The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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Desolation. Utter desolation. The SuperCoach gods have absolutely slaughtered us this week, Community.

Ablett, Libba, Bartel, Laird, Barlow, Deledio and Stringer just to name a few.

The blokes who were supposed to be our saviours – Hannebery, Neale and Buddy absolutely shit their pants, just to rub salt into our wounds.

It’s pushed many of us to breaking point. Only the strong will get through this wretched period.

Still, some strong scoring from the likes of Dusty and Danger got many coaches up to semi-respectable scores, with around 2350 seeming to be about par.

Our old mate Maso went very close to backing out the highest CoachKings score of the round on Friday night out at the Rye Hotel with Mick the Mad Irishman by his side. The honours went to John Rossi playing at The Bridge Inn in Mernda. He delivered a massive 1124, got the win to qualify for the Bridge Inn Venue Final, and $1000 for good measure.

The Heroes

Dustin Martin (150 SC)

Chopsticks has put his pre-season indiscretion behind him and has turned into an absolute machine in 2016. Has the best don’t-argue in the competition and along with Dangerfield is probably the strongest midfielder in the AFL. Just a pleasure to watch.

Josh P Kennedy (140 SC)

How has this bloke flown under the radar for so long this season? A proven SuperCoach beast who has only one score under 95 this season. Currently averaging 110 – you can’t go wrong with JPK.

Steve Coniglio (139 SC)

Is enjoying one hell of a breakout season. Has to be seriously considered if his strong form continues. Average has now hit nearly 110 and his top five scores this season (139, 138, 135, 127 and 126) make for outstanding reading.

Honourable mentions:

Shaun Burguone (159 SC), Koby Stevens (144 SC), Stephen Hill (139 SC), Zach Merrett (138 SC), Sam Docherty (138 SC), Patrick Dangerfield (135 SC), Ben Griffiths (132 SC), Tom Rockliff (130 SC), Andrew Gaff (128 SC), Joel Selwood (123 SC), Corey Enright (123 SC), Mark LeCras (123 SC), Marcus Bontempelli (120 SC).

The Villains

Dan Hannebery (68 SC)

Leave it to Daniel to pump out his worst score of the season the week I trade him in. Only had 21 touches and just wasn’t his usual self. He had been so consistent up until this point, too.

Lachie Neale (74 SC)

If you were like me and traded in both Hannebery and Neale this week for Ablett and Libba, you may well have uttered multiple expletives following the completion of the Thursday and Friday night matches. Neale was flying at half-time too, but barely scored at all in the second half due to a heavy Guthrie tag.

Lance Franklin (75 SC)

Held goalless for the first time this season. Probably one of the few key forwards we can actually consider for a permanent position in our sides, too. Don’t worry, he should bounce back next week.

Honourable mentions:

Jason Johannisen (65 SC), Josh J Kennedy (38 SC).

The Redeemers

Callan Ward (143 SC)

Has been down on his usual output of late but boy did he make up for it on the weekend. Was one of many dominant GWS players to absolutely slaughter the hapless Lions.

Toby Greene (122 SC)

Did his usual Toby Green trick. Stinker, followed by blinder. I’m sensing a pattern here. Has been highly erratic in 2016, and has been the most featured player in this section this season.

Brodie Smith (99 SC)

Too little, too late, Brodie. Where were you when your coaches needed some decent scores earlier in the season?

Honourable mentions:

Leigh Montagna (110 SC), Callum Mills (82 SC).

The Prodigies

Sam Naismith (89 SC)

Has been somewhat of a revelation since elevated to the number one ruck position in the absence of Kurt Tippett. Was solid in his first match and then played a ripper on Thursday night. If you are looking for a cheap ruck bench option, he is your man. Be wary on his job security once Tippo comes back, though.

Clay Smith (98 SC)

A truly inspirational story. Back from his third knee reco, he appears to have cemented his spot in the side following impressive scores of 82, 95 and 98 in the three games since his return. Awkward price at around 250K, but if he can keep this sort of touch up, might still be a worthwhile investment and solid bench cover.

Rhys Mathieson (87 SC)

Beast Mode Mathieson is working into his AFL career nicely. Loves the hard stuff and contested ball, which is what we love about young rooks. Very handy bench option for those who still have him. Loved his shotgun celebration following his first AFL goal as well.

Honourable mentions:

Oleg Marvok (62 SC), Jack Silvagni (50 SC).

The Damned

Michael Barlow (64 SC)

What a rollercoaster season it has been for Michael. Poor form, good form, injuries, Ross Lyon demotions…it certainly has had it all. He was flying on 64 SC at half-time before an injury early in the third ended his night. Although an injured AC joint may only mean a short spell on the sidelines, those with surplus trades still in the bank may want to look at offloading him.

Mark Blicavs (63 SC)

Remember when we were all talking about this man being a potential top two ruck option at the start of the season? Well, he has certainly been one of the disappointments of 2016. Averaging just 91.

Daniel Rich (65 SC)

How did he lure so many of us in at the start of the season? Has made this segment many times in 2016 and if you still have him, you need to take a good hard look at yourself. He needs to go.

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fav article of the week barron


Isn't it by Lekdog?


No it's The Cowboy I think


it's by big Carl

SC Rookie

My favourite article of the week Jock! Really helps me out with my trades and team in general


Can you add Wells too? For those of us on low trades who (were forced to ) keep the faith… was hoping he'd come back with a bang like he did in rd 10. Keays also a villain for me as a late in as he was my loophole cost me dangers' score plus a benched premo… . Great read as always Big C.

Shake n bake

So where is all our teams ranked? & How many trades left?
I'm ranked 330 with 8 left.

Chicken Dinner

2400 with 3. (And Rich sadly)

The Ranger

I reckon you're in a good spot there Shake, those trades are gonna be like gold.
I'm in the 1700's with 4 trades left.

Shake n bake

Especially if priddis & McGovern miss this weeks game against the Dee's!


why will priddis & McGovern miss this week?

Shake n bake

Priddis sore quad McGovern thumb.


well done. another nice score this week SnB.


Ranked 30th. 6 trades


Is this Luke?




Ranked 3118 with 4 trades left, goal is to make top 1000 as I have in the past 5 seasons.
I used to love league finals however have been over it for a couple of years now.

Good luck all.


811 with 5 left

Young nigga

Cheers JamarcusYoung


As per instructions Carl, taking a GHL! Just can't seem to get rid of Rich. Always a trade more pressing. Gave myself an uppercut for picking him at the start of the season!


Just be glad you didn't pick Kade Kolo instead. Finally had a good game on the weekend and still didn't score well.


Always have a stink nugget in defence, if it didn't occur in SC each season, it wouldn't be SC without that ONE friggen stink nugget stuck in defence right in a pocket, very much like diverticulitis.

Yes Rich your a TURD.


Glad to have trades up my sleeve. Which do you prefer?
Lids to Joey (leaves money in the kitty to get a good f7/m9)
Lids to Zerrett (leaves no money and will be tough to get a m9/f7)


I would just go with who you see as the better performer for the remaining 6 games which most coaches would probably say would be Zerrett. Should carve up the Lions this weekend. I have both btw.

I'm personally not a massive fan of burning trades on cover as it hasn't really worked out for me in the past. Better off holding onto those trades I reckon (if you have less than say 8) and just doing direct swap outs during the Supercoach finals as premos WILL miss games during that patch.

You will then have a huge leg up on your opponent when you can say swap out Pendles for Sloane whilst the other coach has to rely on his 2nd rate cover.

And if you do have more than 8 trades I'd probably use them "upgrading" some of your weaker premos to ultra premos rather than burning them on bench cover on a line that may or may not get used.


Thanks heaps Addict! Definitely some things there to consider. To your points (would love your thoughts):

Burning trades on cover… My thinking was having a premo M9/F7 would allow me to loophole and ensure good scores. And with limited funds (but a few trades left) I will likely have to go one up one down either way. If I can't afford to upgrade a bench player upgrading someone on the field is definitely an option though. Plan was to upgrade J Trengove to Dahl or Joey for that swinging bench player. But he needs another couple of games to appreciate in value. And pronto.

Definitely want at least four trades for straight swaps in the finals. Should be enough you reckon?? I don't have anyone I can envisage being rested.

I have some weaker premos. Which would you keep and which would you trade, and in what order? Ollie Wines (avg 95), Chad Wingard (avg 85), Aaron Hall (avg 94), Daniel Wells (avg 102 but leg could fall off), Alex Rance (avg 93 and in a form slump).


Steeeve priority Lids to Zerret no brainer.

Then pi$$ of Wines and bring in a gun premo the best you can get mate. Good Luck


Steeeve I concur with Dean and would look to upgrade Quadzilla to an ultra premo, perhaps not right away, but at some point in the next 2-3 weeks before Supercoach finals.

If Lids plays this week then you probably should hold him although with your surplus trade count you could even mount an argument for getting rid of him regardless. But if he misses just one week I'd definitely ditch him for Zerrett as just not sure we can trust Lids not to break down again. So you may as well benefit from Zerrett ripping apart the Lions this weekend if Lids get rested this round.


Just taken a look and Port has Gold Coast in round 23. Think Quadzilla and Wingard could both go large. Holding for now. And if Lids is good to go I'm holding him too. Can't trade playing premos.


team scored 2491 last week got 2 trades left anything i need to change

D: Docherty, Shaw, Enright, Tmac, Laird, Suckling (Collins, Lee)
M: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ward, JPK, Shiel, Lewis, Priddis, Ziebell (Gresham, Hewett, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Martin (Lorensch)
F: Dusty, Montagna, JJK, Boomer, Westhoff, Hall (Petracca, Wyatt)

150k in the bank


nice score. i wouldn't change anything if that team can knock out 2491.

At this stage with only 2 trades, as long as they are warm bodies, keep them and only trade for injuries.


Yes just hold mate for inevitable injuries now. I had 3 trades last week but had to burn 2 on replacing Gaz and Libba and down to 1 so they can disappear in a flash.

I thought I heard Stef Martin suffered either bruised or cracked ribs in Leppa's post game presser so he may be doubtful for this week?? But hopefully it's not that bad and he can play.


SCaddict why did you burn a trade on Libba mate he will be back this week. Hope you didn't go Libba to Priddis.


Zaka is another that's turned to crap this season.


that is why i am amazed that ZMerret has done so well. playing in a pretty poor team, he has been a giant this year.

It could still all come undone for ZMerret though, $566k alot to pay.


Lachie Neale is a turd, I was playing 1st in my paid league this week and I chose to bring him in over the likes of JPK, Rocky, Gray, Sloane, Selwood. If I had chosen any of those guys I would have won; now I can't make top 4.


Bit harsh.

I was tossing up all week between Selwood (128SC), Parker (106SC) and Hanners (68SC) who to bring in for Gaz. Of course i chose Hanners. Doesn't make him a turd. Take the good with the bad.


Yes you are really looking to bring in who you think will be the best performers over a 7 week block.


he will come back


Hahaha yeh I was just venting because $900 is up for grabs


I traded both Hanners and Lachie Neale in this week…….


Sloane or Bontempelli?


Sloane for consistency


I like the look of the Bont if you're after a POD


Surely lids gets a Guernsey in "the damned"?


Particularly with sooooooo many trading him in over the last month.

His ageing balsa wood body is damned I reckon.

Surely on the "never again" list for a lot of coaches now.

The Ranger

I bought him in instead of Zerret before the byes. That went well then…

I N Pieman

Think I'm at the point now where I will put Rich on the pine & play a rookie. And to borrow a Crouching line "Never pick bastard again"


I had him on the pine and had ruggles on ground on the weekend. Lucky to score above 50 really.


He's been on my never again list for a few years now. As good as he sometimes looks it just never works out as you hoped.

So I'll once again be preaching to anyone who'll listen next preseason not to pick him just like I did this preseason.

But there will be plenty of coaches who will be tempted by his price I guarantee it. Right now he is pretty much bang on his average of the past 3 years so he'll be similarly priced yet again around that $430K mark.

He'll probably tear the NAB a new one next preseason and plenty will jump on again lol!

Chicken Dinner

My league is 14th overall 🙁 not looking like getting pushing up to the top with a couple of people letting us down 🙁

Would like to be included in a few more high ranking leagues next year for the chance at a grand!


Can get any forward except Merrett for my F7
I will loophole with Hall for the rest of the season, giving me cover across mids and fwds.
Which fwd should I get?
I have Martin, Wells, Zorko, Riewoldt, Buddy, Hall
Or should I get cover in defence and put Savage at D7?
After this I will have 2 trades left
I'm getting nervous


I'm looking at Joey (or waiting for Dahl) but if I was you I'd just hold onto my previous trades


I am trading Barlow out for Zorko already and I thought I needed cover


Hearing Stefan Martin may have broken ribs? Any truth?


"Ruckman Stefan Martin will have precautionary scans on his ribs after being collected in a heavy hit by Steve Johnson, but after playing the game out, should get the green light to play the Bombers."

From AFL site


Barlow out for the season. What a rollercoaster – but showed enough class for consideration for 2017 if Fwd eligible again perhaps?


Community what do I do?? I have 5 trades left, 61k in the bank and have the following muppets in my midfield: Shiel, Wines, Libba and Cripps. I dont have Pendles, Selwood, Sloan, Neale. Cant afford any of them using one trade. Rest of my midfield consists of Danger, Parker, Hanners and Priddis. Do i just hold the muppets and hope for better scores given I only have 5 trades? Do I burn two trades to get one of these guns in (was thinking collins to whitecross and libba to pendles)? Do i trade one of these players for a sudo gun like trent cotchin, callan ward or adam treloar? (I can actually trade shiel to ward and libba to treloar)

Shake n bake

Don't trade Cripps love his last 4 games stk Melb bris Ess!


I think I know what i am going to do but tossing up between two options; will burn the two trades;

1. Petracca and Collins out for Naismith and Sloan. As a result i give myself ruck cover and can put libba on the bench permanently as a solid ninth option.

2. Petracca and Libba out for Pendles and Naismith. Again i give myself that ruck cover and put in the second best mid in the comp while banking $115 k


Option 1 for me, cover is priceless, the scoring gap between Sloan and pendle may be negligible


I think you should either take the risk and go all out to get danger and hope that your players don't get injured. The game is all about risks.


Barlow gone peoples, puts me well behind the 8 ball.
Only 2 trades left and no ruck cover.
1. Barlow => Zerrett
2. Barlow => Lycett
Bit worried about the whispers of Goldy needing another rest. Cheers.

Shake n bake

Not sure who u have on the pine but like me this week I had Libba & Ablett not playing but only traded Ablett. I had Patracca & Davis on the pine & used 1 of them. I know it's tough but maybe just use a bench player this week for Barlow.


Got tracca for cover or I can swing Sucklingpig from def and then loop rug/col for d6, with Barlow out for season though might as well keep trading, probably go Zerrett, hold one trade and hope goldy or gawn don't go down.


Lids a chance to play this week, this is great news for everyone!


What is your source?


Richmond website


Apparently Delidio is a chance to play this week, in that case or if he only misses 1.
Should we hold??


Definently hold trades are scarce and Lids has been going good was on 67 at half time last week dont forget!


Just watched a replay of "Bounce". They said Priddis had a quad injury but that's the first I'd heard of it. Anyone else know anything?


I just got this off the match report for the Carlton v West Coast game match report at the AFL site

Carlton: Jacob Weitering was the major concern after he suffered a corked calf in the first term, but the sore youngster returned to the action and impressed in the second half in attack and will be managed this week.

West Coast: Jeremy McGovern hurt his thumb in the second quarter in a marking contest, although Adam Simpson played down the injury post-match, saying the important defender has been managing the issue for two years. Jack Darling landed heavily from a marking contest but he and Matt Priddis (quad) are expected to be fine to face


Hi guys. Full premo side with 4 trades left. Should I trade Josh J Kennedy to Zach Merrett. Ranked around 800 and looking good in all my leagues


Hold JJK and don't burn a trade mate.


Have Lids and Stringer in forward line with no bench coverage, need to win this week but only have 3 trades left, please help me community!


Richmond have said Lids may still play this week after his scan


Sit tight mate dont be burning trades when u have players out for 1 week maximum, As redgum stated Lids may play this week although I think they will rest him for 1 week and same with Stringer, he will be back to play next week.

If you had 6 trades id recommend getting rid of "The Package" Stringer but with only 3 trades left you will be crazy to trade.


Does anyone know how long Libba is out for, only got a handful of trades left?


Could return this week. Clubs are required to update their injury lists tomorrow so we'll probably have a better idea then with Thursday's team sheets being the ultimate test.

Last week he was listed as a test and the club probably played it safe and refrained from putting him on a plane to Cairns.


Who do I get in for Barlow


Whoever you are missing out of Zerrett, Dusty, Zorko and Monty.


If you have those four, Gunston is a good option too.


I only have Dusty.


His in my mid


In that case I'd get an ultra premo mid if your budget allows such as a Sloane, Pendles, Jelwood type. Otherwise get in a value guy like a Gray, Ward, Parker, JPK etc.


I have Parker Pendles Selwood and can get anyone.


Sounds like Delidio might be ok. Chance i will hold him, if he misses a week i still have Motlop on bench for cover.

This will let me trade Rich to Docherty……..ahhh…that sounds so good.


How many trades do you have before trades this week Derek? And whats your team look like?


Shaw, Bartel, Laird, McVeigh, Rich, BSmith (Collins, Lee)
Danger, Pendlbury, JPK, Gray, Rocky, Sloane, Priddis, Hanners (Menadue, Joyce, Phillips)
Gawn, Blicavs (Wyatt)
Dusty, Delidio, Zorko, Franklin, Montagna, Wingard (Motlop, Greenwood)

Only 5 trades left

Will depend on Delidio's fitness if i trade him out to ZMerret. Otherwise i will move Rich onto Docherty.

I'm $6k short to go Delidio >> ZMerret.


both ZMerret & Docherty trades will also mean downgrading menadue to rookie, leave only 3 trades.

will depend on Delidio which i do


I have 3 trades left
Do I get cover in defence or forward?
I have Hall at F6 and Savage at D6
Can get any fwd except Merrett and any backman
Thoughts? Do I trade or do I hold?


Hold, your gonna need them,even with bench cover.


Z.Merret or Sloane for Barlow?


Depends on your team and premo numbers. Both are in great form. Merrett not getting heavy tag though could get Mitch Robinson this week. Sloane looks hell bent on taking the Crows to another level. Maybe Sloane, just.


Looking at Sloane and his run home.


Sloane ahead of Zach


Another stellar article Big Carl. I am slowly going insane with these injuries. Down to 5 trades and $9k. Team has a couple of holes though not sure to trade or hold. Defence the obvious target though bench has JS issues. Team:

D: Doc, Laird, Shaw, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (Broad, B.Williams)
M: Danger, Pendles, Selwood, Rocky, Parker, Gray, Hanners, Ward (Petraca, Trengove, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
F: Dusty, Merrett, Zorko, Deledio, Montagna, Hall (Rose, Grimley).

Any advice appreciated!


Best option for Barlow? Thinking of Buddy

I already have zerret, martin, hall, montagna, zorko

Thoughts Community?


Any good fwd/mid cover for under $355,000 ?


I brought in Clay Smith last week. Should be solid cover if he can stay on the park. I reckon he's best 22 when he's fit.


do they have to be DPP?

Awkward price to get as a bench player.

A left field pick as Mid only is Issac Smith. Only $341k. But Hawks have good run home and expect him to improve and has potential to go big




Motlop $366k


Jeremy Cameron…?




Hey derek. Just want some decent enough bench cover for deledio (if he misses this week) to avoid a donut in the fwd line and provide additional decent support (80 odd points) as a mid/fwd for when players go down. Seems a waste to trade deledio to someone like hall for only one week


So looks like lids may even play this week.
Was ready to pull the trigger for zerrett and a lazy $600 in change.
Guess i will keep lids.
however really want zerrett.
If i bring him in for tracca would push wells/wingard into a f7/m9.
to get the cash need to trade collins down to a rook.
what do we think about hammelmann?
Big fwd playing for lions so should get games till end of season as sure to play the kids?
Anyone else? Not sold on williams.


Don't usually post my team, but be good to get second opinions on my moves this week.. Ranked 104th with 5 trades & 80k so it's make or break time

DEF: Docherty Shaw Boyd Laird Bartel McVeigh- Collins Brand
MID: Danger Pendles Hanners Sloane Rockliff Parker Ward Gray- Jansen Trengrove Greenwood
RUC: Gawn Goldy
FWD: Martin Zorko Deledio Montagna Buddy Hall- Menadue Phillips


You're in great shape. I'd just sit back and wait for the inevitable injuries which will see you fly up the rankings as you will be able to patch up those holes that other coaches above you won't be able to, who traded their @rses off all season.

If Lids misses this week I'd definitely use one of those 5 trades to get Zerrett in. You don't want to field Menapoo if you can help it and sully that nice ranking you currently hold.

But if Lids plays I'd just hold this week.

The Ranger

Assuming you get no trades forced upon you from injuries I'd hold this week and then do one downgrade next week to raise some cash so that you might get the chance to do some luxury trading over the last few rounds.
Good luck mate!


Don't need to trade


Try to bring in premo bench cover where you can, only if the price is right tho. Then loop scores.


Thanks for the input guys! Yeah I'll wait on the Deledio decision but can't see him playing.

Very tempted to go Collins to Williams and Menadue to merret. With hall as bench cover…


Sounds like a good plan to me


Probably leaves you too skinny with defence back up… Williams and brand security shaky

Don't Blush Baby

We thought there was going to be a shortage of rookie forwards , not so over the past weeks, but now a shortage of rookie mids – only Clarke atm


Menegola should play this week & Francis too


1st season taking rank seriously and would love some advice from the experienced guys in this beautiful community!
Is it worth using 2 trades to bring in Lycett as bench cover for fwd/mid/ruck lines and loophole him with spud Robinson when not required for cover?
It would take me down to 2 trades with no other current injury concerns and Collins and Joyce as cover in def.
I feel like it's an advantage to cover possible future 1 week niggles ect but it is 2 valuable trades!


I always like to work cover into my season (I've got sinkhole Sinclair as f7r3), if it was one trade I'd say go for it but 2 is a stretch when it leaves only 2. Consider Naismith if named and your dead set on gettin ruck cover, but otherwise the price is a little high IMO. That said I'm bringing in shaw this week and sending rich to d7 leaving 2 trades lol


What Swans said, usually a player you have had all year, like Rich, instead of being traded will move to your bench as you bring in your last premiums.

Rich and Robertson are good examples, didn't do as well as hoped, have dropped in value so worthless trading them, but on their day could pump out a good score.

Bench players at this time of year should be used differently than using bench players (usually rookies) early in season.

Early on everyone has a heap of rookies and we try and loophole a few of them to get a couple of chances at a half decent score. Later on the better rookies (Collins, Petracca) become bench cover if there is an injury to a keeper and avoid a donut or a sub score.

At the pointy end of season, bench players can be used more aggressively depending on who they are playing and when they play. EG if you have Lycett, you can put Goldy on bench this week with the E. If he does well, no drama, if he does poor, most people will have him on field and cop the poor score, those with Lycett can swing him on field and get another chance.

I wouldn't use 2 trades though, far to valuable.

Get your onfield as best you can and worry about bench later. This year cash has been hard to get, so everyone bench is light. I have Motlop as my only real bench cover.


Thanks guys, makes a lot of sense. I think it's the frustration of having Robbo on field and I just want to sit him on the bench haha
I think I'm going to hold trades and pray that we have a couple of injury free weeks


Is Shaw a must have at hos price??


If you don't have shaw yet, delete team and spend rest of season ringing the game of thrones shame bell while taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Having said that – yes.


Would suggest Headache Heath is your No. 1 priority this week at a steal of $488K.


Is Shaw only $488k? Wow


That 46 back in Rd14 saw his price crash the last few weeks. In fact averaged 73 over his last 3.

But everyone had him (well other than chria) so wasn't much of a talking point. I'm sure another huge score is just around the corner though.


Some stats for those with trades left. Goals(scores) are down / defence trending

R7 Ave. 100.1
R8 Ave. 91.8
R9 Ave. 85.6
R10 Ave. 89.4
R11 Ave. 82.7
R12 Ave. 91.5

Bye Rounds
R13 Ave. 84.3
R14 Ave. 83.5
R15 Ave. 82.5

R16 Ave. 91.5
R17 Ave. 85.4


Average Scores

Top 8 Winning score average / season ave. 107.4
Hawks 105.2
Crows 116.7
B'Dogs 97.5
GWS 123.4
Swans 100.0
Eagles 119.3
Cats 108.2
Roos 96.8
(contenders top 8)
Power 115.0
Saints 113.3

Top 8 Losing score average / season ave. 72.9
Hawks 74.7
Crows 96.5
B'Dogs 62.8
GWS 82.4
Swans 83.0
Eagles 66.4
Cats 75.3
Roos 73.0
(contenders for top 8)
Power 79.0
Saints 64.5

Differential / season ave. 34.5
Hawks 30.5
Crows 20.2
B'Dogs 34.8
GWS 41.0
Swans 17.0
Eagles 52.9
Cats 32.9
Roos 23.8
(contenders top 8)
Power 36.0
Saints 48.8


Thanks statMan. How about top team Supercoach scores both for and against? It might help with final trade decisions.

Surely the Lions would give up the greatest Supercoach points this season or is it the Dons?


5 trades and $9k. Best defender under $486k? McVeigh, Bartel, another?

Looking at trading Cox & Collins to Naismith & McVeigh/Bartel/other.


Would have a good look at McDonald


Thanks – he is on the up too.


TMac great pick




Who has better JS Naismith or Markov?


Tracca – zerett putting wells/wingard f7/m9
Collins – hammellmann or Williams or any other Def rook?
Leaves 2 to cover ruck.

Team would be:
Shaw, laird, doc Simmo, gibbo, mcveigh. (Brand, h/mann)
Danger, Parker, rocky, gray, pridda, Hannas, Sheil, , duncan. (Trengrove, phillips, stewart)
Gold, gawn. Wyatt.
Dusty, zorko, zerett, joey, wingard, lids. (Wells, jsos)


Zach in, swing Wells to mid Phillips fwd


Downgrade Gaz to Bont or Neale?


6 Trades left, 172k in the kitty. Worth trading M McGovern down to Naismith and swing Grimely in to the forward line?


Maybe. Tippett is striving to be back for Rd21 although last week's injury list did say 6 weeks!

Goldy does look well below 100% so could always get rested again in the next few weeks. But then he could just play through it as the Roos desperately need another W soon.


Seemingly good news for Stef Martin owners with his named not added to today's updated Lions injury list.
(note not all teams had updated their lists at time of posting)

Though of course doesn't guarantee he will play this week with those sore ribs as he would need to get on a jet to Melbourne. So may still get rested like Libba did last weekend.

Also Lids is listed as a "Test".


Not so sure about this, the "Lions Health Centre" was only updated 12th July. Guessing that the date listed on afl site is just the date they pull the info from the respective clubs site?


If you look at the Lions Health Centre list it doesn't have McStay on it so I reckon the AFL one is (more) up-to-date.

Also Beasely is showing as 3 weeks on the LHC and now 2 on the AFL list etc so they are different lists.

Either way these lists are only indicators at best. Nothing to stop the Lions announcing tomorrow that the scans have just come back and Stef has cracked ribs and will miss the next 3-4. But so far so good.


Ok thanks good intel 🙂


Zerret / Dusty or Zorko?

Leaning towards Zorko for the extra cash to possibly upgrade Greene/Hall later on.
Already got Lids so not too keen on dusty as well