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“Go ahead and jump”. These words ring true.

It’s time to take the bull by the balls and make the decisions that will bring home the bikkies for you this season. If you’ve got Barlow, if you’ve got Lids … even if you’ve worn the arse out of your trade pants like Crouching, this week’s podcast is a must listen.

In this week’s podcast:

  • Barlow is gone for the season, who are the logical replacements
  • Will Deledio play? And even if he does – is he cooked?
  • Some real value in the midfield
  • Stacks more


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Significant Jock! 1 trade left for me, need some crouching rum.

Kenny Powers

Great work Jock & community. 2 trades left $180k in the kitty .. The Poo and Tibuck2ee to go ..
Option 1: AMT out, Gunston/Buddy/Lynch (GC) in; Flush the Poo for Brodie Smith as a mid/def swinger
Option 2: AMT out, Gunston/Buddy/Lynch (GC) in; Keep the Poo, $50-80 grand and one last trade for emergency.

Any thoughts or other suggestions welcome. Thanks


If you need a win this week to make your finals then trade away. Otherwise hold

kenny p

* Timbuck2ee


What to do with wells?




Anyone considering trading Deledio even if he's named? Because I'm not.
But if he's set to miss one week…


Unless he is given a red light for the rest of the season, he is staying in my team.
Still have 8 trades but they will disappear soon enough. Two will go this week.

Southern S

If he plays hold, seems the logical thing to do and if he doesn't perform or look right move him on.


I have Motlop on bench will cover this week

Shake n bake

I brought in lynch 2 weeks ago for kerridge when he was $412k now he's 462k so far so good!


Always nice when one of those POD moves comes off. No reason why he can't continue with that premium output from here with the Suns run home. Although they now have no recognised midfield with Gaz, Risky, Prestia, Swallow and maybe O'Meara all KIA so hopefully he continues to get enough quality supply.

But nonetheless has to be a serious VC/C consideration against Freo and the Dons in particular.

Shake n bake

So true only got him because it looked like they we're finally up and running! Then of course they lost Ablett & Prestia that week!


Riding with you Crouching One 1 trade left BANG BANG


Had 3 injury trades before last week.
BANG Ablett
BANG Barlow
Ouch one left, can't wait to get home have a listen fellas cheers.

Big fact hunt

Great podcast guys Any news on prod dis and what happened to him on the weekend.

Big fact hunt

Priddis that is


Both he and the Governator are expected to play at this stage:

They are also anticipating NicNat will be available in 2-3 weeks, if things keep tracking how they have been.

Great fact hunt

Thanks addict


Nice podcast


3 trades left
I don't think that is going to be enough
I have $222k in the bank to upgrade Collins and/or Petracca for bench cover


With 3 left consider if it's really worth having premium bench cover. You've got a good amount of coin to move on a premo that gets injured if it happens


Yes I'd just hold from here. That $222K will come in extremely handy for 3 premo replacements.

Others with limited cash and trades will probably have to make compromises and scrounge around for "value" options when swapping out injured premos.


Magnficent podcast Jock, Higgo & Crouching. Pole-vaulting analogy was gold.

I am still torn on this weeks decision. With 5 trades and $9k I am going to hold unless Deledio & Rose are not named.

D: Docherty, Laird, Shaw, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (B.Williams, Broad);
M: Danger, Pendles, Selwood, Rocky, Parker, Gray, Hanners, Ward (Petraca, Trengove, Philips);
R: Gawn, Goldy (Cox);
F: Dusty, Merrett, Zorko, Deledio, Montagna, Hall, (Rose, Grimley).

Trade option being considered was:

Cox & Collins to Naismith & T. McDonald/McVeigh.

Hold or trade?


In dark place with slab can rum


Boom boom boom?


Top 6 feds from here on??






Southern S

Like Montagna for leagues.

Last 4 games.

Carlton MCG
Sydney ES
Rich MCG
Brisbane ES

Southern S

Last 4 games for the season*


You think they're any other"sure thing' playersup front from here out?

Or is it too open?

Southern S

No sure things really, I'd look at the list of quality players from Lachy below and check out their team's draw for the rest of the season.




You just added Gunston cause you couldn't think of anyone else.

What about Cyril?


I like it. I still think jjk has a chance…. esp after his crap last game.


Tom Lynch is charging late

Fear the beard

Awesome jock
I would appreciate your thoughts
D: docherty, shaw, Boyd, Gibson, McVeigh, laird( DBJ, s.collins)
M: danger, Pendles, Selwood, ward, Parker, JPK, Gaff, Davis ( Mathieson, Stewart, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Goldy( leorsch)
F: Zerret, Zorko, dusty, Deledio, wells, Montagna (petracca, cox)
I have 6 trades left
I am thinking of downgrading petracca to markov and upgrading Davis to an uber premos relying on Deledio playing

Southern S

I'm not sure I'd do that, Petracca may be your only backup and he has good JS.

Might have to trade Cox to Markov?


need to bring in a defender, can afford anyone, riskier options would be appreciated, have shaw, laird, simpson docherty and boyd


Alex Rance an option as well. Jeremy Howe as well?


Bartell, Yeo, McGovern, McDonald

Southern S





cheers heaps for the suggestions fellas, got a lot to ponder


Corey Enright will fit nicely, the only concern, will he be 'managed'?


I have Cox and Wyatt but only 4 trades left, my query to the community is do I trade out Cox and bring in Naismith seeing he is on the bubble and he gives me Ruck/Forward cover plus $155k in the kitty?


Hold for this week. Cox isn't playing and so won't lose cash. Can always downgrade him to a non-playing ruck later on


not with 4 trades left, hold


Boyd or Williams to finish my defence boys? Have Shaw, Laird, Rance, Doch, Simpson (Adams to be traded)

Southern S

Williams. Boyd much more likely to get rested during SC finals.


Agreed. Cheers mate


If go Boyd. Proven performer. Got one week suspension plus the bye round. With 1 week rest before first final. Doubt he'll get rested again

Bartel also solid option, just had his rest


Hold or trade Deledio if he's not named community? Down to five trades but don't have enough cash in the bank to get Merrett without burning two trades.

Team as it stands:

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Rance, McVeigh (Collins, M.Brown (Ess))

MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannerbery, Parker, Sloane, Gray, Priddis, Shiel (Mathieson, Trengove, Willis)

RUCK: Gawn, Mumford (Goertz)

FWD: Martin, Zorko, Deledio, Gunston, Montagna, Petracca (Dahlhaus, Phillips)

Southern S

Really depends on the exact news on his calf, if he was very close to returning then hold.


Think you have to hold even if Lids doesn't play. If you were flush with trades (7 plus) then I'd probably move him on.

If he doesn't get up for this week then you'd certainly expect him to play next week and you will just have to hope he can then see out the season and doesn't break down again.

Glad he's one headache I've managed to avoid this season as he seems to be in so many of the teams in my leagues.


start of the week i was ready to trade Delidio, had same problem, was $6k short of being able to go one trade to ZMerret. After him, the offerings are fairly limited. i was even considering Cyril.

news is better, although i have a feeling he won't play this week (against hawks) but will be back the following. i have bench cover this week.

I'd be looking at an upgrade of Petracca at F6. How much cash you have for one trade up?


I've got $53,400 for an upgrade. Either way I'm probably going to bring in Markov, because I'm holding Dahlhaus and have used Petracca on field in the last four weeks, which it's looking like I'm going to have to again.


you might have to seriously look at trading Dahlhaus. holding him on bench while petracca plays is costing you. he might be a few weeks away yet.


I have tossed that idea around, but my ranking has actually gone back up into the top 1000 while he hadn't been playing, which is why I'm tempted to hold him for one more week and hope he comes back in Rd 19


Great bloody podcast, I like the Clay Smith trade target though guys. Brought him in for cover/DPP last week and I think he's a solid option.

Southern S

Yep I had my doubts after two ok scores but three can't be luck 😉


He is a GUN Lek. After I had a strong look at his possessions, the guy is a freak, in all 3 weeks now each week 9 contested possessions and one of the best tackling younger players in the comp.


What happens when Dahl returns? I realise he's been impressive but is his JS golden Lek?


Jong will be out before Clay. Dickson has been poor as well so think he's safe for a while.


Cheers NS74.


Great Podcast as usual fellas.
Does anyone out there have any idea if or when Dahlhaus might play?

Southern S

Doesn't look likely injury list said 1-2 weeks I think, updated today.


That's what they say every week.
Giving me the sh*ts.


Have you been carrying him the past month?

It's like that Laird foot injury earlier in the season that kept dragging on. Damn annoyying I know.


Yep. traded Dahl in the week he went down. stubbornly held since. Had Laird all year too.


Well hopefully he's back next week for the Cats game as Ranger and jezzahill mention.

I've been carrying him too in my draft league FWIW.

The Ranger

Northernsoul74 is normally pretty spot on with his Doggies info and I think he said Dahlhaus would be back for the Dogs v Cats game.


Yeah the cats game was always the earliest he was likely to return. Not sure if they'll put him straight in though. They did with JJ. Adams not likely until round 21 if anyone still holding.


Beveridge said he would be expected back next week unfortunately


In a bit of a pickle and need some advice community.
Have just the one trade left.
Considered Lids to Pendles done but now Lids may only have a week off reconsidering.
My issue is – if I don't do the trade and Lids drops another $20+K as he's projected to do, and if Pendles achieves his BE of 162 (certainly possible) I won't have enough cash to make the trade.
If I do it this week I will have $16K to spare (currently have $132K in the bank).

Should I just pull the trigger or hold?


If Lids is not picked, trade him, otherwise hold


With just 1 trade you have to hold Lids. Save that last trade for a LTI (3 plus weeks).


When can we expect the coach kings cup venue to be named? Wouldn't mind a congregation travelling somewhere and taking over a pub.


Gday Heath – we're getting very close to locking the CK Cup venues in mate. Hopefully this time next week I'll be able to let you know.


Ok. No trades left let's see how long last.
Def. Docherty, Simpson, Boyd, Rance, Shaw, Suckling. (Ruggles, Hipwood)
Mid. Danger, Selwood, Sloane, Priddis, Treloar, Parker, Rockliff, (Libba, Petracca, Stewart)
R. Gawn, Sampson. (Currie)
Fwd. Martin, Zorko, Wells, Kennedy, Franklin, Montagna, (Motlop, Phillips)
No Ruck cover but plenty of Mid/Fwd and a couple of non players for loopholing.
Fingers crossed


did you make any trades this week?


One trade. Collins out, Hipwood to Defence and brought in Zorko. Should have kept a trade for ruck but bugger it. Let's go for broke.


No trades left! good luck with that

Clay Smith?

Everyone's thoughts on clay smith , I have two trades left and have no mid bench cover (Trengove,Phillips,macpherson(loophole)) planning on swapping Phillips and Hall then trading Rose and subbing hall back to forward so I have $320,000 for mid ……… Any other options or is smith the one to go ?


trengove and Phillips should play this week. hold trades


How do you know they will play Derek? I'm hoping they do!


just guessing. Trengove had 23 touches in the seconds and was named one of the best.
Same as Phillips named as one of their best.




Last week was the time to get Clay. A lot of cash to spend now.


hey guys,
need 1 more in my backline for ful premo.

got shaw dochery simpson laird boyd.

thinking gibson but not convinced.
thoughts please??


My secret weapon has been Zac Williams


yeh under radar a bit hey,,,,

gws have a really nice run home too…. dont know alot about him


Is Dahlhaus anywhere close to a return?


Been saying 1-2 weeks now for about 3 weeks?


I think I have made a smart move but Community happy to hear suggestions: I traded Petracca for Naismith which gives me fwd and ruck cover as I have Grimley on my ruck bench. I then trade Sam Collins to Zach Merret by moving Jesse Joyce on the bench in my backline. As a result I now have Libba on my bench permanently as cover. Cover for any one or two week injuries to my mids and even the majority of my fwd line as 4 out of the 6 are midfield fwds.

This leaves me with three trades left and Im still holding Cripps, Wines and Shiel in my midfield. I dont have Pendles, Selwood, Neale. Not having Pendles does concern me.


does that mean you have ZMerrt in midfield?


Yeah it does but my fwd line is already pretty much stacked and he is playing just as good as a Rory Sloan. The guy is averaging 108. My fwd line is Montagna, Martin, Zorko, Franklin, Gunston and Hall. Usually i stay away from mid/fwd in the midfield but the guy is killing it and it provides me amazing cover.


if you don't get him, do you have any other DPP mid/Fwd swingers in the midfield?

He might be playing well, but he aint a Sloane, neale or Pendles.


No I don't unless I keep Petracca. The guy has a 5 round average of 119. If he continues with that form I'm happy to keep him.


I'd fix the weaker on field players before worrying about having semi premo bench cover


Libba for Soane, Neale, Ward or t he Bont?


That should read Sloane or the Bont.


enright… really

he does have a good run home with weaker opp


Love the pic jock lol


Grundy or Jacobs?