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I can’t tell you all enough how much I’ll enjoy not mentioning the bye period next week.

We’ll be back to full strength sides and I for one will be cheering. There are eight teams that will have their final bye round this weekend but we should all be fielding close to a full team to remain competitive. There are a number of attractive buys this week when it comes to looking at gun players for your run home. I’ve mentioned three below, but we can also consider the likes of Corey Parker, Paul Gallen and Tom Trbojevic (who is replacing the injured Brett Stewart at Fullback). Most of you would’ve noticed that Cameron Munster isn’t named this week…..AGAIN! I guess we can run with the theory that Bellamy is making sure that he’ll be as fit as possible for the finals period. Either way, we’ll all be hoping he’s a late inclusion any given week.


Josh Mansour (14% O/Ship) CTW $376k BE -13 Next 5: PAR(H), BRO(A), NZ(A), SYD(H), NEW(A)

‘The Sauce’ needs to be highly considered this week due to having a number of attractive attributes. He is producing a five round average of 76 PPG and comes with a -13 break even. He isn’t even that expensive with his $376k price tag! Mansour may have hit a speed bump through the midseason but he’s proving why he earned ‘Gun’ status in former years. A Radradra to Mansour trade is on the cards.

Andrew Fifita (17% O/Ship) FRF $449k BE 59 Next 5: SYD(A), NEW(H), GCO(A), CAN(H), STG(A)

Fifi is a solid addition to your run home team and should be looked at closely at a trade option this week. He has a season average of 71 PPG and an even better form average of over 80! There’s a myth floating around the SuperCoach community that Gallen steals a lot of Fifita’s points when they’re both on the field. That hasn’t been the case this season and it wouldn’t be out of the question to have both of the Sharks’ gun forwards in your team for the closing rounds of the season.

Tohu Harris (29% O/Ship) 2RF/CTW $375k BE 55 Next 5: NEW(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A), SOU(H), CAN(A)

It’s a great time to bring Tohu Harris into your side this week with the lack of high averaging CTWs available. He comes with DPP status and is the fourth highest averaging CTW below Brett Morris, the injured Munster and the out of form Leilua. This versatile second-rower is no stranger to attacking stats this season so why not bring him in the same week he’s up against the worst defensive side in the comp?

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BJ Leilua (18% O/Ship) CTW $355k BE 99 Next 5: BYE, NZ(H), SOU(A), CRO(A), MEL(H)

Hey may be in a form slump at the moment but Leilua is still producing a season average of 66 PPG. By no means would I recommend trading him in this week but I can’t see any viable reasons to trade him out. The Raiders have just two top four opponents on their run home and there’s currently a lack consistent CTW guns. Try putting him to the side when doing your trades this week.

Moses Mbye (12% O/Ship) HB $373k BE 70 Next 5: BYE, NTQ(A), STG(H), NEW(A), MAN(H)

Thurston, Maloney and Johnson will be in many SuperCoach teams for the run home but I really like the scoring potential of Mbye. He may fall short of his break even when they play their next game against the Cowboys in Townsville, but the Bulldogs have a good run home and Mbye has regained the goal kicking duties. There’s no need to rush Mbye out of your side, especially with his form average of over 72 PPG.

Ryan James (13% O/Ship) FRF/2RF $509k BE 120 Next 5: STG(A), PAR(H), CRO(H), SYD(H), WES(A)

I’m sure having James in my Hold section will be controversial but you should give serious thought to having him in your run home side. Coaches will be tempted to cash in his huge price tag and distribute that money elsewhere, especially with his break even being 120. I personally couldn’t even think about trading out a DPP forward with a season average of 74 PPG and an astonishing five round average of 96 PPG. Could you?

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Semi Radradra (24% O/Ship) CTW $351k BE 155 Next 5: Out for four to six weeks through injury.

Semi is expected to miss a number of weeks due to a knee injury and there isn’t any reason to hold on to him. Why not spend the money on another CTW like Tommy Turbo (Trbojevic) or Tohu Harris who’ll both start scoring good points for your team this week? Put it this way, I have just five trades left and I’m still contemplating trading him out!

Jason Taumalolo (18% O/Ship) 2RF $404k BE 109 Next 5: BYE, CBY(H), MEL(H), WES(A), SYD(A)

I can’t blame anyone for wanting to keep Taumalolo for the run home but he has finished his job as a good bye period option. He may have a three/five round average of 70/67 PPG but that looks to be dropping after averaging fewer than fifty for the past two weeks. Keep in mind that there are a number of guns available that are currently cheaper than Taumalolo’s price tag!

Jordan Rapana (8% O/Ship) FB/CTW $297k BE 84 Next 5: BYE, NZ(H), SOU(A), CRO(A), MEL(H)

Rapana and Leilua were once the most lethal attacking combination in the comp, but with Rapana’s current form it’s hard to see him as a keeper. It’s unfortunate that he has lost almost $250k since round 10 but you have to admit that he produced some epic performances for your team this season. His three round average is under 32 PPG so consider trading him out this week before he potentially continues this trend.



Which Guns will you be trading in this week?

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For those not short of taking a risky pick…..Ben Mautilino! is 100k under his starting price. The risk being he is that price for a reason having gone through a miserable mid season stretch where was way out of form. He is traditionally a 55-60point average player and started the season accordingly! Averaging 58 over his last 3 which is not outstanding but not bad. I wouldn't be using a heap of trades to get him but he would be good cover. The warriors have a very comfortable run home. He could be trading in for Barnet or Cleary when they have peaked in price. Just want him to bring back his offload!!

Dont Blush Baby

Qld squealing tonight, every off side penalty was there and there was heaps more, but don't agree with the Sin Bin on both sides.

'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' – NSW will clean sweep next year !

Don't Blush Baby

Semi out for – Mansour or Tommy Turbo ? I will have both for the run home but also want to trade out Lolo for Gallen this week if he backs up but thats not until Monday.

Thoughts anyone,leaning towards Mansour because of his low BE