2 marks and 5 tackles.

Harry Dear – Had been in good form the previous 2 games, but nothing on offer for him against the Tigers, recording just 4 disposals and 2 marks.

Riley Bonner – Good game for him with 24 disposals, 7 marks and 3 tackles in Ports win against league leaders Woodsville West-Torrens.

Billy Frampton – Sharing ruck duties now that Matty Lobbe is back and had just 8 disposals and 13 hitouts.

John Butcher – Has earned an AFL recall after Charlie Dixon injured his ankle and kicked 3.1 with 7 disposals and 6 marks against WWT last week.

Jesse Palmer – Quiet day for Palmer with only 11 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Will Snelling – 19 disposals, 2 marks and 8 tackles for Snelling against WWT.


Darcy Tucker – Good game for him with 27 disposals, including 21 kicks, 4 marks, 6 tackles and 4 rebound 50’s as the Peel Thunder defeated East Fremantle 69-26.

Josh Deluca – Deluca had 23 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50’s and kicked 1.1.

Anthony Morabito – Morabito had 15 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles for the Peel Thunder.

Shane Yarran – Had only 6 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles, but also kicked 2.1.

Corey Adamson – Led East Perth for disposals with 33, along with 6 marks and a goal as East Perth defeated West Perth 55-42.

Malcolm Karnapy – Karnapy had 20 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 3 rebound 50’s.


Xavier Richards – Booted 8 goals, along with 25 disposals and 13 marks as the Swans reserves smashed Gold Coast 170-46.

Tyrone Leonardis – Chipped in 3 goals, along with 16 disposals and 4 marks.

Toby Nankervis – Had an impact in both the ruck and up forward. Kicked 3 goals, as well as having 39 hitouts in the ruck, to go along with 19 disposals, 10 clearances, 7 marks and 5 tackles.

James Rose – Rose also kicked 3 goals as well as having 23 disposals, 5 marks and 3 tackles.

Nic Newman – Newman had 32 disposals, 6 marks and 7 inside 50’s.

Jordan Foote – Upgraded off the rookie list a few weeks ago and continues to perform in the NEAFL, Foote  had 31 disposals, 2 marks and 5 tackles

Brayden Fiorini – Returned from 3 months off due to a knee injury and had 14 disposals, 4 marks and 2 inside 50’s.

Jackson Paine – Led the Brisbane reserves with 33 disposals, 9 marks and 6 rebound 50’s in their 68-55 win over the UWS Giants.

Josh Clayton – Clayton finished with 28 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 5 inside 50’s.

Michael Close – Kicked 2.1 as well as having 16 disposals, 12 marks and 5 tackles.

Jake Barrett – Led the UWS Giants with 34 disposals, as well as 7 marks and 8 tackles.

Matthew Kennedy – Kennedy had 33 disposals, 6 marks and 10 tackles.

Matthew Flynn – Led the Giants with 4.1 as well as 13 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 8 hitouts.

Caleb Marchbank – Can’t catch a break on the injury front, after just returning from an ankle injury Marchbank dislocated his shoulder in the game against Brisbane.  Marchbank had 13 disposals and 3 marks before he was hurt.

And that is it from me this week So how many of you guys have now reached the Supercoach holy grail of a full premo side? Or do you still have a few upgrades left to do? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @BarronVonCrow

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brilliant as usual BVC, what do we think of pittard as D6? already got docherty, laird, shaw, simpson and boyd


I like it. Rance has been largely disappointing since I picked him up, and he'd be the only other good option I could see for you (provided you assume Boris and Jimmy Bartel will be rested). Pittard has GCS his last game, he loves playing against witches hats.


Bartel fresh, with week off after R23 I'm now thinking that's all they'll need. Pittard highly rated, looks good.


You are a brilliant man Baz. Thanks so much mate what a sensational read


one of the absolute highlights of this year has been Barron's rookie report. Gold.

Shake n bake

Ryan Clarke is a mid.


Lids looks extremely unlikely to play tomorrow and Dimma couldn't guarantee a return date at this stage:

So hopefully that 1 week doesn't turn into 2 or 3.


the only good part is that Tigers have a late Sunday game this week. so if we have some bench cover (good or bad) we should at least have had a chance to see how the bench has gone.

I've got Motlop on bench, he plays saturday night. If he does well, i'll probably hold Delidio and see what happens next week. If Motlop scores crap. i might trade Delidio to Cyril (plays Sunday). I need a few wins in my leagues to make the 8.

ZMerret also plays Sunday this week.


Yes could even be named tonight on the extended bench and then be a game day decision on the Sunday, although it seems very likely he'll ultimately miss.


With the focus on deliberate rush rule, forward pressure players like Cyril, Puopolo, Eddie Betts, Wingard, and other small forwards, should / will be asked to intensify their pressure in the 50 arc, which should translate to more opportunities in front of goal. A small forward could be the difference if you're looking for an edge.

Cyril $473K and 4.5% (of teams)
Puopolo $417K and 1.8%
Betts $427K and 8.7%
Wingard $437K and 8.9%

I N Pieman

Amazing BVC. With the rooks becoming a little less relevant it will be time for you to put your feet up soon! Well deserved. What to do with Lids. Really tough one this one. Think I'll hold him till finals & reassess. I just have this feeling he will be "managed" & be useless


Aaron Francis will make his debut this weekend


I think I'll draw one of these out of a hat !
Gunston, Lynch, Rioli, Westhoff, Wingard ??????


go on roll it ya flog


Can someone tell me more about Clay Smith? Considering him as bench cover for Deledio . Is he likely to keep the consistent scoring up?


Contested beast, loves a tackle. Likes a goal but don't expect him to score 3 every week. As bench cover I'm hoping for an 85-90 average at best.

new rookie?

does anyone know if Menegola from the cats is a chance to play this week? he's named in the squad


He's in great form. We'll know in a few hours. Squads not released yet

new rookie?

reports on sen last hour suggests they have included him in the squad


Shane Yarran to debut this weekend


Unsure whether to hold or upgrade Ollie Wines. Seems to be finding some good form finally and has an OK looking run home.


I wouldn't do it straight away. Give him another couple of weeks and if he starts trending south again then ditch him for an ultra premo. He's averaged 101 over his past 4 games, which although far from amazing, has been more than serviceable for an M8.

You'd just hate him or Wingard (or both) to crap the bed in the first week of the Supercoach finals at the SCG and cost you a W. Who knows by then we might be over run with injuries and you won't have any luxury trades left anyway.


Keep threatening to trade him, it's doing wonders for his output!

Shake n bake

Thinking of trading Adams to William witch leaves me with Collins & William for cover in def. then trade Davis in the mids for Merrett that leaves me with Libba as my bench loophole. In my fwd line I have Patracca as cover & fwd mid swing.


Noigerbour to debut this week

Get on

Big G





Lids (calf), Hall (hammy) and McVeigh (groin) OUT!

Laird, Savage, Bartel and Libba all back IN.


Hold the warm bodies


Thoughts on getting rocky in with some easy upcoming games?




Did last week mate while most went Neale. Only non popular pick that could average 120 for the rest of the year. Injuries at your own risk


Mcveigh, Hall out. Lids out as we knew. Laird back in.

Magic door named for North, commence the Goldie late out rumours.

Stef Martin not out.


Archie Smith named


Libba back for those that held


Hopefully Daw in for Waite


I hear Goldie will be a late out


Should've happened weeks ago. B-Rad has played Goldy until he's well and truly lame!


WTF??? A. Hall hamstring and not playing? Nothing mentioned all week and wasn't on injuries list??


Must've done it at training today


Now with Hall and Deledio out, should I now trade lids to Merrett? Otherwise I'll have Petracca and Silvagni on the field. I've got 4 trades and 230k in the bank.


Lids to Merrett only and put the (E) on Silvagni and put Petracca on field, hold Hall.

Rick Grimes

Baahahaha, I give up. What a ahol of a season.


Considering Hall is out do I finally get rid of him?
I will have to paint the fence, probably Ruggles or Collins down to Reuben William and then Hall to any Premo forward.
The rest of my forward line is:
Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Franklin, Wells, "Hall" (Menadue, Phillips)

My only bench cover is Connor Menapoo
I have 5 trades left.


Yes with 5 trades if u can get Montagna for hall just do the one trade obviously dont use two to generate cash.


That'd be right get Laird back lose bloody Hall.
Anyone know anything about this "hammy"?

Jack fraser

Hall or Deledio out for zorko??


Toss a coin. Judging by the season to date, whichever choice seems obvious will be the wrong one. Ah well, seems most of us are in the same boat, looking for the elusive Captain that can save us at the last moment.


Get rid of Lids mate, he is carrying a injury we all know it.

Boltons Blues

Have lids and hall, no cover and 2 trades left
Rip Boltons Blues 2016


Yep I got lids, hall & barlow & rose still not playing, 2 trades left, this wasn't how I planned it!


Yeah I got Lids, Dahl, Hall, Rose and I also had Tippett… FWD line a mess. Still not sure what to do, we need an injury update on Hall….!! Apparently Eade plays Supercoach, I wonder if this silence is him trying to win a head to head?


Now that Hall is out, do I trade Petracca for a premo as he will be playing this week?
3 trades and $222k left


Nope, you should have brought in Clay Smith last week for this very reason.


I reckon trade Petracca to a Premo and leave Hall as cover…. IF Hall has not ripped his hammy off the bone!


How long is Lids out for ?


Dimma won't commit to a return date yet. Hopefully it's just a week but there's a real chance he could be put on ice with the Tiges no shot of playing finals. Most owners should probably hold unless they are flush with trades like Steeeve.


Need to trade to avoid a donut, can trade Dahlhaus/Hall/Lids to Gunston or Rose to Nankervis.


I hope you mean Naismith? Nankervis could be a mistake…. Gunston is solid, can you get to Montagna?


lids for Harvey???????????


Thanks for the heads up Aaron


> "Myself, Gaz, Dids and Risch, we started to get a bit of synergy for the last month"

Perfect synergy achieved, can all watch the games at home on the couch together.


Hey guys I'm sitting in the top 100 in the comp but my Dilemna is that I don't have danger…. I was planning to bring him in this week for liber but hall and wells are out for me and I have no cover (cox, Phillips, rose) what do I do with 4 trades left 227K


You traded Danger out 2 rounds ago, I'm sure you knew it was a bad idea. Now sit there and absorb your punishment!


Ha ha. Danger will drop. $700k.


I'm like you Pete and traded out Danger. Similar position also (i.e up there)

I did the trade to guarantee 18 players in the byes, as many punters did.

Burn your trades and have a shot I say.

Don't go down saying "What If?"


Barlow to who ever you want & Hall to shit that's hard, maybe someone like Gunstan is the only player that sticks out other then JJK who has been ultra consistent for a Full forward this season.

Here are JJK & Gunston's scores for the season thus far.
JJK -: 180,84,101,89,63,99,80,140,137,146,49,88,88,78,115,39 – Average 98.5
Gunston -: 127,93,69,84,50,106,113,96,119,102,102,112,58,105,95,111 – Average 96.4

Both players have been consistent, good luck mate.


With Lids and Hall out (like most of us) I either have to play Wells and Petracca or use one of my 3 trades. Best bet?


Overall or Leagues? if leagues are you solid in your leagues ladder wise? &/or do you think you can beat you oppistion this week with Wells and Petracca on field?


Whats wrong with playing wells? He's a top six forward


Really stumped! Need the community's help
5 trades 80k, ranked 104th. McVeigh and Deledio out what do the hell do I do!?

DEF: Docherty Shaw Boyd Laird Bartel Mcveigh**- Collins brand

FWD: Dusty Zorko Montagna Hall Franklin Deledio** – Menadue Phillips


Hall out as well


Yeah Hall out too unfortunately. Would give him the flick before Deledio. But looking at your bench cover, I'd trade both Hall and Deledio if you want a shot at overall. Lucky you have the 5 trades, you need to use them now if you want to catch up


Wait for more info on the hall situation but geese it's a pickle, I'm dealing with hall mcveigh and lids myself but have enough cover (sinclair and rich and hall was already m9/f7).

I'd probably hold lids and hall and consider trying to turn Phillips into maybe even a clay smith depending whether you can chop someone on your mid bench (i.e. Swing Phillips to mid bench and use your bank to get to smith @ $294k). This would provide enough cover playing menadue Collins and smith and uses only 1 trade. Might lose a little ground this week but the trades will be worth more in coming weeks…..


Wow just saw that! Definitely in a pickle
Yeah problem with the forwards is there isn't much to trade to but merret…

How serious is the hall hammy?


Johnny Lids to ZMerrett & Hall to Gunston.

Don't be shocked if Goldy gets rested, they named Daw so I would bet Goldy gets a rest although I bloody hope I am wrong,

The Ranger

Ouch! I'm with Swans, I'd be looking to only do one trade this week and sucking up the bad score, hopefully you can then use those trades to help you make up that point loss later. There'll be plenty of players above you with Lids, Hall and McV too.


Not enough coin for that unfortunately dean. All out after the merret trade


Who do you think will score higher this week …

Sam Kerridge (half-forward flank) or …
Christian Petracca (wing)

Thoughts will be greatly appreciated community! 🙂

train departed

Fools all Hall Lids Barlow owners


Listening to u lot about Lids Hall Wells Barlow McVeigh makes me sick, did u not know they had injuries?? Fools

The Ranger



Pulsating actually

The Ranger

I preferred listening. The idea of a pulsating clown is just weird.


Rockliff as captain against the dons?


Could do worse. He's been a bit stung by comments this week it seems. Nothing like some motivation. I am definitely considering!


Either he or Zerrett will be my C backup plan if the Danger VC doesn't come off.

All that talk during the week of Rocky chowing down too much rocky road and becoming a chubby bunny will hopefully fire him up for another 40 plusser.


Lol didnt know he'd been getting lip. Danger VC Rocky C it is!


Funny thing is that I thought he looked a tad fat early in the season, but came back far more streamlined after his injury… Its the key reason why I dropped him and took him back.

Pauly Walnuts

I've gone Hanners VC, into Rocky C – on the money with Rocky me thinks


What are the chances of stef martin playing this week. Bit worrying that archie smith was named


Think Trent West is the go-to Stef Martin replacement. They named Archie on his birthday, I am hoping that's why they did it. Might be grasping at straws…


Lance franklin or josh Kennedy?






Look at their remaining games. I am seriously contemplating Franklin now.
Franklin: Carlton, Freo, Port, St Kilda, North, Richmond.
JJK: Melbourne, Collingwood, Freo, GWS, Hawthorn, Adelaide. Last 3 games are against top 4 sides.




Jeez…. will Trengrove be at Melbourne next year? Can't get a look in! (Unless he's injured?)


Do we reckon mcveigh is just being rested against the blues or is this more to this "groin" injury?
Anyone have any details.


How long is Hall out for anyone know?


One of those old timber beauties, about 100 feet at least

The Ranger

Got Lids and Hall out, 4 trades and only 6K left. Will finish top four in my leagues so no pressure to trade from there but I'm stuck in the 1700's and wanna crack the top 1K.
Do I just cover them with Petracca and Lycett or do I trade?
At the moment I'm leaning towards trading Keays down to a $102k numpty that plays this week and getting some cash in the bank so that I can make those last three trades count.


if u have cover save the trades and use Petracca & Lycett they could score you 80's

Shit your crazy not to mate because there will be allot of people in the same situation with ZERO trades so as long as you have cover then your doing fine I would imagine.


If you had to trade Keays to a shit cheap player, I would much rather you add $80k to keays and bring in Clay Smith the guy is a freak and still cheap and will average you 90 to 100 this season. He is Mid/Fwd also which is gold.

The Ranger

Would if I could but only 6K in the bank so can't get Smith.
Leaning towards not trading but these injuries that keep happening make me wonder whether it might not be a good idea to get more cash so that when I do trade I can make sure it's an upgrade not a sideways trade.


I'm on 4 trades and have been top 1000 the past 5 years but im 3118 ATM and can't see me getting to top 1000

If you don't care about your league games then trade away and hope but if your League games are important to you then save trades mate.


I'm the same, however I also have Dahlhaus (who I got in for Tippett). Hmmm…. I'm 1500 overall but looking at a doughnut.


Rockliff a viable trade in option this week?

Top hawk

YES. He is angry after being called "fat" this week. Rocky is a gun.


No, stay away from my POD plx


Yes he has a high ceiling and will p*ss off at all the reports of him being over weight in the QLD newspapers, He could go large this weekend

Top hawk

Hi community,

How about Marc Le Cras. 420K

Average 100+ last 3 rounds. More space to run in fwd half/mid role.

He looks sharp and injury free.

Good price, in good form, and swooping through the midfield.


Go Gaff if you can… still value.


Deledio to Zerrett seems the obvious trade this week with Hall also being out. However, looking at going for overall rank, the top 7 teams / 13 of the top 15 teams all have Zach Merrett.

Do you do something risky and bring in a Franklin/JJK type in hope they out perform Zerrett, or do you just go Zerrett so you do not fall further back. Have been waiting for the Zaka like decline, but does not seem to be coming.

Currently 6 trades left ranked 30th.

The Ranger

The little bugger just hasn't dropped off like we thought he might eh Johnno?
I reckon he might get get tagged by Robinson this week so maybe not a great week to bring him in but it's pretty clear that he's no flash in the pan.


Actually with 6 trades left and ranked 30th overall, that's quite a stupid question.

Rick Grimes

Guess it depends how many PODs you have. If you think you have enough differentiation, then the safe option is to get Merrett. But if you feel you are too similar to the top 10, could be worth a speculator. But i'm more thinking a Rioli type as opposed to Franklin/JJK (although Buddy has been pretty consistent). Hawks have a decent run home, can see him getting amongst it against the Tiges. But given you are ranked 30th and my ranking has a couple more zeros, among other numbers, you should go with your gut.


as pieman says; get the best available.


This is the round for Buddy if you want him, has a good record against Carlton


I hope Cox plays.


Who is everyone bringing in for lids if trading? Already have zerret and Zorko


Dusty if you don't have him


Sorry sworn off Richmond players forever


without dusty your team is shit


How about you [email protected] off with your smart arse comments and go back to screwing your mum retard!

peter boulouxis

westhoff for lids as a pod good run home?


Easy fellas I'm in same position missed dusty and now can't afford him, have to live with that now!


How long is Aaron Hall out for? Anyone know?


Unsure with a hamstring 1-2 weeks is the latest


Would appreciate some help !
Buddy, Lynch or Hoff ?


I like Tom Lynch – the draw is great for GC. HOWEVER, depends on how a depleted midfield deliver the ball to him.

Jack Fraser

anyone know how long deledio is out for?

Jack Fraser

im shit at supercoach I am ranked 160,000

Jack Fraser

do they give out prizes of you finish in the top 62%?

Jack Fraser

when does supercoach open for next season



I am 1500 overall, yet in some trouble in a certain league. I have 3 trades left with Dahlhaus, Delideo and Hall all missing leaving me with one doughnut. I have $250k so can get anyone. Worried about Merritt's fixtures, heart more on Zorko. Who do I trade?


Or do I trade at all? Leagues are my priority.


Fox Footy just listed Hall out with hamstring for 3 weeks


Step one of rehab is admitting you have a problem.